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Chapter 1593: Great Commotion in the Northern City Regions
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Qin Wentian stared ahead. The entire surroundings had turned into a dark-red hell with red liquid flowing about, corroding the mine. If he lowered his head and looked, the surroundings began to look like an ocean of blood that radiated a terrifying aura of destruction.

“Seems like the area around the stone has long been scorched and burned,” Qin Wentian mumbled. He then asked, “Is this empyrean stone recently discovered? How could the energy that it radiated go undiscovered before this?”

“Empyrean stones need unique conditions before they form. If we compare them to humans, it’s akin to breaking through from the emperor realm to the next level. Since the stone broke through to the empyrean-rank, this was why it unleashed such a terrifying aura of destruction. As for before, it most likely hasn’t completed its evolution yet.” An immortal emperor at the side explained, his eyes staring ahead.

“This should be the reason why many supreme characters refused to excavate everything in a mine in one shot, choosing to proceed slowly instead.” Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed. Mine stones are able to absorb the essence of the heavens and earth and they would gradually evolve, how truly wondrous.

“In that case, this stone should have no fate with us, right?” Qin Wentian asked in a low voice.

“The attacks unleashed by this empyrean-ranked stone are too powerful. No immortal emperors can bring it away.” An expert by the side nodded. Qin Wentian didn’t say anything, he found a spot and sat down while extending his immortal sense outwards, quietly contemplating the energy radiating from the empyrean stone. He didn’t try to take it, although his strength was extraordinary, Qin Wentian didn’t feel that his power would be stronger compared to all the immortal emperors here. Such a destructive force was something he still cannot come in contact with.

He quietly contemplated the wondrous energy for very long, even after a year has passed, the Lifire Empyrean didn’t appear here, allowing the empyrean stone to unleash its startling aura. To an empyrean, he had too many places under his control. Even when such a special stone appeared, it wasn’t sufficient to warrant him coming personally. If this was the case, wouldn’t he be very busy and not have any time to cultivate himself?

Although empyrean stones were rare, they would still occasionally appear. As long as the Lifire Empyrean knew about it, he would just get someone to record it down and come in the future to take a batch of empyrean stones away.

Qin Wentian continued to stay in the Nibblesun Mine for many years before he eventually left. Although he could only take 10% of his harvest away, it was still considered quite a fortune. Naturally, this can’t be compared to the amount of resources gained by Di Tian. By excavating mines, one had to pick up stones piece by piece and even might have to encounter life-threatening danger. How could that be compared to a steady business ran by a grandmaster in formations and weaponsmithing? However, to Qin Wentian, the important thing wasn’t excavating, but rather to temper himself and gain more experience.

He silently returned to the northern governor’s manor. This manor that has been desolate for over tens of years, was as quiet as ever. It felt like a non-existent entity and it was gradually neglected and disregarded by many major powers in the northern city regions. The influence and authority the northern governor’s manor held was just too weak, so weak that even some small powers refused to comply with the tribute collection. Even when they personally went to knock on the doors of the various powers, it was also difficult for them to collect any tribute. The name of the governor’s manor naturally remained, but in reality, it no longer had any prestige.

Right now, the tribute collection day that occurred once every ten years arrived again. However, the governor’s manor was completely empty, no one came to take the initiative to pay the tribute. It was so quiet that the atmosphere felt tense. However, the people of the governor’s manor had long grown used to this.

Right now, within the file room of the governor’s manor, Qin Wentian silently read through a few scrolls. He then glanced at the butler beside him, as well as the serving girls and the Evil Emperor.

“All these should have been settled. There are no mistakes, right?” Qin Wentian asked.

“There are no mistakes. During these years, according to sir’s orders, we probed and investigated in the dark. Because the various major powers no longer feel any wariness towards our governor’s manor, their actions grew more and more audacious and there were holes everywhere as they failed to cover up properly. This is why we can easily check up on everything the Ancient River Auction House is up to.” The butler replied.

“It’s not that they are not wary of us. More accurately, they completely disregard the existence of our governor’s manor.,” Qin Wentian laughed, seemingly self-mockingly. However, the butler’s heart couldn’t help but to tremble when he looked at that handsome face.

During these years, it was very rare for him to interact with Qin Wentian. This new governor who took over, other than the time when he used iron-blooded methods to kill the then three vice governors, it was very rare for Qin Wentian to show up in his vision. But everytime Qin Wentian showed up, he gave off an intense pressure and the butler would always vividly recall the deaths of the three vice governors in the past. Such a character actually kept a low-profile for so many years and he simultaneously ordered people to gather information about the dark deeds and current net worth of the various major powers. The moment when he acted, the moment when he erupted forth, what sort of situation would it be?

The butler shivered when he imagined this. Most probably, there would be many people that would be unlucky soon. They might even see blood painting their respective territories red.

“The loopholes are the most obvious when it comes to the Ancient River Auction House. Evil Emperor, what do you say if we use them to show our might?” Qin Wentian’s voice was low, like he was speaking about an insignificant matter. The butler’s heart pounded even more violently when he heard that. He spoke out in a low voice, “Governor, the major power behind the Ancient River Auction Hall is very terrifying, their true owners might even be the Jialan Clan.”

