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AGM – Chapter 1623 – The Realmlord’s Reward

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Chapter 1623: The Realmlord’s Reward

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That terrifying palm was like the hand of a god, capable of destroying everything. It emitted power of the Great Dao. That giant sealing gate had the ability to seal away everything and when the countless number of divine weapons blasted towards the palm imprint, they were all swallowed into a different dimension and sealed off. Nothing could block it.

Xuanyuan Dipper could only retreat with lightning speed. However, at this moment, the shadow of a great roc appeared behind Di Tian, spreading its wings, granting him immense speed. Di Tian traversed through space, the palm imprint easily caught up to Xuanyuan Dipper, enveloping him within.

Xuanyuan Dipper roared, a boundless slaughter intent gushed forth as countless divine weapons manifested, slamming frenziedly against the giant palm imprint. That palm imprint was like a bottomless pit, capable of sealing all existences, capable of annihilating gods and buddhas. It mercilessly smashed towards Xuanyuan Dipper.

Xuanyuan Dipper’s protective ability was unleashed to the max, it contained an incomparably terrifying destructive laceration might that could tear everything into pieces. When the palm imprint came in contact with it, that seemingly invincible palm actually started to crumble. But not only that, Xuanyuan Dipper’s protective ability clearly grew weaker as well.

At this moment, Di Tian actually slammed out another palm imprint. Xuanyuan Dipper felt despair when he saw this. He could only sigh and softly speak, “I’ve lost.”

As the sound of his voice faded, the second palm imprint halted in the air before disappearing. Di Tian’s silhouette flashed, returning to his original location as he nodded to Xuanyuan Dipper, “I won by luck.”

“A victory is a victory, there’s no need to save face for me. In truth, you are only at the mid-stage, from a certain perspective, I’ve already lost right at the start. This isn’t a fair battle at all. I’m really curious about who you are.” Xuanyuan Dipper straightforwardly spoke. He had always believed himself extraordinary and felt that his talent was very high. He can be considered among the strongest individuals at the peak-stage of the immortal emperor realm within the Xuanyuan Clan. Even in the entire Lifelong City, not many immortal emperors could defeat him. Only a few supreme ones could stand equal to him.

He truly didn’t expect that he would be defeated by a mid-stage immortal emperor.

“Di Tian, Lifire City.”

Di Tian calmly answered, not saying anything more. Overly being humble would be considered an extreme form of arrogance. Since he was the victor, there was no need for him to say too much.

As Xuanyuan Dipper had lost, this mini-competition finally concluded. The earlier quiet crowd all burst into excited discussions. The protective light barrier disintegrated as the formation was no longer needed. They were all staring up at the masked figure on the platform, feeling admiration and disbelief in their hearts. A mid-stage immortal emperor actually became the top ranker. This was truly a miracle.

Even Xuanyuan Dipper and Sword Ion lost to him respectively. Regardless of his identity, as long as he could become the top ranker, it meant that there was no luck involved. Everything depended on his absolute strength.

This meant that this Di Tian of Lifire City, he who was a mid-stage immortal emperor, was already standing at the peak of the immortal emperor realm. It was very difficult for anyone to contend against him.

“Grandpa, he got the top ranker’s position!” Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes flickered with a smile, as though she was the one who has gotten the first position. Jialan Yuntian sighed in his heart, he couldn’t help but to silently admire at how fearsome Di Tian was. A mid-stage immortal emperor who had already stood at the peak-stage due to his weaponsmithing abilities. But now, it was discovered that even in his martial path, Di Tian also stood at the peak of the immortal emperor realm. Even if it was he himself, he wouldn’t be a match for Di Tian.

However, if this was before, he would definitely feel very excited. But now, he only felt a large rock in his heart. Without first being clear of Di Tian’s actual motives, he would never feel at ease.

“Not bad, who would have thought that Grandmaster Di Tian would have such a high level of talent. Our Jialan Clan doesn’t even have anyone in the top ten. How regretful.” Jialan Yunhai spoke.

“Make sure that we maintain our good relationship with Di Tian.” Jialan Jiangshan instructed. Jialan Yuntian nodded with a heavy look on his face.

Over at the Lifire Palace’s location, the Lifire Empyrean had an unsightly expression on his face. This grandmaster, who had chosen to side with the Jialan Clan, actually displayed such startling talent today. Why didn’t Di Tian chose to stand with him?

When he thought of this, he shot a cold glance at Xia Hou, causing Xia Hou to shiver as his face turned pale. The Lifire Empyrean was blaming him? Using him to vent his anger?

Xia Hou felt a chill in his heart as he stared at Di Tian on the platform. This bastard was actually so strong.

Beauty Xiao at the side had a smile on her face. The look in her eyes was extremely soul-stirring, shining with light. She didn’t expect Di Tian to be so powerful. Most probably, Di Tian’s strength wasn’t any weaker when compared to Qin Wentian.

The Realmlord stroked his beard and smiled. He stared at Di Tian and spoke, “A supreme genius has appeared in my Lifelong Realm. To think that the most outstanding character in the battles today, is actually a mid-stage emperor. This has truly broadened my horizons. Di Tian of Lifire City, right?”

“That’s junior alright.” Di Tian nodded.

“I said it before. The top ten would all receive rewards today. As for you, I’ve naturally already prepared it. But after seeing your performance, I decided to ask you instead if you have any request? What kind of reward do you want?” The Realmlord smiled at Di Tian.

