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Chapter 1583: Complete Loss of Face
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Emperor-ranked weapon. Not only was it an emperor-ranked weapon, from the aura it radiated, it was a high-grade emperor-ranked weapon!

Di Tian, an initial-stage immortal emperor, could actually forge a high-grade emperor-ranked weapon.

Weaponsmithing was different from inscribing formations. Knowing formations was just the base of weaponsmithing. Weaponsmithing was much more complicated in comparison.

High-grade emperor-ranked weapons were able to boost a peak-stage immortal emperor’s combat prowess. If an emperor had a weapon like that, their strength would explosively increase. From this, one could very well tell how valuable such weapons are. Although there were many emperors in the vast Lifire City, peak-stage emperors were still considered upper echelon characters.

From this, one could tell how highly sought after weaponsmiths were who can create high-grade emperor-rank weapons.

This was why Grandmaster Xuanming was so highly esteemed, even Yan Feng had to call him grandmaster. That was why even in Di Tian’s territory, there were still people speaking up for Grandmaster Xuanming. There were no other reasons, the only reason was because he could forge high-grade emperor weapons. Even peak-stage immortal emperors needed to defer to him. And as for mid-stage and initial-stage emperors, any casual creations from Grandmaster Xuanming would have them going crazy, treating the creations as treasures. Who wouldn’t respect such a grandmaster? Who didn’t want a good relationship with such a grandmaster?

But right now, Di Tian actually also could create a high-grade emperor-ranked weapon.

For a period of time, everyone turned silent as their hearts pounded. They knew that from this moment onwards, the status of Grandmaster Di Tian would be different from before.

Grandmaster Xuanming and Yan Feng both had extremely ugly looks on their faces. Even the people of the Liu Clan had froze.

Only Mo Fei from the Mo Clan felt joy. His heart pounded rapidly, this was a high-grade emperor weapon! Seems like building up a good relationship with Di Tian was a correct decision on their part.

Mo Junyi, who was standing behind him, had a bright light flashing through her eyes. This fellow was so powerful?

“Grandmaster Xuanming. Is this, a trash product?” Di Tian pointed the sword in his hand towards Grandmaster Xuanming as he coldly mocked. Xuanming’s expression turned ashen. Not too long ago, he was insulting Di Tian, saying that the weapon he created was trash. What treasures could an initial-stage emperor forge? Everything was just a farce.

But in the blink of an eye, Di Tian actually took out a high-grade emperor weapon. How face smacking was this?

“Not respecting my seniors?” Di Tian didn’t intend to spare his opponents at all. Since this Grandmaster Xuanming came here voluntarily asking for his face to be smacked, he will do the same as he did to the Yan Clan and trample on Grandmaster Xuanming to prove his weaponsmithing abilities. In that case, the fame gained would surely be even higher.

“Full of insulting words, only knowing how to depend on your seniority. Do you really feel that you are worthy of the title ‘senior’?” Di Tian asked.

“Arrogant. So what even if you can forge this emperor weapon? This is merely the simplest high-grade emperor weapon. Grandmaster Xuanming could already do this many years ago, what qualifications do you have to boast in front of him? You are truly ignorant.” Yan Feng was now already mounted on the back of a tiger, it was difficult for him to dismount and hence, he can only continue on despite knowing how shameful things looked for them. He wanted to use Grandmaster Xuanming’s name to suppress Di Tian.

“The simplest of all high-grade emperor weapons?” Di Tian mockingly smiled. “Fine, I’ll use this weapon to attack. You are a peak-stage immortal emperor, do you dare to test my might?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Yan Feng icily spoke. At this moment, how could he step back? Let alone the fact that he was very confident in his own strength. Given Di Tian’s initial-stage immortal emperor cultivation base, so what even if he borrowed the aid of a high-grade emperor weapon? How could it threaten him?

With a flash, Yan Feng directly soared into the air. Boundless resplendent astral light cascaded down on him. Right now Yan Feng, who was immersed in the starlight, looked like he was a divinity of fire. Wisps of flames crackled violently around him, giving off an extremely powerful pressure.

