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AGM – Chapter 1607 – Lifelong City

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Chapter 1607: Lifelong City

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A strange light flashed in Qin Wentian’s eyes. The Lifire Empyrean might prevent him from going?

He knew that it was possible that Beauty Xiao’s words were real. If Ye Qianyu was moved away, the Lifire Empyrean would surely be suspicious of him and wouldn’t give him any opportunities to shine and display his prowess especially so in front of the Lifelong Realmlord.

Standing up, Qin Wentian cast a glance at the excellent creature lying before him. “I’ll return first. Inform me if you learn anything, okay?”

As he spoke, he got dressed and walked away. Beauty Xiao slowly sat up, staring at his back. Her beautiful figure trembled slightly as she stared at Qin Wentian with hidden resentment. This bastard was truly bastardly enough. Was he leaving just like this?

However, she soon giggled after a few moments, exuding boundless charm. Slowly standing up, her devil-like figure was sufficient to cause countless females to hold her in envy. She wrapped her hands around herself, as a soul-stirring smile appeared on her face. Sadly, no one was able to see her current alluring appearance.

After Qin Wentian left, he didn’t really think much about what happened between him and Beauty Xiao. That was purely an unexpected albeit pleasant distraction. He had no feelings towards her and that tryst was initiated by Beauty Xiao in any case. He didn’t feel that he had lost out in any way.

After several months passed, an order came from the Lifire Palace. The palace lord wanted to bring the nine monarchs and governors to head to Lifelong City. However, because the northern city regions were still in a state of unrest, Qin Wentian was supposed to stay here and stand guard. The Lifire Empyrean would bring him to pay a visit to the Lifelong Realmlord a hundred years later.

As to why the palace lord would inform him about this was because by rights, the palace lord should have brought Qin Wentian along. There was no way to hide this, so the Lifire Empyrean chose to tell Qin Wentian directly.

After this command circulated out, Beauty Xiao sent over a piece of information – Ye Qianyu was shifted away from the Lifire Jail to the Lifelong Realm. As for the exact situation, Beauty Xiao wasn’t too clear as well.

After learning about all this, Qin Wentian felt even more that time was tight.


Today, Di Tian came to the Jialan Clan to pay a visit.

Jialan Cheng from the Jialan Clan personally received Di Tian. Jialan Qiuyue was present as well.

“Grandmaster Di why are you free to pay a visit to our Jialan Clan?” Jialan Cheng smiled as he asked. His voice was extremely friendly to hear.

“I heard that the grand event of the Lifelong Realm that occurs once every hundred years is about to begin. The Lifire Empyrean would invite the monarchs and governors under him and head to Lifelong City. Similarly, many major powers of the Lifelong Realm would also head there to participate in the event. I wonder if the Jialan Clan would go there?” Di Tian asked.

“Oh?” Jialan Cheng’s eyes flashed with sharpness. “Grandmaster Di is right. Is Grandmaster Di interested in this?”

“Mhm, Lifire City is just too small. I wish to go out and explore and see if there’s a chance to expand my Emperor Pavilion to Lifelong City.” Di Tian slowly spoke. Jialan Cheng stared at Di Tian. “I didn’t expect Grandmaster Di would have such ambitions. Since this is the case, why don’t you go there together with us? My Jialan Clan has a teleportation array that leads straight to Lifelong City. In the entire Lifire City, only the Lifire Palace and the Jialan Clan has this.”

“Since this is the case, I, Di, would really have to thank you.” Di Tian nodded.

“Grandmaster Di, don’t forget your promise to me oh.” Jialan Qiuyue gently spoke with a smile. The dignified and elegant Jialan Qiuyue had a completely different feeling when she smiled.

“Miss Qiuyue, feel free to come and find me anytime you want to forge a weapon.” Di Tian laughed.

“Okay!” Jialan Qiuyue’s smile grew sweeter. Di Tian said his farewells and after he left, Jialan Cheng spoke to Jialan Qiuyue, “Qiuyue, how do you feel about Di Tian’s personality?”

