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Chapter 1581: Challenge and Auction
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After a formations grandmaster become famous, it was too simple for him to accumulate cultivation resources. This was especially true for such a famous grandmaster like Di Tian.

During these days, he forged relationships with many major powers and didn’t exhibit any of his tyranny and brazen attitude when he went to challenge the Yan Clan. He was polite and humble, and when the major powers invited him to inscribe formations, as long as the price was right, Di Tian never rejected anyone.

At the same time, he also made many friends. An example was the Mo Clan. Mo Junyi would often visit him and invite him to her Mo Clan. He would also frequent transaction Pavilions to exchange for treasures. Unknowingly, the cultivation resources he gathered became more and more, he eventually bought a pretty large piece of land in the central city regions and after some modifications to it, that place became his resting place.

However, Di Tian also encountered some trouble. For example, there was a person who challenged him and this man was extremely famous. His name was Liu Feibai and he was the number one genius of an aristocrat clan.

Liu Feibai’s martial talent was extremely high, he was already at the mid-stage of the immortal emperor realm despite him not cultivating for more than a thousand years. His combat prowess was extremely strong as well, that, coupled with his background, made him a very famous individual in Lifire City. Although those who were below a thousand years were considered youngsters, many old monsters who cultivated for countless years, wouldn’t be able to defeat him at the same level.

This Liu Feibai challenged Di Tian, sending a challenge letter to Di Tian’s location, a place now named Emperor Pavilion.

Emperor Pavilion was the name the serving girl chose. She felt that it sounded tyrannical and the word for ’emperor’ was precisely Di Tian’s surname. Di Tian naturally didn’t object to it.

Many people guessed that since Di Tian was famous due to his formation arts, his strength in the martial path might not be that strong. Even if he could borrow power from his formations for battle, his might was most definitely limited. It was impossible for him to deal with Liu Feibai.

Could Liu Feibai have been invited to act on behalf of the Yan Clan? Wanting to kill Di Tian under the pretext of a challenge?

Di Tian was also thinking that it was so. However, after Mo Junyi found him and explained to him, he finally understood that the reason Liu Feibai wanted to challenge him was not because of the Yan Clan, but was because of Mo Junyi instead.

The Liu Clan hopes to form a marriage alliance with the Mo Clan. Liu Feibai and Mo Junyi were undoubtedly the most suitable pair. Liu Feibai was also very satisfied with Mo Junyi, but Mo Junyi seemed to be very close to Grandmaster Di Tian.

After knowing the reason, Di Tian was speechless. From the past until now, he had encountered quite a few of such incidents. Femme fatale indeed, he also didn’t wish to bother with it. Mo Junyi also felt helpless and somewhat apologetic to Di Tian.

Hence, despite the anticipation of everyone, Grandmaster Di Tian actually conceded.

This caused many to be extremely shocked, even feeling speechless. Many cursed Di Tian for being too useless and had no guts to accept Liu Feibai’s challenge, directly calling him a coward. Seems like other than his high attainments in the dao of formations, his talent was ordinary in the martial path.

Naturally, there were also others who supported Di Tian. After all, although Liu Feibai was famous, his fame was far from being able to compete with Di Tian. Saying Di Tian was a coward? Did everyone forget that he slaughtered his way into the Yan Clan for the sake of a serving girl? Causing the Yan Clan’s reputation to be tarnished. In addition, Di Tian’s formations were all extremely powerful, would he really be weak in terms of combat? Don’t forget that he once killed Grandmaster Yan Mu when they were competing in battle formations. He conceding was merely because he disdained to accept Liu Feibai’s challenge.

In any case, there was all sort of voices. Di Tian ignored them all and was focused on his own matters.

Liu Feibai didn’t stop because of this. He sent another challenge latter, and Di Tian rejected it again, directly conceding. This caused another round of clamor where the people insulting Di Tian grew in number, saying that he was only proficient in formations.

Just when voices of discussion in the outside world reached an extremely high intensity, a piece of news suddenly circulated from the Emperor Pavilion which shocked the entire central city regions.

Grandmaster Di Tian has finished forging an emperor-ranked divine weapon and he would be auctioning it away three days later. For those who wish to participate in the auction, the location would be set at the Emperor Pavilion.

For a period of time, the entire central region was in a clamor once again. Not long ago, it was because of Liu Feibai’s challenge and many voices were calling Di Tian a coward. But now, the Emperor Pavilion released news saying that Grandmaster Di had forged a divine weapon and wanted to auction it away three days later.

To think that Grandmaster Di Tian also actually knows how to forge divine weapons? This meant that he wasn’t simply proficient in formations, he could very well be a grandmaster weaponsmith as well. For a period of time, Di Tian’s fame rose higher than ever. Many people were wondering what sort of quality weapon could he forged.

Three days later, the atmosphere at the Emperor Pavilion was lively to the extreme. Many experts came, including aristocrat clans and the other major powers.

Although land and buildings in Lifire City were very expensive, their size was usually extremely vast. An example was the Emperor Pavilion, Di Tian spent a huge amount of fortune before he could purchase it.

Outside a grand hall of the Emperor Pavilion, there was a stairway leading up to it. Below the stairway, there was a vast empty ground. The people who arrived were all currently gathered here.

There was no banquet and no one to wait upon them because in the Emperor Pavilion, other than Di Tian, there was only his personal serving girl. There was simply no way for a person to wait on so many. For this point, those who came here naturally understood. After all, their purpose here wasn’t to attend any banquet, they wanted to see the divine weapon Di Tian created.

