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AGM – Chapter 1602 – Jialan Clan’s Invitation

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Chapter 1602: Jialan Clan’s Invitation

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Di Tian’s eyes gleamed with sharpness. He stared at that person and smiled, “Preparations? What do you mean?”

“Grandmaster Di Tian has been in Lifire City for many years and you should know a bit about the situation here in the northern city regions, right?” That person asked.

“Mhm, I heard that the Jialan Clan has great influence in this city region. The Lifire Empyrean arranged for Qin Wentian to come here because Governor Qin had a very deep conflict with the Jialan Monarch.” Di Tian nodded and spoke bluntly, he didn’t pretend to be ignorant.

“That’s right. The Jialan Clan’s authority in the northern city regions is extremely immense and can be said to be the backbone of all the major powers, they can basically replace the governor’s manor and there would be no difference. However, Governor Qin’s recent actions caused me to feel fear in my heart. I have no idea what consequences would there be for his actions, hence, we need to make preparations. If Governor Qin treats us well, everything would be fine. But if Governor Qin wants to screw us, there’s no way we will sit around and wait for our death.”

Di Tian felt somewhat shocked. There were many major powers present here, including many from the central city regions yet they didn’t hide their intent with words at all in this situation. From this, one could see how terrifying the influence the Jialan Clan had in the northern city regions. The scope of their influence and authority was far vaster than his imaginations. In that case, those here who came from the northern city regions should all be in support of the Jialan Clan.

Naturally, although this man spoke bluntly, there was nothing too over the top in his words. They only said that they wanted to prevent Qin Wentian from acting against them. Even if this was spread out, it was impossible for Qin Wentian to do anything to him. There was no justification.

One can only say that these people basically didn’t fear Qin Wentian knowing their stance. Or in other words, their stance was already extremely obvious, fully in support of the Jialan Clan.

“The implications of this matter is too big. I came from the central city regions and I’m sure everyone knows that I’m here to expand my Emperor Pavilion. I’m unwilling to be embroiled in this storm. After all, I also know that this doesn’t simply involve the governor’s manor, it even has implications that reaches above that. If Governor Qin was to collect tribute, I’ll naturally pay up. I don’t think the governor’s manor would do anything to me.” Di Tian calmly replied.

Everyone laughed, they weren’t angered by Di Tian’s words. That was a natural response. Who would dare to easily declare their stance when caught between the palace lord and the Jialan Clan? After all, Di Tian came from the central city regions and his main base wasn’t here, he wasn’t under the control of this region specifically and it was naturally best that he didn’t want to be embroiled within the storm. This was the best choice.

“We all understand Grandmaster Di Tian’s intentions. This is a little token of my appreciation, I hope Grandmaster Di Tian will accept it.” A figure stood up and took out an interspatial ring, passing it to Di Tian’s serving girl, Little Zhu, who took it and then passed to Di Tian.

“Sir, you are?” Di Tian asked.

“Jialan Chen.” That person smiled and nodded. Di Tian instantly understood, he received the interspatial ring and sent his immortal sense within as he spoke, “These gifts are too valuable, I, Di, truly dare not accept them. Brother Jialan, I hope you won’t blame me for my refusal.”

After that, he passed the interspatial ring to Little Zhu as she returned it to Jialan Chen. Jialan Chen casually smiled and kept the interspatial ring, “Since this is the case, I won’t bother Grandmaster Di Tian then.”

“We all shall bid our farewell too then.” Everyone stood up respectively and departed. Very quickly, the lively banquet turned to a quiet one, only those major powers from the central city regions remained. Those from the northern city regions actually all left.

Staring at the empty tables, Di Tian’s eyes gleamed sharply. This influence was truly terrifying.

“Di Tian, you most probably have offended the Jialan Clan with your earlier words.” The Mo Clan Leader, Mo Ting, spoke out.

Di Tian nodded, “Is the influence of the Jialan Clan in the north so terrifying?”

“They have very deep roots. After all, they have been here for many years. Their shadow is behind many major powers in the northern city regions.” Mo Ting nodded. “This Qin Wentian is truly audacious, actually daring to use such a method to stir things up. I think that the Jialan Clan would surely retaliate against him. As for you, although you rejected them, there is no hatred between you. The Jialan Clan might make a move against you, but they wouldn’t be too ruthless. It’s best to be more careful.”

“I understand.” Qin Wentian nodded.

For the next several days, the Emperor Pavilion in the northern city regions was still extremely busy. However, Mo Fei discovered a small problem. Many transaction pavilions in the Emperor Pavilion’s surroundings all closed up one after the other, as though they were all in tacit agreement. As time flowed, more and more transaction pavilions in the surroundings closed shop.

One must know that in order to boost the popularity of a place, the businesses there must all cooperate together. Now that all the large transaction pavilions closed one after another with only the Emperor Pavilion remaining, it was no wonder that its popularity would dip.

What made Mo Fei feel even more shock was that those people who were willing to send their treasures here for the Emperor Pavilion to auction, had also lessened in number, they already reached a point where they couldn’t support the normal operations of the Emperor Pavilion. If this continued on, unless Di Tian took out his own treasures every day for auction, the Emperor Pavilion would close down sooner or later.

