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Chapter 1578: True Gate of Sealing


Grandmaster Di would definitely be famous. However, if he died, there was no meaning for a dead person becoming famous.

Even if he failed in the three challenges, it wouldn’t have affected his rise to fame. But what if he was dead? He consecutively killed two grandmasters from the Yan Clan and the hatred between both sides was set in stone. The Yan Clan would kill him for sure. Hence, for the last challenge round, Di Tian would surely be defeated because the Yan Clan would surely send out someone far above his league to crush him.

Before Di Tian challenged the Yan Clan, no one would have expected such an ending. Even the Yan Clan didn’t imagine this. If not, they wouldn’t have reacted like that, even allowing Di Tian to enter. After today, the name of their Yan Clan would surely become a joke in the eyes of others.

Staring at the surrounding Yan Clan experts, Di Tian’s eyes were cold. Earlier when he killed the first grandmaster, the situation was already like this. But this time around, the killing intent by the Yan Clan was more intense. Two powerful mid-stage emperor grandmasters were truly a huge loss to the Yan Clan.

“Things are getting lively here, what’s going on? I just coincidentally arrived and came to take a look.” A straight-forward sounding voice drifted over. Somebody was flying through the air, heading towards this direction. His voice broke the silence, clearly he wasn’t someone ordinary. Everyone including Yan Mu turned their eyes over, and many people could recognize this young man.

“Someone from the Mo Clan.” The eyes of everyone narrowed. The Mo Clan was the same as the Yan Clan, they were an aristocrat clan that specialized in formations and were also located in the central city regions of Lifire City. Their clan was very strong, strong enough to contend against the Yan Clan. This man who just appeared, was an elder with a very high status of the Mo Clan, at the peak-stage of the immortal emperor realm.

“Mo Fei.” Yan Zhong frowned when he saw this man. “What are you doing here?”

“Haha, I was just passing by and heard that there was a show to watch. Hence, I came in. No one from your Yan Clan stopped me, what a courteous host you guys are. To think that the moment I came, I had already witnessed such a fascinating battle.” Mo Fei laughed. He glanced over at Di Tian and clasped his hands, “I’ve long heard that a mysterious grandmaster appeared in our central city regions and long wanted to meet with you. I’m Mo Fei from the Mo Clan, Grandmaster Di’s attainments in the dao of formations truly cause one to be impressed.”

Everyone had disdain in their hearts. Although the words were polite, if it wasn’t for Di Tian’s performance today, how could someone of Mo Fei’s status wish to meet with him? But the truth was as such, if you wanted people to respect you, you had to show your capabilities or else, why would people waste time on you? Cultivators were all extremely busy people.

“Senior praises me too much.” Di Tian nodded to Mo Fei.

“Not at all, your proficiency in formations is truly high. You are merely at the initial-stage of the immortal emperor realm yet you can already win against Yan Mu of the Yan Clan. If your cultivation base increases by another step, most probably no one would be your rival in terms of formations.” Another voice suddenly rang out. The crowd then saw another person surrounded by his subordinates who just walked up on a platform. This caused many people to draw in a deep breath, it was another person from an aristocrat clan. Although his clan wasn’t a clan that specialized in formations, the strength level of his clan was extremely high.

More and more experts appeared, sitting at the spectator stands. The guards from the entrance hurriedly came to report the arrival of more experts. Although they had reported it once earlier, but there were more and more people appearing, so much that they had no choice but to do so.

“There’s even someone from the central governor’s manor.” There were some who gazed in a certain direction. Quite a few people with terrifying auras sat together, they were from the governor’s manor. One of them was even a vice governor.

The governor’s manor in the central city regions wasn’t like the northern governor’s manor which lacked imposingness and prestige in the eyes of others. With Governor Xia Hou leading, everyone in the central city regions didn’t dare to antagonize them. Every time when tribute day came, the major powers would take the initiative to pay up. No one would dare to cause trouble at all.

The people of the governor’s manor had arrived. Unless Di Tian died in the midst of the third challenge, in the battle of warring formations, if not, there was no way the Yan Clan could kill him. The Yan Clan wouldn’t kill Di Tian before the eyes of the governor’s manor just for revenge, or they would be breaking the city laws.

Death in the competition was something agreed upon by both sides. If one was killed, it would only mean that that person was useless.

The experts of the Yan Clan stepped back. It was no longer possible for them to kill Di Tian directly, and they could only depend on the final challenge round.

“Yan Feng, for the warring formation battle, you will represent us.” Yan Zhong spoke. After that, a middle-aged person walked out from the Yan Clan. His eyes were spirited, terrifying to the extreme as killing intent radiated from him. When he stared at Di Tian, Di Tian could actually feel the fire of his eyes.

“The Yan Clan is truly shameless to send Grandmaster Yan Feng to accept the third challenge.” Everyone felt speechless when they saw this.

Yan Feng could be said to be a pillar of the Yan Clan. He had a peak-stage immortal emperor cultivation base, two stages higher compared to Di Tian. Was it fair if they competed in warring formations?

This was basically bullying Di Tian.

“As expected, the Yan Clan wants Grandmaster Di to die.” Everyone understood this point. Grandmaster Yan Feng himself stepped out for battle. From this, one could very well tell how strong the Yan Clan’s determination to kill Di Tian was.

