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AGM – Chapter 1625 – The Miserable Lifire Palace

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Chapter 1625: The Miserable Lifire Palace

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Jialan Yuntian naturally knew who that person Jialan Qiuyue was referring to. In truth, the reason why they shifted Ye Qianyu from the Lifire Jail, was also because of that person. Although the Lifire Palace had tried to hide news about Ye Qianyu, it was evident such things wouldn’t be easily hidden. After these people returned to Lifire City, news about Ye Qianyu should reach that person’s ears.

As for that governor that was stopped by the Lifire Empyrean from coming, Jialan Yuntian naturally knew how strong he was. That man killed several peak-stage immortal emperors at the Ancient River Auction House with just a cultivation base at the mid-stage, creating a huge commotion throughout Lifire City, incomparably glorious. Given his talent, he should be able to hold himself against the other experts in this battlefield.

Jialan Yuntian couldn’t help but to compare Di Tian and that governor. Di Tian, a peak-level weaponsmith grandmaster with a peak-level combat prowess, obtaining the position of the top ranker for the martial-path competition. It felt like Di Tian was a hair more outstanding compared to that person.

“Even if it’s that person, he might not be able to accomplish it. For that battle that occurred in the Ancient River Auction House in the past, although he killed many peak-stage immortal emperors, they were still ordinary immortal emperors after all. As for these experts before our eyes, they are the leading transcendent-level immortal emperors from the nine world palaces. All of them have absolute strength. As the central governor, is Xia Hou powerful? But with all his strength, he only managed to obtain the #5 ranking here. From this, one can tell how terrifying this battlefield is.”

Jialan Yuntian spoke in a low voice. The battle between the nine world palaces was much more intense compared to the competition earlier. All of the emperors participating now were definitely true elites.

“Big brother, who are you all talking about?” Jialan Yunhai, who was at the side, laughed.

“There’s one more governor in Lifire City. The Lifire Empyrean captured Ye Qianyu because he wanted to control that governor to deal with our Jialan Clan. This time around, we shifted Ye Qianyu over here because we wanted that governor to have conflict with the Lifire Empyrean.” Jialan Yuntian transmitted his voice over in response.

“For a mere governor? Is he that powerful?” Jialan Yunhai curiously asked. Lifire City already has a Grandmaster Di Tian. There’s also a similarly powerful governor?

“He’s very powerful. With a mid-stage immortal emperor cultivation base, he killed tens of peak-stage immortal emperors in a battle. As for how strong he is exactly, I have no idea. He has never unleashed his true strength before.”

“Interesting.” Jialan Yunhai laughed. “With your judgement, which world palace do you think will get the highest rank?”

“If there are no unexpected situations, things should be the same as the past. The Desolate Heaven Palace will probably place the first. After all, they are the strongest world palace and has obtained the first ranking for the past three hundred years.” Jialan Yuntian spoke in a low voice.

“That’s right. The Desolate Heaven Palace is too strong. Leaving aside that the Desolate Heaven Palace Lord is the strongest out of the empyreans, he also has very strict requirements with regards to his subordinates. The governors and monarchs under him would first have to have peak-level combat prowess, they have to be personally tested by him. If stronger individuals appeared, they would all be replaced. Under such a competitive environment, his subordinates would naturally be stronger than the others.”

“However, that disciple of the Realmlord seemed to be very unhappy with him. This time around, that person must have come here prepared, intending on showing the Desolate Heaven Palace who’s the strongest one.” Jialan Yunhai laughed.

“The Skyair Palace’s performance this time around is truly dazzling. The Xuanyuan Palace isn’t weak as well.”

“The Gemini Palace and Dragonsaddle Palace also aren’t here to play around. Look at the experts they sent out, all of them are very powerful. Seems like the Lifire Palace, Kanwater Palace and Gengmetal Palace are the weakest.” Jialan Yuntian laughed. These three world palaces have the shakiest foundations, the positions of their palace lords aren’t that stable as well.

