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AGM – Chapter 1615 – Red Dust Immortal Palace

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Chapter 1615: Red Dust Immortal Palace

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The two brothers Jialan Yuntian and Jialan Yunhai walked towards an old man as they respectfully greeted, “Father.”

“Mhm.” That old man was none other than Jialan Jiangshan. He was at the Empyrean Realm, a half-step World Overlord and had once fought against the Lifire Empyrean for the Lifire Palace Lord’s position. Although he failed, there was no need to doubt his strength. His influence was extremely great as well, this point could be seen from how he could manage to get the upper echelons in the Lifelong Saint Hall to transfer Ye Qianyu over from the Lifire Jail. Although he had failed to obtain the Lifire Palace Lord’s position, his ambitions were evidently not sated yet. If there was a chance to, he would definitely fight for it again.

“Grandfather, Great Grandfather!” Many people in the Jialan Clan all greeted. Jialan Jiangshan smiled and nodded to them. After that, his gaze turned to Di Tian as he asked, “You are?”

This group should be a gathering of the scions of his Jialan Clan. However, he didn’t recognize Di Tian, hence he asked the question.

“Father, Grandmaster Di Tian is a supreme weaponsmith. Right now, he recently established the Emperor Pavilion in Lifire City.” Jialan Yuntian replied for Di Tian.

“Junior Di Tian pays my respects to Senior Jialan.” Di Tian nodded slightly to Jialan Jiangshan, in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

“Father, Grandmaster Di is truly exceptional. Just that day, the emperor-ranked weapon he took out, wasn’t in any way inferior to the emperor-ranked weapon forged by the Xuanyuan Clan. This little lass Qiuyue also admires him a lot.” Jialan Yunhai laughed.

“Oh?” Jialan Jiangshang’s eyes flashed. He naturally knew about the dispute between his sons. However, they knew how to act within the norms, regardless of the ill-feelings they felt towards each other, their ultimate goals were to ensure that the Jialan Clan gains in strength. At this moment, his two sons actually praised the same young man. This meant that this mysterious masked Di Tian was surely truly capable.

“Little lass Qiuyue is all grown up now.” Jialan Jiangshan smiled at Jialan Qiuyue, causing Jialan Qiuyue to feel a little bashful at his words. She didn’t reply to that, although she was very close with her grandfather Jialan Yuntian, she wasn’t that familiar with her great grandfather Jialan Jiangshan. However, she knew of his imposingness.

“Grandmaster Di Tian.” At this moment, a voice drifted over. Di Tian glanced over to a certain platform, only to see the Lifire Palace Lord and his subordinates there. The person who called out to him, was none other than the governor of the central city regions of Lifire City, Xia Hou.

“Grandmaster Di, you are someone of our Lifire City. The Emperor Pavilion is also considered a power of Lifire City. But Grandmaster, why did you not group with us to come here together but chose there instead?” Xia Hou coldly spoke, his voice filled with a hint of sowing discord.

As expected, the Lifire Empyrean turned to gaze at Di Tian’s direction. A red light flashed within his eyes, even the Purple Moon Immortal Emperor beside him was also icily staring at Di Tian.

Those years ago when the Emperor Pavilion was rocked by scandalous rumors in the central city regions, it was her who personally headed there to stop Xia Hou, allowing the Emperor Pavilion to continue existing. To think that Di Tian actually became a Jialan Clan’s supporter now. She didn’t know if the palace lord would blame her for not doing things well.

“It’s a long story. Back then, because of governor Xia Hou’s ‘kind’ actions, my Emperor Pavilion almost closed down. In order to avoid any cases like that from happening again, I can only try to pick some other paths. I got acquainted with the Jialan Clan when I expanded to the northern city regions and now, I’m not here as a representative of the Emperor Pavilion. I’m here in the capacity of a friend of the Jialan Clan.” Di Tian calmly replied. These words undoubtedly checkmated Xia Hou’s accusation. His meaning was that he was now with the Jialan Clan because he was forced by Xia Hou. He wanted to see how the Lifire Empyrean would react.

