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AGM – Chapter 1618 – Seeking to Suffer

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Chapter 1618: Seeking to Suffer

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Because Di Tian had already had a victory against a peak-stage immortal emperor, no one else challenged him next. After all, nobody wished to meet with such a powerful expert this early.

Although Di Tian won that fight, many of them didn’t feel that he was powerful enough to defeat them. But there shouldn’t be a problem for him to rank within the top hundred. But because there are several hundreds of participants and everyone would only challenge opponents that they were sure they could defeat, Di Tian can be considered temporarily safe.

Unless there are others wanting to intentionally target him.

Time slowly flowed, Di Tian kept spectating. He saw many powerful characters that were worthy for him to regard them highly.

Although people from the various governor manors didn’t participate in this battle, one couldn’t hold any of the participants in disdain. After all, many of them were from major powers of the Lifelong Realm.

Finally, many figures at the boundary were already gone as the violent battles continued one after another. Only a few hundred people were left now. As for mid-stage immortal emperors, there were only three remaining. All three of them had supreme combat prowess or they wouldn’t have been able to last until now.

When only a hundred participants were left, a short pause occurred. None of the participants stepped out.

This battle was one that could be considered extremely lax in terms of the rules. The participants could choose not to fight, or can casually challenge any others. If you are too weak, you won’t be able to escape. But if you are too strong, no one would dare to challenge you. Even if there are, you could also crush the challenger.

Now, for those who still remained, were all supreme elites. All of them didn’t want to easily walk out to challenge others whom they had no confidence in winning against. This was what led to the current situation.

“The three mid-stage immortal emperors should leave already. Are you waiting for people to dominate you?” A tyrannical voice rang out. The person who spoke was from the Allheaven Sect, a peak power in Lifelong City. He was extremely powerful, he had a sturdy and muscular build and looked akin to an invincible battle god. Before this, he had won two victories.

For the two fights he had, he used a single move for one and three moves for the other, heavily injuring his opponents who were two peak-stage immortal emperors.

“He’s the Blackhand Immortal Emperor, a supreme emperor character from the Allheaven Sect. His strength should be sufficient to rank within the top thirty. He spoke out to break the stalemate, seems like he wants to force the three mid-stage immortal emperors out.” Someone spoke in a low voice.

“Since the Blackhand Immortal Emperor has spoken, I think it’s impossible for the three mid-stage immortal emperors to avoid being eliminated now.”

Di Tian’s eyes flashed, he glanced at the Blackhand Immortal Emperor. As for the other two mid-stage emperors, their eyes also flickered with coldness. One of them spoke out, “Who says that we have to leave just because our cultivation bases are slightly lower?”

“You guys being able to reach this point given your cultivation bases, is already a sign that many people gave you all face. When you all step into the peak-stage, maybe you would then have a true chance to display your prowess on this stage. But now, you guys are still far from sufficient.” The Blackhand Immortal Emperor icily spoke. The other mid-stage immortal emperor laughed coldly, “Since this is the case, I’ll have to ask you, Blackhand, to provide me with some guidance.”

As the mid-stage immortal emperor spoke, he stepped out, actually issuing a challenge to the Blackhand Immortal Emperor.

The eyes of the Blackhand Immortal Emperor were extremely cold. He stepped out and stretched his hands out, and they actually turned black in color as numerous phantom black arms appeared behind him, radiating a fearsome ghastly might. In the air, bolts of black lightning manifested, cracking with intensity, causing the hearts of everyone to shiver.

“The Allheaven Saber Art of the Allheaven Sect that is infused with devil-path energy. It’s truly tyrannical.” The hearts of everyone pounded rapidly. That mid-stage immortal emperor had an incomparably heavy look on his face. Although he couldn’t bear the slight and stood out to challenge Blackhand, he knew how strong Blackhand truly was. When he saw the phantom black hands blotting out the skies, he felt like he was looking at a scene of the apocalypse.

“Are you sure you want to fight?” The Blackhand Immortal Emperor’s voice was like ice. The millions of black hands filled the skies, like a heavenly net that enveloped everything. The black bolts of lightning all brimmed with saber-law energy, devastating the area around them, capable of tearing apart all existence. That mid-stage immortal emperor stood there with an ugly look on his face. His body trembled, regretting his earlier impulsive action. Only when he truly faced against the Blackhand Immortal Emperor did he understand how strong his opponent was.

“I admit defeat.” It was like he made a very tough decision, the mid-stage immortal emperor was trembling when he spoke. The destructive might in the air slowly dissipated like they had never appeared before. The Blackhand Immortal Emperor then glanced at Di Tian and the other mid-stage immortal emperor as he coldly spoke, “What about you two?”

The expression of the other mid-stage emperor changed, turning extremely unsightly. Di Tian frowned and coldly spoke, “You like to interfere in the matters of others too much.”

The Blackhand Immortal Emperor glanced at Di Tian, his eyes gleamed sharply as he barked, “Scram out here.”

Di Tian narrowed his eyes, he then stepped up the platform. Everyone who saw this could only sigh on behalf of Di Tian. Seems like the Blackhand Immortal Emperor wanted to expel the three mid-stage immortal emperors from this venue first.

“Mid-stage immortal emperors are still ultimately, slightly weaker in terms of their cultivation bases and would be easily targeted. Even if Di Tian had domineeringly defeated Xiao Mo of the Sword Spirit Sect, leading to the fact that no one challenged him after that, he eventually still couldn’t evade being eliminated.” Jialan Yuntian shook his head.

