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Chapter 1591: Reversal of Situation
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The news about the Emperor Pavilion still continued to spread. It was about to reach the end of the three months and it was very possible for the Emperor Pavilion to leave Lifire City. This caused even more people to be extremely unhappy. A territory would only grow stronger if there were constantly new blood joining it. If everyone acted like how Governor Xia Hou did, in the future, who would still dare to set up a new major power in Lifire City?

In addition, everyone could clearly see Grandmaster Di’s capabilities. Many people still wanted to buy the treasures he personally forged. But right now, Grandmaster Di was going to be forced away by Governor Xia Hou, this was naturally something many didn’t wish to see. Hence, the scandalous rumors spread even fiercer.

But everything seemed hopeless now, there was no way the situation could be reversed. The three months was about to be up but there was still no news from the governor’s manor. In any case, the power wielded by the governor’s manor is overwhelming, public opinion alone was unable to affect them. The arrogant Governor Xia Hou wouldn’t care at all. In this strength-oriented world, as long as you are powerful enough and have enough authority, so what if others cursed at you? He, Xia Hou, was the king of the central city regions.

If Xia Hou wanted the Emperor Pavilion to disappear then it would disappear. Many of Di Tian’s acquaintances even went to the Emperor Pavilion to offer their consolations to Di Tian. There were also major powers inviting him to become a guest elder. Even if his business, the Emperor Pavilion was no longer able to exist, Grandmaster Di Tian was still extremely popular.

But at this moment, the governor’s manor actually acted. They used iron-blooded methods and directly captured a group of people. After that, they announced to the central city regions that they had completely captured everyone involved in the matter regarding the Emperor Pavilion and had imprisoned them. They also told the Emperor Pavilion to rest at ease and feel free to reopen. There was no need to worry about future trouble.

After this piece of news from the governor’s manor was circulated out, countless people in the central city regions felt a little dumbstruck. This sudden reversal made them completely not understand what was going on.

The governor’s manor had compromised?

Amidst the many scoldings and discussions, the governor’s manor actually acted finally? They even caught the masterminds and told the Emperor Pavilion to be at ease to go ahead and resume with their business. What was going on?

In addition, these actions taken by the governor’s manor were extremely mysterious. They didn’t announce who the masterminds were. For this point, many people guessed that the water behind these affairs, must definitely be extremely deep.

But at the very least, this incident could be considered resolved.

The three months deadline was reached and the Emperor Pavilion did reopen. Because of the previous scandalous rumors about the governor’s manor, as well as the fact that Di Tian did say that should the Emperor Pavilion manage to reopen he would take out three unique treasures for the auction. Thus, today the Emperor Pavilion was packed to the brim. It was unknown how many experts came. Roughly, the amount of people here was ten times more than what they had when their business was at their peak in the past. This amount of people made those transactors who signed a contract with the Emperor Pavilion to go wild with joy.

The grand supervisor Mo Fei and Mo Junyi were both so busy that they almost couldn’t cope. The entire Emperor Pavilion was filled with life and laughter. So it turned out that the governor’s manor was intentionally helping the Emperor Pavilion? This was the thought of many in the crowd. If Governor Xia Hou was to learn of this, one could only wonder if he would be so angry as to cough out blood.

Xia Hou’s emotions were naturally not so good. Contrasting to the lively atmosphere at the Emperor Pavilion, the atmosphere within the governor’s manor felt extremely cold. Other than the governor’s manor, the Yan Clan, Han Clan and Wei Clan were extremely unhappy as well. Right now, their clan leaders were gathered in the governor’s manor.

“Governor Xia Hou, didn’t you say that Di Tian has offended the Lifire Empyrean? Why are you capturing our men?” The Han Clan Leader asked, his tone filled with unhappiness. In the past, they had already gifted Xia Hou with treasures and received his silent approval. But now, Xia Hou actually ordered for the arrest of many of their immortal emperors? What was going on?

“That’s right. Governor Xia Hou, we only did so because the governor’s manor had approved of it in the past. Now that you are doing this, are you not going too far?” The Wei Clan Leader was also extremely unhappy. They came here today because they wanted to get their immortal emperors back, but Xia Hou actually forbid the three clan leaders from getting their men back. Hence, their tones naturally changed. Although Xia Hou was the central governor and had immense authority and power, they were all from aristocrat clans that had extremely deep foundations. Xia Hou couldn’t bully them as he wished.

One must know that in the northern city regions, there already was a Jialan Clan that even the Lifire Empyrean could do nothing about, let alone the governor of a city region. Although these three clans were far inferior to the Jialan Clan, they were after all, still considered ancient aristocrat clans. If they joined forces, Governor Xia Hou would truly face many troubles.

“When did this governor grant you all any silent approval?” Xia Hou’s expression turned black upon being questioned like that. His eyes were extremely cold as he stared at the three clan leaders.

The three clan leaders seemed to have felt his anger. Their eyes flashed and almost coughed out blood when they heard that. They clearly remembered that during their meeting then, Xia Hou really didn’t express his attitude clearly but as they were leaving, a vice governor came to them and hinted that the governor’s manor silently approved of their actions. Although this wasn’t something said by Xia Hou, it could be considered a very clear hint, right?

“The tone of you three clan leaders is truly overbearing. If this seat refused to set the immortal emperors free today, are you all planning to act against me?” Xia Hou had a sinister look on his face.

“Lord Governor must have misunderstood. We are only anxious.” After the Han Clan Leader started for a moment, his tone turned slightly more harmonious.

“Governor Xia Hou, the people you captured are all immortal emperors. We naturally hope that nothing will happen to them, but we have no intentions of being overly forceful.” The Wei Clan Leader spoke.