The Lifire Empyrean really did glance at Xia Hou after he heard this. This caused Xia Hou’s expression to stiffen as the look in his eyes grew even colder when he stared at Di Tian.

“Di Tian of the Emperor Pavilion pays my respects to palace lord.” Di Tian nodded to the Lifire Empyrean. The Lifire Empyrean coldly looked at him but didn’t reply. Who doesn’t know about the relationship between him and the Jialan Clan. Does this mean that Di Tian has chosen his camp?

When he saw the Lifire Empyrean’s expression, Di Tian’s eyes gleamed. Seems like after he returned, the Emperor Pavilion can truly be completely shifted over to the northern city regions. If there were any variables, the Jialan Clan should be willing to bear it for him. It was impossible to play against two powers when one was sandwiched between. Right now, his true-self was in the open while he was in the dark. The best solution for him was to further worsen the conflict between the Jialan Clan and the Lifire Palace.

“Grandmaster Di, how have you been?” At this moment, another voice rang out in a different direction. Xuanyuan Hao from the Xuanyuan Palace’s location called out. Di Tian turned over and nodded.

“Senior Xuanyuan.” Di Tian could be polite and low-profile if he needed to be, he didn’t choose to be as overbearing as Qin Wentian. On the contrary, he maintained his humble attitude.

“Grandmaster Di is too polite. You can just call me by my name, Xuanyuan Hao. After that day, Grandmaster Di’s gloriousness still remains fresh in my memory. If there’s a chance for Grandmaster Di to agree to pay my Xuanyuan Clan a visit, that would truly be a joyful thing.” Xuanyuan Hao spoke.

“If I have some free time in the future, I, Di, will definitely head there to pay a visit.” Di Tian smiled. This Xuanyuan Hao truly gave him enough face. Choosing to speak out at this moment was undoubtedly a veiled warning to the Lifire Empyrean. Although the words spoken were simple, he did help him on the surface. These old fellows truly know how to act.

As expected, the Lifire Empyrean’s gaze changed slightly. Although both of them were part of the nine world palaces, the Lifire Empyrean’s position was extremely shaky. If he made a wrong move, he might lose it all. If not, the old thing of the Jialan Clan, Jialan Jiangshan, wouldn’t have fixed his sights so closely on the palace lord’s position. However, who could do anything to the Xuanyuan Clan? The position of the Xuanyuan Palace Lord was an inherited one, passing on from one generation to the next and their foundations were something incomparable. This Di Tian actually managed to gain the Xuanyuan Clan’s favor. From this, one could tell that Di Tian was truly capable.

The various powers of Lifelong City arrived one after the other. The experts here all gazed in the direction of the throne at the central platform. At this moment, a dazzling light suddenly flashed, seemingly cascading down from the sky. A moment later, a faint shadow appeared on the throne, gradually growing corporeal, as it eventually took on the form of a handsome-looking young man. This person looked to be only around twenty-plus years of age, with magnificence that could last through the generations. He sat there calmly, smiling at everyone.

Everyone started. After that, the young man on the throne laughed as his features changed, returning back to the Realmlord’s original features. He looked about fifty-plus years of age and had a celestial air to him, with an extraordinary bearing.

Everyone respectively stood up, including the nine world palace lords as they stared at the figure before the throne. Countless people bowed and greeted in unison, “We pay our respects to the Realmlord.”

The Realmlord slowly sat down, before he spoke, no one dared to raise their head.

“Be seated.” The Realmlord waved his hands and laughed. After that, everyone then inclined their heads, “Thank you, Realmlord.”

As the sound of his voice faded, everyone sat down, feeling somewhat speechless. This Realmlord had the appearance of a young man when he first appeared. One could only wonder what he was doing right before this grand banquet started. It seems like he had rushed here in a hurry. However, none of them dared to question him. What cultivation base did the Realmlord have? He naturally would spend the majority of his time outside, why would he be cooped inside the Lifelong Saint Hall?

As for the matters happening in the Lifelong Realm, his subordinates, the nine world palace lords, naturally would help him to manage things.