Their Jialan Clan has always been eyeing the position of the Lifire Palace Lord. However, for the Desolate Heaven Palace, Skyair Palace and the other world palaces, they didn’t dare to covet them at all. Even for the Dragonsaddle, Gemini and Scarlet Origin Palace, the Jialan Clan didn’t dare to target them.

The battles continued, one round after the other, all extremely intense.

For this competition between the nine world palaces, each palace could select fourteen experts to participate and all of them were either governors or monarchs under the empyreans. Hence, there would be fourteen rounds of battle.

When the eighth round ended, the Desolate Heaven Palace already had three #1 ranks, two #2 ranks, two #4 rank, one #5 rank. Such a terrifying achievement undoubtedly proved their strength as the number one palace. The second place currently was the Skyair Palace, followed by the Xuanyuan, Gemini and Dragonsaddle Palaces.

The Lifire Empyrean’s expression kept sinking, turning extremely unsightly. Although he already knew it wasn’t optimistic to get a high ranking for this competition, he still didn’t expect that his Lifire Palace would perform so badly. The performance this time was even worse compared to the past. In this situation where the Realmlord was watching, how could he still bring himself to smile? He could only have a heavy look on his face.

In addition, Di Tian had already snatched the limelight before this, obtaining the first ranking in the martial-path competition with a mid-stage emperor cultivation base. It would be strange if the Lifire Palace felt happy.

The battles continued on and halfway during the ninth round, the Lifire Empyrean spoke out.

“Zhuge Xiong, you will participate in the next round and see if you can obtain the first ranking.” The Lifire Empyrean spoke in a low voice to the grand governor of his Lifire City. As the grand governor, he was the direct head of the other five city governors. Zhuge Xiong’s strength was naturally extremely powerful.

“Your subordinate will do my best.” Zhuge Xiong replied.

The Lifire Empyrean nodded his head. He glanced in the Realmlord’s direction, there was no change to the Realmlord’s expression and he still had a smile on his face when he watched the competition between his subordinates. This competition between the nine world palaces could be considered as the Realmlord reviewing the strength of his troops. The Realmlord would naturally pay more attention to this, compared to the marital-path competition earlier. After all, the nine world palaces and their subordinates were naturally the people whom the Realmlord depended on the most.

After the ninth round, the first ranking went to the Gemini Palace. That governor of the Gemini Palace was truly extremely powerful. Right now, the Gemini Palace already has two #1 rankings under their belt. They were on par with the Skyair Palace, causing many people to be surprised.

As the nine experts went down, another nine experts went up the platform. For the Lifire Palace, Zhuge Xiong was the one representing it.

The Lifire Empyrean arranged Zhuge Xiong to appear in the tenth round because he wanted to catch the other palaces off guard. The other world palaces tried their best to get a good ranking at the start and the experts they sent out in the later rounds, should naturally be weaker ones. This was why he sent out his grand governor at this time.

However, as the battles unfolded, the Lifire Empyrean’s expression soon drastically changed. Clearly, for the other four world palaces that didn’t manage to obtain a single #1 ranking, all of them had the same thoughts as him, sending out their most powerful individual for this round. Eventually, Zhuge Xiong was defeated by a supreme immortal emperor from the Scarlet Origin Palace. That immortal emperor was extremely powerful, the strongest emperor in the Scarlet Origin Palace.

And as expected, the #1 ranking for the tenth round was seized by the Scarlet Origin Palace.

Right now, only the Lifire, Kanwater and Gengmetal Palace has not managed to obtain any #1 ranking. The expression of the three palace lords were all extremely unsightly. Only four rounds of battles were left. If they couldn’t even get a single #1 ranking out of the fourteen rounds of battles, that would truly be extremely embarrassing. Things would be better if they could at least get one #1 ranking.

Zhuge Xiong got down the platform, he came to the Lifire Empyrean’s side and bowed, “Your subordinate has disappointed the high hopes palace lord had for me.”

The Lifire Empyrean waved his hands, “This can’t be blamed on you. Return to your seat.”

