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Chapter 1579: Recruit


“What a powerful sealing technique.”

“This is a grand sealing formation and it simply could be said that it has reached great heights, proving Grandmaster Di’s attainments in the dao of formations. Inside this formation, he can handle peak-stage immortal emperors as he wishes.”

Everyone here was incomparably shocked when they saw this scene. All of them could feel how terrifying Yan Feng’s formation was, but Di Tian actually managed to negate it. From this, one could tell how fearsome the sealing formation he created was. But the power of his formation was secondary. What was most important was his talent and potential. Right now, he could even contend against a peak-stage emperor in formation arts despite him merely being an initial-stage immortal emperor.

In that case, in the future after he grows in strength, breaking through to the mid-stage or peak-stage, wouldn’t he be invincible? At that time, his status in Lifire City would surely be transcendent.

The expressions of people of the Yan Clan were extremely unsightly. They were an aristocrat clan that specialized in formations and naturally understood how high Di Tian’s attainments were. But the more it was so, the more they wanted to destroy him. Hence, Yan Feng’s attack grew more berserk. Although that true gate of sealing was like a bottomless hole, it didn’t mean that it was truly without limit. After all, the phenomenon was sustained by this formation. When an attack’s power reached a certain limit, he would still be able to destroy it.

Formations are extremely mystical. Without breaching their limit, no one would be able to break it, the true gate of sealing manifested by Di Tian’s formation was able to last indefinitely.

Yan Feng’s flames grew in intensity, he didn’t want to give Di Tian any opportunity at all. Di Tian was completely focused on defense, his hands moved about in the air as more sealing diagrams flew out. In fact, right now, there were many pairs of terrifying eyes that appeared in his surroundings. These were all eyes of sealing, they were boundlessly deep and the light radiating from them was capable of sealing his opponent’s attacks.

The space between the two platforms became a magnificent sight. This was especially so for the platform Di Tian was on. He merged attacking aspects into his defense and colors of all sorts flowed about, the amount of power radiating from the formation was sufficient to easily decimate a mid-stage immortal emperor and could even threaten peak-stage emperors.

“For this challenge round, I admit defeat.” Di Tian suddenly spoke calmly, it was like he didn’t mind conceding at all.

“Hu…” Many drew in a deep breath. Has he finally admitted defeat? But this ending was within their expectations. By being able to persist so long when fighting against Yan Feng’s killing formation, it was already very excellent.

As for being defeated…?

Today, for this challenge, it was undoubtedly that the Yan Clan was the loser. One could even say that they lost very badly, they suffered a crushing defeat.

“The battle has yet to end, what do you mean by conceding?” Yan Feng icily spoke. He pointed his finger forward as the energy from his formation grew even more violent. He floated in the air above his platform, his entire body radiated a towering destructive might.

The eyes of many people flashed. Mo Fei from the Mo Clan laughed coldly, he then stood up, “Di Tian has already admitted defeat and the battle should be over. The Yan Clan is, after all, a famous aristocrat clan but your actions today are truly shameful, lacking of grace and elegance.”

“What has the matters of my Yan Clan got to do with you?” An elder turned to Mo Fei. Both the Yan Clan and Mo Clan were formations-oriented aristocrat clans, there were naturally conflict and competition between them.

In addition, the Mo Clan wasn’t like the other major powers of Lifire City, they didn’t need to depend on the Yan Clan at all. They themselves were already proficient in inscribing formations, hence they didn’t need to worry about offending the Yan Clan. The other powers here also felt the Yan Clan couldn’t afford to lose, but many of them didn’t dare to say anything. If not in the future, when they needed to depend on the Yan Clan, they might very well be ignored.

“Grandmaster Yan Feng’s attainments in the dao of formations is truly formidable. It’s just that it wouldn’t be easy if you wish to defeat Grandmaster Di Tian. Since you cannot determine victory or defeat in a short time and Grandmaster Di has already conceded, the match should stop now.” Another voice rang out. The people from the Yan Clan glanced over and saw the people from the governor’s manor. The one who spoke was a deputy general under Central Governor Xia Hou.

Even the people from the governor’s manor have spoken. The hearts of the Yan Clan sank. Seems like the governor’s manor wanted to recruit this unaffiliated Grandmaster Di.

Indeed, for an outstanding formations grandmaster who was currently unaffiliated, there would be no lack of people wanting to pull him over.

“Yan Feng, enough.” The old man from the Yan Clan spoke. Yan Feng’s expression sank but he had no choice but to comply. The destructive might from him gradually dissipated as the flames vanished. His eyes were still coldly staring at Di Tian, his killing intent as sharp as ever.

However, Di Tian didn’t care about that. He clasped his hands to the Yan Clan’s experts, “Today’s guidance has been truly beneficial, please forgive me if I had offended you all with my actions. The Yan Clan is truly an aristocrat clan that specializes in formations, I, Di, am deeply impressed. Let’s forget all the unpleasant things that occurred between us. I believe that as an aristocrat clan, the Yan Clan would definitely be magnanimous enough.”

Everyone stared at bewilderment at Di Tian. This fellow suddenly became polite?

The Di Tian earlier was extremely brazen, his tone filled with absolute arrogance. Right now, even the Yan Clan’s people were taken aback when they heard him.

However after they thought about it, they instantly understood. Seems like they were right. Di Tian has already achieved his purpose, there was no longer a need to treat the Yan Clan as his enemies and if he could resolve the grudge between them, that would naturally be the best.

