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Chapter 1574: Yan Clan

Right now, in a courtyard in the central city region that was in charge of by Governor Xia Hou, many people would come here to pay a visit. Because, that extraordinary formations grandmaster was temporarily staying in here.

At this moment at the entrance of the courtyard, quite a few experts were already here, all of them begging for an audience with the grandmaster. However, they were obstructed by a serving girl. Although the cultivation base of the serving girl wasn’t high, only at the immortal king realm, there was no one who dared to show her any disrespect. Her looks could be considered outstanding, and she was very pretty.

“Fairy, all of us have something that we need the grandmaster’s help with.” The people outside the courtyard clasped their hands at the serving girl.

“Grandmaster Di is currently focusing on comprehending a formation. He doesn’t have the time today. Everyone, please come again another day.” The serving girl clasped her hands and replied.

“I wish to invite the grandmaster to help be inscribe a grand formation. I will definitely not be stingy in my payment. Would fairy please help to pass the message to the grandmaster?” A person persisted and spoke.

“Do you guys think that Grandmaster Di would lack cultivation resources? The serving girl smiled, causing everyone to be speechless. Indeed, how could a formations grandmaster be lacking in resources? Before this, this grandmaster has already proven his attainments in formations when he was roaming around Lifire City. Seems like his actions were all to prove his fame, attracting plenty of attention while also earning astronomical amounts of resources.

Right now, this grandmaster was already famous. In the future, he naturally wouldn’t be lacking any cultivation resources.

“What arrogance.” At this moment, a person in the crowd coldly snorted. Everyone turned and stared at that person, feeling a little bewildered. There was actually someone here creating trouble? Offending a powerful formations grandmaster wasn’t an intelligent matter.

“It isn’t the grandmaster being arrogant, it’s just that he is really busy now. If sir wants to put it this way, there’s nothing I can reply to it.” The serving girl smiled as she shook her head. Even when facing an immortal emperor, her tone could maintain an attitude that was neither servile nor overbearing.

“Hmph.” That person coldly snorted, “Although this grandmaster is strong, but he is merely an initial-stage immortal emperor. How much can he achieve with only one person? In this Lifire City, there are plenty of formations aristocrat clans.”

Everyone curiously glanced at the person who spoke as expressions of interest appeared on their faces.

“What does senior want to say?” The serving girl was still as polite as ever, as she asked with a smile on her face.

“I come from the Yan Clan.” That person continued, his calm tone was unable to mask his arrogance. The eyes of the experts in the surroundings flashed before smiles appeared on their faces as they clasped their hands, “So you are from the Yan Aristocrat Clan. Well met.”

Many people walked up to curry favor. That person merely nodded, his face filled with pride.

The Yan Clan was an aristocrat clan that specialized in formations within Lifire City. There were many formations experts here and they all had supreme statuses in the city. Many formations inscribed on the buildings were done by them. When experts from the major powers needed formations, they would often pay a visit to the Yan Aristocrat Clan and paid high prices for a formation expert to help them.

And right now, a person from the Yan Clan actually appeared here. Everyone was very clear in their hearts. To think that an emperor-ranked formations grandmaster that just arrived actually caught the Yan Clan’s attention.

“And?” The serving girl smiled.

“My Yan Clan plans to gather all the independent formations grandmasters in the central region of Lifire City to hold a discussion about the formation dao. When the time comes, my Yan Clan will give some good fortune to the better ones and invite them to become our guest elders. This is why I intentionally came here. Who would have thought I can’t even enter to meet with him.” The voice of that person tinged with pride and arrogance, causing a look of intrigue to flash through the eyes of many people.

On the surface, it was to discuss about formation dao, but in reality, it was a contest among formation grandmasters. In addition, the Yan Clan wanted to recruit elites and placed themselves in a higher position, believing that they were the orthodox ones. In truth, they did have such strength but their purpose for doing this was as clear as day. They wanted to tell everyone that they, the Yan Clan, was far above these independent formation grandmasters. They were the ones with the deeper foundations.

“Grandmaster Di wouldn’t be bothered with such boring things like this.” The serving girl didn’t even return to ask. She directly smiled and replied. The people here were all intelligent, how could they not understand what she meant by that?

The eyes of that person from the Yan Clan gleamed with sharpness, “How dare you, do you know who was the one who issued the invitation? You are just a little lass, yet you dared to reject it and said that this event is a boring matter?”

“Senior please cease your anger.” The serving girl wasn’t frightened off. She merely bowed and humbly continued, “I understand Grandmaster Di’s personality very well. To him, this is really a very boring matter.”

“In that case, go and ask him to appear in front of me. I want to personally hear how he thinks that this would be a boring event.” The person from the Yan Clan felt that his pride was being trampled. A newly famous formations grandmaster actually dared to act so high and mighty? Not even placing him from the Yan Clan in his eyes.

“Senior, why must you make things difficult for me?” The serving girl bitterly smiled.

“BOOM!” That person from the Yan Clan stepped out, unleashing a tyrannical aura, the impact causing the serving girl to groan in pain.

