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AGM – Chapter 1603 – Jialan Qiuyue

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Chapter 1603: Jialan Qiuyue

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Di Tian was led towards a splendid-looking public square. The banquet tables were already set up and the experts here were as common as clouds. Today, there were actually several hundred guests who came today.

Also, every one of the guests had extraordinary auras. Other than those serving girls, more than half of the guests were at the immortal emperor realm. This was simply terrifying.

Di Tian and many others arrived and there immediately was more servants stepping out to welcome them.

“Grandmaster Di Tian!” At this moment, a young man called out as he walked over. Although this young man had never met Di Tian before, Di Tian’s mask was simply too conspicuous. Those who heard of him would recognize who he was with just a single glance.

“My name is Jialan Jun, I’ve long heard about Grandmaster Di’s name. Today, being able to meet you is truly an honor for me.” Jialan Jun’s tone of voice was sincere and polite. As a young immortal emperor of the Jialan Clan, Di Tian actually couldn’t sense any hints of arrogance from him, there was only a sense of humbleness.

This made Di Tian muse silently. The Jialan Clan could last for so many years and was comparable to the Lifire Empyrean, there truly must be many reasons behind this. The upbringing of their scions made Di Tian feel that they are truly extremely outstanding.

“Brother Jialan is too polite.” Di Tian nodded his head lightly.

“Grandmaster Di, please follow me.” Jialan Jun bowed slightly and acted like a junior leading the way, he didn’t express any unhappiness at all with regards to Di Tian’s initial rejection of their Jialan Clan’s friendship. He then led Di Tian to a table very near the host table as he smiled, “Grandmaster, please be seated.”

Many people turned their gazes to Di Tian, their eyes gleamed with sharpness as they watched on. Seems like the Jialan Clan heavily regarded this Grandmaster Di.

But this should be expected. Even ignoring Di Tian’s strength and just rating him based on his capabilities in formations and weapon forging, as well as the Emperor Pavilion he set up, it was already sufficient to gain the respect of everyone here. It was only natural that such an outstanding weaponsmith was respected. Many would clearly want to gain Grandmaster Di Tian’s friendship.

Hence, many experts from the various major powers all toasted Di Tian, walking over to his table to greet him and introduce themselves.

“Grandmaster Di.” In front of Di Tian, someone called out. Di Tian glanced over and saw two figures smiling at him. One was a middle-aged man and the other was a young man with spirited eyes. The middle-aged man was a peak-stage emperor while the young man was at the initial-stage.

“I’m Zhou Zou, this is my son Zhou Yan.” The middle-aged man laughed.

“Uncle Zhou is the clan leader of the Aristocrat Zhou Clan in the northern city regions. The previous generations of the Zhou Clan had marriage relations with our Jialan Clan.” Jialan Jun who was by the side smiled. Di Tian nodded, his true-self Qin Wentian already knew that the influence of the Jialan Clan in the north couldn’t simply be because they possessed enough strength. There were many marriage alliances among the great aristocrat clans, further reinforcing their statuses. The Jialan Clan has been in the northern city regions for too many years and generations after generations, many females of the Jialan Clan were married into the various powers of the northern city regions. Since they were allied by marriage, the Jialan Clan would naturally also put in their best efforts to nurture those they were allied with, allowing everyone to grow stronger and stronger.

It has already been so for multiple generations. One could very well imagine how wide the scope of the Jialan Clan’s influence reached.

“I greet senior Zhou.” Di Tian smiled and nodded. In the Jialan Clan, he naturally understood that he should maintain a humble attitude. Right now, he was after all, someone who has accepted the Jialan Clan’s gift. At the very least, on the surface, he was someone that was already on the Jialan Clan’s ship.

“Grandmaster is too polite. Given your status, you can just call me directly by my name.” Zhou Zou laughed.

“Brother Zhou.” Since that was the case, Di Tian also wasn’t too overly polite as he laughed.

“In that case, wouldn’t I automatically become a junior?” Zhou Yan who was at the side, spoke in a depressed manner. “That can’t do, I will still refer to you as Grandmaster Di.”

“Haha, Brother Zhou Yan, just feel free to call me whatever you want.” Di Tian smiled.

“Grandmaster Di Tian, there’s naturally no need for me to give praise with regards to your forging abilities, everyone in Lifire City knows how awesome you are. However, what is your current cultivation base? I actually can’t tell.” Zhou Yan curiously asked.

“I’m not as passionate with regards to the martial path when compared to weaponsmithing. I think I’d rather not talk about that.” Di Tian laughed. He had used a sealing technique to seal the fluctuations of his current cultivation base.

“Actually, I feel somewhat puzzled. Since Grandmaster Di Tian has such extraordinary achievements in weaponsmithing, I believe that your talent in the martial path must definitely be very strong as well. Although Grandmaster’s status isn’t something Liu Feibei could compare to, why didn’t you teach him a lesson when he challenged you in the past?” Zhou Yan smiled as he asked, causing many people to turn their gazes over.

If one was to say that there was a black mark on Grandmaster Di Tian’s reputation, this should be the one. Although he didn’t have any reason to accept the battle, it was a fact that he had evaded it, ignoring Liu Feibai’s challenge.

“Maybe, things are just as rumored. Although my capabilities in weaponsmithing are not too bad, my combat prowess is simply too weak and has no way to win against Liu Feibai. That is the reason why I evaded the battle.” Di Tian clearly didn’t mind as he casually laughed.

“Oh?” Zhou Yan’s eyes gleamed sharply. “Why don’t I believe it?”

“Zhou Yan, you are not allowed to be rude,” Zhou Zou berated. Zhou Yan then looked at Di Tian with an apologetic look on his face. He then smiled and did not continue speaking.

