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Chapter 1580: Di Tian’s Ambitions


Xia Hou’s words were extremely direct, but he wasn’t exaggerating. Given Di Tian’s displayed attainment in the dao of formations, if he enters the mid-stage immortal emperor realm in the future, he would have the qualifications to become one of the five governors of Lifire City. Naturally, the prerequisite was that he had to obtain the Lifire Empyrean’s trust.

“But, what benefits would that bring to Governor Xia Hou?” Di Tian asked.

“I precisely need talented subordinates to aid me. After all, it’s impossible for me to stay in this position forever. I also wish to climb higher.” Xia Hou replied, his style as direct as ever.

“I understand Governor Xia Hou’s meaning. It’s just that I, Di Tian, have already been used to this idyllic lifestyle, free and unrestrained. I don’t like to be bound by restrictions and hence, I can only thank Governor Xia Hou for your kind intentions.” Since the other party was so straightforward, Di Tian didn’t wish to beat around the bush too. He directly rejected. What a joke, wanting him to be Xia Hou’s subordinate?

His original self was the northern governor, someone of equal standings with the Central Governor, Xia Hou. Xia Hou wanted to recruit him with just the position of a vice governor?

“Di Tian, although your attainments in formations are high, you should understand that this place is Lifire City. Lifire City is in the Lifelong Realm, and the true hegemon here is the Lifelong Realmlord. Only by entering the governor’s manor, can you be truly considered to have true authority, having a chance to rise up into the sky.” Xia Hou persuaded.

“I have my own thoughts on this.” Di Tian’s expression didn’t change.

“Each to his own then. Since this is the case, I won’t persuade you any longer. Farewell.” Governor Xia Hou stated.

After that, he directly turned and left, no longer as polite as he was when he first came. After all, his status was evident, he came and personally invited Di Tian yet he was still rejected. He would naturally feel a loss of face.

“Governor Xia Hou, have a good trip back.” Di Tian spoke, sending Xia Hou away with his gaze while coldly smiling in his heart. As expected, a person’s personality wouldn’t change easily. His true self has already sensed Xia Hou’s arrogance when they were at the Lifire Palace, how could that be masked so easily?

“Sir, you really plan to reject it?” The serving girl blinked. Governor Xia Hou personally came to invite him, wanting to recruit him as a vice governor yet Di Tian simply rejected like that despite the temptation.

“Vice governor?” Di Tian laughed, “Maybe, I would reconsider if he wanted to give me his position.”

The serving girl froze when she heard that. After that, she heard Di Tian continue to speak, “Little Zhu, let’s go out for a walk.”

“Where to?” The serving girl asked.

“The Mo Clan has already sent people to visit me twice. We should return the greeting and head there for a visit.” Di Tian smiled. The serving girl nodded. She was naturally happy given Di Tian’s current status. In Lifire City, an initial-stage immortal emperor couldn’t be considered a significant character and was very common. However, Di Tian was most assuredly a major character with many powerful sects and clans paying a visit to him.

She still remembered back then, that person of the Yan Clan came by and arrogantly told Di Tian to head to the Yan Clan for a gathering of unaffiliated grandmasters where only the elite among them could become the Yan Clan’s guest elders. Right now, Di Tian was paying a visit to the Mo Clan, a clan on the same level as the Yan Clan and he is going there in the capacity of a valuable guest. The situation truly changed swiftly, but Di Tian still seemed extremely calm.

The Mo Clan naturally would welcome Di Tian’s arrival. Mo Fei, an elder of the Mo Clan, personally came out to receive him and when Di Tian entered the entrance, a grand banquet was immediately arranged just for him.

In the banquet, many major characters of the Mo Clan arrived. The person in the host seat was naturally the Mo Clan’s clan leader, Mo Ting.

Mo Ting looked below forty in age, he was extremely spirited and the lines of his face were very clear and deep. When he was younger, he must have been very good looking.

“Di Tian. Mo Fei thinks very highly of you. I really want to see what sort of character you are, being able to cause the Yan Clan to lose so much face when merely at the initial-stage of the immortal emperor realm.” Mo Ting laughed, lifting his cup to toast Di Tian.

