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Chapter 1594: Blood Flowing, Dying the Ground Red
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At this moment, the Evil Emperor was in human form. He stepped out and moved towards Old He. “Today is the tribute collection period. A few months later, Governor Qin will head to the Lifire Palace to pass it. We are naturally here to collect what you ought to pay up.”

“Collecting tributes?” Old He coldly laughed. He stared at the Evil Emperor. “How many things has the governor’s manor done for the northern city regions? A customer of my auction house was killed and his treasures plundered, there were even cases of people making trouble before. I’ve also sought help from the governor’s manor but when did the governor’s manor ever do anything for me?”

“That’s right. It’s one thing that the governor’s manor refuses to be concerned for our matters, you guys are actually putting in so much effort when it comes to collecting resources from us? Also, my transaction pavilion has always paid up on time but right now, your governor’s manor reclassified us as a third-tier power, this means that we need to pay ten times more tributes. What do you mean by this? Are you guys intentionally making things difficult for us?” The pavilion boss where Xu Li was speaking to, coldly spoke now.

With the Ancient River Auction House at their backs, this boss was naturally extremely confident.

“That’s right, it’s the same for my place too. I really want to know on what grounds are the governor’s manor forcing us to pay ten times more tax. Even the Lifire Empyrean would understand us.” Another boss from the other transaction pavilion spoke loudly. More and more experts gathered here. After all, these were an extremely popular transaction grounds. Now that such an incident occurred, a chain reaction naturally would easily happen. All the experts in the surroundings stopped by to spectate.

Some were merely watching a show, there were others mocking the governor’s manor, standing on the side of the Ancient River Auction House and planned to join forces with them to resist the pressure from the governor’s manor.

“Understand you?”

Xu Li walked up, his eyes flickering with coldness. “Governor Qin has been benevolent, to care for your business, he always tries not to collect tributes whenever he could, letting you all be exempted. Has the Ancient River Auction House paid up even once during these tens of years? However, do you know that when Governor Qin was in the Lifire Palace for the tribute transfer, he has to stand up to the questioning of the other governors and he had to do so alone. You bunch of thankless wretches actually felt that it’s your privilege?”

“Hahaha…” Everyone started laughing when they heard Xu Li’s words.

“Qin Wentian is benevolent?” Zhang Kuang, another pavilion boss laughed out loud. “A figure who domineeringly killed three of his vice governors when he just assumed office but was scared off into hiding after a single battle. You actually say that he is benevolent? You are making my teeth fall out from laughter.”

The Evil Emperor’s gaze turned cold as he turned to stare at the person who was speaking. It was a young immortal king from the Ancient River Auction House. He stood beside a powerful immortal emperor as he laughed blatantly.

“Openly slandering his excellency. According to the rules of the city, what punishment does he deserve?” The Evil Emperor stood in the air as he asked.

“He will be whipped.” Someone behind answered. The Evil Emperor then waved his hand, “Capture him.”

Numerous experts stepped out, all of them from the governor’s manor and surrounded the opponents, preparing to capture that immortal king.

“IMPUDENT!” Old He’s eyes grew cold as his emperor might gushed forth. His thunderous voice caused the hearts of everyone to tremble. He stepped forward, as though he was intending to block a thousand soldiers with himself alone as he icily spoke, “What place does the governor’s manor treat this to be? Disrupting my business in this manner, is this something the governor’s manor ought to do?”

“You dare to obstruct our governor’s manor from executing our duties?” The jade-green eyes of the Evil Emperor stared at him.

“What a good sentence, saying that we want to obstruct the governor’s manor from executing their duties.” At this moment, numerous figures walked out from the auction house. They were all experts at the immortal emperor realm. There were so many of them that it caused the crowd to silently sigh with admiration, musing that the Ancient River Auction House was truly wealthy and was indeed one of the largest auction houses in the northern city regions. The number of immortal emperors they had wasn’t any fewer compared to the governor’s manor.

The moment they came out, powerful waves of might engulfed the surroundings, as they stood in opposition to those from the governor’s manor.

“This old man has never heard of such a rule before. If casually having an opinion about the governor means that one has to be whipped, I wonder how many people in the northern city regions ought to be whipped. Do you not know how people are evaluating Governor Qin out there? Also, which of the words these people spoke are false?” An old man at the peak-stage of the immortal emperor realm coldly spoke. He was one of the leaders of the Ancient River Auction House.

“The governor of each region can freely add rules if they want to. This is undoubtedly a rule by the northern governor’s manor. If you have any questions, you can head to the Lifire Palace and consult the palace lord. If anyone dares to obstruct us again, the punishment won’t be a simple whipping anymore.” Xu Li sinisterly spoke. This Ancient River Auction House was truly domineering, they actually brought out so many immortal emperors to stand in opposition to the governor’s manor.

Seems like the governor’s manor has been too low profile for too many years. These people only had complete disregard for them. If not, no matter how strong they are, they would dare to act like this openly. One mustn’t forget that behind the governor’s manor, it was the Lifire Palace backing it up. The entire Lifire City was the territory of the Lifire Palace.

The atmosphere was tense, it felt like a loud sound could set off a series of unstoppable eruptions. Although there were countless people in the crowd, all of them were extremely quiet now. They were all silently observing the situation. The governor’s manor abruptly came by and was clearly extremely unified, exuding imposingness. They came with unkind intentions for sure. The Ancient River Auction House wasn’t willing to show weaknes

s and directly challenged the governor’s manor publicly.