“He’s extremely mysterious and exceptionally intelligent. He seemed casual and harmless but is in fact, a truly dangerous character. There’s naturally no need to mention anything about his smithing capabilities, but I’m truly very curious about Grandmaster Di Tian’s true combat prowess. He had only once displayed his strength at the Yan Clan and that time, it was still a sparring match between formations grandmasters. Back then, he could already suppress an expert at a higher level compared to himself. It’s very hard to measure his true strength level.”

Jialan Qiuyue slowly spoke. With regards to Di Tian’s combat prowess, many people would neglect it due to their habits. His weaponsmithing capabilities were too dazzling that ordinary people didn’t realize this. Although he had once rejected Liu Feibai’s challenge, causing that incident to become gossip, would his combat prowess really be weak?

“Being able to rise up using such a short time, how could he truly be a harmless individual? When he first appeared, he used the identity of a formations grandmaster and helped all the major and minor powers to create formations, accepting all requests. When the time was ripe, he stepped into the Yan Clan and shot to fame with a single battle, causing the prestige of the Yan Clan to be swept to the ground. After that, even when Xia Hou wanted to deal with his Emperor Pavilion, Di Tian managed to resolve that. After the Ancient River Auction House was sealed, he instantly moved into the northern city regions with extreme speed, his timing and sense of opportunity was so great that even I’m astonished.” Jialan Cheng stated. “Qiuyue, this man and Qin Wentian are both characters that are truly extraordinary. If they can mature and grow, they would surely be able to summon the wind and rain in the Lifelong Realm in the future.”

“Father, you gave both of them such high evaluations?” Jialan Qiuyue was somewhat taken aback. She then asked, “Don’t you feel Qin Wentian is too brazen and arrogant?”

“He instantly killed three vice governors the moment he assumed his position. And during the battle at the Ancient River Auction House, he also killed a group of emperors, including several peak-stage ones, shocking the entire northern city regions. Leaving aside that he truly has the capabilities to be arrogant due to his strength, just by the fact that he could stay low-profile for fifty years, enduring all these before exploding with a bang, is already something not many people can accomplish. He did everything to show the Lifire Empyrean that he can be useful. Although you, Qiuyue, are considered someone with extraordinary talent, your father me has no choice but to say that both of them are far more outstanding than you.”

Jialan Cheng laughed, “It’s still unknown whether Qin Wentian is a friend or foe. As for Di Tian, don’t assume that he has already truly sided with us. These two characters are people truly worthy for us to recruit. Qiuyue, if you like either of them, maybe your grandpa would be agreeable.”

“Father, what nonsense are you talking about.” Jialan Qiuyue glared at her father. Jialan Cheng laughed, “Alright, I won’t speak anymore regarding this topic. You naturally can choose your own dao companion. In all honesty, your father feels that among the younger generation in Lifire City, there won’t be anyone else more outstanding than the two of them.

Jialan Qiuyue’s beautiful eyes flashed. Many people flashed through her mind, and after a few moments, she mumbled, ” Lifire City might not have any, but what about Lifelong City?”

A gleam of sharpness flashed through Jialan Cheng’s eyes when he heard his daughter’s words. Lifelong City? Indeed, that was a place where true geniuses gathered. All the truly supreme powers were located in Lifelong City, many of them were existences equal to their Jialan Clan.

The Jialan Clan can be considered a peak power of the Lifelong Realm and had even fought against the Lifire Empyrean for one of the nine world palace lord positions before. Their strength naturally wasn’t limited only to Lifire City. If not, how could they contend against the Lifire Empyrean?

Although the Jialan Clan appeared to have their roots in Lifire City, there was also another Jialan Clan in Lifelong City. The Jialan Clan there had developed for countless years and was already extremely powerful.

Inside Lifelong City, the teleportation array of the Jialan Clan lit up resplendently as a group of figures appeared. This group of people was none other than Jialan Yuntian and the other juniors from Lifire City.