“Did I ask you a question?” Qin Wentian’s eyes swept over to the butler, causing him to shiver in fear. He kept quiet as his body trembled, not daring to say anything more.

“If we act against the Ancient River Auction House, we can truly save ourselves some trouble. The other powers will be able to see it as well and we don’t need to waste time to act against the smaller ones one by one.” The Evil Emperor nodded lightly, agreeing with Qin Wentian’s point of view.

“Get vice governor Xu Li to gather his men and move out.” Qin Wentian calmly spoke. The heart of the poor butler trembled even fiercer, Qin Wentian was truly going to act?

“Right.” The Evil Emperor didn’t say anything more and turned about as he departed.

The Ancient River Auction House is an extremely large auction house situated in the northern city regions. This auction house was already in ‘mature’ development. There were many transaction buildings in the area and a large number of people would come here to trade every day.

“Look, the people of the governor’s manor are here again.” At this moment, someone stared in a direction where a group of experts wearing the governor’s manor’s uniforms could be seen moving over.

“I almost forget that the tribute collection day is here. These people from the governor’s manor are so useless usually, but they actually put in so much effort when it comes to tribute collection day?” Someone laughed.

“Well, they only have this little bit of capabilities. Even their governor Qin Wentian is keeping a low profile now, what can the others do? Qin Wentian must have been frightened silly by that soul slaying needle years ago.”

The crowd mumbled to themselves. Just as they were speaking, vice governor Xu Li brought his men and came over. Their eyes flashed with coldness and soon arrived before a transaction pavilion. The boss of this pavilion smiled at Xu Li, after that, his gaze swept to other directions, completely disregarding Xu Li, treating him like air.

Xu Li entered the pavilion and calmly spoke, “The governor’s manor is here to collect the tribute.”

“Vice governor Xu, we have not prepared fully yet. Can you give us some time to gather the resources and temporarily head to the Ancient River Auction House to collect first?” The boss of this transaction pavilion smiled. Many in the surroundings were stifling their laughter when they heard that. Go and collect from the Ancient River Auction House first? When did the governor’s manor ever dare to do such a thing? They had never done so throughout all these years.

“This is the criterion. In the past, your transaction pavilion was classified as a fourth-tier power but recently, you all have been expanding and can now be considered a third-tier power. According to the tribute collection standards, you have to pay the tax up immediately.” Xu Li took out a piece of paper as he placed it in front of the boss.

The boss’s gaze froze, his smile also turned stiff. He lowered his head and stared at the notice for him to pay tribute. The difference between a third-tier and a fourth-tier power’s tribute collection, was roughly ten times in terms of the numbers.

“Vice governor Xu, what is the meaning of this?” The expression of the pavilion’s boss face turned cold, he was extremely unhappy.

“Pay up immediately.” Xu Li couldn’t be bothered to waste words. He directly spoke with a tone of ice.

“During the past ten years, my transaction pavilion has encountered plenty of troubles but I have never disturbed the governor’s manor before as we handled it ourselves. The scale of our business also didn’t change, why does vice governor Xu wish to classify us as a third-tier power suddenly? Isn’t this somewhat inappropriate?” The boss coldly spoke.

Xu Li waved his hand and his subordinates stepped forward, directly surrounding the boss. The boss’s expression instantly turned extremely unsightly. Xu Li continued with a glacial tone, “I’ll give you an incense worth of time. If you still refuse to pay your share of tribute, we will seal this entire transaction pavilion.”

“You…” That boss pointed at Xu Li in anger. His body trembled due to how infuriated he was. This Xu Li clearly came here prepared. Was the governor’s manor planning to use him to establish their dominance?

His eyes glanced at the various major powers near his transaction pavilion. At this moment, many people felt that something strange was going on. Other than Xu Li, the other two vice governors were doing the same thing at two other transaction pavilions as well, demanding that they pay the tribute.

Many experts speed over, observing the situation. Something strange was definitely going on.

The Ancient River Auction House was right in front of these transaction pavilions. Flows of humans came and went, and the atmosphere was very lively. At this moment, many people from the auction house crowded over, staring at the situation with interest. What was going on with the governor’s manor? Seems like something big was about to happen.

Only to see an immortal emperor exiting the Ancient River Auction House. He brought some subordinates with him and glanced around before asking, “What’s going on?”

“Old He, these people from the governor’s manor actually want to classify us as a higher-tier power, we have to pay ten times more tribute.” One of the pavilion’s bosses spoke to that immortal emperor.

“Vice governor Xu, these transaction pavilions exist only because they depend on my Ancient River Auction House. If you all make such a big commotion, you will undoubtedly affect my auction house’s business.” That old man spoke in an unhappy tone.

Xu Li turned his gaze over and didn’t say anything. And at this moment, a group of experts flew through the air as a burst of power flooded the area. The man in the lead was actually none other than the Evil Emperor.

Upon seeing the group of experts all wearing the governor’s manor uniform, at this moment, everyone could definitely tell that something big was going to happen.

Was the governor’s manor planning to deal with the Ancient River Auction House today?

“What does the governor’s manor mean by this?” Old He’s gaze turned chilly as he coldly spoke. Could it be that they were really planning to make a move against his auction house?


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