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AGM – Chapter 1621 – Top Three

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Chapter 1621: Top Three

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As that battle concluded, the top ten were revealed.

Di Tian, domineeringly crushed his way into the top ten with a cultivation base at the mid-stage of the immortal emperor realm.

The Lifelong Realmlord smiled as he spectated, an expression of interest could be seen on his face. He spoke to those beside him, “From the discussion below us, this man doesn’t seem to be a person from one of the major powers of my Lifelong City, right?”

“Realmlord, Di Tian is someone who came together with the Jialan Clan. He originates from Lifire City. Before this, there was a governor of Lifire City who had a conflict with him because of their interactions. Earlier, I’ve also paid attention to the discussions of the crowd. This Di Tian is actually a grandmaster weaponsmith, even the people from Lifire City had no idea he was so strong in the martial path.” Someone at the side spoke lightly.

The Realmlord smiled and nodded. “What rank do you think he can get?”

“Mhm, he doesn’t seem to have put in his all yet. Maybe, he might be able to get within the top three.”

“Let us watch on then.” The Realmlord laughed. He didn’t expect that someone so interesting would come from Lifire City. When he glanced at the Lifire Empyrean, the empyrean didn’t seemed too happy. Seems like his conflict with the Jialan Clan was still the same as the past.

Jialan Yuntian didn’t feel happy because of Di Tian’s victory. He was in deep contemplation of the issue he thought about earlier. Why did Di Tian give in so easily to their Jialan Clan? He could even win against the Skydragon Saint Child. Given his talent, what was his true purpose in remaining in Lifire City?

Jialan Qiuyue, who was beside him, was completely ignorant. A smile could be seen in her beautiful eyes. Di Tian won again, he was simply a miracle, slaughtering his way into the top ten, gaining the Realmlord’s attention.

For the top ten, regardless of their eventual rankings, the participants would all obtain a reward given by the Realmlord. From this, one could see that they have already succeeded in leaving behind an impression. The Lifelong Saint Hall would also regard them highly, even using them in the future. This, would prove to be of immense benefits to Di Tian’s future.

“This Grandmaster Di Tian isn’t a simple character.” In the direction of the Xuanyuan Clan, Xuanyuan Hao spoke in a low voice. Di Tian also had such terrifying talent in weaponsmithing. He was simply a monster.

Not only were the spectators sighing in admiration, even the remaining participants were shocked by that earlier battle. The tyrannical attitude expressed by Di Tian refreshed their memories once again. He said that he would directly challenge those who are unhappy that he was still here because of his mid-stage cultivation base. How imposing was that? Clearly, no one else could treat him like a mid-stage immortal emperor any more.

Despite the top ten already appearing, the battle still had to continue. The rules remained unchanged, one could freely challenge who they wanted. The first to be eliminated would naturally have the highest rank. Those who could last until the end would then have a chance to enter the top three. Although the rule was slightly unfair, this battle was just a means to spark excitement for the atmosphere of the grand banquet. It would ultimately still depend on the strength of the participants.

The Purple Yang Immortal Emperor walked out, he challenged another supreme immortal emperor who had cultivated for over tens of thousands of years. The Purple Yang Immortal Emperor released his law domain, crushing his opponent’s defenses with his strongest attacks, causing the #10 ranker to appear.

After that, the expert from the Setting Sun Institute challenged the young master of the Sunmoon Mountain Manor and succeeded in defeating him. The #9 ranker then appeared.

And even later, the Poison Saint’s disciple defeated one more, revealing the #8 ranker.

Battles continued to erupt, no one was able to shift their eyes away due to the intensity of the battles and excitement in the atmosphere. None of those participants who were eliminated were weak. It was just that they were slightly unlucky, encountering opponents who were slightly stronger than them or had a slight advantage over them.

Sword Ion also stepped out. He glanced at Di Tian but he ultimately didn’t choose Di Tian to be his opponent. He chose Lord Heartseize as his opponent instead. As the two of them fought, sword qi ran rampant and law energies filled the sky. In the end, Sword Ion depended on his experience and his shocking swordplay to gain victory, leading to the fact that Lord Heartseize became the #7 ranker.

The ones remaining all struck fear in the hearts of the spectators.

These six were respectively Xuanyuan Dipper, Sword Ion, Purple Yang Immortal Emperor, Poison Saint’s disciple, Setting Sun Institute’s student and Di Tian.

Another bout of silence occurred. None of the following six participants took the initiative to step out. It was like they were waiting for others to initiate the challenge. Right now, even if they didn’t participate, their goals were already achieved. Their strengths were also proven. If you were weak, it was impossible for you to remain up until now, others would have already eliminated you.

Why would Di Tian be able to remain until now? Because, he domineeringly crushed everyone who suspected his qualifications to remain, including the Skydragon Saint Child. If you are not capable, you will naturally be eliminated. Luck wasn’t enough of a factor to help you if you are too weak. Di Tian could remain until now purely because of his strength.

“Six of us remains, we just have to fight one battle each and the top three would appear.” Xuanyuan Dipper intentionally spoke. He wanted them to split into three teams of two, and eliminate three more.

Nobody spoke. Di Tian took the lead and stepped out, his gaze landing on the Poison Saint’s disciple. The other party instantly knew of his intentions and walked out to accept the challenge.

The Poison Saint’s disciple was robed in white, there wasn’t any hint of poison aura from him and he actually looked like an elegant gentleman. No matter how you viewed him, you wouldn’t feel that he was a top-tier poison expert. However, the moment you let your guard down, that would be instantly fatal.

