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Chapter 1560: The Cold Lake


On the boat, the starlight cascaded down, lighting up the lake’s water.

Numerous gazes shot towards the boat Qin Wentian was in as the people in the surroundings felt their hearts trembling in shock.

Starlight falling from the sky, sharing a resonance with one’s constellation. This was an indication of the immortal emperor realm. The aura of that young man who was sculpting gradually rose as he underwent a baptism by the emperor light. The astral light radiating from Qin Wentian grew brighter and brighter as his understanding of laws grew stronger. He was in the midst of a transformation, in the midst of breaking through to the next realm.

“Breaking through using sculpting as a medium?” The hearts of many trembled. They had heard of many methods to break through before but it was very rare to hear that someone broke through while sculpting. Also, the stone in the young man’s hand gradually took the form of a human. It was an extremely life-like woman whose smile could charm everything. Her eyes were filled with passion, a truly excellent creature indeed. Just a single glance at her would cause one’s heart to stir.

“What a beautiful maiden.” Many people felt their hearts trembling. Although it was just a sculpture, they could see the finer details and intricate lines of the maiden’s face. This sculpture was already so stunning. Wouldn’t her real person be even more breathtaking? Was this young man longing for her?

Or maybe, this young man has fallen out of love and failed to pursue the woman of his heart. Hence, he decided to pour out his emotions in sculpting and managed to break through under a series of lucky coincidences?

Nobody would know the actual reason.

However, the female sculpture was clearly extremely beautiful already but the young man didn’t stop. He was currently carving minute details, trying to completely perfect it. The intricate lines made it seem as though the sculpture was alive. Her robes fluttered in the wind, her lithe and alluring figure, all of these factors that were mesmerizing to the extreme were captured perfectly. However, none of the crowd had any profane thoughts. They were content in watching this seemingly divine sight.

His actions grew slower as a smile lit up his eyes. Staring at the sculpture, his smile grew gentler.

The astral light grew stronger and stronger, enveloping Qin Wentian. The surrounding waters were all lit up so brightly that it felt like day. Countless people were naturally attracted over as they turned their gazes here. Although immortal emperors would occasionally appear on this lake as well, they were considered pretty rare.

Qin Wentian was completely immersed in his own world. He clearly had forgotten where he was and didn’t even know his current state. His body was resonating with his constellation. This state was extremely miraculous and was a kind of epiphany.

“Can you sculpt a figurine of me?”

In Qin Wentian’s mind, Ye Qianyu’s voice continued to reverberate. Her passionate eyes and charming smile was able to mesmerize anyone. With her occupying his mind, he continued sculpting. A few moments later, the dagger formed of law energy gradually dissipated, transforming back into astral light. A radiant smile lit up Qin Wentian’s face as he stared at this sculpture.

“The sculpture you wanted, I’ve already completed it for you.” Qin Wentian smiled, as though he was talking to Ye Qianyu, Sadly, there was no reply. There was only silence in his surroundings.

At this moment, numerous experts with frightening auras appeared in the air above Qin Wentian, and there were quite a few immortal emperors among them. They were all coldly staring at Qin Wentian, as well as the sculpture in his hand. Was this the reason why the bandit lordess herself came?

Many people initially thought Qin Wentian wouldn’t appear despite using Beiming Youhuang as the bait and it would be a waste of effort. However, they actually thought wrongly. Not only did Qin Wentian show up, even the bandit lordess herself and the Evil Emperor also appeared in the emperor city.

They didn’t expect these people would be so foolish.

“Qin Wentian, as a person from the Jialan Monarch’s territory, you initially had the chance to become a legitimate subordinate yet you actually chose to be a bandit. This crime is simply unpardonable. Now, you should return with me and on account of your strength, the Monarch will surely show mercy and spare your life, you would even able to clear your crimes by establishing more achievements.” An immortal emperor spoke. Although Qin Wentian’s features were disguised, how could they not know who this young man sitting in the boat was?

