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AGM – Chapter 1619 – One Step Away From the Top Ten

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Chapter 1619: One Step Away From the Top Ten

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The Blackhand Immortal Emperor was in pathetic straits. He was an extremely famous supreme peak-stage immortal emperor from the Allheaven Sect but was now stumbling down the platform with heavy injuries. His attitude now was markedly different from how he behaved earlier.

The victor, Di Tian, was as calm as before, it felt like to him, defeating the Blackhand Immortal Emperor was just an insignificant matter and nothing worthy to be proud of. He had his eyes closed in meditation, ignoring all external matters. At this moment, the gazes of everyone changed when they looked at him. They knew that this man wasn’t someone easy to bully.

The people of the Jialan Clan, Lifire City, were all long dumbstruck. Too strong, so overwhelmingly strong that it exceeded their expectations. Was this really the grandmaster weaponsmith that didn’t dare to accept a challenge? His prowess on the martial path was actually so strong to this extent.

“Grandpa, do you think he can rank within the top ten and gain the reward given by the Realmlord?” Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes flashed even brighter as she asked Jialan Yuntian. Jialan Yuntian was speechless, he didn’t even know what to say. To get into the top ten was naturally extremely difficult. There was still over ten to twenty terrifying characters from the peak powers still remaining and they were all popular choices for the top ten. A mid-stage immortal emperor to contend against all these monsters? How difficult would that be?

However, he was already wrong on two counts. Could he really treat Di Tian like an ordinary mid-stage emperor? Every time he felt that it was impossible for Di Tian to make it, Di Tian would give him an intense surprise, proving himself with absolute strength. For that battle earlier, the Blackhand Immortal Emperor looked to win for sure. He was a supreme immortal emperor from the Allheaven Sect, no matter how Jialan Yuntian looked at it, how could any mid-stage immortal emperor win? But what was the end result?

Right now, he already couldn’t be sure. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “I’ve no idea.”

The battles continued, other than Di Tian. The other mid-stage immortal emperor was eliminated very swiftly. Other than Qin Wentian being at the mid-stage, the remaining participants were all peak-stage immortal emperors. There were quite a few supreme existences that could be said that it’s almost for sure they would be within the top ten.

For example, Xuanyuan Dipper from the Xuanyuan Clan. His Dipper Protection Technique was incomparably ferocious, granting him supreme attacking and defensive prowess. He could even manifest thousands of weapons to attack, and was like an undefeatable battle god. Although his strength was enough that no one dared to challenge him, he had stepped out and showed his prowess a few times earlier and had completely suppressed all his opponents.

There’s also the Skydragon Saint Child of the Divine Dragon Cult. He’s extremely terrifying, able to summon heavenly dragons to battle for him. He was akin to an invincible existence with boundless might.

Also, Sword Ion of the Spirit Sword Sect, this man was someone whose fame was equal to Xiao Yu back then. His combat prowess is extraordinary, but because his age was far greater compared to Xiao Yu, he didn’t have the title of a genius.

Purple Yang Immortal Emperor, Poison Saint’s disciple, Lord Heartseize, Young Master of the Sunmoon Mountain Manor, Saint Child of the Setting Sun Institute, etc. All of them were extremely powerful. There were immortal emperors who were already famous long ago. There were also extremely talented geniuses among the younger generations among them. Each of them undoubtedly has the strength to be ranked within the top ten. If one wanted to reach there, they would have to trample on all these monsters. The difficulty of doing so could very well be imagined.

Di Tian’s domineering victory over the Blackhand Immortal Emperor made it so that no one challenged him. Gradually, the participants grew fewer and only thirty remained.

However at this moment, the battles have reached a climax. Each battle that occurred on the platform, was extremely intense. If it wasn’t for the protective formation sealing the fluctuations and aftershock within, the shockwaves released would be able to effortlessly decimate an extremely vast area.

“Top thirty.” Jialan Qiuyue had a look of nervousness in her eyes. Di Tian only used two battles to step into the top thirty. If one participant was eliminated for every battle fought, fifteen would remain after the next clash, and at that stage, it would only be one step away from the top ten. Unless the current participants locked their attention onto someone and constantly challenged that target because they felt he was weak, everyone should have an equal chance.

Another intense battle occurred and only twenty-nine remained on the platform.

At this moment, a sturdy and imposing figure stepped out. His build was extremely large and was like a giant. His eyes shone with a terrifying white light and with every step he took, the platform trembled.

A gatekeeper of the Ancient Sacred Tomb.

In Lifelong City, there is a mysterious Ancient Sacred Tomb Sect where experts were as common as clouds within. They usually stayed in the tomb and only ventured out extremely rarely. But today, because of the grand banquet, someone from that sect actually appeared.

The eyes of the gatekeeper flickered, he gazed at Di Tian and spoke, “You, come out.”

The eyes of everyone flashed. Among the remaining participants, Di Tian can be considered the weakest if one viewed things on the surface. His cultivation base was the lowest, only at the mid-stage and if he still remained uneliminated, it would truly be a miracle.

Right now, the gatekeeper has challenged him. It should be about time this mid-stage immortal emperor, Di Tian, left the platform, right?

