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Chapter 1577: Rising Fame


“The Yan Clan is going to lose the first round.”

The eyes of the spectators flashed with sharpness, understanding in their hearts.

Yan Zhong and the other Yan Clan’s experts could also tell. Di Tian’s formation breaking methods were truly powerful, directly manifesting a heavenly hammer as he smashed down with it. This heavenly hammer seemed to be formed from his astral soul and could incorporate runic diagrams into its attack. And because Di Tian was proficient in sealing-attribute arts, he was extremely suitable for breaking formations.

And as expected, not too long after, the formation was sealed completely. For the first round, the Yan Clan lost the challenge.

For the formation inscribed by Di Tian, the old man from the Yan Clan was clearly no longer as relaxed. His emperor resonance was first sealed. After that, boundless sealing light seeped into his body, sealing his law energy. Even the astral energy circulating in his body began to be sealed. This caused his combat prowess to continuously weaken. Those outside the formation couldn’t experience this personally, therefore they wouldn’t understand.

“Grandmaster Di, victory and defeat is already determined. It should be enough, right?” Yan Zhong spoke, indicating that Di Tian should release the old man.

“He is deep inside the formation. Everything is too late.” Di Tian spoke. As the sound of his voice faded, swords of sealing materialized one after another as they frenziedly stabbed into the body of the Yan Clan’s expert. That mid-stage emperor was actually helpless to defend against it. After a few moments, his body fell onto the ground, dead.

At this moment, the entire atmosphere turned silent as everyone stared at Di Tian in shock. He actually killed the old man.

This Grandmaster Di Tian actually killed a mid-stage emperor from the Yan Clan who was also a grandmaster in the dao of formations. Also, he did so in the Yan Clan’s territory. How truly audacious was this?

“How dare you!” The experts of the Yan Clan angrily roared, their expressions as cold as ice. In fact, several of them stepped out.

“Why? You guys can’t afford to lose?” Di Tian swept his glance at them.

“Step down.” Yan Zhong berated, blocking his clansman. The experts of the Yan Clan all had unsightly expressions, glaring at Di Tian.

“Grandmaster Di, you wanted to challenge us, I graciously invited you over. However, are you trying to make an enemy out of my Yan Clan by doing this?” Yan Zhong’s voice turned cold. A mid-stage immortal emperor grandmaster to their Yan Clan, was also considered a great loss. Also, he was killed in public. From this, one could very well imagine Yan Zhong’s current feelings.

“Real men don’t sneak around, why must you act like a hypocrite? A few days ago I was cultivating at my residence, minding my own business but somebody from your Yan Clan came over to provoke me, even injuring my serving girl. I naturally had to come and seek justice for her. But even before I could enter the Yan Clan, there was already a formation outside the entrance waiting for me. After I entered, you guys said that we would be sparring, but the first round, you all actually created a killing formation? What does this mean?” Di Tian directly shot back. “If it wasn’t so, I, Di, wouldn’t have created a killing formation as well. If I was the one who died, I’m sure the Yan Clan wouldn’t show any sympathy at all. You guys would only think I was overestimating myself and wanted to court death, right?”

Everyone felt their hearts trembling when they heard Di Tian’s words. He was right, the truth was so. The Yan Clan was the one who first created the killing formation, their intent couldn’t be more obvious. Sadly, their formation was broken by Di Tian, and the expert they sent to accept the challenge, died in Di Tian’s formation.

Although the truth was such, but the Yan Clan was still an aristocrat clan. Di Tian’s domineering reply was equivalent to smacking their faces, he was truly audacious.

Also, did Di Tian really come here just to seek justice for his serving girl?

Everyone knew it was not so simple but that serving girl of Di Tian couldn’t help but to feel touched as warm currents flowed in her heart after she heard that. She had a faint look of pride when she stared at the back of her master.

Di Tian directly tore face, the Yan Clan had been completely shamed. All of them were radiating killing intent.

“Since you put it this way, don’t blame my Yan Clan for being ruthless. How do you intend to fight the second round?” Yan Zhong coldly asked.

“Martial Formation.” Di Tian calmly replied. Yan Zhong then called out, “Yan Mu, you will be the one to accept his challenge.”

“Sure.” A voice drifted over from afar. After that, a figure from the Yan Clan could be seen soaring through the air.

“Grandmaster Yan Mu.” The eyes of everyone flickered. This Yan Mu was extremely famous with very high attainments in the dao of formations. He is a respected senior and clearly since he didn’t appear here at the beginning, he had not planned to accept any challenges. Yet now, he was forced to accept the second round’s challenge by Di Tian.

“Grandmaster Yan Mu’s formations are truly very strong, he is able to instantly form a formation. Since he is the one representing the Yan Clan in the battle of martial formations, this Di Tian would surely be in danger. Why does the Yan Clan feel like they are being bullied?” Everyone mused silently but they naturally wouldn’t dare to say anything. Since all cordial relations have already been severed, the Yan Clan naturally wouldn’t be polite to Di Tian. It was understandable that they sent out an extremely powerful expert.

Yan Mu was very old, he had a head full of white hair, but his cultivation was undoubtedly strong. The aura gushing from him caused a faint pressure to bore down on the atmosphere. He stood in the air and the long robes he wore fluttered without wind. His spirited eyes stared at Di Tian, “A mere junior, yet you have no idea about how to keep a low profile? How can our Yan Clan, who has stood strong for so many years, be something you can provoke?”

