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Chapter 1584: Expansion of the Emperor Pavillion
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The sealing sword was won by Mo Fei, everyone naturally congratulated him. Di Tian glanced at the others and smiled, “Today, other than this auction, there’s actually another thing I wish to announce.”

“Oh?” The crowd turned to Qin Wentian, feeling somewhat curious.

Could it be that there are some other joyous matters?

“Everyone should have already seen this, the amount of land my Emperor Pavilion covers isn’t small and can hold many people. Hence, I decided to turn the Emperor Pavilion into a transaction ground. If there are any friends willing to come here to do a transaction between parties, or just selling it to me, I will not earn a single cent from it and will provide the Emperor Pavilion as a venue to do free trading. Also, for the tax needed to be paid to the governor’s manor from the transactions, my Emperor Pavilion will bear the cost of it.” Di Tian smiled.

Mo Junyi’s eyes flashed. Her father’s words to her years ago seemed to be pretty accurate.

Di Tian’s ambitions truly don’t simply lie in weaponsmithing. He actually wanted to open a transaction ground. This ought to merely be the first step in his grand scheme of plans.

After the matter today spread out, Di Tian’s fame will definitely increase explosively. An initial-stage immortal emperor able to create high-grade emperor-ranked weapons, how could it not shock the entire city? Once news about this spread, many people would definitely come to this place on account of its reputation and start transacting here.

“In order to manage my pavilion, I still need to hire some experts to help me. I don’t dare to say that their benefits would be extremely good, but it will at least be equal to the pay offered by the governor’s manor. As long as there are people willing to trust I, Di, I will definitely not mistreat any of them. As for the period of time the contact will bind them for, let it be ten years. After every ten years, the hired employees can renegotiate their benefits and they can leave if they are unhappy about it. I will not obstruct them.” Di Tian continued, the beautiful eyes of the serving girl beside him blinked. Was Di Tian finally planning to expand?

“Lastly, at this date every month, I will take out an emperor-ranked weapon to auction. At this date every year, I will take out a high-grade emperor-ranked weapon to auction. If everyone likes it, I welcome everyone to participate at the auction that will be organized.” Di Tian smiled. Everyone was shocked by his message, their hearts pounding rapidly. Everyone had personally seen the power of the black sword that was auctioned away earlier. That sword contained a sealing ability that could seal the law energy of the sword-user’s opponent. It was extremely effective in combat.

Given Di Tian’s fame, his future auctions would definitely be filled to the brim.

“Alright, that’s all I have to say. I hope everyone can help me pass the message around and advertise a little. In addition, I also welcome you guys to frequent my place.” Di Tian clasped his hands to everyone as he laughed, his manner extremely polite. Everyone started to bid their farewells and departed. There were some major powers who remained behind, exchanging some words with Di Tian before they left. Mo Fei smiled at Di Tian, “This move of yours is truly ruthless. Let’s hear it, are your plans for the Emperor Pavilion being a transaction ground only a temporary one? Your final plan is to become an auction house, right?”

“Elder Mo Fei is truly intelligent. It’s just that auction houses and transaction grounds share no conflict, right? One is to sell treasures, the other is to procure treasures.” Di Tian laughed.

“Good idea, but you will need time to consolidate everything. Even if you can grow your wealth quickly, you would need endless treasures to support the cycle of an auction house. You also need to gain the trust of others so they are willing to bring their treasures here to be auctioned away. In that case, you will need good human-flow and from that perspective, this piece of land you own, is actually considered a little too small.” Mo Fei stated.

“That is why before we start being an auction house, I will only auction away my own creations. This is also why I want to make the Emperor Pavilion into a transaction ground where people can transact and trade for free. As time passes, the fame of my place will spread and it will naturally generate more human-flow to the extent where this piece of land would become one of the more prosperous transaction grounds. At that time, if this place is really too small, we can always purchase another larger piece of land.” Di Tian smiled.