Di Tian brandished the sword. His silhouette flashed and he soared into the air. Yan Feng glared at him, his burning gaze seemed to be capable of incinerating everything and there was a hint of killing intent within. He clearly wanted to use this opportunity to kill Di Tian and prevent all future trouble. After all, Di Tian was the one who proposed this fight. Even if he killed him, the governor’s manor probably wouldn’t do anything.

“Kill!” Di Tian didn’t let Yan Feng think too much. He directly pierced out with his sword and in an instant, resplendent emperor light gushed forth. That black sword with the unsharpened edges suddenly gleamed with a burst of sealing might, enveloping the surroundings, including Yan Feng.

The astral light cascading down suddenly stopped. Yan Feng’s entire person was shrouded by the sealing light, the law energy around him all seemed to be sealed off as well, he actually couldn’t control them to his will.

His countenance instantly turned unsightly. He howled with rage as he punched out a fiery fist imprint, wanting to destroy everything. The waves of power he unleashed started to cause the sealing light to diminish in brilliance.

“Go!” Di Tian waved his hand. The black sword shot through the air, clashing directly against the fist imprint. From the sword, ferocious sealing pressure gushed forth, actually managing to completely seal off Yan Feng’s attack. Not only so, although Yan Feng’s law energies were sealed, the black sword could absorb astral light to strengthen its sealing abilities. It continued slashing towards Yan Feng. Yan Feng was actually helpless against it, and for a period of time, he was trapped by it.

Everyone felt immense shock when they saw this. The black sword vibrated, although it had an unsharpened edge and appeared to be a trash product at first glance, all of them knew how terrifying this sword was at this instant.

“Return.” Di Tian called. The sword then flew back to his hand. After that, he descended from the air and landed on his platform as the waves of sealing might dissipated. Yan Feng finally stepped out, his expression extremely ugly to look at. He, Yan Feng, was a peak-stage immortal emperor but he was trapped by a mere sword. Although the situation only lasted for a few moments, it didn’t change the fact that he was helpless to do anything. Not only that, the law energies he was capable of using, were all sealed as well earlier.

“Sir, this sword is truly an extremely simple creation. It actually failed to kill him.” The serving girl spoke in a depressed manner, causing Yan Feng to be so angered that he almost spat out blood.

This sword was simple? This was something Yan Feng said personally earlier. But what about now? He had completely lost all his face. A simple sword actually managed to seal him.

And now, even that serving girl was mocking him.

Everyone exchanged mutual glances, feeling shocked in their hearts. This sword, as long as the sword user was slightly more powerful, there was no problems to kill Yan Feng.

This situation was the same when Di Tian entered the Yan Clan back then. He appeared calm and peaceful but when he wanted to create a blast, it would surely be an explosive one that shocked everyone.

Di Tian glanced at the little lass at the side while smiling in his heart. Her words might be sufficient to cause Yan Feng to be so angry that he died.

“Grandmaster Di’s attainments in the dao of formations are already extraordinarily high. To think that his talent in weaponsmithing is at the same standard as well.” Someone sighed in admiration.

“Just based on the sealing might produced by this sword, Grandmaster Di’s fame is enough to rock the entire Lifire City.”

“What’s even more shocking is that Grandmaster Di is only at the initial-stage of the immortal emperor realm. In the future, after your cultivation base grows stronger, wouldn’t your formations and weaponsmithing abilities go up by another notch? At that time, would you still have any enemies left?”

Many voices rang out one after another within the crowd, they were all from major powers that had a good relationship with Di Tian. Before this, the Yan Clan invited Grandmaster Xuanming here, and with the Liu Clan on their side, all of them felt awkward to say anything. But now, after Di Tian displayed his talent, his fame already wasn’t something that could be suppressed by the Yan Clan and Grandmaster Xuanming. It was no exaggeration to say that with this high-grade emperor weapon and his attainments in the dao of formations, his current status already exceeded Grandmaster Xuanming.

