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Chapter 1586: Lifire Empyrean’s Attention
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After all, Mo Junyi was the daughter of the Mo Aristocrat Clan’s Clan Leader. Just like what Lin Ba has said, if it wasn’t because Di Tian could forge high-grade emperor-ranked weapons, it was impossible for her to be sent to the Emperor Pavilion. Mo Fei wouldn’t come here to become the grand supervisor as well.

Before this, Mo Junyi was truly a little unwilling. But now, she gradually got used to it. Although it wasn’t really elegant for the young miss of an aristocrat clan to work outside her clan’s business, she could sufficiently cause the crowd’s excitement to stir for every auction. This caused her to feel some pride. Also, for the divine weapons she auctioned off, each of them had fetched a heavenly price.

At this moment, her beautiful eyes glanced at Di TIan who was beside her. Di Tian took a step forward and smiled, “In order to test the might of this emperor-ranked weapon, I need a peak-stage immortal emperor character to cooperate with me. I wonder if there are any among the crowd willing to try it?”

“Let me do it.” Before the crowd could react, a racy figure directly soared through the air. Everyone turned their gazes over only to freeze. They only saw a pair of lanky snow-white legs that exuded immense charm. Just looking at the figure of this person alone was enough to cause their blood to surge. She truly had a devil-like figure.

“Grandmaster Di Tian, how about allowing me to cooperate with you?” This figure was actually none other than Beauty Xiao. When Di Tian saw her appearing before him, he was stunned as well. After that, he nodded, “Sure.”

The crowd was fixated on Beauty Xiao. Her beauty somehow could stir up a primal desire in men, and she had no qualms about dressing provocatively, revealing the most blood-stirring parts of her body to everyone.

“She must be Governor Beauty Xiao of the Southern City Regions.” Those of the major powers could recognize her. Their eyes flashed with brightness, this Beauty Xiao had always done things strangely and had a bizarre personality. To think that she would actually appear here today because of Grandmaster Di’s auction.

Di Tian soared into the air. Beauty Xiao was immersed in astral light, which further increased her charm. She smiled at Di Tian, “Grandmaster Di, where is the divine weapon?”

Di Tian waved his hand as a black gate appeared. This was a physical gate of sealing, there were many runes inscribed on the gate, forming a mysterious diagram that was capable of absorbing astral light. The gate also clearly emitted a terrifying sealing might which caused the space itself to tremble.

“You have to be careful okay?” Beauty Xiao had an enticing smile on her face. Emperor light flared as her powerful law domain took form. In an instant, only the beautiful images of Beauty Xiao filled the area. Each of the images were actually a true body, and were all making provocative movements designed to fill their target’s heart with lust. The crowd below was instantly stunned as they felt their consciousness growing blurry, their wills being trapped. In their vision, only that impossibly alluring figure remained.

Di Tian’s hands waved as beams of light radiated from the sealing gate. It spun about madly and under the shocked gazes of the crowd, the images of Beauty Xiao were all trapped inside sealing diagrams, unable to move anymore. As the sealing light brightened, all the images were completely sealed away.

Beauty Xiao’s true self appeared. She stretched out a finger and a rainbow-colored light that was brimming with a supreme destructive might, capable of destroying everything appeared. It was simply inconceivable to imagine such a beautiful woman was able to unleash such a fearsome attack.

“Phantasm Kill Finger, Beauty Xiao is actually willing to really make her move against him.” Lin Ba’s eyes flashed, staring at the air filled with finger light. The power that radiated forth was enough to sever space.

But at this moment, the sealing diagrams manifested earlier all converged into a gigantic version. Regardless of the power of the finger stab, the gigantic sealing diagram absorbed all the attacking energy within.

“So tyrannical?” Beauty Xiao smiled. She continued unleashing more finger strikes. The Phantasm Killing Finger was extremely powerful, she intended to tear the spatial diagram apart, wanting to push Di Tian’s emperor-ranked weapon to its limits.

As she attacked, Beauty Xiao’s charming smile never faded. The sealing gate spun frenziedly, shimmering with a resplendent glow, wanting to seal this entire space completely. After some time, the sealing light produced by the gate actually slowly forced the finger imprints to dissipate as its glow shone upon Beauty Xiao. Beauty Xiao’s figure flashed, an instant later, she appeared at her original location before the fight started. Her smile was as charming and mesmerizing as ever.

“What a powerful treasure.” Her eyes gleamed with a bright light. After that, she returned to her seat. Everyone in the crowd had expressions of excitement on their faces. They naturally could feel how terrifying that sealing gate was. It was actually able to produce a law domain of its own, simply too powerful.

“Anyone else who wants to try it out?” Di Tian asked.

“There’s no need to. Grandmaster Di, how much for this emperor-ranked treasure?” Someone asked.

“Haha, such a supreme treasure is truly rare. Grandmaster Di’s forging abilities are much stronger compared to the past.”

The expression of Grandmaster Xuanming, who was among the crowd, sank when he heard that. Right now, the strength of the emperor-ranked divine artifacts created by Di Tian was something he couldn’t forge.

“I will hand over matters regarding the auction to Junyi.” Di Tian laughed and landed on the auction stage, placing the sealing gate beside Mo Junyi.

