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Chapter 1598: The Skies of the Northern City Regions Are Changing
In the airspace above the Ancient River Auction House, the pair of demonic eyes finally vanished as the tense atmosphere regained its earlier calm.

Everyone inclined their heads only to see Qin Wentian quietly standing in the air. As for the several other peak-stage immortal emperors, they have already vanished.

At this instant, the hearts of many people once again pounded violently, like they suffered some sort of impact. Those vanished experts were all peak-stage immortal emperors! Even in the powerful Lifire City, peak-stage immortal emperors can be considered the lord of an area, they are the main pillars within major powers.

However, earlier not too long ago, the various peak-stage immortal emperors from different powers were all destroyed by Qin Wentian, transformed back into nothingness.

“Hu…” Many people drew in a deep breath. They knew that the skies above the northern city regions were going to change. The once seemingly weak and useless governor that has been suppressed by the major powers, had expressed their tyrannical attitude for the first time in thousands of years. The peak-stage immortal emperors from the various major powers were all wiped out. In the future, who else would dare to be the ones who stood out?

The people from the Ancient River Auction House were all filled with trepidation. Their bodies trembled as great waves rose in their hearts. They knew that the Ancient River Auction House was finished.

Qin Wentian used the power of the governor’s manor to seal and confiscate their assets, no one would be able to say anything. In addition, those who understood the grudge between the Lifire Empyrean and the Jialan Clan also knew that the Lifire Empyrean precisely needed such a tyrannical person acting as the northern governor. He would only reward Qin Wentian. After all, Qin Wentian was doing this with a just cause.

Let alone the fact that the victors would always be the king.

If Qin Wentian died, the situation naturally would be completely different, developing in an opposite direction.

The people of the governor’s manor stared at the magnificent figure in the air. They only felt boundless reverence from the depths of their hearts.

“Go, confiscate the auction house.” A voice rang out, it was a vice governor. Everyone else woke up and rushed right into the Ancient River Auction House to carry out their duty. All the customers were told to leave as the place got sealed. The soldiers of the governor’s manor then stood on guard here. From today onwards, this auction house would become a business owned by the governor’s manor. They naturally would be able to start auctioning again.

“Lord governor, in the past, these people from the transaction pavilions have also slandered us before and they didn’t pay any contribution too. How should we deal with them?” At this moment, a vice governor coldly spoke. A moment later, the bosses of those transaction pavilions all felt their hearts trembling fiercely as they stared with fear at Qin Wentian who was in the air.

“Since they didn’t pay any contributions at all, as well as them being on the side of the Ancient River Auction House wanting to resist our governor’s manor, the crime was originally for us to confiscate their assets as well. However, this seat doesn’t wish to push things too far and affect you guys from doing business in the northern city regions. Hence, other than upping you all to third-tier powers, you guys have to contribute five times more than the usual rate. Any objections?” Qin Wentian’s tone was cold, sweeping his gaze over to them.

“We willingly receive our punishments.” The transaction pavilion’s bosses all nodded in fear. At this moment, by not punishing them further, Qin Wentian was already considered polite. How would they dare not to obey him? If they really caused Qin Wentian to be enraged, he just needed to find a casual excuse to take away their businesses.

“Also, for those present here today, many businesses belong to the various powers. This seat is the northern governor and naturally hopes that all your businesses will be smooth. This seat has assumed office for fifty years, and I hereby apologize to everyone for my lack of actions in the past. However, all that is already over. From now onwards, if there’s anyone who dares to create trouble in the northern city regions, this seat will personally deal with him according to the laws of the city. I won’t show mercy.”

Qin Wentian stood in the air and continued, “For everything that has happened in the past, no matter if your actions are glorious or not, everything shall be wiped clean. This seat graciously thanks those powers who have been contributing taxes through all these years and I hopes that everyone can cooperate with my governor’s manor and pay the contributions on time. Do not follow what the Ancient River Auction House did, scheming left and right just to avoid paying contributions. Other than this, for those powers that have not paid contributions in the past fifty years, this seat will not take any actions to punish you all for that. However, since this seat has already set my heart to properly manage the northern city regions, I hope that you all can have the self-awareness to pay up what you have not been paying through the years.”

These people immediately understood Qin Wentian’s intentions. I will not punish you for everything that’s in the past, but it’s best that you all have some self-awareness and pay up what you ought to have paid. If not, when something happens again in the future, don’t blame me for showing no mercy.

His words sounded calm but they held enough threatening power. There was no other reason than the fact that Qin Wentian was powerful enough to sweep through the Ancient River Auction House, the Crimson Moon Pavilion and the Sky Incense Sect with impunity. One must know that these three were all major powers, but he could kill so many peak-stage immortal emperors by just depending on himself. Who else dared to step out and provoke him?

“I’ve said enough. This seat will take my farewell first.” Qin Wentian directly departed after speaking, leaving this place for his subordinates to handle. He was now heading towards the Crimson Moon Pavilion and the Sky Incense Sect’s headquarters. After all, these two were first-tier powers and had deep foundations. Even if the Evil Emperor personally led his subordinates there, he might not be able to handle things. Hence, Qin Wentian had to head there to provide support.

The northern city regions were shaken by an earthquake-level commotion. The tremors it caused swiftly spread throughout the northern city regions and even extended to the other parts of Lifire City.

The incident about the Ancient River Auction House was just too shocking. It was a symbol in a certain perspective. From this, one could imagine the storm this would cause. For a period of time, everyone in the city was discussing about this.