“Hmph.” Xia Hou coldly snorted. “Since you all want the answer so badly, this seat will tell you guys. This matter caused a great deal of commotion that made the Lifire Empyrean extremely unhappy. He wants me to silence all the scandalous rumors so I can only do this and capture your men. I will naturally think of methods to free them but if you three want to force me, don’t blame me if I investigate everything to the end.”

“This…” The Yan Clan Leader started. Xia Hou was clearly threatening them. The faces of all three clan leaders turned extremely unsightly but they still chose the soft approach, “Lord governor, don’t be so hasty. We naturally understand that lord governor will settle this matter. Since this is the case, we will step back and allow you to handle this fully.”

Xia Hou didn’t say anything. After that, the three clan leaders bid farewell and departed. The moment they exited the governor’s manor, their expressions all instantly turned extremely unsightly. Similarly, inside the governor’s manor, Xia Hou’s eyes flashed with a cold light. He was extremely unhappy about this.

How in the world did Di Tian manage to reverse the situation?

Why would the Purple Moon Immortal Emperor come all the way here to investigate this?

Is it really because of the overwhelming public opinion? Also, the questions asked by the Purple Moon Immortal Emperor were straightforward and to the point, asking if he did follow the palace lord’s instruction completely to offer Di Tian a position equivalent to the five governors.

For this to happen, something must be brewing within the shadows.

The Emperor Pavilion was growing more and more in terms of popularity. After it reopened, the three aristocrat clans no longer dared to act recklessly. Right now, they were at the center of a storm and the governor’s manor kept delaying, refusing to release their subordinates. How would they dare to stir up more trouble? Only after several days did Governor Xia Hou visit the Lifire Palace and ensure that the Lifire Empyrean wouldn’t pursue this any longer did he finally secretly release the prisoners.

This matter didn’t attract the attention of others. The Emperor Pavilion didn’t make a fuss too, as though they have already forgotten it. The Emperor Pavilion naturally understood that it would be the best for them if they could continue developing in peace and quiet.

Also, the Emperor Pavilion further expanded after this matter and recruited many guest elders. In fact, they spared no expenses to recruit talent. Di Tian and Mo Fei believed that as long as their development continued at this pace, they would sooner or later be rewarded by nurturing so many talents. To Di Tian, it didn’t matter if he temporarily earned less. What he wanted wasn’t brief profit. His sights were set much further into the future.

Hence, Di Tian once again went to the southern city regions to pay a visit to Beauty Xiao. He came by this time around to express his thanks. He naturally wouldn’t assume that a serving lady by the side of the Lifire Empyrean would be so free to pay a visit to the central city regions just for him. Clearly, someone was helping him in the shadows.

Di Tian was brought to an elegant-looking room as he waited for Beauty Xiao. After some time, a marvelously attractive figure walked into the room. This was naturally none other than the southern governor, Beauty Xiao.

At this moment, she only had a bathing robe wrapped around her body, obstructing the view of her twin peaks that would cause many to fantasize. However, there was just a simple knot linking her bathing robes together. She was barefooted and showed no restraint, freely revealing her beautiful legs for Di Tian to admire. Clearly, she just finished bathing.

Beauty Xiao exuded a natural fragrance, her slightly wet long hair draped around her shoulders, and her charming smile was truly mesmerizing to the extreme. Di Tian was already sweating, he then spoke, “Do you want me to come again later?”

“You’ve already seen my current state, what’s the point in coming again later?” Beauty Xiao giggled as she stared at Di Tian. “Why? Are the troubles your Emperor Pavilion is facing all settled?”

“Mhm, I came here specially to thank you.” Di Tian nodded.

“Oh? How do you want to thank me? Why don’t you help me change my clothes?” Beauty Xiao smiled. Di Tian replied, “Beauty Xiao, don’t you know that you would cause people to commit crimes by acting the way you are now?”

“Oh? I really want to see how you would commit the crime.” Beauty Xiao’s smile turned even more charming.

“As long Beauty Xiao is willing, I’m clear that I won’t suffer a disadvantage.” Di Tian slowly moved forward. Beauty Xiao laughed, “Still the same conditions. Remove your mask for me first. If not, I won’t even know what you look like and you would have already seen me naked. I would suffer too much of a disadvantage then.”

“Let’s forget about it then.” Di Tian shook his head. “Beauty, this time the troubles with regards to my business have been resolved. Many thanks, if you need me to do anything for you in the future, you can just directly pass on a message to me. This is my messaging crystal.”

Beauty Xiao laughed and sent a strand of her immortal sense in. After that, she took out her own messaging crystal and Di Tian also left his immortal sense inside it.

“I’ll bid farewell first. If I keep looking at you, I might not be able to control myself.” Di Tian laughed. After that, he turned and departed. Beauty Xiao’s smile grew even more charming, she has never met someone so interesting before. This fellow, what did he look like exactly?

“Qin Wentian of the northern city regions, Di Tian of the central city regions. Both their names have the character ‘Tian.’ How interesting. Before this, I was only interested in Qin Wentian but right now, that fellow is so low-profile that it’s frightening. To think that a fellow like Di Tian would appear in Xia Hou’s central city regions. The situation in this Lifire City is definitely going to be extremely interesting in the future.”

Beauty Xiao mumbled to herself, unconsciously comparing Qin Wentian and Di Tian. Qin Wentian was famous due to his exceptional combat prowess, able to slaughter his way into the Jialan Emperor Palace and fight against many peak-stage immortal emperors.

As for Di Tian, he was famous because of his capabilities in formations and weaponsmithing. He was able to forge high-grade emperor-ranked weapons with ease.

Between these two, which of them would be the more interesting one?


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