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AGM – Chapter 1624 – Battle between the World Palaces

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Chapter 1624: Battle between the World Palaces

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The truth had also verified everyone’s guess. Among the top ten, other than Di Tian, although the other nine received rewards as well, none of them received the preferential treatment Di Tian received. Even Xuanyuan Dipper had never received such treatment before.

What sort of character was the Realmlord? He is the overlord of this boundlessly vast realm, someone who stands at the absolute peak. He himself was already a supreme character, what geniuses has he not seen before? So what if you are a supreme-tier immortal emperor? It’s already a matter of great honor that you could obtain his rewards. There definitely wouldn’t be many people who can receive his admiration.

This Di Tian suppressed all the participants with his cultivation base at the mid-stage of the immortal emperor realm and obtained first in the rankings. He was also a grandmaster weaponsmith. No wonder the Realmlord treated him so differently. If he didn’t use such a talent, who else could he use?

After that battle, Di Tian’s name will definitely resound through the entire Lifelong City. In fact, it was possible that his fame might even spread to all the territories controlled by the nine world palace lords, especially for the Lifire Palace, they would definitely get this news and the commotion that would be caused would surely not be a little one.

After receiving their rewards, all of the participants returned to their seats. Di Tian returned to the Jialan Clan’s location. Jialan Qiuyue was smiling widely at him, “Grandmaster Di, you truly hid extremely deeply.”

She purposely emphasized on the word ‘Grandmaster.’ Her eyes shone with a bright smile, beautiful and lascivious, extremely soul-stirring.

“I’ve never hidden at all.” Di Tian laughed and sat down. Jialan Yuntian wasn’t as excited as the others. His heart sank but he still maintained a smile on his face as he spoke, “Grandmaster Di, after this battle, the Emperor Pavilion will soar into the sky. In the future, if you need our Jialan Clan’s help, just feel free to speak.”

Before this, the Jialan Clan wanted to control Di Tian. But now, they naturally wouldn’t dare to have such thoughts. From now on, no one could control Di Tian. The Lifelong Realmlord had already spoken so clearly, not even the Lifire Empyrean would dare to do anything to Di Tian.

“Mhm, since this is the case, I would have to trouble the Jialan Clan in the future.” Di Tian naturally understood the intentions in Jialan Yuntian’s words, he also sensed the slight change in Jialan Yuntian’s attitude when he was facing him. But even so, he pretended that nothing has happened, like he didn’t know anything.

“No worries, our Jialan Clan and Grandmaster Di are already so close. In addition, there’s also a layer of connection from this little lass Qiuyue.” Jialan Yuntian laughed, his words causing Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes to flash. She stared at Jialan Yuntian, “Grandpa, what nonsense are you talking about.”

“Oh? Earlier, who was the one who stood up in excitement, ignoring her face as the young miss of our Jialan Clan?” Jialan Yuntian laughed, causing Jialan Qiuyue to blush. She, who was already originally beautiful, had a certain charm to her now when she blushed. She even shot a gaze filled with mock resentment at Jialan Yuntian.

Di Tian smiled. This Jialan Yuntian wanted to stick with him, using Jialan Qiuyue as an obvious opening gambit. His intent couldn’t be any clearer.

“Seeing the glory of the immortal emperors of my Lifelong Realm, this seat feels truly gratified in my heart. Let me toast all the heroes here.” The Realmlord lifted his cup and laughed. A moment later, everyone raised their cups back and had smiles on their faces as they drank the wine.

“Although the battles earlier might have been fascinating, the true transcendent-level immortal emperors of our Lifelong Realm have yet to act. Does everyone feel that this is right?” An elder laughed. He was the leader of a major power, an existence on equal grounds compared to the palace lords. He was at the empyrean realm.

“That’s right, things would be much more fascinating if those experts had participated.” Someone else supported.

“If those emperors had joined, I’m afraid only a relative few in the top ten would still be able to remain.”

Everyone laughed, they naturally understood the elder’s words. In the battles earlier, many immortal emperors had chosen not to participate and many were transcendent-level emperors. For example, those immortal emperors that reported directly to the Lifelong Realmlord, didn’t participate earlier at all.

“Haha, seems like you guys want nothing more than to see their strength.” The Realmlord laughed.

Those people nodded their heads. Someone among them spoke. “Realmlord, things should be even more fascinating if those people fought. It has been so for every one of the past grand banquets.”

“Realmlord, please allow us to broaden our horizons.”

“Sure.” The Realmlord laughed and nodded. “My Lifelong Realm consists of several boundless territories. Other than Lifelong City, the other territories are managed on my behalf by the world palace lords, which led to the Lifelong Realm being increasingly prosperous. I would only gather everyone here once every hundred years. We might as well take the chance to see the strength of elites of our realm. The palace lords should have no objections, right?”

The world palace lords all spoke out at the same time, “We will comply with Realmlord’s orders.”

“Mhm, although you guys understand the strength of your subordinates well, you all can take this chance to see the disparity in strength level between the world palaces. It can also be an impetus to cause your subordinates to increase their strength, to better manage the territories under you all.” The Realmlord then continued, “Come, all the governors and monarchs of the Nine World Palaces can participate. Let me see the glory of this generation’s heroes.”

“Yes, Realmlord!” Many people roared in excitement. To those strong experts, they knew their chance to perform has come. If they could leave a good impression on the Lifelong Relamlord, their future would definitely be extraordinary. As for those weaker ones, they felt some trepidation. After all, experts were as common as clouds under the world palace lords, if they failed, they would lose face and might even be replaced.