Naturally, there were also many who were paying attention to the Jialan Clan. Although the Jialan Clan had never clashed head-on directly on the surface with Governor Qin, everyone understood that the reason why the previous governors of the northern regions were so low-profile was because they feared for their lives and the influence of the Jialan Clan. The strength of the Jialan Clan was so great that it cast a formless pressure on the governor’s manor. There was even no need for them to personally act.

Just like that battle that occurred soon after Qin Wentian assumed office. Although no one managed to investigate where the soul slaying needle came from, everyone clearly knew the answer in their hearts. If Qin Wentian was weaker, he would have already died those years ago. How would he have lived on until today?

Hence, this symbol-like battle where he seized the Ancient River Auction House, the Crimson Moon Pavilion and the Sky Incense Sect, was considered his announcement for a war against the Jialan Clan. He used his victory to harshly smack the face of the Jialan Clan.

Next, what would the Jialan Clan do to retaliate against Qin Wentian?

The case of the three major powers being taken over and their businesses confiscated caused many other powers in the north to be shocked.

The end result of the governor’s manor action was soon revealed. After that day, the governor’s manor became extremely lively. Many people from the various powers all respectively came by to hand over their tributes, they no longer dared to delay things. Also, for those powers who have not handed over anything for the past fifty years, all of them paid up every single bit of tribute they ought to have paid. In fact, for some powers, other than the tributes they owed, they even paid more. According to the rules of Lifire City, these extra tributes were all supposedly given to the lord governor of the respective region privately. There was no need to hand them over to the Lifire Empyrean.

Clearly, these powers were worried that Qin Wentian might take revenge. This was why they employed such methods, hoping that he would accept it. After knowing about this, Qin Wentian naturally accepted all. Since people were willing to give him extra resources, why would he reject it? Only by accepting would these powers feel at ease. If he returned them, the businesses owned by those powers would surely be in fear every day.

This made Qin Wentian realize that having authority was truly excellent. This was especially so for those who had thick enough skin. They can directly use their authority to gain more cultivation resources.


The Jadewave Pavilion was a transaction ground for divine weapons. An aristocrat clan was behind them, the aristocrat clan was considered powerful and belonged to a power that focused on forging weapons. They were extremely wealthy and had many emperor-ranked weapons.

And, the Jadewave Pavilion was precisely the place where this aristocrat clan used to sell their weapons away in exchange for cultivation resources and various forging materials.

At this moment, an old man appeared at the Jadewave Pavilion. The supervisor in charge of this place immediately moved over and respectfully greeted, “I pay my respect to clan leader.”

“Where is the young master?” The old man coldly asked.

“Young master he…” The supervisor’s eyes showed signs of evasion as he hemmed and hawed.

“Did you guys head over to the governor’s manor to pay tribute yet?” The old man continued asking.

“No, not yet. Young master said that no one is allowed to disturb him.” The supervisor was filled with trepidation.

“Do you know what happened to the Ancient River Auction House?” The old man asked again.

“Mhm.” The supervisor nodded. Right now, other than those experts who were in closed-door seclusion, how could everyone else not know of such a major matter?

“Then why didn’t you tell the young master to head there and pay the tributes?” The old man asked again, the supervisor was completely sweating now.

After that, the old man bypassed him and directly walked towards the backyard of the Jadewave Pavilion. This place blocked immortal sense, he forcefully barged in and a moment later, a voice cried out in rage, “WHO DARES TO BE SO IMPUDENT?”

“BANG!” The door to the room exploded as screams rang out from within. The old man stepped into the room and after that, he only saw a mess of clothing on the floor and a few naked young girls staring with fear at him. Their bodies were fair and charming, and in the center of this bevy of girls, a young man with a cultivation base at the immortal king realm could be seen. At this moment, he was so frightened that he turned pale, “Father, why have you come here?”

“The date for tribute collection has arrived, why are you not going over to the governor’s manor to pay up?” The old man calmly asked.

“Father, I still thought that there’s something important. The governor’s manor is full of trash, do we even need to pay any contributions? In the past, every time they came by to collect, your son would throw them out. If they come again this time around, I’ll directly chase them off.” The young man silently heaved a sigh of relief as he spoke. He still thought that something big had happened. So it turned out that it was for such a minor matter.

A violent aura gushed forth from the old man. He took a step forth, causing a rumbling sound to ring out as the wooden bed the young man was lying on shattered apart. The young girls all landed on the floor as they screamed in fear. All of them could feel the cold intent radiating from the old man.

“ALL OF YOU GET OUT!” The old man roared in rage. They hurriedly grabbed their clothes and ran away in a pathetic manner. Because they didn’t have time to wear their clothes, them running away like this gave many people outside a visual feast.

After that, a scream of pain rang out from within the room. The supervisor closed his eyes. This young master of his had lousy talent in cultivation. The clan leader got him here to manage the Jadewave Pavilion but he only cared about enjoying himself with women. He would never amount to anything.

Not long after, a team of experts headed out from the Jadewave Pavilion, bringing with them a huge amount of contributions that included the contributions they missed out on paying for the past tens of years as they headed to the northern governor’s manor.

Not only for the Jadewave Pavilion. This similar scene also happened in the various major and minor powers of the northern city regions.

That battle alone completely changed the past situation of the northern city regions. There was no one else who dared to not pay the contributions. For a period of time, the number of powers taking the initiative to head to the governor’s manor to pay up, had even surpassed the other city regions!


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