The eyes revealed outside Di Tian’s mask were exceptionally cold. He stared at Yan Mu, “You are already old.”

These few simple words contained an immense contempt within. Yan Mu’s expression grew colder. Resplendent emperor light cascaded from the sky down to him as he soared higher up into the air.

Di Tian similarly stepped out, astral light cascaded on him. Despite them being extremely high up in the air, everyone could still clearly see the two resplendent figures.

Yan Mu was similarly proficient in sword-attribute energy. Sword, controlled the aspect of killing. For grandmasters who were proficient in sword-law, their attacking formations naturally wouldn’t be weak. Since this was a martial formation challenge, none of the challengers were allowed to use innate techniques. They had to cross blows using the might of their formations.

Yan Mu pressed his palm forward. Instantly, strands of emperor light interweaved, forming a runic diagram in the shape of a sword. Runic characters that represented the word ‘sword’, appeared in the surroundings, permeating the atmosphere with so much sharpness that they seemed to be able to tear the world apart.

The might of his sword formation was about to press down on Di Tian.

Around Di Tian, boundless light from sword-law energy cascaded down. His astral energy formed countless runes which arranged themselves into numerous gates of sealing. He sealed the space around him. And when the terrifying sword might slashed over, they actually failed to slash the sturdy gates of sealing apart.

Yan Mu naturally wouldn’t waste time. He grabbed out with his hand as boundless runic light interweaved into a hole. A countless number of swords were formed within that hole in the void, their sword qi forming into a fearsome tempest that gushed towards Di Tian.

Di Tian’s hands were busy folding incantation gestures. His constellation appeared behind him, as the area around him was flooded with light. From a certain angle, it looked like snowflakes were falling around Di Tian. They seemed powerless, yet they gave Yan Mu a sense of unease.

“Seal!” Di Tian spoke. The law energy that resembled floating snow instantly transformed into runes, establishing a formation. A fearsome sealing prison enveloped this entire battlefield, causing Yan Mu to stiffen. He had no way to sense the connection between him and his constellation. The entire space around him seemed to have been sealed, yet Di Tian was not under the same restriction. Was this because this seal was created by him? The astral light continued cascading down, reinforcing the sealing prison.

“BREAK!” The terrifying sword formation of Yan Mu formed waves of sword qi, trying to tear the prison apart. However, Di Tian actually walked out from the gates of sealing around him at this moment. He pointed his finger forward, the terrifying sealing prison actually shrank continuously as the energy within became even more concentrated as it shot towards Yan Mu.

Yan Mu’s attacks simply couldn’t destroy the seals. He roared in rage, he had completely forgotten the agreement that neither side was supposed to use innate techniques. He unleashed all his strength, but Qin Wentian’s seals had already engulfed him.

“Yan Mu!” Yan Zhong’s countenance changed. From afar, everyone only saw the prison directly shrank to the size of a pinpoint of light. With a rumbling sound, it completely exploded and Yan Mu disappeared along with the implosion of the sealing prison, most assuredly dead.

A famous grandmaster from the Yan Clan was killed in the battlefield by Di Tian.

Numerous powerful auras gushed forth from the Yan Clan as many peak-stage immortal emperors stepped out. Their killing intent soared up into the sky, their eyes were extremely cold as they stared at Di Tian.

Di Tian was just an initial-stage immortal emperor. Although he had some fame, the Yan Clan thought it was already sufficient if they sent out an elder to crush him. However, the person they sent out actually died. They consecutively lost two grandmasters.

Although the Yan Clan was a formations aristocrat clan, they also couldn’t afford to bear such losses. This was especially so for the case of Yan Mu. He had an extraordinary status in the Yan Clan but he actually died during the second challenge round.

For the spectators, everyone felt their hearts trembling while a notion appeared in their mind.

Di Tian was truly going to be famous. Also, previously he was only slightly famous but after today, his name would definitely spread through the entire central city region. For such a powerful grandmaster, there was undoubtedly going to be many major powers keen to recruit him.

This Grandmaster Di did have the capabilities and he was also very confident in himself. Hence, was this the reason why he chose the Yan Clan to be his stepping stone?

Naturally, the person from the Yan Clan who went to his residence to tell him to come to the gathering, might have been overly rude, causing Di Tian to make this decision.

In any case, along with Yan Mu’s death, Di Tian’s rise to fame was no longer obstructable.

Despite there being three rounds of challenges, he had already won two. This can be considered that he had already defeated the Yan Clan. Also, he was only one man, yet he was confident enough to propose three rounds of challenges – formation breaking, martial and battle formations. From this, one could see how high his attainments in the dao of formations are. Wasn’t it an irony that the Yan Clan wanted to invite him to participate in a gathering where only elites among the unaffiliated grandmasters could merely become their guest elders? No wonder Di Tian was angered.

Many of the experts from the Yan Clan then stepped out, wanting to surround Di Tian.

Di Tian’s eyes flashed, his black eyes were like ice. The cold mask on his face actually caused everyone to feel a slight chill in their hearts.

He had truly come here because he wanted his fame to rise. As long as a powerful grandmaster became famous, he would naturally receive more attention, allowing himself to get better preferential treatment no matter where he wanted to go. At that time, he would easily become a valuable guest of the peak powers in Lifire City.

The Yan Aristocrat Clan, had truly rammed into a steel board this time!


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