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Chapter 1596: Tyrannical Governor
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The tone of this person was extremely mocking. Clearly, he was against Qin Wentian. Sarcastically hinting that Qin Wentian wasn’t able to collect enough tributes and couldn’t answer to the palace lord and this was the reason why he used such ‘despicable’ methods to act against the Ancient River Auction House. Although he didn’t clearly say this, how could people not know what he was hinting at?

Qin Wentian inclined his head and stared at the person who spoke. A faint smile appeared on his handsome face, “You are?”

“It’s not important who I am. What’s important is that you, as the lord governor, how can you use such methods to deal with honest businessmen like us in Lifire City? It truly makes our hearts go cold. Although people like us are often alone and weak, although we cannot be compared to the governor’s manor, there’s no way we will sit around to wait for death when the governor’s manor uses such methods against us.” The tone of the person who spoke turned more domineering as he continued speaking.

“Oh?” Qin Wentian glanced at that person who spoke. It was a peak-stage immortal emperor with several other emperors around him. Such a power was weak? Just based on the number of immortal emperors alone, his governor’s manor might not even be compared to this.

“That’s right. We are all honest businessmen in Lifire City and it isn’t easy for us to develop. Since the governor’s manor cannot provide a guarantee of safety to us, we naturally have no need to pay any tributes. But, your governor’s manor actually resorted to such underhanded methods, it truly causes our hearts to turn cold.” Another expert from a major power spoke, all of them seemed to be on the side of the Ancient River Auction House.

“Xu Li, who are these two? Have they ever paid their tributes properly?” Qin Wentian turned to vice governor Xu Li as he asked.

“The pavilion lord of the Crimson Moon Pavilion and the sect leader of the Sky Incense Sect. Both are considered first-tier powers and have businesses on an extremely huge scale within our northern city regions. But if we were to check from the date sir assumed office, these two powers have never paid any contributions before.” Xu Li replied.

“The governor’s manor is so useless and does nothing yet you still want us to pay tribute? Are you guys fools?” The Crimson Moon Pavilion Lord continued.

“You all say that the governor’s manor did nothing after you reported trouble. Because we are unable to investigate this clearly in the past, you guys used it as an excuse to reject paying contributions. For this point, this seat has to admit it that there’s nothing wrong with your actions.” Qin Wentian stared at everyone as he slowly spoke. “But now, I came here in all sincerity to set an example to solve the previous ‘incidents,’ yet you guys say that I’m trying to slander and intentionally want to harm you all? In that case, no matter what my governor’s manor does, you guys are clearly not intending to pay any contributions.”

“Governor Qin, you are intentionally misinterpreting my meaning. If you truly have the heart to investigate, why would you send people to investigate the internal staff of my auction house and capture my people? You should know very well what you are trying to do.” The old man from the Ancient River Auction House coldly spoke.

“The Lifelong Realm is above us, below the Lifelong Sovereign, the nine world palace empyreans control the boundlessly vast territories. Lifire World Palace is controlled by the Lifire Empyrean and the city is split into five city regions, given to each of the five governors. I, Qin Wentian, as one of the five city governors, I have authority over everything in the northern city regions. Since this seat wishes to investigate the truth, all of you must cooperate with me. If you are unhappy about my actions, you can go straight and report this up to the Lifire Empyrean.”

Qin Wentian’s voice turned solemn and extremely cold. “Today, the truth is out for everyone to see. It’s useless if you all try to prevent it. For anyone else who dares to obstruct my governor’s manor from doing its duties, we will kill all without mercy.”

A fearsome chill wind seemed to have breezed past, everyone only felt somewhat cold. Earlier, Qin Wentian said such a sentence and he immediately executed Old He of the Ancient River Auction House.

Right now, he had also put it extremely plainly. Whoever dares to obstruct the governor’s manor shall all be killed without mercy.

The voice was so calm and cold, emitting his killing intent. It was like no matter who came today, no one would be able to stop him from making his move against the Ancient River Auction House.

The experts of the Crimson Moon Pavilion were here, there were several immortal emperors and even their pavilion lord came personally. The experts of the Sky Incense Sect came as well, with just as many immortal emperors, and their sect leader also personally showed up. They, in addition to the Ancient River Auction House, was sufficient to form an extremely powerful group of experts. If war really began, even if their opponent was the governor’s manor, the governor’s manor wouldn’t be able to win against them, right?

“Lord governor, think thrice before acting.” Another expert spoke, it was the boss of one of the larger transaction pavilions near the Ancient River Auction House. His cultivation base was at the mid-stage of the immortal emperor realm. At this moment, many people involuntarily stood in the same camp as the Ancient River Auction House. It wasn’t because they were in some alliance but rather, this affected their benefits.

This battle was extremely critical. Once the governor’s manor took down the Ancient River Auction House, it meant that the governor’s manor had reversed the situation and in the future, when the governor’s manor collects tributes, would they dare not to pay up?

“Governor Qin, please think carefully.” Another person reminded, but his tone had no hints of kindness at all. He spoke coldly like he was threatening Qin Wentian.

“If lord governor really plans to act so recklessly and unfairly, we can only join forces. If the palace lord sends people down to blame us, we will also do our best to contend against them. It’s Governor Qin who refuses to give us a path of survival.” The old man from the Ancient River Auction House slowly spoke, his eyes flickering with terrifying killing intent.