“Fine.” The voice of the old man turned cold. “Even if this is a rule of the governor’s manor. I want to ask, which of the words spoken by the immortal king is considered slandering the lord governor? A person that killed three of his vice governors the moment he assumed office…don’t forget that he was once a bandit. He gave you bandits official positions the moment he took over to consolidate his strength. Is this considered slander too? Don’t tell me everyone in the northern regions cannot have their own opinions and speak out regarding Governor Qin’s actions.”

“Well spoken. How can such words be considered slander? They are nothing but the truth.” One of the transaction pavilion’s bosses spoke confidently as he laughed coldly. He wanted to see how the governor’s manor would get off the stage today.

These people really felt that the northern city regions were the territory of the governor’s manor. Ultimately, the Jialan Clan still had the greatest authority here. Only the Jialan Clan could control everything and the Ancient River Auction House’s backer was none other than the Jialan Clan. Since the governor’s manor wanted to make things difficult for them, they shall teach the governor’s manor a lesson today.

Xu Li frowned, his gaze was extremely cold. But at this moment, a calm voice rang out, “He naturally did slander me.”

This voice abruptly rang out, causing the eyes of people here to flash as they stared in its direction. They only saw the group of experts from the governor’s manor now splitting into two rows as they shifted to the left and right respectively, opening up a pathway. From this, one could see how high the status of the person walking right in the center was.

Although he was held in contempt by the outside world for many years, but no one in the governor’s manor dared to show him the slightest disrespect given how domineering he was when he killed the three vice governors back then.

The current governor Qin Wentian, has he finally appeared?

Many people stared at him. To the northern city regions, many people have never seen how Qin Wentian looked like before. Right now, they only saw an extremely handsome figure radiating a wondrous light that filled them with a sense of holiness. Regardless of males or females, people from both genders couldn’t help but to praise silently in admiration. What a good-looking fellow with such an extraordinary aura.

He slowly stepped out, moving towards the front of the crowd. Even for the Evil Emperor and Xu Li, both of them retreated to the side, allowing him to walk to the front.

“We pay our respects to lord governor.” Many of the experts from the governor’s manor bowed as they greeted, their voices as one and their tones solemn. In just an instant, the hearts of many people involuntarily trembled. Was this Qin Wentian?

“Governor Qin?” The old man from the Ancient River Auction House continued standing in the air, he had the appearance of peering down with disdain at those below him.

“That’s right.” Qin Wentian replied.

“This old man wants to seek guidance. How can his words be considered slander?” The eyes of the old man flashed with sharpness, staring at Qin Wentian.

“He said that this seat was so scared that I went into hiding, not daring to come out. But now, isn’t this seat here?” Qin Wentian slowly spoke.

“Hehe.” That old man laughed, he stared at Qin Wentian as he spoke, “His words mostly can only constitute disrespect, it isn’t equal to slandering you. Sir, you are the governor of the north, wouldn’t people take you for a joke if you started saying that they are slandering you due to a few disrespectful words?”

“Since you put it this way, I can forget about it.” Qin Wentian smiled casually as though he didn’t mind it at all. He continued. “However, your auction house obstructed my governor’s manor from tribute collection. What do you mean by this?

“In addition, my purpose here today, is to collect tribute from your Ancient River Auction House.”

“It’s only natural for the governor’s manor to collect tributes. It’s just that these transaction pavilions are dependent on my auction house for their survival and their income and profit isn’t high at all. Now, the governor’s manor wants them to pay ten times their normal tax? How can they bear this? As for my auction house, there has been so many troublesome incidents that happened during the years but did the governor’s manor do anything for me? Lord governor wouldn’t not understand, right?”

The two of them sounded very calm, with no hints of anger in their voices at all.

“During these years, I am apologetic that the governor’s manor had no major accomplishments. Hence, this seat came here today. Other than to collect tribute, I have one more purpose and that is to investigate all those ‘accidents’ and ‘incidents’ that happened those years ago. Next, I will be conducting a stringent check, please pardon and bear with us.” Qin Wentian calmly spoke. He then continued, “Spread this seat’s order, immediately seal the Ancient River Auction House, we will conduct a full-scale investigation before we unseal it. Other than those customers who are here for the auction, all internal personnel of the Ancient River Auction House cannot leave. You all will stay here and cooperate with my investigations. For those who defy the order, you will be summarily executed.

This calm voice was like a shocking bolt of thunder. Many people felt their minds trembling as their hearts pounded.

Those who defied orders shall be executed?

This voice reverberated through the air, the calmness within it contained an unquestionable authority, exuding Qin Wentian’s dominance.

The people of the governor’s manor felt their blood coursing through their veins intensely. At this moment, they couldn’t help but to recall the scene where Qin Wentian killed the three vice governors back then. His aura was infectious – whoever blocked him, shall die.

“Qin Wentian.” That old man coldly snorted.

“How dare you. Who dares to act?” Staring at the experts from the governor’s manor rushing into the auction house, Old He directly sped over, wanting to block them.

“Qin Wentian, do you know what you are doing?!” Old He raged. However, he only saw a pair of cold eyes looking right at him. A resplendent beam of sword light erupted forth, causing Old He to scream in pain as his eyes bled. After that, another beam of sword light shot out, beheading Old He. In just an instant, his head was lopped off as his blood caused the surrounding ground to be dyed red!


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