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Chapter 1588: Ruthless Method
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The auctions of the Emperor Pavilion grew more and more prosperous. Many came because of its fame and were willing to hand their treasures to the Emperor Pavilion for them to auction away. Although because the Emperor Pavilion just recently rose up, the quality of treasures people sent here wasn’t that high, but they were slowly accumulating popularity bit by bit.

In addition, the Emperor Pavilion would take out a treasure personally forged by Di Tian to auction away every month. The crowd discovered that these treasures forged by Di Tian were all extraordinary and have been so for many months. Eventually, everyone concluded something. Valuable treasures would definitely appear every time Grandmaster Di’s items are within the auction. Hence, during then, the Emperor Pavilion would always be exceptionally lively.

Although usually there wouldn’t be many people, Mo Fei wasn’t worried. As long as they continued down this path, he believed that the Emperor Pavilion’s auctions would grow more and more prosperous. Right now, their transaction grounds were expanding too as more and more people were keen to use it as a trading venue.

Everything was developing in the right direction.

He and Mo Junyi will be here for a hundred years. They believed that the Emperor Pavilion can definitely be developed into a major power.

Today, it was auction day for Di Tian’s personal creations once again. It was a mid-stage emperor weapon and was a stone monument. This stone monument was created from special materials and had terrifying runes engraved on it. The moment it unleashed its might, it was able to suppress one’s enemies with an absolute sealing force. Right now, everyone knew that Grandmaster Di Tian’s forging ability grew stronger and stronger and there were more varieties of treasures being created. He was truly a rare genius.

It was only unknown how long Grandmaster Di Tian had cultivated for and what he looked like. Right now, there was no one who has seen Di Tian’s face before. Even Mo Junyi and his serving girl Little Zhu, had never seen his features before. Naturally, both of them wanted very much to see it.

After the auction ended, everyone felt that it ended too fast but had no choice and had to accept reality as they left respectively.

After the auction today ended. Mo Fei and Mo Junyi also heaved a sigh of relief. Mo Fei smiled, “The Emperor Pavilion is continuing its expansion. I’m worried that with our current number of employees, we might not be able to handle future operations. Let’s hope that more people will express their will to join us after seeing how prosperous the Emperor Pavilion has gotten.”

“Mhm.” Mo Junyi nodded lightly.

“Little miss, it has been tough on you.” Mo Fei glanced at Mo Junyi.

“I’m alright.” Mo Junyi casually smiled. Mo Fei cast a deep glance at her as he laughed, “What a pity, Grandmaster Di Tian is really like a piece of rock in terms of emotions.”

“Grand supervisor.” At this moment, a figure hurried over. It was an immortal emperor contracted to the Emperor Pavilion.

“What’s the matter?” Mo Fei saw the look of panic on the emperor’s face and involuntarily asked.

“Something happened. The person who successfully bid for pavilion lord’s personally forged treasure was injured and robbed by someone after the auction ended. Not only so, for those who successfully bid for the other treasures today, their gains were all plundered away too.” That immortal emperor spoke. Mo Fei instantly sat up as he felt a chill in his heart.

As an elder of the Mo Clan as well as his cultivation base at the peak-stage of the immortal emperor realm, Mo Fei was someone who had seen many things before. He instantly felt that something was wrong.

His eyes flashed with terrifying coldness as he clenched his fist, “There’s someone deliberately targeting our Emperor Pavilion.”

“Grand supervisor, you mean that this incident isn’t a simple case of robbery? It’s a case of deliberately targeting our Emperor Pavilion?” That immortal emperor had some doubts.

“Given how ruthless this plan is, and the scale of the plunder, ordinary powers would never be able to accomplish this. One has to know that the experts who successfully bid for treasures were all extremely powerful, all of them are immortal emperors. How could their treasures be stolen and they were even injured? Clearly, this is a detailed plan that’s targeted at our Emperor Pavilion.”

The look in Mo Fei’s eyes was extremely cold. “After this news circulates out, I’m afraid many people would start to doubt our integrity, saying that all the treasures auctioned by us to the customers would be robbed away. Although no one would be foolish enough to say that we are the ones who did it, this incident would undoubtedly affect their trust.”

“We have to take drastic measures to handle this.” When that immortal emperor heard Mo Fei’s explanation, he also felt that Mo Fei’s guess was right.

“I’m just thinking how could our development be so smooth and there are no commotions at all from our competitors. Right now, the thing I fear has finally arrived. The moment they act, they did so in such a ruthless manner, wanting to sever our future path of development.” Mo Fei’s eyes gleamed sharply. Mo Junyi then asked, “Who do you suspect?”

“Our Emperor Pavilion should have obstructed the profits of some businesses, they should be the ones targeting us from the dark.” Mo Fei spoke. “Also, only those major powers had the ability to do such a thing.”

“Go and make a report to the governor’s manor immediately and get them to investigate fully.” Mo Fei spoke to the immortal emperor. That person nodded before turning and departing, speeding straight towards the governor’s manor.

After he left, Mo Fei was still frowning.

“Little miss, I feel somewhat worried.” Mo Fei mumbled. Mo Junyi glanced at him, “What are you worried about?”

“I’m afraid that the governor’s manor might have given silent approval for these powers to act.” Mo Fei glanced at her, his words causing Mo Junyi’s expression to change. “The governor’s manor is responsible for the law and order here. They shouldn’t do such a thing, right?”

“You might not know, but Di Tian has offended Xia Hou before. Although it’s something that cannot be avoided, you must know that Xia Hou always has a tyrannical and arrogant personality. He might harbor hatred in his heart. If those major powers were to do something, it’s very possible that Xia Hou might close one eye to them. In this case, our Emperor Pavilion would find it hard to rise up and might even close down.” One couldn’t help but to say that Mo Fei’s guess was quite accurate.