Di Tian stood in the air outside the Emperor Pavilion, staring at the surroundings that grew more and more desolate with time. More and more transaction pavilions were closing down, even if they knew the damage their actions would cause to the Emperor Pavilion, they all seemed to have come to a mutual agreement. This caused Di Tian to feel a chill in his heart. There were those who saw Di Tian standing in the air, and the eyes of these people couldn’t help but to flash with hints of sympathy.

Borrowing the commotion of the Ancient River Auction House being handed over, the Emperor Pavilion’s opening was extremely grand. However, in a short one month, the popularity dipped to the freezing point. They naturally knew the reason behind this. Everyone in the northern city regions knew.

The governor manor’s opponent had made their move.

Since the governor’s manor wanted to hand the Ancient River Auction House for Di Tian to manage, they would make sure the popularity in this entire area died off then.

“What should we do?” Mo Junyi had appeared beside Di Tian some time earlier. In the central city regions, the Emperor Pavilion can be considered stabilized and was extremely popular. They initially came to the north because they thought they would be able to develop very quickly. Who would have thought that the Jialan Clan would make such a move.

“Let’s wait, there naturally would be people looking for us.” Di Tian calmly spoke. Mo Junyi’s eyes flashed with a strange light, “How do you know?”

“Since the Jialan Clan could be so strong to this extent, they naturally had some reasons behind it. This time, they just want to give us a punishment and isn’t intending on offending us to the end. Also, this area is so vast, since they forced the other transaction pavilions here to close down, the Jialan Clan must be responsible for taking care of the losses the business owners suffered. If not, why would all the transaction pavilion’s bosses side with the Jialan Clan? If they truly wanted to make this entire area die off, the expenses might even make the Jialan Clan cough blood.” Di Tian analysed. Mo Junyi seriously listened and nodded her head in agreement.

As expected of Di Tian’s analysis. Several days later, a person came by to pay a visit and brought with him the interspatial ring which Di Tian didn’t accept back then. This time around, Di Tian accepted it.

Both parties seemed to be in silent agreement not to mention anything about the incidents that happened in recent days. They merely exchanged conventional greetings before the envoy from Jialan Clan departed.

The day after that, the various major transaction pavilions started to open again and people continued to send their treasures to the Emperor Pavilion for them to be auctioned off. After the people in the northern city regions learned about it, they seemed to have understood something. More and more people came by as the popularity slowly climbed back upwards.

For the following period of time, things were very calm. Nobody came by to look for Di Tian and the Emperor Pavilion didn’t encounter any trouble. Everything was back to normal.

Until one day, an invitation was sent to the Emperor Pavilion, inviting Di Tian to attend the birthday celebration of a young miss of the Jialan Clan.

The Jialan Clan was in the central area in the northern city regions. Their location was even better than the northern governor’s manor and the land size of their territory was at least ten times larger when compared.

Looking from the outside, one could see many elegant pavilions and majestic halls. In fact, just even the Jialan Clan’s entrance gate was already incomparably imposing.

In the entire Lifire City, only a place could be comparable to the Jialan Clan – the Lifire Palace.

From this point, one could very well imagine how strong the Jialan Clan was.

Today, many carriages came by unceasingly to the Jialan Clan. There were either slaves pulling the carriage or terrifyingly powerful demon kings. Regardless of mid-stage of peak-stage emperors, all of them would descend from the air and exit their carriage before walking through the Jialan Clan’s gate to indicate their respect.

For those who came, it was either they had high cultivation bases, or they had strong backgrounds behind them. Today, they came here because of the Jialan Clan’s invitation.

Di Tian stood outside the Jialan Clan. When he saw such a majestic sight before him, he had a clearer understanding of the Jialan Clan’s strength. Just a young miss of the Jialan Clan actually caused so many experts to come for her birthday celebration. From this, one could see that the Jialan Clan did put in the effort to develop the major powers in the northern city regions that allied with them. Only so would the major powers be willing to follow them wholeheartedly.

“Grandmaster Di Tian, long time no see.” A person walked over and greeted Di Tian. It was none other than the person from the Jialan Clan who had attended the banquet on the Emperor Pavilion’s opening day. A meaningful smile appeared in his eyes. This Grandmaster Di Tian whose fame shook the entire Lifire City still had to bow his head when he came to the northern city regions. Unless he didn’t plan to do business in the northern city regions, if not, if he didn’t lower his head, the Jialan Clan would ensure that all your plans would only lead to failure.

“Long time no see.” Di Tian smiled in reply.

“Grandmaster Di Tian, let’s go in together. This time, it’s a birthday celebration of a famous young miss from the Jialan Clan. Although she rarely shows herself in public, she can also be considered a famous beauty. Later on, Grandmaster Di will surely be able to feast your eyes on her beauty.” This immortal emperor laughed.

Di Tian nodded with a smile. “In that case, I’m truly extremely curious. Please.”

The two of them entered the Jialan Clan together and handed over their invitations. A serving girl then ushered them in. Each serving girl here was robed in elegant clothing that accentuated their figures. Every one of them could be considered rare beauties and just them alone was sufficient to dazzle the eyes of the guests.

They followed after the serving girl and could see how majestic and prosperous the Jialan Clan was every time they turned their gazes. Di Tian couldn’t help but to compare this place with the Lifire Palace. After all, his true-self has gone to the Lifire Palace many times, he naturally had seen the interior of the Lifire Palace before.

Even when compared to the Lifire Palace, the Jialan Clan wasn’t in anyway inferior!



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