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AGM – Chapter 1601 – Emperor Pavilion Expanding Into the Northern City Regions

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Chapter 1601: Emperor Pavilion Expanding Into the Northern City Regions

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In the northern city regions, Qin Wentian split the share of his 10% to his 3,000 subordinates, causing many to sigh with admiration at his generosity. Although they suffered plenty through the years, everything was worth it. This lord governor was truly generous, in the future, who else would dare to say that the northern governor manor was the poorest?

Because of the commotion the previous incident caused, even an insignificant matter such as this started spreading around, causing many people to speculate that it seemed Qin Wentian truly had a very large harvest this year. If not, how would he be so generous? However, this was still to be expected. He had in one shot collected fifty-years worth of tribute, in addition to some resources which the various powers gave him privately. How terrifyingly astronomical was his harvest exactly?

After that, the governor’s manor started to officially recruit people, including positions for vice-governors and attendants. The governor’s manor underwent a huge expansion and with the previous incident blowing up their fame, there were numerous experts heading over for the interview for a period of time. Right now, the northern governor’s manor was completely different from the past. Before this, they were viewed with contempt but after that battle, who would dare to show any disrespect to the governor’s manor?

Naturally, there were many who were still considering. The Jialan Clan was still around after all. As long as the Jialan Clan was present, the governor’s manor shouldn’t think too much. Who knows when conflict would erupt forth?

In addition, after arriving at the governor’s manor, when some immortal emperors heard that they had to undergo an inspection by the Evil Emperor if they wanted to become vice governors or attendants, many proud individuals rejected immediately, choosing to leave instead.

The recruitment drive resulted in the governor’s manor being expanded to a total of 5,000 subordinates. There were now five vice governors and fifty attendants.

The vice governors all had mid-stage immortal emperor cultivation bases, attendants had initial-stage immortal emperor cultivation bases. Such a group of experts were now equal to the power wielded by the other governor manors.

Right now, there were at least tens of immortal emperors in the northern city regions. At the very least, they wouldn’t come up short if they had to contend against a first-tier power again in the future.

After several days, a piece of shocking news circulated around the northern city regions. The pavilion lord of the Emperor Pavilion in the central city regions, Grandmaster Di Tian, came and pay a visit to the northern governor.

Once this piece of news was circulated out, many people started to pay attention to the situation here. After that, more information was spread saying that before this, Grandmaster Di Tian had already visited the eastern governor Lin Ba, southern governor Beauty Xiao, western governor Yin Qiu and the person he visited was none other than the northern governor Qin Wentian.

Out of the five governors, Di Tian only didn’t pay a visit to the central governor Xia Hou. Many people involuntarily started to chat about the scandalous rumors from the last fifty years. It should be then that the relationships between Grandmaster Di and Governor Xiahou broke down.

Since Grandmaster Di Tian had paid a visit to so many governors, his visit this time around most probably was just a casual greeting.

However, when many people thought that everything was normal, another piece of news spread from the governor’s manor.

The northern governor Qin Wentian had already passed the Ancient River Auction House to Grandmaster Di, allowing Di Tian to manage it. During these days, Grandmaster Di brought the experts of his Emperor Pavilion over and restructured the Ancient River Auction House. After that, he was planning an auction on a grand-scale and during the day of the auction, Grandmaster Di would take out treasures he personally forged, allowing interested parties to bid for them.

Naturally, everything was an exchange. By obtaining the Ancient River Auction House, Grandmaster Di has paid up many emperor-ranked stones to Qin Wentian and even gave him many powerful peak-stage emperor-ranked weapons.

This news caused a huge commotion in the northern city regions and countless were shocked.

Although the Ancient River Auction House was currently sealed off the public, the transaction pavilions outside its entrance were still open. Although they lost some popularity, but the commotion of this incident was too great, resulting in the fame of the Ancient River Auction House shooting up to an unprecedented height. If everything near it was truly sealed away, the popularity would surely gradually fade as everyone slowly forgot about it.

But now, since the Emperor Pavilion was coming in to take over, how could people not be excited? The fame of the Emperor Pavilion of the central regions was far greater when compared to the Ancient River Auction House.

One could definitely foresee that after Grandmaster Di Tian restructured the Ancient River Auction House, its popularity would surely shoot up through the roof.

At the same time, the governor’s manor sent out more news saying that Governor Qin needed two protectors to assist him in handling things. The contract will last for a hundred years, and other than be able to receive rewards from the Lifire Palace, Governor Qin will still take out a peak-stage emperor-ranked weapon given to him by Grandmaster Di Tian and bestow it to the two protectors. This news immediately attracted the attention of many peak-stage immortal emperors.

What sort of combat prowess did Qin Wentian have? He killed tens of immortal emperors in a single battle, including several peak-stage ones. He also had the assistance from the peak-stage demon emperor the Evil Emperor. Right now, he wanted to recruit protectors and not vice governors and he would even bestow onto them peak-stage emperor-ranked weapons. There was no need to directly say things out loud, everyone was clear that Qin Wentian was only keen on accepting peak-stage immortal emperors or why would he even need to hire protectors? If he needed mid-stage ones, he already had five vice governors under him.

The date when the Ancient River Auction House reopened, Grandmaster Di Tian personally came by. However, the auction house was no longer named the Ancient River Auction House, it was now renamed the Emperor Pavilion.