Many major characters who came here all quietly watched, not intending to interfere. This was, after all, a battle between Di Tian and the Yan Clan, something that both sides agreed to. In that case, no one could stop it. Di Tian had to fulfil his obligations, he could very well admit defeat if he felt that he was inferior.

“Grandmaster Di Tian, Yan Feng has a peak-stage immortal emperor cultivation base, it’s only normal to lose if you fight him in warring formations. If you cannot persist on, just admit defeat directly. I believe with Yan Feng’s strength and status, he wouldn’t make things difficult for you.” Mo Fei laughed, his words causing the people of the Yan Clan to look coldly at him. However, Mo Fei ignored them all with a smile on his face.

“Many thanks for your reminder. If I cannot defeat him, I will naturally concede.” Di Tian’s voice was very calm. He had black hair and was dressed in black, with a silver mask on his face that radiated a cold and sharp aura, as well as a faint hint of arrogance.

“Please.” Although Yan Feng appeared polite, his voice was extremely sinister, filled with killing intent. He then stepped upon one of the many platforms here.

Di Tian’s silhouette flashed, directly appearing on the platform in front of Yan Feng.

Warring formations were different from battle formations. They had to first create their runic formation before they competed with each other to see which formation was stronger.

Astral light cascaded down, raining upon Yan Feng and Di Tian. The light radiating from Yan Feng was extremely terrifying, boundless law energy circulated around him, flaring so brightly that they resembled heavenly fire. The light engulfed his platform, the divine inscriptions started to interweave together as a tyrannical aura gushed forth. Although he was just starting to inscribe his formation, a terrifying destructive might could already be felt from it.

Yet Di Tian didn’t seem to notice. He was completely immersed in the formation he was inscribing.

He came here for the sake of becoming famous. As long as he defeated the Yan Clan, his reputation as a formations grandmaster would naturally circulate throughout Lifire City.

It was just that he didn’t expect the Yan Clan would inscribe a killing formation right at the first round. Since this was the case, he already understood their intent. He then decided to pay them back in their own coin and killed his opponent.

Di Tian didn’t mind creating a huge mess, blowing the matter out of proportions. At the same time, he also didn’t mind his opponent having a higher cultivation base. The greater the disparity, the greater the amount of fame he would gain. It would only be extremely advantageous towards his cultivation in Lifire City in the future.

The atmosphere became exceptionally silent. Everyone was waiting patiently. Finally, rows of terrifying runes flowed around the platform Yan Feng was at. He stood up there and stared in Di Tian’s direction. His spirited eyes flashed with an unmasked killing intent as though he wanted nothing more than to slaughter Di Tian immediately. He didn’t want to waste any time.

Not too long after, Di Tian’s formation had also finished. Boundless sealing power flowed on his platform as law energy cascaded down from the sky.

“Can we start the battle formations?” Yan Feng icily asked.

“Make your move.” Di Tian nodded, he was already prepared.

As the sound of his voice faded, the platform Yan Feng was at produced balls of terrifying black-colored flames. Each of them contained a startling amount of destructive energy, and there was even thunder-attributed law energy mixed within. In fact, the law attributes of frost were inside as well. A flame with both the aspect of heat and chill actually appeared within a single formation. This was truly extremely terrifying.

Yan Feng waved his hand, the balls of flames started dancing in the air, they converged together, forming a fiery storm that engulfed everything, shooting straight for Di Tian. In just an instant, the tempest of flames completely engulfed Di Tian’s platform.

Everyone’s expression stiffened. This Grandmaster Yan Feng didn’t even want to give Di Tian any chance, he wanted to incinerate him completely.

The gaze of many experts who came here later, stiffened in awe when they saw this. As expected of Grandmaster Yan Feng. Within his killing formation, even peak-stage immortal emperors would find it hard to survive. This Di Tian was too arrogant and he had underestimated Yan Feng. No one could tell if Di Tian was able to survive this or not.

As they sensed the destructive might permeating the area around Di Tian’s platform, many of them believed that Di Tian would die for sure. What a pity.

When Di Tian saw the tempest of flames gushing over, he also felt shocked in his heart. Was this the capabilities of a peak-stage immortal emperor who was a formations grandmaster? Destructive balls of flames that contained heat, frost and thunder. Not only so, the excess flames even turned into white tigers, true dragons, horned snakes, as they lunged at him.

Di Tian still had a calm look on his face. With a stomp of his foot, numerous gates of sealing appeared one after another with unbelievable speed. The gates of sealing then shot towards different directions, converging together to form a perfect wall of defense. When the tempest of flames closed in, their energy was instantly sealed away as their power level weakened.

But even so, many of the sealing gates he created were destroyed in return. He wasn’t able to completely seal off such a powerful killing formation.

Di Tian’s hands moved about in the air, manifesting a countless number of sealing diagrams which soared into the air. All of them actually stacked with each other, forming a true gate of sealing that constantly expanded in size, becoming larger than the entire platform. Within this true gate of sealing, there seemed to be another dimension. When the destructive flame creatures lunged over, all of them were absorbed into it, turning into nothingness! That true gate of sealing was like a bottomless hole, capable of absorbing all destructive energies!


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