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AGM – Chapter 1622 – Getting Stronger the More Powerful His Opponent Is

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Chapter 1622: Getting Stronger the More Powerful His Opponent Is

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Xuanyuan Dipper, Sword Ion, Di Tian. The three of them each stood in a different location.

Two more battles are required and the actual ranking for all top ten would be revealed.

“You can leave now.” Sword Ion swept a glance at Di Tian. His eyes gleamed with sharpness, flashing with his sword intent.

Di Tian looked at him. The abilities of this Sword Ion were similar to Xiao Yu. Before this, Qin Wentian had already experienced it when he fought with Xiao Yu. Di Tian coldly smiled and spoke. “You are not my opponent. If you are not willing to get off the platform so early, you can challenge him instead. You might have a chance then.”

“Eh…” Everyone was stunned when they heard Di Tian’s words. This fellow was simply too brazen? Sword Ion told him to concede but he actually said that Sword Ion wasn’t a match for him and told him to challenge Xuanyuan Dipper instead. This was simply crazy.

Sword Ion narrowed his eyes, a cold light could be seen flickering within. He stepped out as boundless sword might capable of lacerating everything gushed forth. He stared at Di Tian, “Since you put it this way, I can only show you reality with my actions.”

Di Tian also stepped out. Seems like he still needed to fight.

“Are you prepared?” Sword Ion glanced at Di Tian.

“Make your move.” Di Tian nodded. Sword Ion’s eyes were like sharp swords, directly piercing into Di Tian’s gaze. He waved his hands, causing a sword to manifest as it slashed through the air with the speed of lightning, aiming for Di Tian. The power of this strike was tyrannical to the extreme, even space itself seemed to be cut apart. Although Sword Ion’s words and manner were arrogant, he was truly capable enough to back it up. He wouldn’t show mercy and wanted to finish Di Tian off with a single strike.

Di Tian’s eyes gleamed with a terrifying light, he matched his opponent’s stare, not willing to be in the weaker position. His sword qi transformed into a holy will that was imbued with the power of his soul energy as he clashed against his opponent. Earlier, he dared to say Sword Ion wasn’t his opponent because he understood Sword Ion’s abilities. He was able to counter him. At the very least, in terms of soul power, Sword Ion wouldn’t gain any advantage over him.

As for the surging tyrannical sword might gushing towards him, Di Tian wasn’t worried at all. A terrifying screen of demonic light revolved protectively around him. The attack from Sword Ion slammed into him, breaking his defenses but failing to injure him.

However, after that sword strike, Sword Ion didn’t hesitate. His silhouette flashed and appeared above Di Tian. Wielding his sword with both his hands, he slashed down, causing numerous sword sages to manifest as they rushed Di Tian. The sword aura they exuded created a pressure that bore down on the platform.

Di Tian’s sealing arts were unleashed. A gigantic illusory giant appeared, its eyes shone with sealing light as it stomped towards the sword sages.

“Myriad Soul Sword Art!” Sword Ion’s body turned into a shadow that shot through space. Astral light flashed, his entire person turned illusory, as tens of thousands of sword sages mirrored his actions. These sword sages all unleashed his sword arts, generating boundless amounts of sword might that permeated the area. There was simply no way to hide, Di Tian had to endure this tyrannical attack head-on.

Di Tian’s hands folded ancient seals, the constellation behind him grew brighter and brighter as an increasingly powerful sealing might bore down on everything. The sealing light and sealing diagram expanded, providing Di Tian with torrential amounts of sealing energy which he used to manifest a gigantic palm imprint of divinity that slammed out with ruinous force, sealing away all the sword sages.

“Hmph.” Sword Ion’s gaze turned heavy. A transcendent sword sage from the primordial era appeared before him as he merged together with it. The sword intent radiating from him skyrocketed, sweeping through the battle platform. His entire hair spiked up, resembling sharp swords, radiating an endless flow of sword might.

When Di Tian saw this, the constellation behind him grew even more terrifying. The astral light cascading down from the sky all converged together, forming resplendent swords of the great Dao that hummed with power.

“Go.” Di Tian pointed out. In an instant, ten thousand swords launched forth. These swords of sealings manifested from sealing law attribute energy directly shot through space, piercing themselves into the ground around Sword Ion, locking down the space around him.

Sword Ion’s eyes gleamed with a resplendent sword light. His hair fluttered in the wind as he roared loudly, summoning a burst of sword intent, wanting to break through the sealing swords.

The sealing swords were destroyed, but they seemed endless in number. A few short moments later, the power they radiated actually fused together as one, becoming the power of the Great Dao. They were like a sealing formation formed of swords, the formation then congregated all the sealing might, giving birth to a world of sealing that slowly sapped away at the energy of the sword sage.

Di Tian didn’t slow down. More and more swords of sealing manifested, perfecting the world of sealing. Sword Ion was completely trapped within, he had no way out.