“Junior has a presumptuous request, I don’t know if should I speak up or not.” Di Tian replied.

“Feel free to speak with no worries.” The Realmlord nodded.

“Although junior obtained the top ranking today due to my talent in the martial path, but in truth, I’ve always been more interested in weaponsmithing. In addition, I’ve established a power named Emperor Pavilion in Lifire City. The main objective is to forge weapons before auctioning or transacting them away. However, in the midst of my development, I encountered many obstructions. In fact, the governor’s manor even made things difficult for me multiple times with no reason. This truly cause junior to feel pain in my heart.”

Di Tian slowly spoke, and as the sound of his voice faded, Xia Hou felt his body trembling as his countenance paled. This bastard, was he trying to make a complaint to the Realmlord?

“Oh? Something like that actually happened? A governor of Lifire City did this? How did he make things difficult for you?” The Realmlord asked.

“In the past, a certain governor of Lifire City told me that I have to forge weapons solely for him and kept making things difficult for me when I refused. At that time, mysterious sources of powers created trouble daily at my Emperor Pavilion, the governor’s manor didn’t give a damn about it, almost causing my Emperor Pavilion to be closed down. Now that I look back in hindsight, I couldn’t help but to feel fear. In any case, this junior isn’t here to make a complaint, I only hope that I can focus my efforts on properly developing the Emperor Pavilions and won’t encounter any more unreasonable difficulties.” Di Tian politely spoke.

When he heard this, Xia Hou wanted nothing more than to tear Qin Wentian apart. This, wasn’t this clearly a complaint?

The Lifire Empyrean narrowed his eyes. Although Di Tian’s words didn’t implicate him directly, but as long as the Realmlord thought deeper, it was easy for him to connect the dots. Was Di Tian doing this intentionally or not?

“You already have such talent in the martial path, yet you still say that you are more interested in weaponsmithing? Your words might have mocked many unknowingly.” The Realmlord laughed. Everyone nodded silently in response. This fellow knew how to posture too much, yet he did so with such a straight-face. However, those from Lifire City knew that Di Tian’s weaponsmithing capabilities were truly extremely strong as well.

“This time around, I should have rewarded you heavily. But since you brought this matter up, I’ll help you settle everything. From this moment onwards, within my Lifelong Realm, the development of your Emperor Pavilion shall be smooth and unimpeded. If there’s someone who dares to make trouble, you can directly look for the Lifire Empyrean. In addition, to compensate for the suffering you endured, your Emperor Pavilion has no need to pay any tax forever.” The Lifelong Realmlord calmly spoke. His words causing the hearts of many major powers here to tremble. As expected of the Realmlord, what a heavy reward this was.

A single sentence from him guaranteed that the Emperor Pavilion would face no obstacles no matter how it expanded. Also, it was exempted from paying contributions. For the Emperor Pavilion now, the ten-yearly and hundred-yearly contributions might not be considered much. But what about thousand-yearly and ten thousand-yearly? What if the Emperor Pavilion became a supreme first-tier power? The amount of contributions then would be at an astronomical amount. This sentence far exceeded the reward Di Tian ought to have gotten in the first place. But naturally, it was still considered nothing much to the Realmlord. As long as the Realmlord was happy, this bit of contributions was considered nothing but a single hair from the bodies of nine oxen.

This Di Tian, was truly intelligent.

Jialan Yuntian’s expression turned stiff when he heard that. With the Realmlord as his backer, even if Di Tian fell out with them, the Jialan Clan wouldn’t dare to do anything to make things difficult for him. This can be considered a death-avoiding token.

“Also, I’ll give you the title, supervisory commander of Lifire City. In the future, if a thing like you mentioned happens again, if the governor manors have the audacity to make things difficult intentionally for people below them and neglect their proper duties, you can directly report this to the Lifire Palace Lord. If the Lifire Empyrean won’t handle it, you can report it up to the Lifelong Saint Hall.”

The Realmlord spoke again, his words causing everyone to be stunned. Right now, Xia Hou’s face was extremely ugly. With this sentence from the Realmlord, all the governors in Lifire City had to tread carefully around Di Tian and not offend him. If not, if he found out about the slightest misdeeds, he might jump over the Lifire Empyrean and report directly to the Lifelong Saint Hall. This authority was truly transcendent.

“Seems like the Realmlord is treating Di Tian so well because he wants to use him in the future. The Realmlord is paving a path of development for Di Tian by granting him the position of the Supervisory Commander now.” Everyone was very clear that this meant Di Tian would become a major character in the Lifelong Realm in the future.

“After today, Di Tian’s future is boundless.”

Many people felt high hopes about Di Tian’s future. His performance today has already gained the Realmlord’s attention. In the future, as long as his cultivation base made a breakthrough, he would surely soar up into the skies, becoming a major character in the Lifelong Realm.

Jialan Yuntian felt another rush of impact. He himself didn’t know what the situation would be like after Di Tian returned to Lifire City. Right now, most probably that even for the Lifire Empyrean, he would have to be extremely courteous to Di Tian.

“Many thanks, Realmlord.” Di Tian bowed.

“In that case, do you accept this?” The Realmlord smiled.

“Di Tian naturally wouldn’t let down the high hopes your lordship has for me.” Di Tian smiled. If he rejected such a good deal, he would have to be a retard. The words spoken by the Lifelong Realmlord earlier was sufficient for him to do whatever he wanted to in Lifire City. No one would dare to offend him.



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