“Clan leader praises me too much, I’m only lucky. Yan Feng’s attainments are truly high.” Di Tian returned the toast as he smiled.

“What cultivation base does Yan Feng have? He is a peak-stage emperor and has already been famous for many years. As for you, although you are masked, I can tell that you should be very young. In the future, let alone Yan Feng, even the entire Yan Clan cannot compare to you. Naturally, it’s the same for my Mo Clan.” Mo Ting smiled. This was already a very high validation to Di Tian. The words spoken by their clan leader caused many in the Mo Clan to reveal expressions of startlement.

“Clan leader, you must be jesting. Right now, I still have much to improve on.” Di Tian was as calm as ever, causing Mo Ting’s smile to widen. Mo Ting then glanced at a girl beside him, “Junyi, are you not always very keen about learning the dao of formations and have always felt that us old fellows are not up to the mark? Right now, Di Tian is as young as you. I can tell he is definitely below five hundred years old. Why don’t you seek guidance from him?”

Mo Junyi was Mo Ting’s daughter. Her talent and beauty were both considered outstanding, and she reached the immortal emperor realm after cultivating for 500 years. Such cultivation speed, even in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, was considered extremely quick, proof of outstanding talent.

In the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, because of the abundance of cultivation resources as well as richer experience from their predecessors, and having more powerful innate techniques and arts, those who were born with powerful backgrounds all far surpassed the cultivation speed of the people from the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms. But even so, those here who could become immortal emperors within a thousand years were also considered geniuses.

“Let me toast Grandmaster Di.” Mo Junyi lifted her winecup and walked to Di Tian’s side as she sat down, draining the contents of her cup.

“Miss, you can just call me by my name.” Di Tian raised his wine cup and smiled.

“Sure, in that case, you can also just call me Junyi.” Mo Junyi smiled. “It’s very tough to advance in the dao of formations. I’m very interested to learn but because I’m obsessed with the martial path, I don’t really have enough time or energy to spend on learning formations. Di Tian, you are actually so outstanding in both areas, you are simply a monster.”

“All the great daos are connected, in my perspective, both the martial path and dao of formations have no conflict between each other.” Di Tian replied.

“What do you mean?” Mo Junyi curiously asked.

“I started comprehending divine inscriptions when I was at a very young age. The dao of divine inscriptions are actually the basis of the great dao of heaven and earth. To better put it, divine inscriptions are the true innate language of this world, capable of conveying the power of the law attributes. From my point of view, all innate techniques and arts were born from divine inscriptions.” Di Tian smiled.

“The logic of the world explained by you sounds simple but if one really wanted to comprehend it, it’s indescribably difficult. Since you are able to link them together and have such achievements, you are most assuredly a rare genius. Let me toast you again.” Mo Junyi lifted her cup and gently smiled. Di Tian naturally wouldn’t reject her. When the serving girl behind him saw this scene, her lips couldn’t help but twitch. Her master was still too inexperienced with regards to the methods of females.

However, this couldn’t be blamed on him. This Mo Junyi was a famous beauty in the central city regions. Regardless of her looks or demeanor, she can be considered the cream of the crop. The Mo Clan’s clan leader, Mo Ting, decided to send her out to interact with Di Tian, it was no wonder that her master would be captivated by her.

“Di Tian, right now you are already famous in Lifire City. I’m sure many major powers must have invited you, right? I wonder what are your future plans?” Below Mo Ting’s seat, the elder Mo Fei probingly asked as he looked at Di Tian.

“Elder, do you want to hear the truth?” Di Tian laughed.

“Naturally.” Mo Fei started before nodding.

“In truth, before I went to the Yan Clan, I already wanted to kickstart my rise to fame. It was just that the Yan Clan just so coincidentally offended me or I wouldn’t have gone to their place to challenge them. As for my intentions, they are very simple. I want cultivation resources. Everyone knows how difficult it is for unaffiliated cultivators to gain resources. As someone that understands the dao of formations, the natural path for me is undoubtedly to become a famous grandmaster, having my name resound through Lifire City.”