Zhuge Xiong nodded, he felt a little depressed. He was actually defeated. He went up for this round hoping to get the #1 ranking.

“Palace lord.” The Purple Moon Immortal Emperor and the other handmaiden of the Lifire Empyrean both looked at him with furrowed brows. With the failure of this round, it should now be extremely tough for the Lifire Palace to obtain first in the overall rankings.

“Yin Qiu, go on up.” The Lifire Empyrean waved his hand. For the eleventh round of battle, Yin Qiu only managed to get the #6 ranking, it was a very bad ranking. As for the #1 ranking, it was obtained by the Kanwater Palace. The Lifire Empyrean glanced at the Kanwater Empyrean. The gloominess on the face of the Kanwater Empyrean had completely dissipated, replaced by a radiant smile. He was happily praising his subordinate who obtained the #1 ranking. He had at the very least, managed to obtain one #1 ranking, and things wouldn’t be so embarrassing for him now.

The expressions of the Lifire Empyrean and Gengmetal Empyrean grew uglier and uglier. The two of them were left, they were the only two who have yet to obtain a #1 ranking and was now extremely conspicuous.

For the twelfth and thirteenth round, the Lifire Empyrean sent out two powerful monarchs for battle but both of them failed. What made the look on the Lifire Empyrean’s face grow uglier was the fact that during the thirteenth round, the Gengmetal Palace obtained the #1 ranking. Right now, out of the nine world palaces, only the Lifire Palace has yet to obtain a #1 ranking.

As for the last round, for the sake of face and making it a memorable one for the next hundred years, all the strongest world palaces would definitely seek to do their best. Hence, they would all send out their strongest subordinate for the last round. The Lifire Empyrean understood that his Lifire Palace stood no chance for the last round of battle.

Many people had either sympathetic or mocking looks when they glanced at him. Especially so for those other palace lords, the disdain in their eyes was clear for all to see.

“Ye Kong. You have to win the final round.” The Skyair Empyrean spoke. He then continued speaking to Ye Kong as he cast a glance at the Lifire Empyrean. “You only have a few opponents. After all, some of the other participants for the final round are only there to make up for the numbers.”

As the sound of his voice faded, the look on the Lifire Empyrean’s face grew even more unsightly. But he had no way to refute anything.

“Ye Kong is going to participate? A hundred years ago, he was already a very dazzling character. It’s true that the Lifire Palace’s experts are only here to make up for the numbers.” Some peak powers spoke in a low voice.

“I remember that in the last grand banquet a hundred years ago, the Lifire Palace didn’t manage to obtain any #1 ranking. Who would have thought that things would be the same this time as well?” Jialan Jiangshan mockingly laughed, causing the Lifire Empyrean’s gaze to turn sinister.

The participants from the world palaces started to fly up to the platform. These were mostly transcendent figures, not only did the Skyair Palace send out their strongest character Ye Kong, the Desolate Heaven, Xuanyuan and the other world palaces all sent out their strongest emperor as well. The Lifire Empyrean glanced at them and sighed helplessly in his heart. Beauty Xiao had not participated yet, he glanced at her and spoke in a low voice, “Beauty Xiao, it’s up to you now.”

“Yes, Palace Lord.” Beauty Xiao bowed and flashed a charming smile. She didn’t seem to mind being used to make up for the numbers at all. Being able to contend against the other experts from the world palaces can be considered a good experience. She wouldn’t lose out in any case.

Some people glanced at Beauty Xiao and laughed. “Lifire Palace Lord, are you planning to use the beauty trap to win the #1 ranking for the final round?”

“Hahaha!” Many started laughing. their gazes sweeping towards the sexy figure projected by Beauty Xiao. Beauty Xiao’s expression changed slightly, she frowned but didn’t say anything, and continued to fly towards the platform.

“Beauty Xiao, wait a moment.” At this moment, a voice rang out, causing Beauty Xiao to slow as she halted her steps. Her beautiful eyes turned over, glancing at the person who spoke. After that, her beautiful eyes flashed with a mesmerizing light.

That fellow actually came!



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