When the crowd thought of the power possessed by the gatekeeper, all of them had looks of interest on their faces. What would happen if this man fought against Di Tian’s sealing abilities?

Di Tian stepped out. The gatekeeper didn’t say anything more. His eyes turned a complete white as emperor light cascaded down, achieving a resonance with his constellation. The white light directly transformed into boundless petrification energy. In an instant, everything in the atmosphere turned heavier. Di Tian felt his body growing stiffer and stiffer as he was about to be petrified.

Terrifying law energy circulated around Di Tian, shielding him from the petrification might. However, the entire space around him seemed to be already petrified. The borders of a gigantic rock enveloped Di Tian. The gatekeeper’s strength was simply too terrifying, he was even able to turn the surrounding space to stone.

Rumbling sounds rang out. The gatekeeper soared into the air. He lifted his gigantic palms and blasted towards the petrified space. With a single attack, the entire space shuddered, the shockwaves of destruction generated within swept over Di Tian, wanting to crush him completely. How tyrannical was this?

Jialan Qiuyue gradually turned pale. Earlier, she still had high hopes that Di Tian could create a miracle and slaughter his way into the top ten. But only when she saw the gatekeeper’s strength did she realize how terrifying the remaining participants were. Right now, she only hoped that Di Tian could survive.

That strike of his was capable of shattering the petrified space, including Di Tian’s body.

The petrified space crumbled apart, the law energies rumbled violently. From within, a figure gradually appeared. This figure was protected by a sealed space, he was in a separate dimension after sealing himself within. The crumbling impact didn’t seem capable of breaching it.

The eyes of the gatekeeper widened. The white light gleaming from his eyes, glowed even brighter as it shot towards Di Tian. A terrifying pair of eyes of sealing appeared behind Di Tian, absorbing boundless astral energy before shooting out sealing energy, as the laws of petrification and the laws of sealing, collided with each other midair.

Cracking sounds rang out unceasingly, the area of petrification expanded in a circle, wanting to petrify Di Tian. However, the sealing energy kept changing forms, it was like a sealing formation that could contend equally against the petrification law.

The gatekeeper could do nothing to Qin Wentian. He stomped on the ground and punched out, wanting to settle everything with overwhelming force. He then grabbed out with his hand which formed a gigantic spirit imprint that grabbed towards Di Tian. Everywhere the spirit palm passed by, was turned into stone instantly.

Di Tian’s law energy blasted forth as a gate of sealing capable of swallowing everything into its own dimension appeared. It sealed away the spirit palm while flying towards the gatekeeper. At the same time, another terrifying sealing diagram flew from him, absorbing astral light from his constellation as it expanded into a world sealing diagram that covered everything. This sealing diagram was like a supreme emperor-ranked treasure, capable of creating a separate dimension that could isolate the gatekeeper from his petrification law energy.

“Mhm?” The gatekeeper inclined his head and roared in anger. The volume of his roar shook the skies, blasting into the diagram. However, the terrifying vibrations from his roar were also sealed away.

The world diagram unleashed boundless sealing light that propagated further as it expanded. Very swiftly, the gatekeeper realized that it was tougher and tougher for him to draw upon his law energy. All other types of law energy in this space was gradually being sealed away.

With a thunderous roar, he rushed towards Di Tian. He clearly knew that he had to end things fast or things would be extremely disadvantageous for him if he chose to drag on.

But how would Di Tian give him this opportunity? The sealing gate appeared once more, flying towards his opponent, wanting to seal the gatekeeper within its sealing dimension. The gatekeeper showed no fear and launched his attacks in a frenzy, forcibly shattering the gate of sealing. However, the sealing light cascading down grew stronger and stronger and had already invaded his body. He drew upon more of the petrification law energy that was available but he was unable to block Di Tian’s momentum.

“The gatekeeper is going to lose.” Many silently mused when they saw this, while great waves of shock arose in their hearts. Di Tian’s sealing abilities were just too strong, so strong to this extent. Even the tyrannical gatekeeper could do nothing to him.

Just like what the spectators had speculated, despite the overwhelming might of the gatekeeper’s attack, Di Tian was in no hurry at all. He patiently delayed and after a long time, the gatekeeper gave up and admitted his defeat in an extremely dispirited manner.

Di Tian was ultimately still the victor. A mid-stage immortal emperor once again displayed his overwhelming combat prowess that seemed even superior to his weaponsmithing talent.

Xia Hou’s heart trembled. Even the Lifire Empyrean was shocked. Di Tian was so powerful. If his continued on, he might really be in the top ten.

Next, intense battles continued, with a participant being eliminated after every round. Di Tian’s victory against the gatekeeper caused many to be stunned. Unknowingly as the battles continued, only fifteen participants were left. As long as five more were eliminated, the top ten would arise.

Jialan Yuntian’s heart trembled as he spoke in a low voice. “Maybe, he only needs one more battle to step into the top ten.”

“Top ten?” Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes gleamed. Next, more battles occurred, to the surprise of the people from the Jialan Clan, there was actually no one who challenged Di Tian. In the blink of an eye, only eleven participants were left. All the participants fell silent, nobody took the initiative to step out now. As long as one more was eliminated, the top ten would appear.

If no one else challenged Di Tian now, his entry into the top ten would be set in stone!



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