“Hmph.” Yan Feng snorted coldly, feeling extremely unhappy. He wanted to resolve the grudge? After killing two Yan Clan’s grandmasters and stomping on their reputation, he wanted to resolve everything with just a few words? This Di Tian might be thinking through things too simply.

The people of the Yan Clan were all coldly staring at Di Tian. When he saw this scene, Di Tian didn’t feel it was strange, but he didn’t care too much. Although he came here to borrow the Yan Clan to rise to fame, it was the Yan Clan who was disrespectful first. Since you don’t want to respect me, why must I respect you? You want to inscribe a killing formation? I’ll do the same as well.

Now the situation was the same as well. He was okay to bury the hatchet but if the Yan Clan didn’t want to and tries to kill him in the future, he will simply pay them back in their own coin.

“Farewell.” Di Tian clasped his hands and destroyed the formation he created as he turned and left.

“Grandmaster Di Tian. I, Mo Fei, am extremely impressed with Grandmaster Di’s attainments in the dao of formations. My Mo Clan is also a formations-oriented aristocrat clan, if you have the time, please come for an exchange in our Mo Clan, we would both benefit from the experience.” Mo Fei smiled, causing the faces of the Yan Clan to turn more unsightly. Before leaving their territory, their enemies already wanted to start recruiting Di Tian?

“Right, if I have the time, I’ll head to the Mo Clan for a visit.” Di Tian smiled.

“Brother Di, I’m someone from the Han Clan in Lifire City, if you are free in the future, you are very welcome to visit our Han Clan.” Another person from a major power smiled, indicating his good will.

“Sure, I will.” Di Tian nodded. Many of the powers here no longer care about the Yan Clan as they all spoke out, wanting to pull Di Tian closer to them. Di Tian replied amicably, accepting all requests. This caused everyone to feel that he was not as cold as they thought previously but was an extremely friendly individual.

After the spectators left, many experts of the Yan Clan had ashened expressions and were speechless.

“In the future, how should we deal with him?” Finally, someone asked, breaking the silence.

“This time, he made use of our Yan Clan to rise to fame, attracting the attention of the other major powers. If we deal with him now, the governor’s manor would surely suspect us. Let’s just observe for now.” The old man from the Yan Clan sighed. It wasn’t a simple matter to kill a grandmaster. Let alone such a famous one.

Just like what everyone expected, Di Tian rose to fame after the visit to the Yan Clan. Out of the three rounds, he won two and conceded one. Even the peak-stage emperor, Grandmaster Yan Feng, had no way to kill Di Tian in a short period of time.

A mere initial-stage immortal emperor actually reached such a stage just by borrowing power from his formation. From this, one could see how highly talented he was. In an instant, the residence where Di Tian was staying at was flooded by gifts sent by the major powers in Lifire City. All of them wanted to recruit him as a guest elder, or seek his help to inscribe formations.

Di Tian still stayed in the courtyard and was extremely busy day and night. So busy that even his serving girl felt extremely fatigued.

At this moment, in the courtyard, the serving girl brought out many interspatial rings and handed them to Di Tian. “Sir, there are so many gifts here. You truly refuse no one, and accepted everything they gave.”

“They are all gifts that were given to me willingly are they not? Why shouldn’t we accept them?” Di Tian inclined his head as a faint smile flickered in his revealed eyes. The serving girl stared at him in a daze, it was very rare to see such a smile in Qin Wentian’s eyes.

“In any case, these people sent these gifts merely to indicate their sincerity, they are not really considered valuable gifts at all. If they think they can bribe me with these gifts, it would truly be an insult to their intelligence. They just wanted to show that they are friendly. By accepting these gifts, we are telling them that we are acquainted with them and they can look for me if they want to in the future. This is an ending both sides wanted.” Di Tian explained.

“Seems like you have already thought everything through. Sir, you were already prepared to earn an astronomical amount of cultivation resources.” The serving girl sat down in front of Di Tian, her hands propping up her chin. She stared at Di Tian as she softly asked, “Sir, can you remove your mask and show me your face?”

Di Tian looked at the little serving girl, “I’m too ugly, I will frighten you.”

The serving girl shook her head, “I don’t believe so. Sir should be young and very good-looking. You must be worried because your talent is too shocking, hence you wore the mask.”

“You really know how to talk.” Di Tian smiled.

“Central Governor Xia Hou is here for a visit to Grandmaster Di Tian.” Outside the courtyard, a voice drifted over. Di Tian’s eyes flashed and glanced over there with a smile, “Welcome him in.”

“Governor Xia actually came personally.” The serving girl was surprised and hurried out to welcome him in. Very soon, Governor Xia Hou was brought in as he sat down.

“Sir governor coming here personally truly brings light to my humble dwelling.” Di Tian clasped his hands. His original self has met Xia Hou before and was even insulted by Xia Hou. He naturally would recognize who Xia Hou was.

Back then in the Lifire Palace, Xia Hou was arrogant to the extreme. But now, he actually came here personally, causing Di Tian to be surprised.

“You are too polite. I’ve long heard about Grandmaster Di’s achievements. I’m really impressed.” Governor Xia Hou smiled. “Today, I came here for a visit and I won’t beat around the bush. Our governor’s manor lacks talented people like you. Di Tian, if you are willing to join the governor’s manor, I will directly make you a vice governor. You will even have the chance to come in contact with the Lifire Empyrean when the time comes. In the future, I can guarantee that out of the five governors in Lifire City, one of the positions will belong to you.”


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