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AGM – Chapter 1616 – Di Tian Participating?

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Chapter 1616: Di Tian Participating?

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Di Tian’s eyes gleamed with sharpness. Ye Qianyu was moved away from the Lifire Jail. The Lifire Empyrean naturally didn’t want Qin Wentian to come here.

“Isn’t Ye Qianyu a bandit? How did she become someone of the Red Dust Immortal Palace?” Di Tian pretended to be curious as he asked.

“There are some famous dances that originated from the Red Dust Immortal Palace. [Descending into the Mortal World] and [Beauty under the Moonlight] are two of their most famous dances, where ordinary people wouldn’t have a chance to see this. If these two dances were performed by the maidens of the Red Dust Immortal Palace, they have the ability to mesmerize a multitude of living things. Back then after the Night Empyrean was killed, nobody knew that he had a daughter. It should have been at that time then when Ye Qianyu used her astonishing talent and beauty to join the Red Dust Immortal Palace.” Jialan Yuntian murmured in a low voice.

“Don’t belittle the dances of the Red Dust Immortal Palace. These dances are able to allow them to unleash an unique energy that can dazzle the hearts of those watching it. They are extremely powerful.”

“Mhm.” Di Tian nodded lightly. The beautiful dance gradually ceased, the other Red Dust Fairies all knelt with one knee on the ground, including Ye Qianyu who was in the center. All of them then respectfully greeted, “The Red Dust Immortal Palace begs for Realmlord’s forgiveness.”

“Oh? Such a beautiful dance, what is there to forgive?” The Lifelong Realmlord laughed as he asked.

“My Red Dust Immortal Palace once accepted a disciple named Ye Qianyu but we had no idea that she was the daughter of the legendary great bandit, the Night Empyrean. In addition, about tens of years ago, Ye Qianyu herself became a bandit lord and caused trouble in the territories governed by the Lifire Palace. Right now, we specially let Ye Qianyu present her dance to seek forgiveness from the Realmlord.” One of the fairies spoke gently. The Lifelong Realmlord smiled, “I didn’t think that one of the fairies from the Red Dust Immortal Palace would become a bandit. This is such a novel thing. I wonder which is Ye Qianyu?”

“Junior Ye Qianyu, apologizes for my offense to the Realmlord.” Ye Qianyu lowered her head as she spoke out.

The Lifelong Realmlord glanced at her and smiled, “You guys can temporarily retreat first. After the banquet, come to the Lifelong Saint Hall. Let me understand the matter first before I make a decision.”

“Yes, Realmlord.” The various fairies of the Red Dust Immortal Palace stood up as they gracefully retreated.

“It has been a hundred years since I last met with all of you. Are there any characters who managed to break through to the empyrean realm?” The Realmlord laughed as he glanced around.

“Realmlord, our Xuanyuan Clan has one. Xuanyuan Mo has reached the empyrean realm.” A voice rang out, the person who spoke was none other than the Xuanyuan Palace Lord. He was also considered a soul character of the Xuanyuan Clan but because he was busy with his duties, he wasn’t the direct leader of the Xuanyuan Clan in Lifelong City. But even so, his status within the clan was also extremely high.

“Oh, the grand elder of the Xuanyuan Clan broke through?” The Realmlord turned his gaze towards a person as a smile appeared on his face.

“Realmlord’s radiance bestows luck and fortune onto me, that’s the reason why I was able to make a breakthrough.” Xuanyuan Mo stood up and bowed to the Lifelong Realmlord.

“Hahaha, don’t paste gold on my face. What has your breakthrough got to do with me?” The Lifelong Realmlord joked. “Feel free to be seated, there’s no need to feel restrained.”

