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Chapter 1565: Lifire Empyrean


“I don’t agree.”

An incomparably cold voice rang out, the Jialan Monarch’s countenance turned incomparably sinister. He has been enduring this but right now, it seemed that his endurance has reached the limit. His forces were decimated, his descendants were slaughtered. These bandits who were responsible were actually all going to be recruited by the Lifire Empyrean Palace Lord? What did this mean? What did they treat him, the Jialan Monarch, as?

He naturally didn’t agree. He wanted nothing more than to tear Qin Wentian and the others apart right now at this instant.

That peak-stage immortal emperor coldly glanced at the Jialan Monarch as he spoke, “Jialan Monarch, this matter won’t be settled just because of your disagreement. I’m going to personally seek the palace lord’s opinion and if he is willing to recruit them but you continue to insist on making trouble, bear the consequences yourself.”

As he spoke, that protector took out his messaging crystal and sent his immortal sense into it. Although the Jialan Monarch already guessed the ending, his eyes were still glaring at that protector.

Not too long after, the protector spoke, “Palace lord orders me to bring everyone back to the Lifire Palace to meet with him.”

Although the Jialan Monarch already guessed the ending, when he heard this, he couldn’t help but to tremble in rage. He calmed himself and nodded, “Sure, I’ll go with you all to meet with the palace lord.”

He wanted to see how the Lifire Empyrean would really recruit the bandits that killed his forces and family.

“Sure.” The protector nodded. He glanced at Qin Wentian, “Release her first then.”

Qin Wentian waved his hand and released the Molan Immortal Emperor. The Jialan Monarch’s figure flashed, appearing beside her, helping her to stand. The Molan Immortal Emperor glanced at the Jialan Monarch. As an immortal emperor, she at this moment felt extremely weak. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that they would end up like that.

Beiming Youhuang was still beside Qin Wentian, capable of protecting him at any moment. Although many experts have arrived, there was absolutely no need for them to lie to Qin Wentian. But even so, she still stood with him. If the Lifire Palace really wanted to act against Qin Wentian, she would fight them together with him.

Most probably, Beiming Youhuang herself didn’t realize that this young man, whom she once used to view with hatred, their fates were actually so closely tied now.

“Move out.” That protector spoke. After that, the group of experts here headed towards the teleportation array in the palace. In every realm, the realmlord naturally had access to all the nine world palaces. Each of the nine world palaces headed by the empyreans, would naturally also have access to the emperor palaces of the nine monarchs under them. This intricate web of relationships connected everyone closely together.

The lower-tiered powers had no way to command the upper-tier powers to do anything. But as long as the upper-tier powers sent a single command, all the lower-tier powers had to gather together within the shortest time.

The Lifire Palace was one of the ten main cities in the vast Lifelong Realm. These ten main cities, other than one being the residence of the Realmlord, the others were naturally given to the nine other empyreans. The Lifire Palace was precisely located in the Lifire Main City.

There were many teleportation arrays here, connecting to various areas, The array inside Jialan Monarch’s palace led to the core region here. After they exited, the group of them sped into the distance, in the direction of the Lifire Palace.

As one of the places with the most authority in the Lifelong Realm, the Lifire Palace was like a heavenly castle whose peak reaches the sky. It was incomparably majestic and impossibly vast. Also, crimson lightning illuminated the area, causing the entire palace to exude a striking and imposing aura.

It was also rumored that there’s a supremely grand formation under the palace named the Lifire Grand Formation. Its power was absolute, if there were any invaders, the palace lord could simply activate the formation and flames of heavenly fury would descend upon the attackers, engulfing the entire palace. However, no one in the palace has ever seen this before. After all, in the Lifelong Realm, how many people would really dare to invade one of the nine world palaces under the direct control of the nine empyreans?

Before reaching the palace gate, the stairways here were almost a thousand feet in height. The group of them ascended via the stairs, the motion of doing so gave off the feeling of making a pilgrimage to pay respects to the divinity.

Just the gate itself radiated a feeling of majesty. The guards around here were all immortal kings and above. When they saw Qin Wentian’s group arriving, they bowed and greeted, “Protector Chen.”

Protector Chen was none other than that peak-stage emperor. As a protector in the Lifire Palace, his status was naturally very high. He was a direct subordinate of the Lifire Empyrean as well, there was naturally no need to announce it when he wanted to bring people into the palace.

The group of them entered the Lifire Palace and came before a majestic hall with many guards outside. There were actually emperors among the guards. One could very well imagine how terrifying this scene was.

“Palace lord is currently inside waiting for protector.” An immortal emperor nodded to Protector Chen.

“Mhm.” Protector Chen glanced at everyone. “Let’s enter then.”

As he spoke, the group of them stepped into the ancient hall. There were many experts within but they were not standing around stringently like the guards outside. They were more casual and all of them deferred to a figure robed in black who sat in a throne above them. This black-robed man was medium height and had ordinary features but his eyes glowed with spirit. He was casually conversing with the experts in the hall and when he saw the group entering, only then did he turn to glance at them. With just a single glance, Qin Wentian felt as though all of his secrets were seen through.

“Paying my respects to Palace Lord.” Protector Chen bowed.

“Jialan pays my respects to Palace Lord.” Although the Jialan Monarch had hatred in his heart with regards to the Lifire Empyrean, he didn’t dare to show the slightest bit of disrespect before him. He still bowed respectfully.