Mo Junyi rolled her eyes at him. After that, she smiled at the guests, “I believe everyone is already impatient to get started. The starting bid for this treasure will be set at 10,000 high-grade emperor stones. If anyone wants to use other treasures in addition to stones for the trade, the treasures offered can be counted as stones as well.”

A truly terrifying price.

The hearts of the crowd trembled but this was within their expectations. Such a powerful treasure could be used directly to fight against a peak-stage immortal emperor. As evidenced by earlier, although Beauty Xiao’s attacks were powerful, they were all negated by this treasure. If a peak-stage immortal emperor was the one using this treasure, he would undoubtedly become a tiger that is given wings.

However, even among peak-stage immortal emperors, there weren’t many who could afford this price.

“20,000 high-grade emperor stones.” Beauty Xiao smiled, directly doubling the bid. Many people sighed in their hearts, they could only spectate.

Di Tian was very calm, watching the bidding price rising higher and higher. Eventually, this emperor-ranked treasure, the sealing gate, was sold away for 53,000 high-grade emperor stones, bought away by Beauty Xiao. Many were shocked by her generosity, but those who knew of her identity didn’t find it strange. As the governor of the southern city regions, Beauty Xiao was naturally extremely wealthy.

After that, the grand supervisor of the Emperor Pavilion Mo Fei, walked up the stage and announced that they were formally becoming an auction house, as well as everything Di Tian wanted him to say. This news instantly caused a commotion. So it turned out that this was the true purpose of the Emperor Pavilion.

By doing auctions and being a transaction ground, as long as the crowd keeps coming for the unique treasures forged by Di Tian, the Emperor Pavilion would become a brand new first-tier power sooner or later.

However, many major powers have already guessed it, they didn’t feel this was strange.

After everyone left, the news here naturally swiftly circulated around. Di Tian and the sealing gate once again became the topic of interest for many in Lifire City. For a period of time, his name was like the sun in the sky. Who could forge such a terrifying emperor-ranked treasure at the initial-stage of the immortal emperor realm?

Everyone then knew that Grandmaster Di Tian’s future, was boundless.

Not long after the auction at the Emperor Pavilion ended, the five governors of Lifire City finished tribute collection and once again gathered at the Lifire Palace.

According to the usual rules, the Lifire Empyrean and Grand Governor Zhuge Xiong personally met with the five of them. Qin Wentian was naturally here as well.

The five governors handed over the tributes collected, and the two serving ladies of the Lifire Empyrean returned 10% to them. After that, they silently transmitted a message to the Lifire Empyrean which caused him to smile as he glanced at Qin Wentian. “Qin Wentian, what are you busy with these few days.”

“I’ve been busy with my cultivation.” Qin Wentian replied.

“Is the pressure very great in the northern city regions?” The Lifire Empyrean seemed to be very concerned about him. Qin Wentian shook his head, “Your subordinate is ashamed, after taking on this role for twenty-plus years, yet I still made no contributions. Many people are even saying that this subordinate didn’t even dare to step out of my governor manor, how can I say that I’m pressured?”

“Oh? So you know about it?” Xia Hou coldly snorted. “I heard that the situation in the northern city regions is still the same as before. Many powers are unwilling to pay tax and you kept closing one eye. Are you really up for it to take on the position as a governor?”

“Xia Hou, the palace lord has given him a time period of a hundred years around twenty years ago. It has merely been one-fifth of the time, I believe Governor Qin will know what to do.” Zhuge Xiong smiled at Qin Wentian, yet Qin Wentian lowered his head and didn’t reply. This governor who killed three of his vice governors the instant he took over back then, was actually so low-profile now, staying in closed-door seclusion for his cultivation, not giving a damn about the tribute collection situation in the north. Qin Wentian now seemed like a puppet head and was merely idling away.

“Grand Governor is right, it’s just that I disapprove of some people.” Xia Hou coldly gazed at Qin Wentian.

“Xia Hou. After all, Wentian only became the governor of the northern city regions for twenty years. He is not like you whose foundation is already stable. In any case, I heard that a grandmaster in the arts of formations and weaponsmithing by the name of Di Tian has appeared in your central city regions? In fact, even Beauty Xiao personally went to the auction to purchase a treasure. Was there such a matter?” The Lifire Empyrean smiled as he asked. The eyes of Qin Wentian, who had lowered his head, flashed with sharpness. However, he merely silently listened on as he stood there quietly.

This matter drew the attention of the Lifire Empyrean so quickly?

“Palace lord, there’s really such an incident. However, the story is somewhat exaggerated.” Xia Hou replied.

“Oh?” The Lifire Empyrean smiled. “Anyway to recruit him?”

“Palace lord, this subordinate long wanted to recruit him, I even offered the position of a vice-governor to him should he agreed to join but he still rejected the offer.” Xia Hou replied.

“Xia Hou, you should know that there’s always a lack of weaponsmiths, even for my Lifire Palace, we are lacking in such talents. Put in more effort and try again. You can hint to him that there might be a position equal to a governor prepared for him. If you really need to, you can just say that this seat is interested in him.” The Lifire Empyrean smiled. Xia Hou nodded, “This subordinate understands and will do my best to get him to join us.”

“Good.” The Lifire Empyrean waved his hand in dismissal. “You guys can return first.”

“Yes, Palace Lord.” The five of them bowed and retreated, departing the area.


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