“Many thanks Realmlord.” Xuanyuan Mo sat down. After that, an expert from the Sword Spirit Sect also spoke up, saying that someone among their ranks also managed to break through and entered the empyrean realm. The Lifelong Realmlord stroked his beard gently and appeared very happy. He asked, “What about Xiao Yu? I remembered that that little fellow of your Spirit Sword Sect is truly very talented. Right now, he is one of the 36 governors of Lifelong City, right?”

The gazes of everyone froze, the people from the Sword Spirit Sect fell silent. Initially, being able to be remembered by the Realmlord was a matter of great glory. However, just a few days ago, Xiao Yu’s defeat had already been circulated through Lifelong City.

Xiao Yu stiffened. If it was before, he would stand up arrogantly. But today, not only did he himself feel that he had no face left, he could even sense the strange attitudes of his fellow members from the Sword Spirit Sect.

“Your subordinate is here.” But since the Realmlord was speaking of him, Xiao Yu eventually still stood up with his head lowered.

“Xiao Yu why do you seemed so down?” The Realmlord smiled and asked.

“Reporting to the Realmlord, a few days ago, a mysterious expert appeared in our Lifelong City and consecutively defeated four governors, with Xiao Yu included within.” The sect leader of the Sword Spirit Sect replied. The eyes of the Realmlord flashed but there was still a smile on his face as he spoke, “Oh, which power is that mysterious challenger from? Is he here today?”

“We have no idea who he is and where he came from. He doesn’t seem to be here today.” The sect leader of the Sword Spirit Sect spoke.

“Interesting.” The Realmlord laughed. “Seems like there are many extraordinary emperors appearing during these years in my Lifelong City. Although I’m the Realmlord, the minor and major matters have always been handled by my respective palace lords and I’m not very clear about them. I might as well take the chance today to see the capable elites of my Lifelong Realm. The old rules shall stand. Today, those who come here can enter the emperor-level battle to spar against each other and fight for the top ten. I will heavily reward the winners.”

Many immortal emperors instantly felt their hearts stirring with excitement. This grand banquet only occurs once every hundred years. The Lifelong Realmlord would gather all the subordinates under his empyreans and the other major powers together. The main purpose was for him to bond with his subordinates while enjoying good food and wine at the same time, as well as choosing good seedlings.

As this was a strength-oriented world, one’s height in the martial path was naturally the thing held in highest expectations by everyone. This was especially so if one could perform well in front of the Realmlord. Leaving aside the huge rewards, this was a rare chance to make an impression on the Realmlord. A chance that comes only once per hundred years.

All of them understood that this wasn’t just the chance for a simple spar. For those true elites, they might have a chance to be used by the Realmlord. Currently, many people with high status in the Lifelong Saint Hall, including the various palace lords and governors, were all discovered through this once-per-hundred years opportunity.

The Lifelong Realm also wouldn’t intentionally make movements to spot for geniuses. This once-per-hundred-years grand banquet was already a good enough platform with the highest probability of true elites emerging. As long as one was a genius, there was no way they would miss this chance. Also, the participants were all at the immortal emperor level. Once they were selected, they would be given high positions by the Lifelong Realmlord, helping him to manage his territories or be in charge of other matters.

“For those who wish to participate, ascend to the platform now.” A figure walked out. This man was a protector of the Lifelong Realmlord and had extraordinary strength. Although his authority wasn’t as great as the world palace lords, he was often by the Realmlord’s side and his status wasn’t in anyway inferior to theirs.

Instantly, numerous figures soared into the air as they appeared on the platform. The vast majority were peak-stage immortal emperors.

Many of them were from the various major powers of the Lifelong Realm, as well as some experts from the territories managed by the nine world palaces. They came all the way here to fight for a chance, if they could enter the top ten, not only would they be rewarded by the Realmlord, they even had the opportunity to be selected for some official positions. Even if they didn’t manage to get into the top ten, as long as they were outstanding enough, they still had a chance to make an impression on the Realmlord and who knows, the Realmlord might truly give them some heavy responsibilities in the future.

