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AGM – Chapter 1620 – Domineering Suppression

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Chapter 1620: Domineering Suppression

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Only eleven participants were left on this vast platform. The atmosphere fell silent again.

The situation now was that those remaining were either supreme geniuses or extremely famous peak-stage immortal emperors whose name rocked their respective regions a long time ago. If one were to say who had the lowest amount of fame among the eleven, it would undoubtedly be the mid-stage immortal emperor Di Tian. But even for Di Tian, he was extremely famous in Lifire City.

Other than Di Tian, all of the other ten were experts heavily nurtured by the major powers from Lifelong City. There were no exceptions.

From this, one could tell that Lifelong City was absolutely the central core of the Lifelong Realm. How domineering were they? Over here, the strongest sects and clans were gathered. Naturally, the strongest geniuses were also produced here.

The remaining participants were all extremely proud and confident in themselves. However, they weren’t overly arrogant, all of them knew how strong their remaining opponents were. Other than a few characters who had ego high enough to believe that they didn’t need to battle because no one would challenge them, the remaining ones didn’t have the absolute confidence that they would win if they challenged others. Right now, they were only a step away from reaching the top ten. They only needed to eliminate one. At this moment, they naturally preferred things to be stable, no one wanted to rock the boat.

The 10th and 11th might only be a rank in difference but the meaning behind them were completely different. This grand banquet was set up for the purpose for seeing who would be in the top ten. The Realmlord would also only reward the top ten. As for the ranked #11, that person would be nothing but a failure, destined to be forgotten by everyone else. Even if his talent is noted by the Realmlord, his name would still eventually be lost in history. This grand banquet that occurs once every hundred years wouldn’t have his name at all.

After a period of silence, there was actually no one breaking the balance. At this moment, Xuanyuan Dipper spoke out, “Silence is not an option. There would ultimately have to be a fight between two more participants. Or could it be you guys really want me to step out to challenge someone? If that’s the case, don’t blame me for whoever I choose.”

This voice was direct and tyrannical. Clearly, Xuanyuan Dipper was extremely confident, believing that it was impossible for him to be eliminated. In truth, he was also considered one of those standing at the absolute peak of immortal emperors, possessing terrifying prowess. The majority of people here understood that if Xuanyuan Dipper chose them, they had an 80% to 90% chance of being eliminated. Hence, it was best that Xuanyuan Dipper didn’t step out to challenge. Nobody knew who he would choose.

“That’s right. The weak ones should just leave now.” Sword Ion from the Sword Spirit Sect also spoke. His eyes were closed but his words were filled with tyranny, giving off a feeling of extreme confidence.

“Out of the eleven, the one with the lowest cultivation base should step out and issue a challenge. If he wins, he will be in the top ten, if he loses, he will be eliminated.” The saint child of the Divine Dragon Sect spoke. Although he didn’t specify who he was speaking about, how could people not understand his words?

Out of the eleven here, only one person was at the mid-stage. The one with the lowest cultivation base was naturally referring to Di Tian. He wanted Di Tian to step out and issue a challenge to the remaining ten.

Di Tian’s closed eyes opened as he swept a glance at the Skydragon Saint Child. “Why don’t you step out yourself to challenge people. Wouldn’t that settle things? If you want to challenge me, I don’t mind playing with you.”

These words were clearly provocating. The Skydragon Saint Child’s expression turned ashen. His eyes turned livid, resembling something draconic before he barked, “I wanted to give the initiative to you, but it seems that you don’t know what is good for you?”

“Since that is the case, I’ll have to thank you then.” Di Tian coldly laughed. “Before this, there were already many who thought that those with lower cultivation bases should be eliminated. But what was the end result? Right now, you actually still didn’t learn any lesson? In that case, I’ll grant you your wish.”

As he spoke, Di Tian stepped out from his circle of light and said, “Let my opponent be you then.”

The eyes of the Skydragon Saint Child gleamed with a terrifying demonic light. Among the other ten participants excluding Di Tian, the Skydragon Saint Child wasn’t the weakest among them. He believed that Di Tian would be able to tell as well. Both Xuanyuan Dipper and Sword Ion had already spoke. He merely added on to their words and insinuated that Di Tian should step out. But he didn’t expect Di Tian would be so impulsive, directly choosing to challenge him.

Could it be he doesn’t know how dangerous his choice was?

Or maybe, he doesn’t care about the top ten at all?

“Grandmaster Di Tian is truly too proud.” Jialan Yunhai sighed.

“Mhm.” Jialan Yuntian nodded. He suddenly frowned, like he was thinking about something. He naturally knew Di Tian an extremely prideful person. For this point, he could already tell from the commotion created in Lifire City. Even Xia Hou’s forceful actions back then didn’t get Di Tian to bow. Di Tian’s retaliation was so strong that Xia Hou almost couldn’t handle it.

Next, his Jialan Clan acted to suppress the Emperor Pavilion, finally making Di Tian compromise, standing on their side. At that time, he still felt exceptionally satisfied, and that in addition to Di Tian’s friendship and the relationship between him and Jialan Qiuyue, both caused him to gradually forget how they forced Di Tian to be on their side. But now as his understanding of Di Tian deepened, as well as the strong martial prowess he displayed and genius in weaponsmithing, Jialan Yuntian suddenly felt that something was wrong.

It was too easy. Back then, Di Tian compromised too easily. He shouldn’t have acted like this given his personality.