Di Tian slowly spoke, Mo Fei’s eyes flashed after he heard that. He then continued asking, “However, given your abilities, I’m sure no major powers would reject you if you wanted to join them.”

“Becoming a vassal of a major power, even if it’s a major power endorsed by the realmlord, how can it be compared to the amount of resources I would gain by being a famous grandmaster?” Di Tian laughed. “In addition, I’m already used to being unrestricted and carefree. I wouldn’t want to be bogged down by responsibilities as a result of becoming a vassal.”

“I initially still wanted to recruit you, but I can see that there’s no chance now.” Mo Fei honestly admitted with a smile. He naturally understood Di Tian knew what he was thinking about. There was no need to hide anything.

“I appreciate elder’s kind intentions. Earlier, you asked me what are my future plans. Recently, I got acquainted with many major powers and I can foresee that I will be extremely busy in the near future. I will first accumulate resources and upgrade my strength. As for further in the future, I’m prepared to create divine weapons.” Di Tian spoke.

“Weaponsmithing?” The eyes of many gleamed sharply, including the Mo Clan’s clan leader, Mo Ting. He stared at Di Tian, “You are even proficient in the smithing of divine weapons?”

“Everything is connected in the great dao. A good weaponsmith first has to be a good formations grandmaster. I believe everyone here is more clear than me with regards to this point.” Di Tian smiled. Weaponsmiths would gather cultivation resources even faster compared to formations grandmasters. After all, the requests for powerful divine weapons are almost endless. This is especially so if you can create excellent quality weapons. There’s no need to worry about the lack of a customer base.

“Di Tian, if you need any help in the future, feel free to approach our Mo Clan.” Mo Ting laughed. A genius cultivator, formations grandmaster and weaponsmith, even if he didn’t join the Mo Clan, as long as their relationships remained good, it might be beneficial to them in the future.”

“Many thanks, Clan Leader.” Di Tian smiled as he nodded.

“Di Tian, there is still plenty of good stuff here in our Mo Clan. Why don’t you rest here for a few days and I’ll grant you access to our secret library.” Mo Ting spoke.

“This…” Although Di Tian wanted to form a good relationship when he came to the Mo Clan, the Mo Clan’s generous treatment now actually caused him to hesitate.

“I also want to consult you on a few things. Why don’t you stay here temporarily?” Mo Junyi smiled warmly. Di Tian hesitated for a moment before he nodded, “Alright then.”

The mouth of the serving girl behind Di Tian twitched again as a look of disdain flickered in her eyes.

Di Tian then stayed in the Mo Clan for several days. During these several days, the Mo Clan treated him extremely generously, allowing him access to their secret library which contained many unique formations. Mo Junyi also accompanied him everywhere. Such preferential treatment truly caused many to be extremely envious.

After he left, within a courtyard in the Mo Clan…

“Father, he is just an initial-stage immortal emperor. Do you really have to make me act like this?” Mo Junyi looked at her father, Mo Ting. An expression of being wronged appeared on her face. Despite her accompanying Di Tian for many days, that fellow didn’t even remove his mask.

“I just want you to spend time and chat with him, and not to seduce him. What is so difficult about that.” Mo Ting rolled his eyes at his daughter. He then smiled, “In any case, it’s a good idea for you to interact with geniuses from the outside. If not, you might have no one in your eyes. Don’t underestimate Di Tian, that fellow isn’t a simple character.”

“Even if he really can create divine weapons in the future, there’s no way he can shake the position of our Mo Clan, right?” Mo Junyi asked.

“You don’t understand. He might gain fame due to his attainments in the dao of formations, and he is also willing to venture in the field of weaponsmithing but it’s clear that his ambitions don’t stop here.” Mo Ting shook his head. He stared at Mo Junyi, “Junyi, you have to remember that you cannot judge people based on the surface. I believe that he is currently doing all this to set a foundation for himself. My estimation is that before a hundred years pass, another supreme major power would appear in the central city regions of Lifire City.”


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