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Chapter 1582: Creating Trouble and Divine Weapon
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“Impudent.” Yan Feng’s gaze turned cold. Terrifying currents of heat shot out from his eyes, causing the serving girl to exclaim in shock as she hurriedly closed her eyes.

“Yan Feng, bullying a serving girl? Are you not lacking in terms of your bearing?” Mo Fei coldly spoke.

Yan Feng snorted coldly, “Didn’t you hear how she spoke to an elder? Grandmaster Xuanming is here, who the hell does this little lass think she is? Actually daring to talk so much here. If it wasn’t because we are not allowed to kill people in the city, she would already be dead.”

“If the laws of the city permitted killing, you would definitely not be able to walk out of my courtyard alive.” A cold voice rang out. Yan Feng’s eyes gleamed. After that, he saw a figure walking out from the hall up the stairway. Other than Di Tian, there could be no one else.

At this moment, Di Tian still had the mask on. His black hair was like ink, casually draping around his shoulders. His eyes were extremely cold as he stared at Yan Feng, “Which old dog is this? Did I invite you here? Why are you barking at my place?”

“BOOM!” As the sound of Di Tian’s voice faded, an extremely cold aura gushed forth from Yan Feng. His anger could clearly be felt and the robes on him fluttered without wind. His gaze seemed to be burning, and was about to emit flames.

Di Tian insulted him, calling him an old dog that was barking here?

“What did you say?” Yan Feng stepped forward, causing the ground to shake.

“Are you deaf?” Di Tian turned his gaze to Yan Feng, his cold eyes had no respect at all. Back then after he left the Yan Clan, he had already made things very clear. If the Yan Clan was willing to wipe the slate clean, he had no problems. However, the Yan Clan clearly didn’t intend to spare him, even coming to his Emperor Pavilion today to insult him and even threaten his serving girl. This was simply outrageous.

“You came to my place and insulted me. Did I invite you guys over?” Di Tian continued. He turned his gaze to Grandmaster Xuanming, “I don’t care who you are old fool. If you came here with sincerity, you will be my guest. But if you came here to create trouble, scram immediately.”

“HOW DARE YOU!” Grandmaster Xuanming’s countenance changed but he wasn’t the one who roared. It was an expert from the Liu Clan who berated Di Tian. “Do you know who you are speaking to?”

“You are the same as well. If you are unwilling to be here, scram.” Di Tian flicked his sleeves and spoke in an extremely domineering manner. The gazes of everyone froze as they stared at everything that was happening. This Grandmaster Di Tian truly had personality. Who cares who the hell you are? Grandmaster Xuanming? Experts from the Liu Clan? If you want to create trouble here, just scram.

However, the truth of the matter was as such. Although Grandmaster Xuanming had a very high status and the Liu Clan was also a powerful aristocrat clan, this place was after all Di Tian’s territory. You guys came to the territory of others and started barking nonsense? Even a man made of mud would have three points of fire in him, let alone this Grandmaster Di Tian who dared to kill his way into the Yan Clan. How could a prideful person like him stand for other people acting so insolently in his territory?

“A junior actually dares to show no respect to his seniors, this is simply unprecedented. My horizons have been broadened.” Grandmaster Xuanming stared at Di Tian. He slowly continued, “I swept unchallenged through the weaponsmithing world for many years and naturally have seen many arrogant individuals. However, I’ve never met someone like you who purposely makes such a huge commotion just for the sake of auctioning a single weapon that you just forged. Do you think that you can forge a treasure? You are simply the shame of the weaponsmithing world.”

“Relying on your seniority to talk big?” Di Tian’s serving girl mumbled. Di Tian coldly smiled as he replied, “Even if the weapon I forged is trash, me being willing to auction it, is none other than my business. My friends want to support me by coming here, I naturally feel honored by that. Did I force anyone to come? Did I even invite you? As for you being a senior, you are merely just someone older. Are you even worthy of the title senior? Also, you keep harping on about the weaponsmithing world. Can you represent that world alone? How shameless can you be?”

Each of Di Tian’s words were like swords cutting into people’s heart. If people respected him, he would respect them. But if they came to make trouble, why would he need to give them any face? Since you insult me, why would I still have to be polite to you?

“Too impudent, too insolent…” Grandmaster Xuanming trembled, his eyes flared with killing intent after being insulted by Di Tian like this.

Yan Feng, who stood at the side, was the same as well. His body radiated a terrifying aura. He then spoke to Grandmaster Xuanming, “Grandmaster, I’m in the wrong. I invited you here today, but I didn’t expect this scum to humiliate you like this.”

“Lord Vice Governor.” At this moment, Di Tian spotted a figure in the crowd. It was none other than one of the vice governors of the governor’s manor whom Di Tian met before.

“Mhm.” The vice governor nodded.

“There are people who invaded my residence without invitation. Do I have the power to evict them?” Di Tian asked.

“Naturally.” That vice governor nodded.

“If they refuse to leave and resist, do I have the right to kill them?” Di Tian asked again.

“Invading a private territory and even daring to resist, refusing to leave? The owner of this place can do what they need to do according to the situation.” That vice governor calmly nodded, he wasn’t purposely siding with Di Tian, these were the laws set by the governor’s manor. After all, every land and building in Lifire City had to be purchased by a large amount of fortune. After buying, they can be considered private property and the governor’s manor naturally had the obligation to set laws to protect the owners.