Qin Wentian knew that the old man wanted to kill him. But he also knew that if he didn’t cause any damage to the Jialan Clan’s influence and was killed by their cronies instead, this means that he had no value at all in the eyes of the Lifire Empyrean. After he dies, the Lifire Empyrean definitely wouldn’t stand up for him. It would only have meant that he was useless. What the Lifire Empyrean needed was a useful Qin Wentian.

As for the Jialan Clan, there was no need to say anything about them. The moment he took on the office and acted against his vice governors, he already encountered an assassination attempt by two of them using a soul slaying needle. As long as the Jialan Clan finds an opportunity, they would definitely move in for the kill. And right now, Qin Wentian was planning to give the Jialan Clan an opportunity. A glaring opportunity that they cannot afford to miss.

Regardless of the Lifire Palace or the Jialan Clan, both had their own schemes. Qin Wentian was sandwiched in the center and was in an extremely pitiful situation. However, he had no path available to retreat.

“The 3,000 soldiers of my governor’s manor listen to my command.” Qin Wentian coldly commanded.

“We are here!” A terrifying thunderous voice echoed through the air. After that commotion back then, the governor’s manor had recruited new batches of experts and right now, there were precisely 3,000 soldiers under his control. Right now, all of them were gathered here in the Ancient River Auction House.

“In order to avoid paying tributes, the Ancient River Auction House plotted against themselves, wanting to damage the reputation of the governor’s manor. From the time I assumed office till now, they had never once paid any contributions. From now on, the Ancient River Auction House shall be sealed away and closed down. Instantly begin the cleansing operation, all their assets will belong to the governor’s manor to make up for the lack of contributions through these years.”

Qin Wentian’s voice was extremely cold as he gave the order. He directly seized the ownership of the business, transferring assets to the governor’s manor.

“QIN WENTIAN, YOU DARE?” The old man howled in rage as a terrifying aura erupted forth. Destructive bolts of lightning could be seen flashing through the sky.

“Those who obstruct my governor’s manor from carrying out duties shall be executed with no mercy.” Qin Wentian coldly repeated. Instantly, the 3,000 soldiers all unleashed their auras, causing the atmosphere to be extremely tense. Violent waves of energy gushed everywhere, causing the hearts of many in the crowd to tremble.

Given the strength of immortal kings and immortal emperors, the size of the Ancient River Auction House was still considered small. Many in the crowd started to retreat, especially so for some innocent spectators. All of them hurried away as they were worried that they might be injured due to the aftershocks from the battle.

“Seems like lord governor is truly prepared to be a tyrant.” The Crimson Moon Pavilion Lord coldly spoke. His men also unleashed powerful auras as killing intent flickered in their eyes.

The leader of the Sky Incense Sect was the same, leading his experts to step out, wanting to surround the 3,000 soldiers from the governor’s manor.

“All of you want to bear the weight of their crimes for the Ancient River Auction House? In that case, I want to see if you all truly have the capabilities to bear the weight or not.” Qin Wentian slowly rose up in the air, resplendent emperor light flashed as an intense light illuminated the area, so blinding that many couldn’t help but to close their eyes against the glare.

“Mid-stage immortal emperor?” Many people felt their hearts shaking. The rumors claimed that Qin Wentian’s cultivation was only at the initial-stage of the immortal emperor realm. But now, he actually broke through to the mid-stage. No wonder he would act against the Ancient River Auction House, his strength had just explosively increased.

“Let me repeat this one last time. Those who obstruct my governor’s manor from doing its duties, shall all be executed with no mercy.”

Qin Wentian took another step forward. The Evil Emperor waved his hand, “Move!”

The 3,000 soldiers exploded into action, sealing the entire Ancient River Auction House.

“BOOM!” The Crimson Moon Pavilion Lord soared into the sky as a fiery energy erupted towards the Evil Emperor. The experts from the Crimson Moon Pavilion also acted as they moved towards the 3,000 soldiers.

“ROAR!” The Evil Emperor howled in rage, violent waves of demonic energy rocked the area as countless spectators in the crowd retreated with frenzied speed. The battle was about to start, who would still dare to get near?

“Scram!” The Crimson Moon Pavilion Lord blasted out a terrifying red-colored palm imprint that covered the skies. Even before the attack landed, the berserk aura and the chaotic energy flow had already forced many immortal kings back. After that, the giant palm imprint slammed against the Evil Emperor as an explosive boom thundered.

“Governor Qin, you have forced us too far.” The old man from the Ancient River Auction House released his emperor might. The experts around him stood in a row, ready to attack. On the other side, the experts from the Sky Incense Sect as well as experts from a few other powers, all unleashed their auras as well, preparing for a war against the governor’s manor.

“This time, things are getting crazy.” Many people felt their hearts trembling. It has been many years since they saw such a scene. The governor’s manor was actually warring against the major powers.

The northern city regions were considered the Jialan Clan’s territory, even the Lifire Empyrean could not control the things here fully. Hence, many major powers here were under the Jialan Clan’s influence and acted very domineeringly against the northern governor’s manor. In the past, there were also tyrannical and domineering governors but all of them had died and the Lifire Empyrean took no actions to avenge them.

Right now, an even more brutal and tyrannical governor compared to his predecessors has appeared. Qin Wentian, someone who was once a bandit.

Today, this tyrannical governor Qin Wentian, was he going to finally die after keeping a low-profile for so many years?

The northern city regions of Lifire City have always been a pool of muddy water. It was not so easy to change the situation here!


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