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Chapter 1589: Scandalous Rumors about the Governor’s Manor
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Di Tian spoke frankly, his tone was filled with grievance and he had exaggerated some matters. Back then, Xia Hou did want him to become a vice governor but Xia Hou had not mentioned anything about closing down his Emperor Pavilion or that he could only forge weapons for the Lifire Palace in the future. His words dragged Xia Hou into it, even dragging the Lifire Empyrean into it.

However, Di Tian didn’t feel that this was wrong. Xia Hou was clearly already making things up when he came by to recruit him, even lying saying that he was the one who recommended him to the Lifire Empyrean. After that, it was also true that the governor’s manor wanted his Emperor Pavilion to die off. Di Tian knows even without thinking that Xia Hou must have reported negatively about him after he returned, saying that he was disrespectful to the Lifire Empyrean.

Since this was the case, he naturally also wanted to pull the Lifire Empyrean into it. After all, the purpose of why he came, was to use Beauty Xiao to spread his words back to the Lifire Palace.

If the Lifire Empyrean knew that Xia Hou was the one who wanted to deal with him, defying his will, he would definitely be extremely unhappy. Xia Hou showed outward devotion but inner opposition, clearly only paying lip service to the Lifire Empyrean.

As for whether the empyrean would believe this or not, even if he doesn’t believe, he would also have some doubts in his heart. And as long as he investigates, he would learn that the Emperor Pavilion had really encountered trouble.

Beauty Xiao smiled at Di Tian, “And then?”

Di Tian stared at the alluring vixen as he sighed, “If this is really the case, I, Di, can only choose to leave. I’ll head towards the territories outside the Lifelong Realm.”

“You want me to pass the message for you?” Beauty Xiao looked at him, instantly guessing Di Tian’s objective. In truth, Di Tian actually wanted her to know his objective. He then took out an interspatial ring and passed it to her, “Beauty, these are the high-grade emperor stones you paid for the treasure at my auction in the past. How would I really want it? Please take them back.”

Beauty Xiao didn’t accept them. If she accepted them, it would have meant that she agreed to help Di Tian settle his problems.

“I only want to see your face.” Beauty Xiao revealed a mesmerizing smile.

“Because of some special reasons, it’s not suitable for me to reveal my features.” Di Tian shook his head.

“Can’t these stones make you remove your mask?” Beauty Xiao was still smiling, feeling more and more curious. An initial-stage immortal emperor, a grandmaster in formations and weaponsmithing, the founder of the Emperor Pavilion and this man was now preparing to engage Xia Hou in opposition. She really wanted to see the face under the mask, what sort of facial features would such a man have?

Di Tian still shook his head, his eyes staring right at Beauty Xiao.

However, the more he was like this, the stronger the curiosity Beauty Xiao felt. She then laughed, “Since this is the case, Grandmaster Di, please return.”

Di Tian smiled and nodded, “Governor Xiao, I have disturbed you. After our farewell today, I’m afraid it’s difficult for us to meet again. I’ll take my leave then.”

After speaking, he prepared to get up.

“You would rather give up the Emperor Pavilion that’s developing so well than to let me see your face? What sort of character are you exactly?” Beauty Xiao asked.

“Even if I have to restart everything again, given my ability in formations and weaponsmithing, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too tough for me to rise up even if I’m not in the Lifelong Realm. Right now, my cultivation might be slightly weaker. But the day I break through to the mid-stage, regardless of my combat prowess or weaponsmithing, they would both be strengthened by many times. At that time, when I encounter a governor like Xia Hou again, I wouldn’t give a damn about him anymore.”

Di Tian calmly spoke. The humble attitude and politeness he exuded earlier completely vanished. Right now, there was only the pride and arrogance from a grandmaster in both formations and weaponsmithing.

Maybe, the him now, was then the real him.

Beauty Xiao’s pretty eyes flashed with a bright light, staring at Di Tian. Such a Di Tian seemed more to her taste, she truly was extremely fond of such character.

Beauty Xiao then stood up, moving forth with the grace of lotus flowers as she arrived before Di Tian and sat down beside him. She, who was wearing such provocation clothing, actually paid no mind to it. Her alluring body directly laid down, leaning against his thigh. Given how close he was to that sexy figure, Di Tian’s heart trembled as his expression kept changing. What a vixen.

As long as he wanted to, he could touch places he shouldn’t touch the moment he stretched his hands out.

Staring at the expression changing in the eyes of Di Tian, Beauty Xiao giggled, fully blasting out the charm of an alluring beauty, seemingly allowing Di Tian to do whatever he wanted.

“Do you want to take me? If you do so, I’ll become your woman. I’ll naturally follow your instructions then.” Beauty Xiao’s alluring voice rang out. A smile flashed in Di Tian’s eyes. He stretched his hands out and stroked her soft skin, dishonestly roaming around. “Beauty, your identity is a governor. I initially didn’t dare to be disrespectful to you, yet you are so blatant in seducing me. Even if my state of heart is extraordinary, I won’t be able to endure much longer and will eat you up for sure. But I’ll make things clear first. I already have a family, even if I ate you up, I won’t be responsible for you. Don’t try to kill me then.”

A strange gleam of light flashed through Beauty Xiao’s eyes as she smiled, “Sure, if you are really extremely handsome, I won’t suffer any disadvantage even if you eat me up. Let me see your true face. If you are handsome, I’ll comply with all your wishes.”

