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AGM – Chapter 1617 – Eyes of Sealing

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Chapter 1617: Eyes of Sealing

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Di Tian was always famed for his weaponsmithing skills in Lifire City. There was no one doubting his abilities as a weaponsmith but up until now, he had never once shown his strength other than the time in the past when he went to the Yan Clan to fight in the formations. After that, he rejected Liu Feibai’s challenge and had never displayed his prowess externally. Hence, nobody in Lifire City knew how strong he was exactly.

Right now, several hundreds of experts were already on the battle platform, all of them were supreme immortal emperors from the various major powers of Lifelong City or the other nine world palaces. Even for ordinary peak-stage emperors, they wouldn’t dare to head up. From this, one could already tell how brutal the fights would be. In such a situation, even though the people from Lifire City might regard Di Tian’s strength highly, they didn’t feel it was possible for him to be ranked within the top ten. A mid-stage emperor was none other than cannon fodder.

On the contrary, they hoped to see a person heading over to the platform. That mysterious challenger who defeated Xiao Yu and three other governors should be here today by right, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“For the battle today, it’s enough to stop once victory is determined. As long as one side concedes, the battle must cease. The rules for this is very simple, all of you will stand at the boundary of the platform, and can step out if you wish. Those who step out can challenge whoever you want to, and the remaining ten on the battle platform at the end will naturally be ranked the top ten.” The Realmlord’s protector stared at everyone as he spoke.

Even without him saying, everyone was clear of the rules. Such combat rules were considered very ‘free’ and not that serious. Under the eyes of the Realmlord and the major experts, nobody would dare to try out any tricks. It was very easy for them to tell who was strong and weak. Other than the top ten who will need to be specially ranked, the other participants were simply to make up the number. If they cannot win, they would be eliminated.

On the vast central platform, a resplendent light suddenly lit up, illuminating the surroundings. A formation was activated, enveloping the entire area. This formation would prevent the aftershocks from reaching the spectators. For battles between immortal emperors, any of the aftershocks produced would surely be devastating, it would naturally have to be controlled.

At the boundary, many circular rings of light that could envelop an entire person appeared. Those participants could rest in there when they stopped fighting, and can spectate the battle in safety.

Everyone on the platform then proceeded into the circular rings, the several hundreds of experts all entered.

“This fellow Di Tian, why must he do this?” Jialan Yuntian sighed. “He is only a mid-stage immortal emperor and would surely become the target of others. The moment he fought, it’s highly possible for him to be defeated. Why did he chose to participate?”

“Maybe there might be a surprise?” Jialan Yunhai laughed.

“Maybe, he might be able to jump levels and fight, but that’s only with regards to fighting ordinary peak-stage immortal emperors. The experts here are all supreme peak-stage emperors, how can he possibly jump levels to fight them?” Jialan Yuntian shook his head. It wasn’t that he was underestimating Di Tian. In fact, he was already very confident about Di Tian. If this battle platform was a stage for mid-stage immortal emperors, he would definitely put his money on Di Tian ranking within the top ten. But sadly, this was not.

On the platform, a person stepped out. This person was a peak-stage emperor and was an expert from the Sword Spirit Sect. Di Tian had once met him before in the Jialan Clan of Lifelong City.

After he stepped out, he actually turned his gaze to Di Tian.

Back then in the Jialan Clan, there was someone who sent out a strand of sword intent, attempting to act against Di Tian but that attacker was almost blinded, and ended up bleeding from his eyes. Now that he met with Di Tian here, he might as well bring that matter to an end and seek revenge for one of his fellow apprentice members.

Although that day, it was Di Tian’s true self who faced that attack, there was no difference to him at all. Hence, when he saw the gaze of this expert from the Spirit Sword Sect, he understood the first battle was about to start.

“Since you are a weaponsmith, why must you appear on this battle platform? This place isn’t suitable for you.” That peak-stage emperor from the Sword Spirit Sect coldly spoke, his gaze terrifying to the extreme, akin to sharp swords that could pierce the soul.

Qin Wentian had once crossed blows with two experts from the Sword Spirit Sect before. One of them was naturally Xiao Yu. Di Tian also understood what type of energy the Sword Spirit Sect was proficient in. His revealed eyes were extremely calm, Di Tian quietly spoke. “Suitable or not, it isn’t something you can judge just by using your mouth.”

“This fellow…” Jialan Yunhai mumbled. “The person challenging him is Xiao Mo from the Sword Spirit Sect. Xiao Mo is extremely strong, although he is weaker compared to a supreme character like the governor Xiao Yu, there’s no doubt he is strong enough to defeat ordinary peak-stage immortal emperors.”

Jialan Qiuyue had a trace of worry in her gaze. Jialan Yuntian smiled when he saw that, “Don’t worry, even if Di Tian is defeated, he won’t be in any life-threatening danger. He will know when to concede.”

“Who is worried?” Jialan Qiuyue blushed as she denied it.

Jialan Yuntian merely smiled and didn’t say anything, turning his gaze back to Di Tian on the towering platform. Several hundreds of experts were standing at the boundary of the platform, only Xiao Mo from the Sword Spirit Sect and Di Tian were currently standing in the center.

Xiao Mo’s eyes were like swords, he had an icy smile on his face as he stepped forward. His soul burst forth with sword intent, directly piercing into Di Tian’s eyes, aiming to annihilate his soul.

