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Chapter 1561: Entering the Emperor Palace


The Jialan Monarch had arrived at the sky above the lake. He glanced at the fallen corpses as his face turned as unsightly as it could turn.

How long was that only? He had already rushed here with his greatest speed but he was still too late. Can an immortal king really be so powerful to this extent?

“Who can tell me what happened here earlier?” The Jialan Monarch swept his gaze towards the people on the dragon boats floating about on the lake.

“Reporting to your majesty, Qin Wentian has already broken through. He was sculpting under the moonlight and in that state of immersion, he broke through to the immortal emperor realm.” Some of the people explained to the Jialan Monarch. The eyes of the Jialan Monarch gleamed with sharpness, how could this be?

The Jialan Monarch was one of the nine great monarchs under the Lifire Empyrean. He managed to occupy this position despite being just at the mid-stage emperor realm and hence, there was no need to doubt his strength and talent. Other than this, there was naturally support from his background too. The Jialan Monarch came from an extremely powerful sect. In the Lifire Palace, even the Lifire Empyrean might not be able to intimidate the Jialan Monarch’s background.

Hence, one could tell that the Jialan Monarch’s horizons were extremely broad and he has seen many geniuses before. However, Qin Wentian completely toppled his knowledge. When he first met Qin Wentian, Qin Wentian was only at the immortal-foundation level. After that when he learned about Qin Wentian being a bandit, Qin Wentian was at the peak-stage of the immortal king realm. At that time, he was already doubting whether the information was real. But the corpses of his subordinates in the water now undoubtedly verified everything.

Currently, Qin Wentian suddenly broke through to the immortal emperor realm?

Was this a joke?

Evidently, no one was laughing. No matter how great the guts of the people here are, they wouldn’t dare to make such a joke before him, the Jialan Monarch. The gazes of everyone here had proved everything. Qin Wentian has truly reached the emperor realm.

He only took a mere twenty-plus years to break through from immortal-foundation to immortal emperor. Is this possible?

This should be impossible, but it actually happened. In that case, there was only one possibility. Back then, Qin Wentian in reality, was never at the immortal-foundation realm, but was already at the peak-stage of the immortal king realm. It was unknown what methods he used to conceal his cultivation base. Even he, a mid-stage immortal emperor, couldn’t see through Qin Wentian’s real cultivation. If that was the case, it would better explain the apprentice sibling relationship between Beiming Youhuang and Qin Wentian.

An immortal emperor, and a peak-stage immortal king.

“Convey my orders, return to the emperor palace.” The Jialan Monarch waved his hand. He had more important things to do and had to request reinforcements from the Lifire Palace.

The identity of the bandit leader was already revealed. He couldn’t allow the emperor city to be unguarded as the Evil Emperor and Qin Wentian were both still not captured. Hence, he chose to leave this place as fast as possible.


Qin Wentian was actually still in the emperor city. He has been quietly waiting for news of Ye Qianyu. Only after several days did some news regarding her start to circulate around the city.

After that battle, Ye Qianyu was injured but she managed to break out of the siege of enemies eventually. Even so, she didn’t manage to escape and was ultimately captured. Her identity was exposed then, the number one beauty of Heavenly City, also the palace mistress of the Thousand Feathers Palace.

Given the Jialan Monarch’s background, there was naturally no way he didn’t manage to investigate her. Hence, the Jialan Monarch requested reinforcements from the Lifire Palace and he wanted to rush to Heavenly City, preparing to uproot the Thousand Feathers Palace completely.

Ye Qianyu has been captured and her place of imprisonment was unclear. Most probably, these people would think up a scheme again centering around Ye Qianyu to draw the rest of the bandits out.

However, this time around, the Jialan Monarch didn’t dare to act too recklessly. There was only one reason. The Evil Emperor captured many of his descendants and left instead of clashing head-on with him.

The tyrannical lion king, the Evil Emperor, clearly prepared a path of retreat in advance. This caused the Jialan Monarch to feel extremely anxious.

The Jialan Monarch even requested the Lifire Empyrean to use Ye Qianyu to exchange for hostages as they make up a plan to capture all the bandits. This suggestion was immediately shot down by the Lifire Empyrean. The Lifire Empyrean berated him for throwing the Lifire Palace’s face, he couldn’t do anything well and encountered plunders by bandits who did what they wished. Not only so, many subordinates of his were even killed. If it wasn’t for him sending the Crow Emperor to suppress Ye Qianyu, the Jialan Monarch’s city might even have been taken over. The Jialan Monarch was one of the nine monarchs ruling over an area. Even if he was incompetent, he actually even dared to bring up the point of using the bandit leader to exchange for his descendants where Ye Qianyu wasn’t captured by him at all.

In any case, although the bandit leader has been captured, it had nothing to do with the Jialan Monarch. He wasn’t the one to capture her and in addition, he had suffered heavy losses. Those who died were all his subordinates, and those captured, were none other than his family members.

The Jialan Monarch naturally felt extremely enraged but he was helpless to do anything and understood that he had to first steady his mind. He knew that the Lifire Empyrean has always been looking for an excuse to knock him down from his position and was just waiting for him to make a mistake. Although he was one of the nine monarchs under the Lifire Empyrean, he clearly understood how he obtained this position. It wasn’t merely due to his strength, there were also many other factors in play.

