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AGM – Chapter 1610 – A Governor of Lifelong City

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Chapter 1610: A Governor of Lifelong City

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Lifelong City was extremely vast. As the center of authority in the Lifelong Realm, the place where the Lifelong Realmlord was residing, one could very well imagine how prosperous the place is. There was no suspense that this city was the largest one in the entire Lifelong Realm.

Every hundred years, the Lifelong Realmlord would gather the nine world palace lords to Lifelong City. This was also the time the nine world palace lords handed over the collected tributes. For the nine world palace lords, the territories under them had to pay tributes every ten years. As for the Realmlord, he collected the tributes once every hundred years.

Every hundred years, there would be a grand event organized. Not only for experts of the nine world palaces, some of the peak powers in the Lifelong Realm would gather here as well to enjoy the banquet.

As for the date of the grand banquet, it shall begin seven days later.

Because of the soon-to-come grand banquet, Lifelong City was extremely lively during these days. All the various powers in the surroundings came here to present gifts, wanting to use this chance to form connections. After all, only truly powerful clans and sects would have the right to participate. For minor powers and minor characters, they didn’t even have the ability to cross the vast distances to come here. They also didn’t have enough resources to borrow the use of a teleportation array.

The various governor manors of Lifelong City also got busy. This city was divided into four regions, each with nine prefectures, making it a total of thirty-six prefectures. The governor of each prefecture was the strongest out of all peak-stage immortal emperors. As long as they improved by another step more, they would have the ability to contend against the nine world palace lords for their positions.

The four overseers of the four regions were known as the grand governors. The nine prefecture governors per region had to report to them. Their cultivation bases are all extremely terrifying and were all at the empyrean-level. It was impossible for the Realmlord to be so free and manage everything. These four grand governors were the ones dividing the burden of command, providing help to the Lifelong Realmlord. After all, if the four grand governors weren’t strong enough, how could they intimidate and control their subordinates?

For powers that can be referred to as peak powers, this meant that they had an empyrean existing within their ranks. Such characters were above emperors and below world overlords, they can be considered half-step world overlords and were given the title of empyreans. There were also people referring to them as true saints.

From the Celestial Phenomenon Realm to Immortal-Foundation, one had transcended mortality. Regardless of king or emperor, both were immortals. But if one transcends the emperor realm, it would mean that that person will be a step above immortals, entering the path of true supremacy.

Qin Wentian walked on the prosperous streets of Lifelong City. He was dressed in a simple white-colored robe. He removed his mask and showed his true appearance.

At this moment, a terrifying aura gushed forth, causing the air to shake. Qin Wentian glanced over only to see a group of experts exuding an overwhelming tyrannical aura in the distance. They also exuded a sense of sharpness as their eyes gleamed with terrifying light. They were all in silver armor and were mounted on flying demonic beasts. Those who were near them all moved to the side, opening up a pathway for them.

“What an imposing army.” Qin Wentian silently mused. The weakest soldiers in that group were at the peak-stage of the immortal king realm. There were also several immortal emperors within. Such troops could be considered impressive in Lifelong City. If this army appeared in a smaller city like Lifire City, it would definitely shock everyone.

As this army neared Qin Wentian, Qin Wentian stepped to the side as he inclined his head to stare at them. He only saw a pair of eyes exuding icy sharpness looking back at him. This gaze was extremely terrifying, it was like a bolt of lightning that wanted to pierce into Qin Wentian’s eyes, as fearsome as an unsheathed sword.

Qin Wentian felt a surge of energy gushing towards him. He frowned and resisted it. The other party narrowed his eyes in surprise, but didn’t do anything as the army passed Qin Wentian by.

“Wow, these troops are truly arrogant.” Qin Wentian glanced at their back and mumbled.

“They are the troops of Governor Xiao, they naturally have the qualifications to be arrogant.” A person appeared by his side and laughed in a low voice. Qin Wentian glanced over, it was an old man at the initial-stage of the immortal emperor realm.

“Old sir, the Governor Xiao you are referring to, is he Governor Xiao Yu?” Qin Wentian smiled as he asked.

“Naturally. Governor Xiao is the youngest governor here in Lifelong City. He is a peak-level genius nurtured wholeheartedly by the peak power, the Sword Spirit Sect. His arrogance is famous in Lifelong City but he truly has the power to back it up. Even the Grand Governor regards him highly. This Xiao Yu doesn’t even need to give the Grand Governor Face. The Realmlord has also praised him in the past. That’s the reason why the troops led by him were all as arrogant as him.”

The old man laughed. It was like he also felt proud to have such a peak-level genius appearing in Lifelong City.

“But I heard that this governor Xiao Yu is not only arrogant, but he is also extremely lustful with many beauties around him. In the past, didn’t he force a clan to marry their young miss as a concubine to him?” Qin Wentian laughed. Evidently, he did some research on the powers in Lifelong City, as well as the governors after he came here.

Out of the 36 governors, the news about Xiao Yu gave him the deepest impression. This was a genius from the Sword Spirit Sect. The Sword Spirit Sect nurtured him fully, pushing him to a governor’s position but it was clear the ambitions of the Sword Spirit Sect didn’t stop here. They wanted the position of one of the nine world palace lords and this wasn’t impossible for them. Throughout history, many major powers of Lifelong City had contended for one of the nine esteemed positions and many of them had succeeded before.