“A hundred years passed by in the blink of an eye. It has been tough on the palace lords, helping me to manage all the minor and major things in my territories.” The Lifelong Realmlord spoke. The Skyair Empyrean, as his personal disciple, took the initiative to reply, “This is something we ought to do, it might be tough, but we are happy to take the responsibility for it.”

“The Skyair Empyrean is right.” The other palace lords all respectively spoke.

“Although I’m the Lifelong Realmlord, the matters of the realm have always been handled and managed by you guys on behalf of this seat. No matter what, I have to show my gratitude. Men, bring out the wine.” The Lifelong Realmlord smiled. After that, many beautiful serving girls appeared behind him as they started to serve the banquet.

At this moment, music suddenly permeated the atmosphere. After that, a group of veiled maidens in white appeared. As the skies above them turned dark, flickering with starlight. They were flying in the airspace above the central towering platform.

“The dance of the fairies from the Red Dust Immortal Palace has always been breathtaking. Today, I can finally admire them again.” The Realmlord laughed. The Red Dust Immortal Palace was a first-tier peak power, formed of extremely beautiful women. Not only was their strength supreme, their sense for music and dance was beyond comparison. If one wanted to invite them for a dance, that person would have to pay an exorbitant price.

Although these maidens were veiled, the indistinct feeling of beauty in addition to their alluring figures and the way they moved their bodies, made everyone feel that they were beautiful to the extreme.

Even Di Tian involuntarily praised silently. What a beautiful dance, what beautiful music.

Everyone silently admired, their eyes flashing with emotion. The starlight was exceptionally resplendent but for some reason, Di Tian suddenly felt a faint hint of familiarity from their dance.

At this moment, a beam of moonlight suddenly cascaded down from the starry skies. Under the moonlight, an extremely alluring figure appeared. When the light of the moon fell on her, that figure was like a fairy from the nine heavens. Although she simply stood there silently, everyone was already awestruck.

At the moment she moved into motion, just that simple movement was enough to cause the hearts of all the spectators to tremble.

“Beautiful. The Red Dust Immortal Palace truly lives up to their reputation. Simply too beautiful.” Someone involuntarily praised.

However, Di Tian’s body stiffened as he stared wide-eyed at the figure dancing in the air.

No wonder he felt the dance earlier was so familiar. Right now, that beauty under the moonlight dancing now was none other the same person who danced this same dance back in the luxurious lake of Lifire City. Up until now, he had never been able to forget that beautiful scene under the moonlight.

Now, he finally saw it again.

The eyes of the people from the Jialan Clan flashed. Even Jialan Qiuyue was staring at the dancer. “Grandpa, is she really someone from the Red Dust Immortal Palace?”

“Mhm, if it wasn’t for the fact that someone recorded her dancing in Jialan City those years ago, I wouldn’t have known about this. But it was precisely because of this reason that we had a chance to move her out of the Lifire Jail, allowing her to make up for her mistakes with meritorious deeds. The Red Dust Immortal Palace was implicated and they also apologized for her actions.” Jialan Yuntian didn’t dare to speak out directly, he transmitted his voice to Jialan Qiuyue.

Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes flickered, when she saw Di Tian staring unblinkingly at the alluring figure in the air, her lips curled into a smile as she prodded him lightly, “Sinking into a daze the moment you see a beautiful girl?”

Di Tian’s eyes flashed, only to hear Jialan Qiuyue asking, “Do you know who she is?”

Di Tian shook his head. Jialan Qiuyue transmitted her voice, “Her name is Ye Qianyu. In the past, it was none other than her and Qin Wentian that caused that large commotion in Lifire City. After that, she was captured and imprisoned by the Lifire Empyrean, the Lifire Empyrean was using her to threaten Qin Wentian, causing him to come to the northern city regions as the governor. The Lifire Empyrean wanted to use Qin Wentian to deal with my Jialan Clan but to think that today, that arrogant Governor Qin actually isn’t here at all. I believe it’s because the Lifire Empyrean didn’t wish for him to come here.”



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