“Is anyone from our Jialan Clan participating?” Jialan Jiangshan glanced at his clansmen and asked. “The various powers already sent their experts. You guys better not disappoint me.”

As the sound of his voice faded, five experts instantly stood up from the Jialan Clan as they flew towards the platform. All of them were peak-stage emperors.

Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes flashed as she stared at the experts from the various locations ascending the platform. She felt a stir in her heart, she also felt like participating.

“Qiuyue, your cultivation base is somewhat too low. You can attempt this in the future after you break through to the peak-stage of the emperor realm.” Jialan Yuntian spoke to his granddaughter. It wasn’t so easy to jump levels and win, this was especially so considering the experts participating today. Many of them were supreme characters among peak-stage emperors, including quite a few dazzling existences from Lifelong City.

Leaving aside Jialan Qiuyue, with regards to the five from Jialan Clan who flew up, it would be considered a miracle if one of them could make it to the top ten.

“Yes Grandpa.” Jialan Qiuyue had traces of disappointment in her eyes. She then glanced at Di Tian beside her and winked, “Seems like we can only be spectators this time around.”

“Oh?” A bright light flashed through Di Tian’s dark eyes. Jialan Qiuyue suddenly spoke, “Oh, you still have not told me your purpose in coming to Lifelong City. Is it to take a look at this once-per-hundred-years grand banquet?”

“Nope.” Di Tian shook his head.

“Then what is your purpose in coming here?” Jialan Qiuyue had a puzzled look on her face.

“I’m here to participate in the emperor-level battle.” Di Tian laughed. After that, he stood up, causing Jialan Qiuyue to start as a strange look appeared on her face. “Di Tian, you wish to participate?”

Jialan Yuntian also turned his gaze to Di Tian. His eyes gleamed with sharpness, Di Tian wanted to participate?

“Mhm, I want to participate in the battle.” Di Tian nodded.

“Grandmaster Di, you rose to fame due to your weaponsmithing abilities. But this is a contest of the martial path. In addition, there are many peak-stage emperors participating and their combat prowess is definitely exceptional. They stand at the peak of the immortal emperor realm and although I don’t doubt Grandmaster Di Tian’s combat strength, it’s a fact that your cultivation base is one stage lower than them. Do you want to reconsider?” Jialan Yuntian tactically advised. Although this was supposed to be a ‘sparring’ battle and the match would stop once the victor was decided, it was inevitable for there to be accidents, leading to injuries and death. Di Tian was just a mid-stage emperor, even if he could retreat safely, it would still be a blow to his self-esteem if he participated and lost.

“Di Tian, are you serious?” Jialan Qiuyue stared at Di Tian. This fellow might have extraordinary abilities in weaponsmithing but he was ultimately the same as her, a mid-stage immortal emperor. In this fight, divine weapons were prohibited. How would he contend against those peak-level geniuses?

“You don’t believe in me?” Di Tian laughed.

“It’s not that I don’t believe in you. Although your abilities in weaponsmithing are unrivalled, but…” Jialan Qiuyue didn’t know what to say.

“I’m going.” Di TIan didn’t say anything else. With a flash of his silhouette, he soared into the air and landed on the battle platform.

The appearance of Di Tian caused the people from the Lifire Palace sit up. The eyes of many people gleamed. The major powers of Lifire City naturally knew of Di Tian’s name. Experts from the Yan Clan, Liu Clan and Mo Clan were all here today.

Back then, Di Tian refused to accept the challenge issued by Liu Feibai but today, he actually stepped upon this supreme battle platform. Liu Feibai sat among the crowd from the Liu Clan as his expression flickered with uncertainty.

“Is he courting death?” The Purple Moon Immortal Emperor, who sat by the side of the Lifire Empyrean, coldly spoke. She felt extremely unhappy that Di Tian had chosen to throw in his lot with the Jialan Clan.

“Let’s take a look at his abilities then.” The Lifire Empyrean calmly spoke.



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