“I’m sure everyone already knows the rules. The world palace lords will send their subordinates out. Begin.” The Lifelong Realmlord calmly spoke. After that, the world palace lords glanced at each other, their eyes all gleaming with sharpness. This time, it was a competition between the different world palaces. None of them would naturally want to lose face before their peers in front of the Realmlord.

Di Tian sat there quietly. He glanced in the direction of the nine world palaces and saw some experts standing up. After that, nine figures could be seen flying through the air, arriving at the central towering platform where he fought earlier.

These nine world palaces would send different experts to fight each other multiple times to see who would be victorious and their rankings would be determined at the end.

The one from Lifire City was actually the Jialan Monarch.

“He is planning to give up the first battle, right?” Di Tian’s eyes flashed. Although the Jialan Monarch was a supreme immortal emperor and could fight peak-stage immortal emperors while at the mid-stage as well, it has to be known that the other immortal emperors from the world palaces were not ordinary ones. Their cultivation bases were all already higher, at the peak-stage, and their combat prowess was extraordinary as well. With regards to the Jialan Monarch, he was already at a disadvantage considering his cultivation base.

“Desolate Heaven Palace, Mo Kaishan, governor of Desolate Heaven City.”

“Xuanyuan Palace, Monarch Xuanyuan Yu.”


The participants reported their names and origins. These nine experts each stood in a different location and started to take turns fighting.

For the first battle, Governor Mo Kaishan of Desolate Heaven City challenged the Jialan Monarch right away, as though wanting to bully the Jialan Monarch for having a lower cultivation base. Although the Jialan Monarch was strong, he couldn’t endure Mo Kaishan’s domineering attacks and was directly defeated.

For the second battle, Xuanyuan Yu also challenged the Jialan Monarch. This caused everyone to be stunned. Seems like this was truly a case of bullying the one with the weakest cultivation base. The end result naturally was that Xuanyuan Yu was victorious.

For the next battles, the crowd speechlessly discovered that everyone chose to challenge the Jialan Monarch. This caused the people of the Jialan Clan to feel a loss of face. The Lifire Empyrean also had a dark look on his face. The immortal emperors of the other world palaces didn’t want to give any face to his Lifire Palace at all.

For this battle, he sent the Jialan Monarch because he wanted the Jialan Clan to lose face. It can be considered that he was throwing away the first round of battles. But even so, he didn’t expect things would be so face smacking. Now, it wasn’t simply the Jialan Clan losing face. Even he had lost face as well.

The battles here all stopped once the victor is determined. They didn’t injure the Jialan Monarch. The rules also allowed them to challenge the same people. Hence, the ending was that the Jialan Monarch lost all eight battles and was eliminated. The Lifire Palace was now at the bottom of the rankings, having lost all face but the Jialan Monarch still had to stand at the boundary of the platform to watch the battles of others.

The Realmlord cast a glance at the Jialan Clan’s direction but he instantly shifted it away.

The battles continued. Such chaotic fights naturally would be fascinating. This was especially so when supreme experts of the Desolate Heaven Palace, Xuanyuan Palace and Skyair Palace fought. Their battles were heaven-shaking and their strength seemed to exceed the top three of the previous competition.

Ultimately, Mo Kaishan of the Desolate Heaven Palace won eight victories and was ranked first.

The supreme immortal emperor of the Skyair Palace won seven victories and obtained the second ranking.

The supreme immortal emperor of the Xuanyuan Palace won six victories and obtained the third ranking.

The Lifire Palace was ranked last. Right from the start of the first battle, Di Tian could already see clues stating the strength level of the experts from the nine world palaces. Other than the strength of their respective empyreans, the strength of their subordinates can be an indicative factor too.

The first round of battles was concluded, the nine emperors returned to their original locations as another nine experts flew over and started the second round. Similarly, the rules were the same, the ranking would be determined based on the number of victories one obtained.

The second round of battles were similarly violent and fascinating. Di Tian didn’t recognize the experts from the other world palaces, but the Lifire Palace actually sent out the Central Governor Xia Hou. Xia Hou was tyrannical and proud but his combat prowess was undoubtedly strong. He could be classified as a supreme immortal emperor. At the end, he managed to win four victories and was ranked #5. With this ranking, although it was nothing glorious, he didn’t cause the Lifire Palace to lose any face.

For the second round, the Skyair Palace obtained first ranking with a total of eight victories. The battles that occurred were naturally explosive and extremely intense.

As the battles continued, everyone fell into its rhythm and spectated earnestly while they discussed.

“This time, the Lifire Palace is in for it. It’s most probably impossible for them to get first.” Jialan Qiuyue spoke in a low voice. It was very difficult to get first, a world palace had to have an existence capable of suppressing the transcendent-level immortal emperors. Sadly, the Lifire Palace didn’t have such a character.

“This is also very normal. The Desolate Heaven Palace, Skyair Palace and Xuanyuan Palace are all extremely powerful. The immortal emperors from there would naturally be stronger as well. The Lifire Palace would find it as tough as ascending to the heavens if they wanted to obtain first. They don’t have a governor or monarch strong enough to suppress all the other supreme and transcendent-level emperors.” Jialan Yuntian spoke.

“Do you feel that that governor who didn’t come, would he be able to achieve it?” Jialan Qiuyue suddenly thought of that handsome and arrogant northern governor Qin Wentian as she asked.



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