“Since this is the case, we can only temporarily wait and see.” Mo Junyi spoke.

“Mhm, let’s look at the governor’s manor’s attitude.” Mo Fei nodded lightly.

Di Tian soon learned of this news and was extremely unhappy about it. Just like what Mo Fei anticipated, their enemies must have planned it out, they couldn’t even find out who was the mastermind after their investigations.

The governor’s manor sent a response saying that they were currently investigating the matter but there were no leads yet.

Right now in the Emperor Pavilion, Di Tian, Mo Fei and Mo Junyi were all present.

“How are the recent auctions?” Di Tian asked.

“The number of people is fewer compared to the past.” Mo Fei replied.

“What about the situation over at the governor’s manor? Any news from them?”

“Mhm, everything in the governor’s manor seemed to be usual. They did not capture anyone for questioning and the number of people they sent to investigate this case seem to be non-existent.” Mo Fei replied. Di Tian turned silent. His fingers drummed on the armrest of his chair as he slowly closed his eyes.

“Everyone, do you all have any ideas?” Di Tian asked but no one replied. Only after a long time did Mo Fei replied, “If it’s the governor’s manor silently abetting them, leaving aside the fact that even we could find some clues, everything would be useless. Their authority is greater compared to us.”

“In that case, let things be like this for now then.” Di Tian stood up and left the grand hall directly. Mo Fei silently sighed. Such incidents were common in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, the other party need not clash with you head on and can let you die without a burial place, turning your many years of effort into dust.

The Emperor Pavilion carried on business as usual. After that, more and more of such plunders occured. In truth, Mo Fei had already sent more guards there but there were simply too many who came to the transaction grounds. It was impossible for the guards to protect everyone.

Gradually, news unfavorable to the Emperor Pavilion started spreading around Lifire City. The Emperor Pavilion has encountered trouble, it would be best to be more cautious whether you are participating in an auction there or using the venue as a transaction grounds. This news was undoubtedly fatal to the profits of the Emperor Pavilion and it caused the human flow to lessen. Once again, after someone successfully bid for a treasure forged by Di Tian, he was injured and robbed after he departed the Emperor Pavilion. The Emperor Pavilion was instantly engulfed by a storm of negative rumors.

If this continued on, although everyone clearly knew how good Di Tian’s creations were, no one would dare to head to the Emperor Pavilion for the auctions.

The number of people patronizing the Emperor Pavilion would grow fewer and fewer and this, to a business, was undoubtedly a path of destruction.

Today, in the governor’s manor of the southern city regions, a special guest came to visit. This person was extremely famous and many in Lifire City heard of his name before. Even their southern governor had bought a treasure, which he forged, in an auction.

Hence, after learning of his identity, Beauty Xiao naturally personally received this guest.

In the elegant courtyard with the beautiful scenery, Beauty Xiao was dressed even more provocatively compared to the last time. Her clothing was so thin that they were almost translucent. Her devil-like figure was faintly discernible through her clothing, causing lust to stir the hearts of men who saw her.

“Grandmaster Di, why are you so free to pay me a visit?” Beauty Xiao smiled charmingly. The two of them sat by the lake with a table filled with delicacies before them. All the serving girls were already sent away by Beauty Xiao.

The pavilion by the lake, the false mountains and peach blossoms. Such scenery coupled with an alluring woman like Beauty Xiao, was truly captivating. This was especially so when Di Tian looked at the soul-stirring eyes of Beauty Xiao, even someone with his iron will felt distracted. But after a few moments, he regained self-control and spoke, “Recently, I encountered a troublesome matter and wish to ask Governor Xiao for some advice.”

“Oh?” Beauty Xiao smiled. “Grandmaster Di, you can directly call me Beauty Xiao. I wonder, what’s the matter?”

Asking people to refer to her as Beauty Xiao, this Beauty Xiao was truly narcissistic enough.

“Some time ago, Governor Xia Hou came to my pavilion and told me a piece of news. He said that he recommended me to the Lifire Empyrean and the Lifire Empyrean was very pleased with me, telling him to grant me the position of a vice governor. Xia Hou wants me to join his governor’s manor and close down my Emperor Pavilion, I can only forge weapons solely for the governor’s manor in the future and I still needed to create more treasures to give as tributes to the Lifire Palace.” Di Tian slowly spoke. “With such conditions, how could I agreed to him? The Emperor Pavilion was established solely by me and I’m long used to being free and unrestricted. This is the reason why I took the risk and rejected Governor Xia Hou’s invitation, despite knowing that the Lifire Empyrean might be unhappy.”

There was no change to Beauty Xiao’s expression, she smiled at Di Tian, causing Di Tian to silently marvel that she wasn’t a simple character.

“After that, Governor Xia then ruthlessly told me that if I don’t obey the Empyrean’s order, just be prepared and wait for my Emperor Pavilion to close down. I, Di, am completely speechless, I didn’t think that the Lifire Empyrean would make a move to deal with a minor character like me. However, recently, my Emperor Pavilion encountered many plundering incidents, those who won treasures from auctions were all robbed and the governor’s manor ignored all my requests for help. Even those who use my venue as a free trading ground would run into trouble. This is extremely unfair, my Emperor Pavilion is, after all, classified by Governor Xia Hou as a first-tier power and when tribute collection day comes, we contributed plenty of resources. Yet now, we are actually receiving such a treatment? I, Di, feel a chill in my heart. Hence, I want to ask Beauty Xiao if it’s really the case that there’s no place for me in this vast Lifire City?”


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