Qin Wentian had cultivated the Undying Scripture. His avatar, Di Tian, naturally also cultivated that. The Undying Scripture was a cultivation system for the soul, soul energy wasn’t considered a type of law-attribute energy. Because Qin Wentian and Di Tian were one to begin with, there was naturally no problems at all. Xiao Yu couldn’t deal with Qin Wentian, so how could this Xiao Mo deal with Di Tian?

He similarly shot a glance over. The holy sword will he possessed transformed into a burst of sword intent and directly shot into Xiao Mo’s eyes as well. In the space between their stares, two streams of fearsome energy collided.

“BANG!” Xiao Mo’s gaze flashed as resplendent light radiated forth. He took a step forward as another strand of sword intent rushed towards Di Tian. Sword sages actually formed in the area, each containing a different type of sword might. Although he wasn’t stronger than Xiao Yu, he was still extremely terrifying to fight against.

Di Tian’s black robes fluttered in the wind, his eyes suddenly changed, becoming exceptionally terrifying as an inky black vortex of sealing appeared.

“BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!” The inky black vortex suddenly expanded, sealing all the sword sages. The sword sages struggled valiantly, but the vortex only grew increasingly fearsome. It was like a pair of eyes appeared within that vortex, constantly supplying sealing energy that strengthened the sealing effect, negating the struggle from the sword sages.

The entire space trembled. The area around Di Tian gradually transformed into a sealing domain, a world of his own. He didn’t seek to simply seal the sword sages, he also wanted to seal the energy in Xiao Mo’s body. When the sealing light shot into Xiao Mo, the sword light radiating from Xiao Mo grew increasingly resplendent as though in an effort to resist. However, the burst of might soon diminished and Xiao Mo’s body itself was gradually being sealed bit by bit. If this continued on, Xiao Mo’s entire person would be sealed into the dimension inside the terrifying vortex.

“I CONCEDE!” Xiao Mo roared thunderously. He already couldn’t sense the astral energy from his constellation and his resistance was getting weaker and weaker. Di Tian, on the other hand, grew stronger as time went by. If this continued on, the consequences would be unimaginably dire for him.

Di Tian waved his hand as the sealing law domain gradually dissipated. Everything returned to its normal calm. Xiao Mo’s expression was like dead ashes. From the start until now, Di Tian hadn’t really truly attacked. He only unleashed his law energy via his eyes and he was crushed just like that. What a miserable defeat.

What was even more terrifying was that his opponent was merely a mid-stage immortal emperor. This simply caused him to have no face to continue on.

With a flash of his silhouette, Xiao Mo lowered his head and retreated out of the battle platform, he didn’t have the face to see anyone right now.

The gazes of the people from the Sword Spirit Sect all stared at Di Tian, they had unsightly expressions on their faces. A disciple from their sect, Xiao Mo, took the initiative and started the first battle. Yet, he was actually defeated in such a miserable manner? It was naturally very hard for them to feel good will towards Di Tian.

“Not simple at all.” The crowd mused silently in their hearts. As expected, one mustn’t have any contempt for any geniuses at all. A mid-stage immortal emperor directly used just his law domain to suppress a genius of the Sword Spirit Sect, Xiao Mo.

The people from the Jialan Clan were all completely stunned. Jialan Yuntian was dumbstruck, he thought that he had already regarded Di Tian very highly. In his heart, he did faintly hope that Di Tian could be victorious but such an end result still ultimately caused him to be dumbstruck. Xiao Mo, in the face of Di Tian, actually couldn’t even withstand a single attack. Such disparity in strength, whose cultivation base was the actual higher one?

Is Di Tian really just a genius weaponsmith grandmaster?

How ridiculous, even if the status of a grandmaster weaponsmith was taken away, Di Tian was undoubtedly a character at the peak, easily able to display his radiance.

“Seems like I still have underestimated him.” Jialan Yuntian sighed. He cast a deep glance at Jialan Qiuyue who was beside him. Let’s hope that she would really get together with Di Tian.

Jialan Qiuyue’s gaze was also frozen there. When she thought of Di Tian’s words before he flew up to participate, she suddenly got more and more curious about seeing Di Tian’s face. His strength truly caused her to be surprised. Could his appearance really be like what he told her? Extremely handsome?

The people from the Jialan Clan were all casting mocking glances in the direction of the Lifire Palace. As expected, the Lifire Empyrean had an unsightly expression on his face, and so did his subordinate, central governor Xia Hou.

“Just winning a single round, it counts for nothing.” Xia Hou coldly spoke. Beauty Xiao who was by the side smiled but she didn’t say anything. Xia Hou was definitely feeling extremely unhappy.

Liu Feibai who wasn’t far away from them, had an even uglier look on his face. In the past when he challenged Di Tian, Di Tian rejected it and his clan spread the news that Di Tian was a coward. But now, from the looks of things, was Di Tian really afraid of fighting against him back then?

Or maybe, Di Tian simply disdained from accepting his challenge. From the start to now, this Di Tian had never placed this genius of the Liu Clan into his eyes. When he thought of this, Liu Feibai’s fists clenched tightly, feeling a gush of humiliation.

Di Tian didn’t have the time to care about the feelings of others. He returned to a circular ring and rested. Very quickly, another expert stepped on to the platform and issued a challenge to others. After that, numerous fascinating matches unfolded, revealing the extraordinary characters.

There were quite a few supreme characters from the peak powers who can be said to be unrivalled in the immortal emperor realm. Their combat prowess was extremely terrifying and they could achieve insta-killing their opponents should they want to do so. This was simply tyrannical to the extreme. Even Di Tian felt the waves of pressure boring down onto him!



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