“Seems like you have it all planned out. In that case, I shall wait to see with anticipation.” Mo Fei looked at Di Tian as he spoke.

Mo Junyi’s beautiful eyes flickered with a gentle smile. “You are really such a strange person. I truly wish to see the face under the mask.”

“Since I’m a strange person, I naturally am extremely ugly.” Di Tian laughed. Mo Junyi rolled her eyes, “Why don’t I believe you at all?”

“Alright. Let me head back to report to my clan leader first.” Mo Fei bid farewell and left.

“Sir.” After everyone left, the serving girl glanced at Qin Wentian, wanting to say something but she hesitated.

“What’s the matter?” Qin Wentian asked.

“After the Emperor Pavilion is expanded, there would surely be many people around sir. Little Zhu…” The serving girl weakly spoke. Di Tian laughed and looked at her, “Little Zhu, after the Emperor Pavilion is expanded, you will hold the position of the grand supervisor.”

“Many thanks Sir.” The serving girl happily smiled. “I don’t need the position of the grand supervisor, I just want to take charge of all the other serving females.”

Di Tian’s face filled with black lines, glancing at the little lass. There seemed to be several possible meanings in her words.

Little Zhu also understood that she might have said the wrong thing. Her eyes showed signs of evasion and she directly sneaked away, causing mirth to appear in Qin Wentian’s eyes.

The news of the Emperor Pavilion quickly circulated out with shocking speed, throughout the entire Lifire City.

A formations grandmaster was already enough to be extremely famous. For a formations grandmaster that can smith high-grade emperor-ranked weapons, his fame was enough to break out of the central city regions and throughout the boundlessly vast Lifire City.

Weaponsmiths were after all, important characters that major powers paid much attention to.

This is especially so because Di Tian’s rise to fame now was after he trampled on Grandmaster Xuanming.

Grandmaster Xuanming was a character that was famous long ago. This time, he intially wanted to humiliate Di Tian but his face got smacked instead. Not only him, the Yan Clan and Liu Clan had thoroughly lost face together. This incident was already sufficient to cause a huge commotion. No wonder Grandmaster Di Tian refused to accept Liu Feibai’s challenge. It wasn’t that he was weak. It was because Liu Feibai was simply not qualified to be his opponent.

Although Liu Feibai can be considered a talented genius, but what sort of character was Grandmaster Di Tian? He was someone that can create high-grade emperor-ranked weapons and his status wasn’t something Liu Feibai could compare to.

Hence, the Emperor Pavilion became extremely lively in the span of one night. Many experts came here, showing interest to be employed. There were many unaffiliated immortal kings willing to serve the Emperor Pavilion. Given Grandmaster Di Tian’s capabilities, his earnings in the future would definitely be immeasurable and he shouldn’t mistreat them. Little Zhu, then recruited a few female immortal kings to help her work for Di Tian. These female immortal kings were all from minor clans in Lifire City. Since they could serve such a prestigious grandmaster, their clans naturally had no objections.

What made Di Tian feel like laughing was that the way Little Zhu recruited people, was very strange to watch. She would choose beautiful females, but they couldn’t be too beautiful. At the very least, she had to be more beautiful than them…

But even so, the number of customers coming here to transact was still not too many. After all, there were several other transaction grounds in Lifire City. When many people wanted to trade, they would naturally prefer places with the most people. Although Di Tian was now very famous, the Emperor Pavilion still didn’t have enough fame as a transaction ground yet. What was the point of coming here to trade their treasures if there were no people to trade with?

After all, the Emperor Pavilion was just newly established, it wasn’t ‘mature’ enough yet.

But another piece of news soon circulated out. The Mo Clan actually allied with the Emperor Pavilion. An elder of the Mo Clan, Mo Fei, would become the grand supervisor of the Emperor Pavilion, and Mo Junyi the daughter of Mo Clan’s clan leader, Mo Ting, has also joined the Emperor Pavilion. She would be in charge of all future auctions for the weapons that Grandmaster Di creates. Also, the two of them sent out news saying that they would hold these positions for a hundred years. This meant that for the next hundred years, Mo Fei and Mo Junyi could be considered the Emperor Pavilion’s people.