Today, the Evil Emperor finally appeared. He sent a message to the Jialan Monarch telling him to bring Ye Qianyu to exchange for hostages or be prepared to suffer the consequences. The Jialan Monarch wanted to act but at this moment, the Lifire Palace took matters into their own hands and sent experts over. This made the Jialan Monarch extremely unhappy but he had no way to object. The Lifire Palace sent many experts to head to the place where the hostage exchange was to take place, but they didn’t bring Ye Qianyu along.

Ye Qianyu, was no longer in the control of the Jialan Monarch.

After the Jialan Monarch left, Beiming Youhuang and many experts arrived within his emperor palace. Beiming Youhuang’s aura was cold as a frosty expression appeared on her face. Compared to the past, her demeanor changed, turning even colder. Her cultivation also grew stronger and has broken through to the mid-stage of the immortal emperor realm.

However, Beiming Youhuang didn’t feel any joy at all. After she learned of what happened when she exited her seclusion, she only felt coldness in her heart. The Lifire Empyrean’s perfect scheme of using her by sending her into a secret realm was the truth. But there was also no doubt he treated her very well to the extent where he didn’t force her to do anything she was unwilling to. Everyone has already learned of Qin Wentian and knew that Beiming Youhuang was his senior sister. However, nobody mentioned anything about it.

Before this, when she went to meet the Lifire Empyrean, the empyrean didn’t speak of his scheme that had succeeded as well. He merely smiled and showed concern for her cultivation. What could she do then? What could she say?

As the princess of the Darknorth Immortal Dynasty, as well as their number one talent, she has never been made use of by others before. From this, her perspective on the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms grew clearer. Superpowers sat at the peak of the world but within the territories they controlled, there would always be people fighting and scheming against each other, both sides using mutual deception.

“Beiming.” In the Jialan Palace, the Crow Emperor glanced at her and smiled, “Congratulations on your breakthrough.”

“Just the mid-stage of the immortal emperor realm.” Beiming Youhuang’s expression was still cold, she didn’t really care about the Crow Emperor.

Crow still smiled at her. Although he was a peak-stage immortal emperor of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, and had seen countless beauties before, a woman with Beiming Youhuang’s beauty and demeanor was still considered extremely rare. No matter who it was, they would only feel joy in their hearts and admiration from their soul when they saw such beauty. No wonder the Jialan Monarch wanted her to become one of his guards before this.

Both her facial features and figure, were unquestionable, causing people to drool.

“Beiming, you’ve gained the appreciation of our empyrean, your future is sure to be boundless.” The Crow Emperor smiled meaningfully.

“I will naturally engrave the kindness of the Lifire Empyrean in my heart.” Beiming Youhuang coldly spoke. Crow simply smiled, after that he continued in a low voice, “You should know that our palace lord, the Lifire Empyrean, has always been very unhappy with the Jialan Monarch. Who knows that in the future, you might have the chance to replace the Jialan Monarch and become one of the nine monarchs.”

Although the Crow Emperor was a peak-stage emperor, he knew his talent was inferior to the Jialan Monarch. All in all, there were only a total of nine positions under the Lifire Empyrean and each of the monarchs naturally had sufficient reasons to sit in that position. Although he was considered a direct subordinate of the Lifire Empyrean, how can his status be compared to a monarch that could rule over a stretch of territories?

Each of the nine monarchs had complete control and authority over the territories they were managing. It was considered an extremely lucrative position.

“If the palace lord has made the arrangements, I will naturally comply.” Beiming Youhuang calmly spoke before she walked away. The Crow Emperor glanced at her beautiful back as a faint smile appeared in his eyes. This woman and that bandit lord he captured, both of them have different kinds of beauty. Sadly, he wasn’t able to get his hands on either of them.

“Mhm?” At this moment, Crow’s eyes gleamed with coldness, staring at a certain direction, at the boundary of the emperor palace. A meaningful smile then appeared on his face as his silhouette flashed. He didn’t head in that direction but chose to fly towards the opposite direction instead.

Outside the palace, Qin Wentian’s figure appeared. He didn’t hide his features at all and came here out n the open. After he entered, numerous guards appeared before him, obstructing his passage, staring at him with nervousness in their eyes.

However, it was like Qin Wentian didn’t see them at all. He directly stepped forward and sent his immortal sense to envelop this region, sweeping through the palace. Emperor might radiated from him, as well as the radiance from his laws of light. Everywhere that was inundated by the light, screams of misery rang out. Those guards disintegrated instantly.

The radiance was too resplendent. More and more experts came out from the palace and someone spoke, “Enemy attack, activate the grand formation of the palace!”

Rumbling sounds rang out as beams of light shot out in all directions. In the emperor palace of the Jialan Monarch, there would naturally be protective formations. However, their power wasn’t as great as before. In the past, when the Evil Emperor swept through here, he had controlled the minds of many experts and directly used them to damage the formations internally.

In a certain location within the palace, a beautiful middle-aged woman glanced at the radiance from afar and immediately sent a message into her messaging crystal, contacting the Jialan Emperor. Beside her, another beautiful young lady could be seen. This was none other than Jialan Mingyue.

Jialan Mingyue also stared in the direction of the source of radiance. Was he here?

He… was he really that immortal-foundation fellow those years before?

In another direction, Beiming Youhuang also glanced towards the source of radiance as she sighed in her heart. Did he still came after all?


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