Such a prideful individual with both overwhelming combat prowess and is an extreme talent in weaponsmithing, he could join any supreme powers he wanted to even if he came here to Lifelong City. If he did so, he would be instantly treated like a core disciple, heavily nurtured and given the best environment to grow. Even if he abandon the Emperor Pavilion, there’s nothing to it. There was absolutely no need for him to lower his head to the Jialan Clan unless there was an extremely important matter he needed to do in Lifire City and this matter was so critical that he had to do it himself.

When he thought of this, Jialan Yuntian’s frown deepened. He glanced at Jialan Qiuyue beside him and spoke, “Qiuyue.”

Jialan Qiuyue was currently focused on the battlefield. When she heard Jialan Yuntian calling her, she turned her head over and asked, “Grandpa, what’s the matter?’

Staring at the bright light in Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes when she looked at Qin Wentian, Jialan Yuntian could sense that his granddaughter has almost already completely fallen for Di Tian. Let alone for Jialan Qiuyue, even he himself has almost fallen into the trap. When he thought of this, he suddenly felt fear. As the clan leader of the Jialan Clan, he shouldn’t have lost his most basic powers of judgement.

“Nothing, let’s watch the battle.” Jialan Yuntian hesitated before deciding not to say anything.

“Mhm.” Jialan Qiuyue nodded lightly. Although she felt somewhat puzzled, she quickly forgot about this. Her gaze started to be filled with worry as she stared at the platform. Over there, towering amounts of demonic qi radiated from the Skydragon Saint Child as numerous fearsome demonic dragons were summoned by him, blotting out the sky.

Di Tian also released his astral souls, causing astral light to cascade downwards. There were many types of greater demons being summoned as well, all of them extremely powerful ones. True dragon, vermillion bird, kirin, great roc, hundun, divine elephant, etc. For a period of time, this entire space was trembling from the powerful auras.

The Skydragon Saint Child narrowed his eyes. Di Tian could actually also summon demons for battle. He snorted coldly as a demonic dragon raked out with its golden claws, slashing towards Di Tian.

The summoned greater demons surrounded Di Tian protectively. The eight supreme greater demon unleashed their demonic might which fused together, manifesting a fearsome demonic domain that could swallow everything. The power of the domain was channelled into a vortex of absolute darkness. The vortex shot up, eating its way through the claw attack before ingesting the demonic dragon away amidst its pitiful roars. A few moments later, the demonic dragon disappeared into nothingness.

Di Tian had a terrifying super-grade demonic bloodline. Blood-colored light covered him now, he was seemingly unexcelled in this world. His entire being now was like a demon god, and his masked features made him even more mysterious and terrifying.

With his bloodline avatar ability of demon god protection activated. Di Tian’s silhouette flashed, directly vanishing from sight. A sealing gate flashed by, containing a separate dimension within that sought to seal the Skydragon Saint Child away.

The Skydragon Saint Child howled in rage as the fearsome dragons around him launched their attacks, clashing with the greater demons around Di Tian. A fearsome storm of power generated from the impact, sweeping through their surroundings, devastating everything.

Di Tian’s eyes gleamed. unleashing a soul attack that pierced into the Skydragon Saint Child’s eyes. He imbued this soul attack with the power of his holy wills and sealing abilities, resulting in it being much more tyrannical than before. His entire person seemed to have changed, growing stronger and stronger. The Skydragon Saint Child roared in anger, feeling an intense sense of peril. He was actually at a disadvantage.

Astral light flashed, the Skydragon Saint Child’s body expanded, resembling a dragon. However, the light from Di Tian’s eyes grew more and more terrifying. His sealing-attribute astral soul appeared, capable of sealing away all existences. The demonic dragons were slowly being sealed away, and so were the law energies that existed in this space around them. Even the energy in the Skydragon Saint Child’s body was slowly being sealed. He resisted in a frenzy but the sealing light gushed forth unceasingly with increasing momentum. Nothing could block it.

Di Tian’s gaze was extremely terrifying. The eight supreme greater demons revolved around him, tyrannical to the extreme. He stepped out and punched forth with ruinous might, capable of crushing everything. With a thunderous bang, the Skydragon Saint Child screamed as blood flowed out, as he was flung directly through the air.

After blasting the Skydragon Saint Child away, Di Tian swept his gaze towards the other participants and spoke, “Anyone else still dissatisfied that I could stay on because of my lower cultivation base? Speak up now, I’ll immediately issue you a challenge.”

The tyrannical words caused everyone to freeze, they were all speechless. Even a powerful individual like the Skydragon Saint Child was domineeringly suppressed. This Di Tian was actually so strong, like a bottomless black hole of potential. Nobody knew how strong he truly was. The other participants naturally didn’t want to antagonize him casually.

Seeing that no one spoke out, Di Tian retracted his aura and returned to his circle of light at the boundary of the platform. He silently mused, “I was too impulsive. Although this place is the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, it’s still better to be more cautious.”

All the abilities and powers he released were all identical to Qin Wentian’s before Qin Wentian died once. If this place was the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms, he would definitely be discovered. But now, the path his true-self took, was already completely different from his. This was especially so for the current astral souls his true-self had. The purity and intensity of powers from astral souls were clearly of a higher-grade now, even if he had similar law attributes to the past, they are all much stronger now in comparison. Maybe if he removed his mask now, no one would even believe that he and Qin Wentian were the same person.

Luckily, no one in the Supreme Ancient Realms knew about him. Hence, it didn’t really matter even if he exposed himself once. He just had to take notice and be more cautious in the future!



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