Today, the Emperor Pavilion set up a grand and official opening. The pavilion lord Grandmaster Di Tian, the grand supervisor Mo Fei, and the young miss of the Mo Clan, Mo Junyi, all came by to support the opening ceremony. Naturally, there were many guests of high statuses, including aristocrat clans among them as well. The Mo Clan Clan Leader also came by to show his support.

As the Emperor Pavilion expanded, the Mo Clan Leader felt that his earlier decision was the right one. In the future, Grandmaster Di Tian’s achievements can only be described with the words ‘sky high.’

Just like right now, his weaponsmithing capabilities were already so strong that many peak-stage grandmaster weaponsmiths sighed at their inferiority in comparison to him.

The facilities in the auction house were all ready. Back then after this place was sealed, the Emperor Pavilion simply came by and took over. The grand hall and spectator stands that could seat tens of thousands including three levels of VIP seats and the auction stage were all already set up. The auction stage was right in the center and could rise up from below, sending the auctioneer up directly. This was something the Emperor Pavilion in the central regions couldn’t compare.

Today, the seats were naturally fully filled. Even those walking around in the corridors were packed to the brim, even those who couldn’t enter chose to remain outside to partake in the lively atmosphere. They were all extremely interested to see what sort of treasures the Emperor Pavilion would take out for auction. The popularity naturally boosted business for the transaction pavilions outside. The atmosphere was extremely lively, far more so compared to the Ancient River Auction House before.

This caused many people to silently muse that the Ancient River Auction House was truly finished, everyone would soon forget about them. Naturally, this was because the Emperor Pavilion’s fame was just too high. If it was some other major powers taking over, the situation might not be as explosive as it was now.

As expected of Grandmaster Di, he didn’t disappoint anyone. The treasures he forged were all peak-stage emperor-ranked weapons and were as exquisite and unique as ever. Many people competed in bidding for them and the treasures were finally sold for an astronomical amount. Other than this, there were also other extremely rare treasures up for auction, causing many to be filled with excitement. In the entire auction, the atmosphere was extremely lively. This caused many to nod in admiration, the reputation of the Emperor Pavilion wasn’t just for show.

After the auction, the fame of the Emperor Pavilion instantly increased as word of it spread through the northern city regions. This Emperor Pavilion which originated from the central city regions, truly lived up to its reputation. Those lucky enough to attend the auction were all in very high spirits, praising the Emperor Pavilion and Grandmaster Di Tian unceasingly.

And right now, in the backyard of the past Ancient River Auction House, there were many people currently present. These people were all here to pay Di Tian a visit. Other than people from the Mo Clan, and powers from the northern city regions, the other visitors were from major powers that hailed from the central city regions.

After the banquet started, Di Tian sat in the host seat. With a mask on, he gave off a sense of mystery to everyone. He then raised his wine cup and smiled, “Many thanks for everyone rushing here to support me. I, Di, am really thankful for everyone’s supportive spirit. In the future, in the northern city regions, I still hope that everyone would be able to take care of my small business.”

“That’s only natural. As part of first-tier powers in the northern city regions, we are all doing business here and should take care of each other. We should even form an alliance to prevent ourselves from being bullied.” An expert laughed, his words causing a strange look to appear on Di Tian’s face. “Being bullied? Are your words too serious? Everyone here is from first-tier powers, is there anyone else in the city that can bully you all?”

“Haha, can’t Grandmaster Di guess it?” That person laughed and flashed a meaningful smile at Di Tian. “This Ancient River Auction House was also once a first-tier power.”

The eyes revealed by Di Tian’s mask froze as sharpness gleamed within. The Ancient River Auction House?

The spearhead of this sentence seemed to be pointed at the governor’s manor, pointed at Qin Wentian. When he thought of this, Di Tian couldn’t help but to feel mirth. Most probably, with regards to the expert who just spoke, even in his wildest dreams he would never imagine the person he was referring to was currently seated right before him.

“I heard that the Ancient River Auction House refused to cooperate and pay the tributes, openly rebelling against the governor’s manor. This is the reason why Governor Qin sealed this place. Could there be some more things hidden that I don’t know about?” Di Tian pretended to be ignorant as he asked with a look of puzzlement on his face.

“Haha, Grandmaster Di. Truth to be told, this northern city regions are much more complicated and chaotic compared to the central city regions. If the governor’s manor can protect us all, we will naturally pay the tributes every ten years. However, in the past tens of years, the governor’s manor didn’t even do a single thing for us. The moment they made a move, they instantly destroyed a few major powers, including first-tier ones. After that, they then started to collect tributes from all the various powers in the north. How can this be considered efficient? The governor’s manor is clearly using the threat of force.” That person shook his head.

“Ai, the governor’s manor just grew stronger and they are already so tyrannical. Our hearts grew cold when we saw what Governor Qin did.” Another person joined in. Di Tian glanced at everyone here and instantly understood what they wanted in their hearts. The wine lover’s heart wasn’t really in drinking wine. These people all had ulterior motives and weren’t here simply to pay a visit and gift him congratulatory gifts.

“But when I went to the governor’s manor back then and asked Governor Qin to allow me to manage the Ancient River Auction House, Governor Qin didn’t make things difficult for me?” Di Tian pretended to be very surprised. He wanted to wait for these people to reveal all their cards. What did they want exactly?

“The governor’s manor just finished their restructuring, they naturally wouldn’t be in a hurry to act. Right now, they are focused on developing their own strength, expanding constantly. I wonder what will happen in the future.” The person continued. “Grandmaster Di Tian, although we temporarily cannot tell what the future might be, but it’s always best to be safe than sorry. All of us should be prepared in case some things really happen.”



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