“Beiming pays my respects to Palace Lord.” Beiming Youhuang and the others also paid their respects.

The Lifire Empyrean waved his hand and smiled, “Protector Chen, this trip must have been hard on you.”

“This is something subordinates ought to do.” Protector Chen calmly replied. “Palace Lord, I’ve already brought them here. Other than those who resisted and were killed, all the bandits are now here.”

“ROAR!” An intense roar sounded from the prison. The eyes of the Evil Emperor were sinister to the extreme, staring at the Lifire Empyrean. The Lifire Empyrean was one of the two empyreans that acted against the Night Empyrean back then.

“Evil Emperor, the Night Empyrean has already died for so many years. You have also been a bandit for so long but to think that you are still so restless.” The Lifire Empyrean smiled at the Evil Emperor, he clearly didn’t mind the roar at all. With his cultivation level, why would he need to give a damn about a peak-stage immortal emperor?

“I heard Protector Chen saying that you guys are willing to submit to me. Is this true?” The Lifire Empyrean asked again. He naturally wouldn’t say that he was the one who initiated this. The Jialan Monarch was present as well, although everyone knew the truth in their hearts, things still have to be done beautifully on the surface.

Qin Wentian turned and stared at the Evil Emperor in the prison. The eyes of the Evil Emperor clearly showed a struggle. He seemed to have sensed Qin Wentian’s gaze and turned to him, matching his eyes. After that, he gritted his teeth and made a decision.

Even if he had to suffer humiliation, he would endure it. He had no choice but to wait. Even if there was no chance, he would still have to wait until a chance came about. Ye Qianyu was still in the Lifire Empyrean’s hands. If they said no, they would just waste their lives and die like this.

“It’s true.” The huge eyes of the Evil Emperor closed, as though he was extremely reluctant. The Lifire Empyrean naturally understood that he was reluctant but he didn’t care about it. He only wanted the ending to follow his will. He knew that although the Evil Emperor and the others wouldn’t wholeheartedly submit, he didn’t need them to do so. It was enough as long as he still had use for this group of people.

“What about the rest?” The Lifire Empyrean glanced at the others in the prison. Everyone reluctantly nodded their heads, deciding to comply.

“Protector Chen, unlock the prison.” The Lifire Empyrean waved his hand. Protector Chen directly stepped out, releasing the Evil Emperor and the others.

“Palace Lord.” At this moment, the Jialan Monarch stared at the Lifire Empyrean as he spoke. “These people killed my kin, I beseech palace lord to retract your order. We should destroy these bandits that are wicked beyond redemption and use them as an example to strike fear in the hearts of others.”

The Lifire Empyrean glanced at the Jialan Monarch as he smiled, “Jialan, I know you are in a bad mood because your side suffered so many casualties. My Lifire Palace admires people of talent. If these people truly repent, I’m willing to give them a chance to make up for their crimes by performing meritorious deeds.”

“Palace Lord, if bandits like these can waive their crimes by just submitting to you, wouldn’t my losses be all for nothing? Wouldn’t the other eight monarchs feel a chill in their hearts?” The Jialan Monarch bowed.

“Impudent.” A peak-stage immortal emperor beside the Lifire Empyrean angrily berated. He glared at the Jialan Monarch, “Jialan, how dare you speak to Palace Lord in this manner. Are you trying to offend your superiors?”

“Your subordinate doesn’t dare to.” Jialan Monarch shook his head.

The Lifire Empyrean stared at him and slowly spoke, “Jialan, from your words, you seemed to be very against my will?”

This voice was extremely calm, but it caused the Jialan Monarch to feel chills all over his body. His head dipped even lower, “Your subordinate doesn’t dare.”

“This seat knows that not only were your forces decimated, you even lost many of your kin as well. I can understand this, hence, I didn’t punish you. However, don’t forget your identity. As one of the nine monarchs, two of your main mines were actually plundered before your eyes. What does this say of your capabilities? You even need this seat to send reinforcements to aid you. If I didn’t do so, who can you capture?”

“This seat is very disappointed with your ability to handle things.” The Lifire Empyrean calmly spoke, his words causing the Jialan Monarch’s heart to tremble.

“This group of bandits is more capable than you.”

The Lifire Empyrean added another sentence, causing the coldness in the Jialan Monarch’s heart to surge towards the freezing point. He turned pale, he knew that the Lifire Empyrean would never change his plan because of his words.

The people in the hall all glanced at the Jialan Monarch with looks of mockery. They naturally knew why the empyrean was doing this. The other monarchs would feel cold in their hearts?

The other monarchs weren’t like the Jialan Monarch who had an illustrious background that always set themselves against the Lifire Empyrean in the dark.

“Qin Wentian.” At this moment, the Lifire Empyrean no longer looked at the Jialan Monarch. He directly turned to face Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian inclined his head and looked at the Lifire Empyrean, only to see the empyrean standing up from the throne and walking down towards him. He smiled at Qin Wentian, “I long knew that you have a good relationship with Youhuang. Also, given your talent, this seat truly admires you. Although you became a bandit, I know all this happened because the daughter of the Jialan Monarch, Jialan Mingyue, sent you into the mine to make things difficult for you. You had no choice in this matter, and nobody can rightfully blame you for it. Since you are willing to turn over a new leaf and submit to this seat, you can tell me directly what position you want.”

The Jialan Monarch instantly stiffened when he heard that. Both his fists were clenched tightly!


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