As for this battle, Di Tian was extremely confident. The reason why he chose this opponent was very simple. He was impervious to the vast majority of poisons.

A formless air current flowed towards Di Tian, seemingly indiscernible. When facing an expert like the Poison Saint’s disciple, one must not blindly assume that poison qi would definitely be black in color. If not, you wouldn’t even know how you died.

His poison qi was traceless and formless, it could invade into his target’s body without them knowing, or even seep deep inside their soul.

At this moment, Di Tian’s expression changed. He felt a sense of numbness, even his blood seemed to stop flowing. The flowing energy within his body felt like he was trying to circulate it through mud. Evidently, the poison had already invaded his system.

“You challenged me yet you dared to be so careless?” The Poison Saint’s disciple stared at Qin Wentian. As he spoke, a fearsome miasma radiated from him, the entire atmosphere became sinister and gloomy, becoming a world of poison. The Poison Saint’s disciple grinned, he could sense that his poison has already seeped into Di Tian’s body.

He saw Di Tian’s face turning dark. He laughed and blasted out a palm, manifesting terrifying black-colored palm imprints. He then stepped out, instantly arriving before Di Tian, bringing with him a surge of toxic gas as he unleashed his attacks. In an instant, a myriad of poisons were all released, seeping into Di Tian. The Poison Saint’s disciple couldn’t help but believe his luck. This powerful and arrogant mid-stage immortal emperor was actually so careless, allowing him to gain victory in a single move?

But at this moment, the Poison Saint’s disciple suddenly felt something was wrong. A pure holy white light radiated from Di Tian, burning away all toxins. The poisons that had invaded Di Tian had all evaporated in an instant. His face regained its normal color, after that seeing that the Poison Saint’s disciple was so close to him, Di Tian blasted out with two palms. channelling his sealing energy into his opponent’s body, sealing away everything.

A moment later, the Poison Saint’s disciple’s expression grew extremely ugly.

“Since you knew that I took the initiative to challenge you, why would you dare to be so careless?” Di Tian returned his opponent’s words back to him. His eyes gleamed sharply as sword qi gushed forth, piercing into the Poison Saint’s disciple’s body. The disciple coughed out blood and retreated hurriedly while shouting, “I concede!”

With a thunderous boom, as the two words ‘I concede’ rang out, his body was blasted through the air. Upon slamming on the ground, the Poison Saint’s disciple’s face was pale. He icily shot a glance at Di Tian before standing up and returning to his original position.

The #5 ranker has appeared.

If things really proceeded according to what Xuanyuan Dipper said, two more people would be eliminated among the other four participants who had yet to fight. This meant that Di Tian has already entered the top three.

This battle seemed to be the most relaxed one for him. But it was precisely because of this battle that he entered the top three.

Di Tian went back to his circle of light and closed his eyes in meditation. The next battle would be the most dangerous one.

Sword Ion’s silhouette flashed as he stepped out, choosing to challenge the disciple from the Setting Sun Institute. This scene caused the Purple Yang Immortal Emperor’s expression to stiffen. Sword Ion seized the initiative, he had initially also wanted to challenge the Setting Sun Institute’s disciple because it was easier compared to fighting against Xuanyuan Dipper. Sword Ion clearly had the same thoughts as him, and was faster than him in his reactions.

The Purple Yang Immortal Emperor was cursing silently. This Sword Ion was truly cunning. While he was still in a daze with regards to the results between Di Tian and the Poison Saint’s disciple, Sword Ion instantly stepped out and issued his challenge.

Their battle was exceptionally intense. Sword qi and study scrolls filled the air, illuminating the area with astral light. Numerous sword sages from the primordial era manifested, while the study scrolls seemed to contain the myriad will of the Great Dao, exuding boundless strength. Although quite a few people wanted the Setting Sun Institute’s disciple to be their opponent, how could the scholar be weak? The two of them fought frenziedly but ultimately, Sword Ion was the victor.

This battle was the most shocking one from the beginning up until now.

After this battle, the scholar became the #4 ranker.

And following that, Xuanyuan Dipper stepped out, as did the Purple Yang Immortal Emperor. He had to fight even if he didn’t want to. This was a matter of honor now.

Another violent clash occurred, the battle was more tyrannical compared to the previous one. However, it was clear both were not evenly matched. Right from the start, Xuanyuan Dipper possessed the advantage and kept suppressing the Purple Yang Immortal Emperor. Eventually, the Purple Yang Immortal Emperor was defeated, Xuanyuan Dipper entered the top three in a dominant fashion.

The remaining three participants were Xuanyuan Dipper of the Xuanyuan Clan, Sword Ion of the Sword Spirit Sect and Di Tian from Lifire City.

The first two didn’t cause the spectators to feel any surprise. Xuanyuan Dipper was a supreme genius in Lifelong City and his strength was widely acknowledged. As for Sword Ion, he was already extremely famous long before this and had equal status to the number one governor of Lifelong City’s northern city region’s, Xiao Yu. But as for Di Tian, he was a mid-stage immortal emperor that no one has heard of before. He actually managed to reach this step. This truly caused everyone to be shocked. What a miracle.

Being able to reach the top three was something that he can already feel extremely proud of. The crowd felt that he wasn’t in the top three, but rather, his rank was already fixed at number three. There should be no way for him to defeat any of the other two, right?!



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