“I said it before. You are not a match for me.” Di Tian calmly spoke and blasted out with his palm. The sword of sealing contracted, causing Sword Iron to pale. Although the sword intent radiating from him was still incomparably strong, he knew that he had already lost this battle. He couldn’t reverse the situation.

“I CONCEDE!” Sword Iron howled, becoming extremely depressed. In an instant, the sharp aura from him actually dulled. The light in his eyes was gone as a blank look could be seen on his face.

A top-tier supreme expert of the Sword Spirit Sect was actually defeated before he even had a chance to unleash his sword arts. This was so shocking that everyone was dumbfounded.

Could it be that this mid-stage emperor from Lifire City wanted to contend for the position of top ranker?

Di Tian waved his hand, the seals dissipated, releasing Sword Ion. Sword Ion was incomparably dispirited.

Di Tian directly turned and stared at Xuanyuan Dipper, “There’s still one more battle.”

Xuanyuan Dipper stepped out. He had a look of surprise as he stared at Di Tian. He then laughed, “I also didn’t expect that at the very end, the person fighting against me would actually be a mid-stage immortal emperor.”

“Things in the world are hard to predict. If everything happens according to expectations, wouldn’t that be too boring?” Di Tian calmly replied. The spectators all silently agreed. The end result of this battle was truly out of their expectations, but many of them were silently egging Di Tian on. They all liked nothing more than to witness the rise of a genius. If Di Tian became a major character in the Lifelong Realm in the future, this battle he just fought would then become the start of his legend, the legend that propelled him to fame.

However, some people within the crowd had grim looks on their faces. For example, the people of the Lifire Palace, Xia Hou, the Purple Moon Immortal Emperor, etc. They were not happy that things didn’t happen according to their expectations.

Given Di Tian’s strength, if he was in Lifire City, no one else would be a match for him other than the Lifire Empyrean.

“Haha, well spoken. Since this is the case, you best be careful about the following battle. I’ll make an all-out effort to defeat you.” Xuanyuan Dipper stared at Di Tian, releasing his domineering aura. The resplendent astral light cascaded from the sky and in an instant, terrifying gales appeared around Xuanyuan Dipper, capable of ripping through everything. The violent wind energies actually became a supreme protection ability, invulnerable and impenetrable.

The sealing might in the atmosphere was still present from the time he duelled Sword Ion. Right now, he made use of his constellation and slashed out with the swords of sealing.

Xuanyuan Dipper pushed out with his palm. His entire being glowed with a golden light and an instant later, all varieties of divine weapons appeared in the air, clashing against the swords of sealing. The impact of the collision caused the weapons of both sides to shatter, giving rise to a burst of blinding light between the two of them.

A rumbling sound shook the space. Di Tian saw Xuanyuan Dipper unleashing a chain of golden fist imprints that gathered the power of the divine weapons within them. This attack could crush heaven and earth, sweeping through all obstacles with impunity.

“Burning Rebellion!” Di Tian’s bloodline powers started to churn as a terrifying demonic qi filled the area. Xuanyuan Dipper’s attack was too strong, capable of destroying his swords of sealing. He had to resist it with the entirety of his strength. Upon activating his bloodline, his aura immediately climbed up, causing everyone spectating to be stunned. How many trump cards did this fellow have? He was growing stronger upon meeting stronger opponents.

Di Tian also punched out, but the power of his fist imprints was augmented by supreme demons instead of divine weapons. The two streams of fist imprints then clashed with each other as a deafening bang echoed out, causing spatial cracks to appear. A powerful sealing might from Di TIan’s attacks gushed into Xuanyuan Dipper’s body but at the same time, a stream of divine power from the divine weapons of Xuanyuan Dipper, had also invaded Di Tian’s body.

Di Tian’s eyes turned terrifying. The constellation behind him continuously manifested swords of sealing and transformed into its true form, that of a powerful sealing diagram.

Xuanyuan Dipper’s aura was tyrannical to the extreme. With a wave of his hand, a fearsome divine weapon law domain appeared. All the divine weapons he manifested transformed into a terrifying whirlpool that sought to absorb Di Tian, wanting to destroy him.

Di Tian continued folding seals, manifesting sealing gates. This time, it was no longer just a single gate of sealing, but a row of them

After that, Di Tian pressed his palms together, fusing all the sealing gates together, forming a gigantic true gate of sealing. The boundless sealing light radiating from it easily sealed away the power of the whirlpool threatening him.

“RUMBLE~” A thunderous sound echoed out. Di Tian sent the gate of sealing flying towards Xuanyuan Dipper. Xuanyuan Dipper roared thunderously and cleaved out with his Sky Decimation Great Axe, yet it was also sealed away by the true gate of sealing. Regardless of the attacks used, there seemed to no way to destroy the gate.

Xuanyuan Dipper had a grim look on his face as he retreated with explosive speed. However, he only saw Di Tian stretching out his hand. With an intention of his will, the giant sealing gate was fixed on the gigantic palm of divinity from before. At the next instant, the palm shot out with explosive speed towards Xuanyuan Dipper, not giving him any opportunity to flee!



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