“Governor Xiao is a very young genius, even the Realmlord took notice of him. It’s only natural that he would have beauties surrounding him. The various powers were all willing to send their daughters to him, even if their daughters would only have the status of a concubine. Most probably, Governor Xiao wouldn’t place ordinary beauties in his eyes. As for that matter in the past, Governor Xiao took the initiative to pursue her and although there were some conflicts in the middle, the other party eventually agreed. There was nothing inappropriate about his actions.” The old man laughed.

“Seems like old sir admires Governor Xiao a lot.” Qin Wentian didn’t say anything else, he merely smiled.

“Naturally, before he obtained the position, Governor Xiao had challenged all 36 governors and he only lost three rounds. At that time, Governor Xiao had just broken through to the peak-stage of the emperor realm and already could have such a radiant battle achievements. His deeds shook the entire city for a period of time and even caused the Lifelong Saint Hall to notice him. You must know that all 36 governors of Lifelong City are all extremely powerful peak-stage immortal emperors.” The old man sincerely praised. “It’s unknown when an existence like Governor Xiao Yu would appear again. In any case, right now, out of the nine prefectural governors in the northern city regions, Governor Xiao is undoubtedly the number one.”

“Mhm.” Qin Wentian nodded, “Extraordinary indeed.”

As he spoke, Qin Wentian turned to leave. The old man glanced at his back and laughed, “Young man, don’t feel reluctant to accept facts. You might feel that you are an extraordinary individual but given how vast Lifelong City is, how many people can be equal to Governor Xiao?”

“I have remembered old sir’s words.” Qin Wentian laughed as he walked away.

After several days, a commotion rocked the nine great prefectures of the northern city regions in Lifelong City. There were three governors that were issued challenges by a single man. Not only that, all three governors lost.

The challenge was someone dressed in white. He was handsome and confident, what was even more terrifying was the fact that he was only at the mid-stage of the immortal emperor realm.

When he challenged the first governor, that governor was filled with disdain and got a vice governor to accept the battle, preparing to drive him away. However, that vice governor was instantly dominated and helpless to do anything. He got insta-killed within a second. After that, the governor had no choice but to step out, The challenger easily suppressed him all the way until his defeat.

When this news circulated out, quite a huge commotion was created. The mysterious challenger than continuously challenged two other powerful governors. There was no suspense, he dominated both of them.

For a period of time, everyone in the northern city regions was stunned.

There were numerous immortal emperors in Lifelong City, although peak-stage immortal emperors were powerful, they weren’t considered rare. And those characters who could obtain the governor’s position were all monsters at the peak-stage of the immortal emperor realm. Yet three of them actually lost to a single challenger and that challenger was merely a mid-stage emperor? Also, this news rang out before the grand banquet of Lifelong City started. How could it not cause a huge deal of commotion?

Many people were guessing that this mysterious character that suddenly appeared was most likely doing this to gain fame.

His intention was very simple. He wanted to gain the attention of the Realmlord and the Lifelong Saint Hall. If he could do so, he would instantly soar up into the clouds.

Just when everyone was digesting this news, a challenge letter was sent the number one governor’s manor of the northern regions – the governor’s manor of Governor Xiao Yu.

When this news spread, an earthquake-level commotion shook the northern city regions.

Only know did the people understand that this mysterious challenger’s target was never the three governors he defeated. He was here for Xiao Yu.

The peak-level genius of the Sword Spirit Sect Xiao Yu, back then in the past, he was like this mysterious challenger and obtained his position by challenging powerful individuals, gaining the attention of the Lifelong Saint Hall before he managed to climb up.

Now, there was someone who defeated three governors consecutively and had even challenged Xiao Yu. The purpose of the mysterious challenger was as clear as day.

Today, outside the governor’s manor of Xiao Yu, many people gathered here. They all wanted to spectate when the mysterious challenger fought with Xiao Yu.

The doors of the governor’s manor were wide open. Many people could see Xiao Yu sitting within, surrounded by a bevvy of beauties that exuded a seductive aura yet there was a hint of nobility within. They were all extraordinary females that were Xiao Yu’s concubines. They might be alluring but they still had elegance in their manner. Many people silently mused at how this governor truly knew how to enjoy life.

Up till now, Xiao Yu had not taken an official wife yet. He only accepted concubines. In his perspective, he was still far from his peak. In the future, his wife truly had to be a transcendent beauty.

“This Xiao Yu is truly confident.” The people outside all mumbled when they saw how he was enjoying himself.

“Mhm, Xiao Yu might be confident, but that’s only because he has the strength to back it up. Although the challenger is mysterious, it would be extremely tough if he wants to defeat Xiao Yu.” Everyone was exchanging their views as they discussed wildly.

And at this moment, a white-robed figure could be seen flying through the air from afar. This person had his hands behind his back and exuded a carefree aura. He was extremely handsome and exuded an extraordinary air. His bearing wasn’t in anyway inferior to Xiao Yu at all!



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