Mo Fei was an elder of the Mo Clan, and Mo Junyi could be considered a ‘princess’ character of the Mo Clan. Both of them had very high statuses but they were willing to work for the Emperor Pavilion. For a period of time, the external world was shaken by this commotion, this even caused two immortal emperors to express their will to join as they signed a ten-year contract. During these ten years, they would follow the Emperor Pavilion’s orders while Di Tian will pay them remuneration equal to their services.

Right now in the Emperor Pavilion, Di Tian, Mo Fei, and Mo Junyi were all present. Di Tian took out an interspatial ring and handed it over to Mo Junyi, “These are some of the divine weapons I forged during these days. It should be able to sustain quite a few years worth of auctions. Junyi, you can arrange the auction schedule by yourself. I will hand the responsibility of this fully to you.”

“You trust me so much?” Mo Junyi gently smiled, winking at Qin Wentian.

“In the future, the development of my Emperor Pavilion will depend on you. How can I not trust you?” Di Tian laughed.

“I don’t have such great capabilities.” Mo Junyi’s lips twitched.

“Who says you don’t? Just based on your beauty alone, as long as you are present, the profits of my Emperor Pavilion would definitely jump many times upwards.” Di Tian joked. Mo Fei and Little Zhu both laughed. Mo Junyi couldn’t help but to glare at Qin Wentian.

“Elder Mo Fei.” Di Tian called out.

“Pavilion Lord, you should refer to me as the grand supervisor instead. At least, for the next hundred years.” Mo Fei smiled.

“Alright, grand supervisor. In the future, the responsibilities of the Emperor Pavilion will be handed to you fully as well. I’m planning to focus on cultivation for a period of time, you are solely in charge of all minor and major matters for the Emperor Pavilion.” Di Tian smiled.

“What? The Emperor Pavilion just got established and you are already prepared to ‘abandon’ it?” Mo Fei was dumbfounded.

“Who asked you to take the initiative to ally with me? Hahaha, in any case, there are many matters with managing a business that I’m not as proficient in as you. Since you and Junyi are here, along with Little Zhu, I can rest easy. Just remember to help me buy more rare materials, I will just be in charge of forging more divine weapons.” Di Tian laughed. He had already planned to outsource management to others, it was just that he didn’t expect the Mo Clan would take the initiative to help him out.

He naturally understood the Mo Clan’s intentions. As long as the Mo Clan helped him to expand, he would naturally not forget about them in the future.

“Truly ruthless decision-making indeed.” Mo Fei speechlessly said.

“Haha, it’s settled then.” Di Tian laughed. After speaking, he really turned and left. Mo Fei and Mo Junyi both stared at his back speechlessly.

A month after Di Tian’s first auction, the Emperor Pavilion auctioned it’s second created emperor-ranked weapon.

The Emperor Pavilion was filled with people, it was unknown how many experts attended. All of them came here because of Di Tian’s fame and because they wanted to view Di Tian’s creation personally. Hence, many people also chose to transact here today.

The auction went very smoothly, it was also another weapon with sealing attributes. Although it was a mid-grade emperor weapon, many people were keen to purchase it. There were also many transactions done here today, many even thought that the Emperor Pavilion had become a matured transaction ground. Sadly, after the auction day ended, many people shifted their businesses elsewhere again.

Hence, the grand supervisor Mo Fei couldn’t help but add a rule. For those who wish to attend the auction but didn’t successfully bid for the item, they had to sign a one year contract with the Emperor Pavilion. Out of one year, they have to transact their items here for at least a hundred days. If not, they shouldn’t expect to be able to come here again for the other auctions in the future due to the massive number of people attending.

Such a method was actually effective contrary to many initial objections about it. Next, many people signed the one-year contract with the Emperor Pavilion and its reputation as a transaction grounds slowly rose and more and more people participated!


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