“Maybe, there would be a surprise?” Jialan Qiuyue spoke in a light voice. Before this, she also felt it was impossible for Di Tian to last too long on this dazzling stage. But that earlier battle Di Tian fought, had increased her confidence in him by a lot. Hence, she couldn’t help but to fantasize what if he actually won.

“It’s difficult. The Blackhand Immortal Emperor isn’t Xiao Mo. He has the strength to be ranked within the top thirty.” Jialan Yunhai spoke. He clearly understood more about the various characters of the Lifelong Realm. This Blackhand Immortal Emperor was a very powerful character from the Allheaven Sect, how could he not know that Blackhand was much more powerful compared to Xiao Mo? One could even say that Blackhand and Xiao Mo were simply people of different levels. If Xiao Mo could rank within the top hundred, Blackhand would surely have the capability to be ranked within the top thirty. The disparity was too great.

Jialan Qiuyue’s mouth twitched. She stared at the battlefield only to see that the Blackhand Immortal Emperor had already made his move. The phantom black arms resembling a heavenly net, blasted out. It looked like an impenetrable offense, nothing could escape it. It seemed like Di Tian’s earlier words have offended the Blackhand Immortal Emperor and he wanted to crush him ruthlessly, not even giving Di Tian a chance to concede.

Xiao Hou coldly laughed when he saw this. Di Tian came here with the Jialan Clan in hopes of getting famous? How can things be so easy?

Di Tian inclined his head as a dazzling light gleamed in his eyes. His terrifying eyes of sealing flickered with boundless sealing light as his domain of sealing manifested around him, locking down this space. When the black hands brimming with saber might slashed down, they slammed into the wall of sealing energy, causing many seals in the domain of sealing to shatter one after the other.

Di Tian continued moving forward, countless runes flashed as they manifested around him. Very swiftly, Di Tian’s entire person was covered in a shimmering circle of light. When the Blackhand Immortal Emperor finally broke through the domain, he rushed towards Qin Wentian with no hesitation.

At this moment, the black bolts of lightning blasted down, yet there seemed to be a wall between Di Tian, separating him from reality. All the lightning bolts were absorbed into the void. Di Tian waved his hand as a true gate of sealing manifested, brimming with astral light as it sealed the remnant destructive energies unleashed by Blackhand.

“Go.” Di Tian gestured, the true gate of sealing shot into the Blackhand Immortal Emperor’s domain as it continuously expanded, sealing away all attacks.

The eyes of the Blackhand Immortal Emperor flashed. He gathered boundless astral energy, exuding a devil might that towered up into the sky. He slashed out with another stance of the Allheaven Saber Art, the destructive might unleashed was capable of even shattering a particle world. He knew that there wasn’t a technique that was truly invincible. Although this gate of sealing seemed terrifying, he would still be able to break it if he unleashed enough power. The Blackhand Immortal Emperor didn’t doubt this at all.

Just like what the Blackhand Immortal Emperor expected, his powerful strike blasted the gate of sealing into pieces. However, this had yet to end. Di Tian’s eyes turned extremely terrifying, directly looking at him. Countless strands of sword holy will pierced forth, imbued with his soul energy, blasting into Blackhand. The Blackhand Immortal Emperor trembled but all he could see in his vision were those terrifying eyes of sealing. Di Tian’s attack also contained the sealing aspects, resulting in the sealing energy in them invading his body.

He howled thunderously, unleashing vast amounts of devil might as he cleaved with his saber art once more, wanting to kill everything. However, Di Tian easily sidestepped, avoiding his attack. Di Tian’s eyes stared fixedly at him, causing the energy in the Blackhand Immortal Emperor’s body to weaken continuously.

“DOMAIN!” Di Tian roared. The eyes of sealing he possessed manifested a dimension, trapping the Blackhand Immortal Emperor within, severing his link with the astral energy from his constellation. The Blackhand Immortal Emperor turned pale. Di Tian wanted to fight a war of attrition with him, slowly sapping his strength away.

“RUMBLE!” The Blackhand Immortal Emperor utilized the entirety of energy inside his body as the phantom black hands in the air all blasted forward, causing black lightning to cover the entire area.

But at this moment, a terrifying demonic might radiated from Qin Wentian, it was like he was an ancient primordial demonic beast. The phantom of a Xuanwu Turtle appeared, enveloping him protectively, disregarding all the attacks blasting into it. His eyes of sealing continued to shoot attacks, weakening the Blackhand Immortal Emperor.

“Puchi~” The Blackhand Immortal Emperor suddenly screamed, his defenses disintegrated as he bled from his eyes. The sword intent that gushed from Qin Wentian, ravaged his body as bloody wounds appeared one after the other,

“I CONCEDE!” The Blackhand Immortal Emperor screamed miserably. Di Tian retracted the attack and after that, Blackhand’s body slammed onto the ground as he trembled in pain from the impact.

“Why must you act cool and take the lead to stand out?” Di Tian calmly glanced at the Blackhand Immortal Emperor who was lying on the ground. After that, he turned and returned to his protective circle at the boundary, like nothing has happened at all. However, the scene of the Blackhand Immortal Emperor’s defeat brought a huge rush of impact to everyone who was spectating. This battle indicated that Di Tian had enough strength to be ranked within the top thirty. In fact, he even has a sliver of chance to be in the top ten.

For the next several battles, it was definite that no one else would easily challenge Di Tian!



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