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Chapter 1563: Prisoner


Molan was controlled by Qin Wentian. Yet her eyes were gleaming with coldness as she stared at the Crow Emperor. Only appearing now? Didn’t it mean that the Crow Emperor was silently consenting to Qin Wentian’s action of slaughtering their entire palace?

Did the Lifire Empyrean want to deal with the Jialan Clan? This was such a distinct action.

The Jialan Monarch led his forces to wipe out the bandit remnants. If he knew all this after he returned, he would probably go crazy with rage, right?

“Release my brother’s wife!” The Crow Emperor shone with a crow-black light as he arrived. Currents of destruction permeated the surroundings as his black eyes stared at Qin Wentian.

“Brother’s wife?” Molan’s eyes were bloodshot as she stared icily at the Crow Emperor. Crow glanced at her and continued, “What an audacious bandit, how dare you act so impudently.”

Qin Wentian glanced at the Crow Emperor who was in the air. His eyes gleamed with intense killing intent. Back then, it was precisely this man who injured Ye Qianyu, leading to her eventual capture.

Boundless emperor light radiated from him, resonating with his constellation, bathing him in a powerful glow. A supreme surge of light-law energy engulfed him protectively.

“Release her and surrender.” The Crow Emperor coldly spoke. What sort of character was he? Although his talent was inferior to the Jialan Monarch, his cultivation was very high, at the peak-stage of the immortal emperor realm. At this realm, every difference in level could result in a great disparity of strength. Although Qin Wentian’s combat prowess was extraordinary and he could kill mid-stage emperors, there was no way he would be able to deal with the Crow Emperor.

Beiming Youhuang observed them. Her demeanor was as cold as ever. Was Qin Wentian able to resist the attacks of the Crow Immortal Emperor, someone at the peak-stage of the immortal emperor realm?

The Crow Emperor acted. Law energy gushed forth as a gigantic black crow manifested behind him. It was so large that it blotted out the sun, the eyes of the giant crow turned grey, filled with death qi as he glanced at Qin Wentian. At this moment, Qin Wentian felt a premonition of death. The eyes of death completely surrounded him, wanting to snuff his life out.

Just a glance was capable of killing people.

The laws of light and life flowed around Qin Wentian as boundless vitality radiated from him, fighting against the corrosion of the death energy.

The expression of the Crow Emperor was extremely cold as his law domain erupted forth. A grey-colored domain of death covered the area as crow-black currents permeated the atmosphere. In this area, rumbling sounds rang out as the black currents of energy transformed into countless black crows that radiated death energy, capable of devouring all lives.

There were simply too many. All those black crows shot towards Qin Wentian at this instant.

Qin Wentian’s laws of light erupted forth to its maximum might. A giant ancient tree also extended outwards, manifesting behind him, infusing him with life energy, cleansing the surroundings.

In addition, the leaves of the ancient tree were even sharper than swords. They gleamed with light and shot out in all directions, aiming for the death crows, killing them one by one.

Piercing sounds rang out unceasingly but there were simply too many death crows, there didn’t seemed to be a limit to their numbers. Qin Wentian waved his hand as swords of light slashed out, illuminating the area, clearing many of the death crows but he had no way to eliminate them all in a single strike, like he did against the attack of an initial-stage emperor. The defenses of these death crows were actually shockingly high.

Next, several ancient golden buddhas appeared in the surroundings, gleaming with a resplendent buddhic light that illuminating the surroundings, capable of delivering all living creatures from suffering. Thousands of giant buddha palms then blasted out, killing the death crows. Qin Wentian floated in the air, he stretched his palm out and activated God’s Hand, the countless number of death crows had no way to get near him at all.

The Crow Emperor himself transformed into a Crow King. His eyes also turned grey as he stared at Qin Wentian. The surviving death crows gathered together and launched an increasingly ferocious attack. Their talons not only radiated death qi, there was also an aura of sharpness within, capable of slashing through everything.

Qin Wentian raised his hand and punched out with the Warring Heavens Divine Fist attack, causing light from it to engulf everything. It collided with the incoming attack and both of them dispersed from the impact.

However, the attacks from the Crow Emperor didn’t stop. He blasted out numerous black death imprints and even before the death imprints landed, they already gave Qin Wentian a sense of crisis. If one was to be hit by the death imprints, they would undoubtedly die.

Blasting out with God’s Hand, all his law energies were augmented as they clashed against the death imprints, shattering them upon impact.