Di Tian casually glanced at the surroundings. When he saw a figure, his gaze abruptly froze as his eyes narrowed, flickering with a cold light.

The Jialan Monarch seemed to have sensed something. He turned his head back and looked over, only to see Di Tian’s revealed eyes calmly looking at him. Upon seeing the Jialan Monarch turning his head, Di Tian nodded to him lightly.

The Jialan Monarch also smiled and nodded back before shifting his eyes away. However, he felt some bewilderment in his heart. His senses have always been extremely sharp. Earlier, he felt a cold intent targeted at him but that cold intent vanished in an instant. Could it be that his instincts were wrong?

Or had he offended this man before in the past?

Although he was stationed outside of Lifire City, the Jialan Monarch has heard of Di Tian’s name before. He could be very sure that he has never offended someone who was proficient in sealing abilities and was even a weaponsmith grandmaster. He had even never interacted with any character like this before.

Di Tian casually glanced over a few more times. If he could do so, he wanted nothing more than to tear the Jialan Monarch apart. Since he met him here now, he would naturally take the chance to observe the Jialan Monarch more.

As one of the nine monarchs under the Lifire Empyrean, the Jialan Monarch naturally had great authority. However, his status in the Jialan Clan didn’t seem to be too high. At the very least, there were some in the Jialan Clan who don’t seem to respect him.

“That’s my uncle. He is one of the nine monarchs that takes orders from the Lifire Empyrean.” Jialan Jun spoke in a low voice when he saw Di Tian looking at the Jialan Monarch.

“As someone of the Jialan Clan, why would he submit to the Lifire Empyrean and work under him?” Di Tian curiously asked.

“Naturally, someone in the upper echelons pulled some strings.” Jialan Jun laughed. Di Tian started, the upper echelons? Did it mean that someone with a status higher than the Lifire Empyrean?

“I’m sure the Lifire Empyrean would have some misgivings about this.” Di Tian laughed.

“That’s only natural. My Jialan Clan has always been powerful. Even in Lifire City, the entire northern regions are under our control. As for the nine monarchs…” Jialan Jun had a meaningful smile on his face and didn’t continue on the topic. After a few moments, he laughed, “Grandmaster should know this, my Jialan Clan had once tried to contend against the Lifire Empyrean for the position of the palace lord. We naturally wish to seize this position.”

Di Tian nodded lightly. Although this Jialan Jun had a humble attitude, there was still a feeling of arrogance and pride from him when he spoke about the Jialan Clan.

“As for my uncle, we paid quite a huge price to elevate him to his current position. It’s good enough as long as he can sit in that position stably and give no excuses for the Lifire Empyrean to act against him. However, tens of years ago, he made a mistake and almost lost his position. Hence, many in my clan look down on him, feeling that he wasted the clan’s efforts in pulling him up.”

Jialan Jun transmitted his voice and didn’t say the words publicly. He naturally had to care about the Jialan Monarch’s reputation. Seeing that Jialan Jun could say these words to him, Di Tian was silently impressed. If he was just an ordinary grandmaster weaponsmith and wasn’t Qin Wentian’s avatar, he might really have felt goodwill towards the Jialan Clan.

“My elder sister has just come out.” At this moment, Jialan Jun suddenly spoke. Di Tian turned his gaze over only to see a group of people walking over. His eyes instantly landed on a person. This was a female that was robed in white, she possessed a transcendent aura and exuded nobility and elegance. Bright light shone in her eyes, she had exquisite facial features and ruby red lips. Her skin was like jade, she truly resembled a fairy from the heavens.

“Is she beautiful? My sister is known as the number one beauty in the northern city regions. Even in the entire Lifire City, almost no one can stand side by side with her.” Jialan Jun laughed when he noticed Di Tian focusing his attention on his sister.

“Truly beautiful indeed.” Di Tian nodded, he didn’t hide anything. This female was truly beautiful, no one could deny that.

“Fairy Qiuyue is truly more and more beautiful, like a celestial maiden from the nine heavens.” Someone involuntarily praised.

“Jialan Jun, does your sister still need you to promote her beauty?” Zhou Zou also laughed.

“Mhm, in the entire Lifire City, Fairy Qiuyue has peak-level talent in terms of her cultivation and is also an exceptional beauty. This is something known to everyone.” Another person nodded with a smile.

“Jialan Qiuyue, Jialan Mingyue.” Di Tian mused silently, Jialan Mingyue should have been considered as this Jialan Qiuyue’s younger sister. Although they weren’t blood siblings, they must have been closely related.

“Today is Qiuyue’s birthday celebration. Everyone, we are filled with gratitude that you can take out time from your busy schedules to attend.” Beside Jialan Qiuyue, a middle-aged man laughed as he spoke to the crowd. He was Jialan Qiuyue and Jialan Jun’s father, Jialan Cheng. He was also the eldest son of the current generation clan leader of the Jialan Clan. Behind him, there was also an elderly-looking figure of the Jialan Clan. This elderly-looking figure was none other than the Jialan Clan Leader, Jialan Yuntian.

“Qiuyue is the grand-daughter I like the most. Since everyone came, it means that you all are giving me face. I won’t speak further, let the banquet be started, there’s no need to feel restrained.” Jialan Yuntian laughed. He then moved to the host table and allowed Jialan Qiuyue to sit beside him. He had many descendants, even more in Jialan Qiuyue’s generation. However, Jialan Yuntian didn’t mask his liking at all, announcing to everyone that his favourite granddaughter was none other than Jialan Qiuyue. From this, one could see how much he dotes on her!



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