Di Tian’s hands continued roaming, moving around her smooth skin. His hand even slipped into places that were forbidden but Beauty Xiao smiled even wider, grabbing hold of his hand and holding it an inch away before he touched her twin peaks.

“You haven’t shown me your face yet.” Beauty Xiao then stretched her other hand outwards, wanting to take off Di Tian’s mask, but before she could do so, Di Tian also grabbed hold of her hand and smiled while shaking his head, “No deal, I cannot endure for much longer. Let’s do the important things first.”

As he spoke, his hand exerted force and pushed against Beauty Xiao’s hand, shifting to her chest area. This caused Beauty Xiao to let out a slight moan that further stirred the fire in Di Tian’s heart. The look on her face showed that she also wanted more, yet her hand grabbed his even firmer. After that, with a twist of her body, she slid out of his touch. She stared at him, “You are truly audacious, you want my body even without showing me your face?”

“Governor, you should know how much charm you have. If it wasn’t for my state of heart being stable enough, I wouldn’t have been able to resist it since long ago.” Di Tian laughed. “In any case, I’ll leave these emperor stones with you. Regardless of whether you help me out or not, that treasure already belongs to you. Just take it that my earlier actions were taking advantage of you. After I return, I will temporarily close the Emperor Pavilion for three months. If this matter still isn’t settled after three months, I can only leave Lifire City then. Farewell.”

After speaking, Di Tian stood up and departed.

Beauty Xiao laughed as she watched Di Tian walking away. She walked to the side of the lake and stared at her reflection as her hands stroked her hair. “Is my body so lacking in terms of alluringness? I can’t even get him to remove his mask.”

She naturally knew that Di Tian was retreating under the guise of an advance, wanting to intentionally probe her bottom line. She was wondering that if she didn’t stop him, would Di Tian really dare to take her?

Her hands were then placed at the side of her clothing and with a gentle pull, a stunning sight that would cause the blood pressure of every man to rise was revealed. After that, she slowly stepped forward, wading into the lake. This scene was too beautiful.

Just like what Di Tian told Beauty Xiao. After he returned, he temporarily closed the Emperor Pavilion and sent out an announcement to Lifire city.

Recently, those customers who came to the Emperor Pavilion were all ambushed. There were major powers deliberately targeting the Emperor Pavilion and the Governor’s Manor didn’t manage to investigate anything at all. In order to protect the interest of the pavilion’s customers, the Emperor Pavilion decided to close shop for three months. Within these three months, if the governor’s manor still failed to find the mastermind of these incidents, the Emperor Pavilion shall be closed forever and might even be relocated to elsewhere.

If the governor’s manor can find the masterminds, on the day when the Emperor Pavilion reopens three months later, Grandmaster Di Tian would take out three unique treasures he forged for an auction.

At the end of the announcement, the Emperor Pavilion stated that although they were classified as a first-tier power, their actual strength was much weaker than that. They hoped the governor’s manor would put in their best efforts to seek out the masterminds on account of the astronomical amounts of tribute they had paid.

This announcement seemed relatively calm but many sighed in their hearts after they learned of it. By doing this, the Emperor Pavilion was cutting off their means of retreat, there were many hidden messages inside the announcement.

The announcement didn’t blame the governor’s manor at all, but the spearhead was definitely pointed to them. For example, they were treated as a first-tier power and had to offer first-tier contribution rates. Another example was that many incidents have occured, yet the governor’s manor couldn’t even find out any clues at all? They even say it plainly that they hoped the governor’s manor would put in their best efforts.

There wasn’t a single word in the announcement that blamed the governor’s manor, hence, there was no way they could refute.

Right now, many in Lifire City could already see that the major powers acting against the Emperor Pavilion must have obtained the silent approval of the governor’s manor. By doing this to deal with a major power in their own territories, forcing the Emperor Pavilion away? This was simply too shameless, they even forced the Emperor Pavilion to pay first-tier taxes and they still did such a thing in the dark.

For a period of time, many scandalous rumors against the central governor’s manor circulated around Lifire City. This was especially so from the major powers who had a good impression of Grandmaster Di Tian and had cooperated with him before. The Mo Clan was one of them. They even assisted in the dark, intending on blowing this matter up.

Hence, this announcement swiftly took the entire Lifire City by storm, alongside with the scandalous rumors.

As the storm raged fiercer, many people were silently impressed by the Emperor Pavilion’s methods, they were actually advancing in the guise of a retreat. If the Emperor Pavilion didn’t temporarily cease operations, it would only gave rise to more panic and affect their human flow and popularity.

But now, after the announcement was out, many people started to pay closer attention to the Emperor Pavilion. If they failed to tide over this, the Emperor Pavilion will move away and the governor’s manor would definitely have a stain on their reputation. If the matter is resolved, given how much attention people were paying to the Emperor Pavilion, there was no need to worry that their popularity would dip when they reopened three months later.

Right now, inside the central governor’s manor, Xia Hou was raging. Killing intent gushed forth from him and he wanted nothing more than to send subordinates to tear the Emperor Pavilion down. However, from the start until now, the Emperor Pavilion didn’t even say anything against them. Even if he wanted to pin a crime on the Emperor Pavilion, he had no way to do so. Also, he did classify them as a tier-one power and place them in the tier-one tax bracket. He had no choice but to admit that.

“Di Tian, you even dare to reject me and even want to counter-attack? In that case, I will wait three months later for you to scram!” Xia Hou raged.


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