The Molan Immortal Emperor, whose movements were still bound by Qin Wentian, had an ashen expression on her face. If it wasn’t for Qin Wentian infusing life energy through the ancient tree into her, she would have already died. The Crow Emperor was actually held at bay by Qin Wentian, great waves rose in her heart and she couldn’t help but to muse how good it would be if her daughter, Jialan Mingyue, hadn’t offended Qin Wentian in the past. They could have pulled him closer and become friends with him. In the future, Qin Wentian may even become the strongest source of help for her husband, the Jialan Monarch, and he who is already at the initial-stage of the immortal emperor realm, could have already been fighting side by side. All this…might only have happened if her daughter didn’t offend him.

However, such an extraordinary character along with Beiming Youhuang, was pushed to the opposite side. Right now, the Lifire Empyrean was paying close attention to this. He made use of Beiming Youhuang and it resulted in so many people of the Jialan Emperor Palace dying. The forces under the Jialan Monarch were almost all already wiped out. If he continued and accidentally made some mistakes, the Lifire Empyrean would most probably be able to casually find an excuse to kick the Jialan Monarch off his position.

What an irony this was. Her daughter Jialan Mingyue was too unruly, and her husband the Jialan Monarch was too lustful for beauties. Everything that happened now, was caused by they themselves. They had to suffer for their own sins.

The expression of Crow was extremely cold. His black eyes of death were terrifying to the extreme. An initial-stage immortal emperor was actually this strong? He could even fight against him to this extent?

The Crow Emperor snorted coldly as the death intent grew stronger, while the black crows attacked with crazy intensity.

Qin Wentian extended both his hands as boundless law energy flooded forth. His palms gleamed with golden buddhic light as numerous inscriptions interweaved before blasting outwards. Two terrifying palm strikes blasted out with lightning speed towards the Crow Emperor, arriving right before him in an instant.

“Scram!” The Crow Emperor howled, blasting out death imprints. But in just an instant, the death imprints all shattered and his body was actually forced back in retreat. This couldn’t help but cause his countenance to grow colder. Qin Wentian’s attack could actually ignore the limitations of space, as Qin Wentian’s spatial energy was infused into his palm attacks. This caught him unawares and he narrowly avoided heavy injuries.

The eyes of the Crow Emperor turned terrifying. The giant black crow behind him spread its wings. He took out his divine weapon and it was actually a grey-colored banner. The moment the banner appeared, ghostly cries and monstrous howls filled the air, permeating the area with a thick death energy. The death crows actually grew larger in size and the death energy within them grew stronger and stronger.

“Enough.” A cold voice rang out from behind. Crow turned his gaze over only to see Beiming Youhuang moving towards here. She swiftly arrived and floated in the air.

“Beiming, what do you mean by this?” The Crow Emperor coldly asked.

“You should understand.” Beiming Youhuang replied. After that, she stared at Qin Wentian and transmitted her voice, “Leave quickly, you won’t be able to win against the Lifire Palace. If you want revenge, come back in the future.”

Qin Wentian glanced at Beiming Youhuang. He naturally understood that Beiming Youhuang was doing this for his own good. But could he really leave?

Ye Qianyu was captured because of him and now that her life and death was unknown, could he really leave just like that?

“Beiming, the Empyrean has always treated you well but you actually choose to side with Qin Wentian?” Crow stared at Beiming Youhuang as his death intent gushed towards her. An evil look gleamed in his eyes, he was prepared to take down Beiming Youhuang as well. Those black crows formed a group and madly lunged towards her.

Beiming Youhuang’s eyes were extremely glacial. A formless aura radiated from her, causing her hair to flutter without wind. The group of crows went crazy and spiralled around her body relentlessly, but after a moment, they actually turned and shoot towards the Crow Emperor instead.

“You can control creatures of death?” The Crow Emperor narrowed his eyes.

“I said, enough.” Beiming Youhuang coldly reiterated.

“Hehe, too late.” At this moment, the Crow Emperor suddenly laughed coldly as another terrifying aura descended. Beams of light fell from the sky as a group of experts returned to the emperor palace. Qin Wentian glanced over as he stiffened.

He saw the Jialan Monarch. The expression of the Jialan Monarch was extremely ugly to behold as his killing intent surged forth unceasingly, glaring with hatred at Qin Wentian. However, he didn’t act directly, there were some other powerful characters beside him.

Also, there was a prison behind him. The Evil Emperor was captured by them, including quite a few immortal emperors as well as the sedan carriers for Ye Qianyu. They were actually all captured, everyone was from the Thousand Feathers Palace.

Beiming Youhuang turned pale when she saw this scene. The Lifire Palace domineeringly acted. Clearly, the Jialan Monarch didn’t have such strength. The people standing beside him were all peak-stage immortal emperors and Beiming Youhuang knew that they were direct subordinates of the Lifire Empyrean.

As expected, the Lifire Empyrean was the one behind all of this. He didn’t even tell her anything. After all, she was originally already acquainted with Qin Wentian. The Lifire Empyrean wanted to make use of her to lure Qin Wentian out, how could he tell her about this?


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