“Insolence.” At this moment, a cold voice rang out from within the courtyard. That expert from the Yan Clan inclined his head and stared in that direction.

“Grandmaster Di, what do you feel about my invitation?” That expert from the Yan Clan directly asked.

“I’m not interested. You who is from the Yan Clan actually bullied my serving girl? Truly, knowing someone by their reputation can’t compare to meeting them in person. Three days later, I will directly head to the Yan Clan and see how proficient the Yan Clan is in the dao of formations.” The voice continued, causing the eyes of many to gleam sharply as their hearts trembled.

This Grandmaster Di not only rejected the Yan Clan, his words were basically provoking them. Simply too brazen.

The Yan Clan wanted to invite the independent grandmasters to gather to exhibit their lofty positions but this Grandmaster Di completely disregarded them, choosing to head there on his own terms.

Seems like this Grandmaster Di was the same as the rumors, someone who is extremely proud. But he did have the capabilities to be proud. However, were his words too careless?

The expression of that expert from the Yan Clan instantly turned extremely ugly to behold. In truth when his Yan Clan did this the previous times, many unaffiliated grandmasters were willing to participate to show the Yan Clan their standards. Because, if they could become a guest elder of the Yan Clan, it meant that they had a chance to gain the Yan Clan’s approval and might even get some rare formation manuals. Their status would rise as well as being part of the Yan Aristocrat Clan. It was a win-win situation.

But this Grandmaster Di not only didn’t want to give him face, he even spoke such brazen words.

“Overestimating yourself. You are not qualified yet.” That Yan Clan’s expert coldly spoke.

“Go back and report to them. Three days later, I, Di, shall head over. I welcome all the experts from Lifire City to go and spectate. You can scram now.” The voice within impolitely issued an expulsion order.

“Kacha!” The Yan Clan’s expert clenched his fists, causing light popping sounds to echo out. His expression was ashen. After that, he flicked his sleeve and coldly spoke, “Since you want to court humiliation, I’ll wait for you.”

After that, he directly departed.

“Grandmaster Di, will you really head to the Yan Clan in three days time?” Someone asked.

“I have something to discuss with you, can I request a meeting?”

“Everyone, just return for now. Three days later, I’ll see all of you at the Yan Clan.” A calm voice rang out from within the courtyard and everyone understood that they wouldn’t have the chance to meet with this formations grandmaster anymore today. A grandmaster even dared to provoke the Yan Clan naturally would walk the talk. Hence, all of them respectively returned.

After everyone left, the serving girl entered the courtyard. There was a black-robed figure sitting cross-legged with a mask obscuring his features.

“Sir, are you really planning to go over?” That serving girl asked.

“Mhm.” The figure in black nodded.

“The Yan Clan is an aristocrat clan that specializes in formations. If sir can defeat some grandmasters of the Yan Clan, you would become even more famous. At that time, many more major powers would want to invite you.” The serving girl sweetly smiled. But what caused her to be slightly disappointed was that this mysterious expert, who once saved her life, had never once shown any interest towards her. In fact, he had never even properly looked at her beautiful features at all. Maybe, if he didn’t need someone to help out with some minor matters, he wouldn’t even have allowed her to follow him.

Sometimes, she would wonder what sort of character he was exactly. Under the mask, what sort of facial features would there be? She was very curious regarding this.

A piece of news soon circulated around Lifire City. Recently, a newly arrived formations grandmaster would head to the Yan Aristocrat Clan three days later to see how good the Yan Clan’s grandmasters are. He was not there for a visit, he was there to challenge them.

For a period of time, many powers turned their attention there, feeling that things would be extremely interesting. The Yan Aristocrat Clan has been established for many years in Lifire City. They were famous for their proficiency in formations and had vast amounts of resources. They were also very strong in the martial path. To think that a grandmaster who just got famous actually dared to challenge them. Truly audacious indeed.

However, when many thought of the Yan Clan’s status, they assumed that this grandmaster wanted to gain even more fame through this challenge, allowing more people to know of his existence. After all, it was very normal even if he lost in the challenge. Or to better put it, he would lose for sure. He just wanted to gain more attention.

One couldn’t help but admit that for this chess game, the Yan Clan was manipulated like a chess piece by this grandmaster.

Hence, many people were waiting with anticipation.

Three days of time naturally passed by very quickly.

The grounds where the Yan Clan was located was extremely vast, it was truly a very powerful clan. At this moment, many people were already gathered here, all of them were extremely excited about the challenge issued by the newly famous grandmaster. Among these people here, there were many from major powers.

After all, even if the grandmaster lost, these major powers could still recruit him if he was good enough.

“He’s here.” At this moment, a voice rang out. From the distance, two figures appeared. One the master, the other the servant. The expression of the serving girl was very calm, her smile was beautiful but her state of heart was far from her calm-looking expression on her face.

As for the grandmaster in the rumors, he was as mysterious as ever. He had a mask on his face and his aura felt extremely cold. Long shoulder-length black hair could be seen as his entire person radiated a faint sharpness. Seeing how straight his back was, one could sense the pride that was carved into his bones.



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