If they didn’t express their attitudes now? When would they express them?

Although Grandmaster Xuanming was highly respected, it has been a very long since anyone saw him in public. As for Di Tian, his Emperor Pavilion was just right here, he also maintained good relationships with many major powers and was a grandmaster in both formations and weaponsmithing. At this moment, everyone here naturally felt more inclined towards Di Tian.

Many people spoke out one after another. Grandmaster Xuanming and the others were completely being ignored. The expressions of people from the Liu Clan were the ugliest. This was especially so for the person in the lead. He now felt regret, they initially had no grudge with Di Tian but they had managed to completely offend Di Tian today. Such a powerful weaponsmith grandmaster would surely have very high achievements in the future. It was most probably impossible for them to ask him for help in forging weapons anymore.

“Let’s leave.” Grandmaster Xuanming flicked his sleeves and led the way, departing the area. He didn’t need Di Tian to chase him away because he no longer has any face to remain here. He felt some vengeance in his heart towards the Yan Clan. If it wasn’t the Yan Clan who invited him here to humiliate Di Tian, he wouldn’t have lost this much face.

Yan Feng and the others left as well, the killing intent in their hearts grew even stronger.

The people of the Liu Clan also silently left. Liu Feibai cast a deep glance at Di Tian before glancing at Mo Junyi. He also left after that.

Formations Grandmaster, Weaponsmithing Grandmaster… Even if the Mo Clan didn’t have any intentions to marry Mo Junyi to Di Tian, they might have that intention now.

“Di Tian, you are truly a miracle.” Mo Fei smiled as he walked over.

“Elder Mo Fei praises me too much. I still have to thank you for showing up to support me.” Di Tian’s manner became humble again as he smiled back.

“What are you talking about. With such a powerful weapon in an auction, how can I not show up? If the people of Lifire City knew about this weapon, I’m afraid your place wouldn’t be able to hold that many people. Haha.” Mo Fei laughed.

“Grandmaster Di Tian, are we still proceeding on with the auction? The rest of us can barely hold our anticipation.” An expert from a major power laughed.

“Sure, since this is the case, let’s get started. If everyone likes the sword, just feel free to give a price.” Di Tian replied.

“I’ll pay a thousand high-grade emperor stones.” Someone spoke.

“You want to get such a treasure just for a thousand high-grade emperor stones? I’ll triple that.” Another person smiled. Everyone drew in a deep breath as their hearts pounded. Even Di Tian’s heart couldn’t help but to tremble. A powerful divine weapon was simply like a treasure. A high-grade one can fetch a heavenly price. Ordinary peak-stage immortal emperors wouldn’t even be able to afford it.

“Our Mo Clan has to get this weapon for sure. Everyone, please give me some face and don’t snatch with me for it.” At this moment, Mo Fei smiled and walked up the platform. “Di Tian, I have a treasure here. I’m willing to use this treasure plus 3,000 high-grade emperor stones to exchange for the black sword.”

After he spoke, he took out a giant cauldron. Within the cauldron, there actually were inextinguishable flames that emitted a fearsome power. It seemed that the flames were capable of refining everything.

Di Tian’s eyes flashed, he knew this was truly a treasure when he glanced at it. It was a treasure made for refining items.

“How about it? Are there still anyone that wants to contend with me?” Mo Fei smiled. Many people were taken aback. This cauldron was also considered a high-grade emperor artifact. Mo Fei was not only planning to use it for an exchange, he even topped up another 3,000 high-grade emperor stones. Such a price was something most of them couldn’t afford.

Seeing that no one else was upping the bid, Di Tian laughed as he glanced at Mo Fei. This fellow probably came prepared, right? He even prepared such a treasure for exchange. Di Tian couldn’t help but to be curious if the black sword was a mid-grade emperor weapon instead, would Mo Fei still take out the cauldron to exchange for it?


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