“Everyone. My Emperor Pavilion doesn’t welcome you all. Please leave.” Di Tian swept his gaze at Yan Feng, Grandmaster Xuanming and those from the Liu Clan and didn’t hesitate to issue the expulsion order. He didn’t care what their identities were. As long as they came here to make trouble, sorry, just get the hell away.

“Impudent!” Grandmaster Xuanming’s anger burned. No matter where he went, there would be no lack of people respecting him. But today, he was actually told to scram. How could there be such a thing?

“Grandmaster Xuanming is highly respected in this field and his attainments in weaponsmithing are extremely profound. Grandmaster Di, shouldn’t you speak to him more humbly?” A person reminded. Di Tian’s eyes flashed, as he stared at that person. He coldly laughed, “Since Grandmaster Xuanming is so respected in your eyes, you can scram together with him. I won’t send you two off.”

The expression of that person sank. “Di Tian, although you are a formations grandmaster, you have yet to prove yourself in the field of weaponsmithing but you are already so arrogant and despotic. Doing this will be of no benefit to you. And as for the challenge issued by the Liu Clan, don’t think that you can just forget about it.”

“I told you to scram.” Di Tian coldly spoke. “Today, everyone came here initially in the capacity of guests. However, there simply has to be some people who view themselves as lofty existences. If there are some here who cannot stand I, Di, just scram together with this bunch of half-wits. The divine weapons I create most probably wouldn’t be able to be up to your standards. Don’t waste my time.”

“Di Tian.” At this moment, a calm voice rang out, with no joy nor anger within. Di Tian glanced over. The person who spoke was Liu Feibai, none other than Mo Junyi’s admirer who sent him a challenge letter twice.

“I challenged you twice but you rejected both times. Right now, in front of you, this is the third time I’m issuing a challenge to you. Do you dare accept?” Liu Feibai’s expression was calm.

The eyes of everyone gleamed sharply, staring at Di Tian. Only to see Di Tian directly replying, “Not free.”

“He rejected again. This Di Tian, it seems like he is really weak in the martial path.” Everyone silently mused.

“Coward.” The experts from the Liu Clan coldly laughed. After that, Liu Feibai continued, “Let’s go, since Grandmaster Di doesn’t welcome us, let us leave then. We can only hope that Grandmaster Di will accept my challenge honorably one day.”

“Sir, I heard that Liu Feibai has a cultivation base at the mid-stage of the immortal emperor realm. When he issued a challenge to you, he still acted in such a righteous manner. When you ignored it, the people of the Liu Clan still had the gall to think so highly of themselves, exhibiting immense arrogance. Why doesn’t sir challenge an immortal king from their Liu Clan? Let’s see if there’s any peak-stage immortal kings there who dares to fight against an initial-stage immortal emperor like you.” The serving girl beside Di Tian spoke in a light voice, her words causing those from the Liu Clan to freeze as they turned their heads back. They only saw Di Tian smiling mockingly, “Ah, who could be as shameless as them?

The expressions of the people from the Liu Clan once again turned extremely ugly when they heard this. They coldly snorted and continued to head outside.

“Grandmaster Xuanming, let’s leave then.” Yan Feng spoke with a glacial tone.

“We will wait and see outside. Let’s see what joke creations would he bring up to embarrass himself.” Grandmaster Xuanming coldly spoke.

“Since you all want to see it so badly, I will grant your wish. Alright, there’s no need for you guys to scram. I will permit you all to remain here.” Di Tian suddenly changed his mind, his words causing those from the Liu Clan to halt. Grandmaster Xuanming and the Yan Clan’s people also started, as they turned to look at Di Tian.

“Mhm?” Many people had bewildered looks on their faces. Seems like Di Tian was very confident in the weapon he forged.

“I’m waiting with anticipation.” Grandmaster Xuanming icily stated.

“Look clearly then, see how trash the weapon I forged is.” Di Tian stared at him. With a wave of his hand, bright light flashed as a sword instantly appeared in his hand. This sword was actually black in color and didn’t have any sharp edges to it at all. It was dim and didn’t emit any luster or radiate any power. From a single glance, it truly seemed like a trash product.

“Are you playing with me?” Grandmaster Xuanming coldly spoke.

“What do you mean?” Di Tian coldly laughed.

“This is also a divine weapon?”

“Naturally.” Di Tian affirmed.

“This old man has forged countless weapons and seen even more of them. I can tell this is trash with just a glance, you made such a huge commotion in the city, wanting to hold an auction just for this piece of crap?” Grandmaster Xuanming pointed at Di Tian,

“That’s precisely the reason why I said you are already old. An old man should venture out less lest they embarrass themselves, becoming a joke in the eyes of others.” Di Tian lightly stroked the sword as numerous runes lit up. It appeared as though a lock was opened. Crisp sounds could be heard, although the sword still had no sharp edges, a brilliant beam of light cascaded down from the sky, causing it to resonate. Clearly, this was an emperor-ranked divine weapon.

“Sealing? You sealed the sword energy just to shock us with that beam of light?” Grandmaster Xuanming coldly asked, he completely didn’t speak about his earlier mistake.

Di Tian mockingly glanced at him. Runes flowed unceasingly around the sword as the light falling from the sky grew brighter and brighter, illuminating the area. A terrifying aura radiated from the sword, at this moment, everyone could clearly tell the grade of this divine weapon.

A moment later, the crowd who sensed the might of this weapon all froze, including Grandmaster Xuanming who had an ugly look on his face!


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