“Mo Fei, your Mo Clan is very close to Grandmaster Di. Do you know some inside news? What sort of divine weapon did he create exactly?” The crowd asked immediately when they saw people from the Mo Clan arriving. Mo Fei and Mo Junyi were both present as well.

“We have no idea. This fellow Di Tian has always been mysterious. I received the news at the same time as the rest of you.” Mo Fei laughed. Although Di Tian had already told them he would be walking this path those years ago at the banquet in the Mo Clan, when this day arrived, he still was extremely interested to find out what sort of weapon Di Tian created.

“Grandmaster Di is highly proficient in the dao of formations. Now that he is forging a weapon personally, it would definitely be of the extraordinary-grade. I’m filled with anticipation.” Someone laughed.

“Mhm, I once invited Grandmaster Di Tian to help me inscribe a formation. That formation is truly exquisite and profound.”

“A bunch of bootlickers.” A mocking voice rang out. The gazes of everyone turned over. Among the crowd, they saw several figures from the Yan Clan, and the person in the lead was actually Yan Feng.

“I heard your Mo Clan is trying to use the beauty trap, making Mo Junyi seduce Di Tian? How can it be that you don’t even know what weapon it is? Are you deliberately acting mysterious?” Yan Feng coldly mocked.

Mo Fei frowned, “Yan Feng, you best not talk nonsense.”

“Nonsense? Even Liu Feibai cannot bear it any more and challenged Di Tian because of it. Since your Mo Clan dares to do it, why do you not dare to admit it?” Yan Feng’s aura was extremely sharp as a fiery energy permeated the surroundings around him.

“Seems like you felt ashamed after Grandmaster Di Tian walked out alive after challenging your Yan Clan those years ago. Now, you are actually taking the initiative to come here? How ridiculous.” Mo Fei coldly spoke. Mo Junyi beside him also icily stared at Yan Feng.

“Back then if it wasn’t for Di Tian fearing for his life and conceding to me in the middle of our match, he would already have died. Why would I be ashamed? As to my purpose for coming here today, I want to see how he would make a fool out of himself. What sort of weapon can he create?” Yan Feng coldly spoke. “In any case, Grandmaster Xuanming, what do you think?”

“Grandmaster Xuanming?” The eyes of everyone gleamed sharply after they heard that. All of them turned their gaze to a man wearing a cloak with a conical bamboo hat shielding his features that stood beside Yan Feng.

Was this man the great weaponsmith whose fame shocked Lifire City many years ago? Grandmaster Xuanming?

The Yan Clan actually invited him here. Were they planning to humiliate Di Tian?

That mysterious figure lowered his head and took off the bamboo hat. He inclined his head again, revealing an aged and wizened face, but his eyes were still as bright as ever.

“Grandmaster Xuanming.” Mo Fei’s eyes flashed. The Yan Clan had really invited him over.

Seems like they came with unkind intentions.

“A junior forging a weapon actually caused such a huge commotion? Right now, for the world of weaponsmithing, has its level been downgraded so much?” Grandmaster Xuanming slowly spoke, causing everyone to turn their gazes onto him, feeling shocked in their hearts.

Grandmaster Xuanming had not appeared in the public’s eye for a long time. Someone said that he was already recruited by the Lifire Empyrean, there was also somebody who said that he was in closed-door seclusion, preparing for his breakthrough. But there was no doubt that he is truly extremely famous in the weaponsmithing world in this city region those years ago. Every time he forged, the creation would be a high-quality emperor-ranked weapon. It was unknown how many people begged him to forge weapons for them, and his popularity was far superior compared to formations grandmaster. After all, divine weapons could be used to directly increase one’s combat prowess. Who didn’t want them?

“Grandmaster Xuanming might not know this. Di Tian is extremely famous in Lifire City, especially in the dao of formations.” A group of people walked over and one of them casually smiled.

“So what? Although formations can be said to be the base of weapon forging, it’s not so easy to forge a good weapon just because of that. Also, he actually wants to auction the weapon away and gather so many experts here? What a vulgar claptrap design to please the crowds.” Grandmaster Xuanming mocked coldly, instantly causing many people to feel awkward.

They also noticed the person who spoke earlier. It was actually someone from the Liu Clan. The young immortal emperor Liu Feibai was precisely standing beside the person who spoke. He glanced at Mo Junyi and nodded lightly.

“Grandmaster Xuanming might have no idea, this man not only loves to put on a show designed to boost his fame, he is also a coward that dodges battle. Liu Feibai of my clan challenged him numerous times but he has never even accepted once. He even took the initiative to concede, there’s no pride belonging to the holy title of grandmaster radiating from him at all.” That elder from the Liu Clan shook his head. He then continued, “Mo Fei, you best don’t let Junyi get too close to such a coward. He’s nothing but a hypocrite.”

“I don’t need you to teach me what to do.” Mo Fei coldly replied. He felt somewhat depressed, it was one thing that the Yan Clan came to make trouble, but your Liu Clan had no grudge with Di Tian and only wanted a marriage alliance with us. Why must you implicate this onto Di Tian? After all, although they were close to Di Tian, they didn’t really have any plans to marry Mo Junyi to Di Tian. It was good enough that they were friends.

“You guys are truly ridiculous. My master wants to hold an auction but he didn’t specifically invite anyone to come. Those who came did so out of their own good will, wanting to support my master, yet you people are so filled with contempt? Why did you all come here then if you feel that this is nothing but a farce to boost his popularity? Did anyone tell you to come at all?” Di Tian’s serving girl who was at the top of the stairway, couldn’t bear it any more as she told them off.


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