“Clan leader.”

Many people were respectfully waiting here. When they saw Jialan Yuntian appearing, all of them bowed and greeted.

“Big brother.” An imposing looking middle-aged man walked over and called out to Jialan Yuntian. This man was the second brother of Jialan Yuntian’s generation. He is named Jialan Yunhai and was extremely powerful. Right now, the Jialan Clan in the Lifelong Realm was managed by him and his branch.

“Uncle!” Many immortal emperors beside Jialan Yunhai respectfully greeted Jialan Yuntian.

“Qiuyue is growing more and more beautiful.” Jialan Yunhai smiled as he glanced at Jialan Qiuyue.

“Qiuyue pays my respects to second grandpa.” Jialan Qiuyue bowed.

“Mhm, you are already at the mid-stage of the immortal emperor realm. Your grandpa often praises you, and now that I’ve seen you again after such a long time, you are truly getting more beautiful and you did not neglect your cultivation. It’s about time to find someone with a good background and arrange a marriage.” Jialan Yunhai laughed. Jialan Yuntian frowned slightly, the people beside him also revealed strange expressions after they heard that.

“Let’s go, the banquet is already prepared. Big brother, it has been a long time since we drank wine together.” Jialan Yunhai laughed. “This time around, I prepared many varieties of good wine for big brother as a welcoming reception. I even invited some valuable guests as well.”

“Mhm.” Jialan Yuntian nodded. “Is our father still well?”

“That old man is busy with his cultivation. The divine dragon always only reveals its head but not its tail, even I would find it hard to contact him. Big brother, you should know how important taking the next step is for him.” Jialan Yunhai spoke. Their father was none other than the person who fought against the Lifire Empyrean for the position of the Lifire World Palace’s palace lord.

“Mhm.” Jialan Yuntian didn’t say anything. Behind Jialan Yunhai, a young man glanced at the person standing beside Jialan Qiuyue and asked, “Little sister Qiuyue, this man seems unfamiliar, he shouldn’t be someone of our Jialan Clan, right?”

“He is Grandmaster Di Tian, a guest of our Jialan Clan. Since we have the same endpoint in mind, he decided to tag along with us and come here together.” Jialan Qiuyue replied.

“Grandmaster?” The young man laughed. “The title of Grandmaster isn’t so easily proclaimed. I wonder what sort of Grandmaster this Grandmaster Di Tian is?”

“He is a grandmaster in formations and weaponsmithing.” Jialan Qiuyue calmly replied, her tone filled with slight unhappiness. After all, she already said Di Tian was her guest but the words spoken by this young man seemed to be filled with contempt.

“Oh? In Lifire City, are those who know a little about formations and weaponsmithing already considered Grandmasters?” That young man laughed. “In our Lifelong City, only those truly extraordinary individuals can have the title Grandmaster.”

“What do you mean by this?” Jialan Qiuyue frowned as she asked coldly.

“Sister Qiuyue, don’t be angry. I’m only casually speaking and didn’t mean anything by that. In any case, among the guests invited by Grandpa today, there are some weaponsmithing grandmasters. At that time, I’m sure they can seek out this ‘Grandmaster’ Di Tian for some guidance.” That young man laughed.

Qin Wentian who was standing beside Jialan Qiuyue had a thoughtful look in his eyes. His eyes gleamed sharply, it seemed that the internal factions of the Jialan Clan weren’t as united as he thought they would be.

Naturally, his target now was not the Jialan Clan but was the Lifelong City instead.

The him now who was masked, was in fact his true-self – Qin Wentian! As for his avatar Di Tian, he had already swapped positions with his true-self and removed his mask. Qin Wentian now had Di Tian’s mask and was wearing his style of clothing. There were also many sealing-attribute treasures that sealed the fluctuations of his aura. As long as he himself doesn’t remove the seal and release his aura fluctuations, no one would be able to discover this!



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