Qin Wentian didn’t reply, he quietly sat there. That immortal emperor nervously stared at Qin Wentian. Although he looked calm externally, his heart was filled with trepidation.

Qin Wentian’s combat prowess was too terrifying, able to kill immortal emperors when he was just at the immortal king realm. Now that he has broken through, resonating with his constellation, how could his strength have increased by merely a bit?

If it wasn’t for him fearing Qin Wentian’s strength, why would he waste the time to talk so much nonsense? He even said that Qin Wentian would be allowed to clear his crime by establishing achievements. In reality, he only wanted to delay Qin Wentian, the Jialan Monarch would personally rush here as soon as possible.

Not only him, but the experts in the surroundings also didn’t dare to act recklessly. But the Jialan Monarch just commanded them through the messaging crystal to capture Qin Wentian. What could they do? They could only grit their teeth and come here but nobody dared to act.

“Where is she?” Qin Wentian’s gaze was still on the sculpture. He asked in a soft voice, he didn’t even look at the experts gathered here, or that emperor who just spoke. Maybe, all of these people were nothing in his eyes.

Everyone naturally knew who the ‘she’ in his words was referring to. That immortal emperor’s expression changed. He didn’t dare to disobey the Jialan Monarch’s order, but since he wasn’t confident that he could defeat Qin Wentian, he would do his best to delay as long as possible.

“You will naturally know after meeting the Monarch. Qin Wentian, come with me. I won’t make things difficult for you.” The voice of that immortal emperor was extremely calm, causing many people in the surroundings to feel that this man had quite an excellent demeanor. As expected of an emperor under the Jialan Monarch, he was truly extraordinary. Even when facing a bandit, he could be so magnanimous. From this, one could see how broad his heart was.

“Where is she?” It was like Qin Wentian hadn’t even heard his words. He softly repeated what he said. Although the tone of his voice was incomparably calm, that immortal emperor could feel the weight it contained. His expression turned heavy and glanced at Qin Wentian, “You will be able to see her if you follow me back to the palace. In addition, you would even be able to see Beiming Youhuang.”

As the sound of the immortal emperor’s voice faded, the sculpture in Qin Wentian’s hands vanished as he kept it. Qin Wentian slowly stood up and inclined his head, glancing at that immortal emperor.

With just a single glance, that immortal emperor felt the world changing around him as he fell into an illusion. This illusion made him appear on the punishment stage and he was trapped there with chains penetrating his body. It looked like he was prepared to accept the baptism of death.

“NO! This is an illusion!” His will struggled madly, telling himself this was a false scene and not reality. He mustn’t believe in it.

However, it was useless. Although he knew everything was just an illusion, he still could not break free from it. Right now, it was like he was heavily injured and was on the verge of death. Even his strength had been sealed away and the only fate remaining to him was to wait for death,

A beam of light fell from the sky, this was like a sword of punishment. The immortal emperor howled loudly as a terrifying strength erupted forth from his body. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t block this incomparably resplendent sword.

With a piercing sound, the sword slashed down. That immortal emperor only felt himself being chained to the stage. But at this moment, as though to specially mock him, the illusion from before had completely disappeared. A slight wind gusted by but the immortal emperor had no mood to enjoy the feel of it. There was only despair and fear in his heart.

Although everything was an illusion, the sword of light that slashed down, was real.

As the sound of piercing echoed forth, the corpse of an immortal emperor fell inside the beautiful lake. Just not too long ago, many people felt that this immortal emperor’s demeanor was extraordinary. But this scene which happened in the blink of an eye, caused all of them to feel their hearts tremble.

So it turned out that this immortal emperor was merely pretending to be calm. He had never dared to act from the start.

He was killed, by just a single sword attack.

A manifestation of a pair of terrifying eyes could be seen floating in the air. This exuded a bizarre energy and with just a glance at it, it was sufficient to cause people in the surroundings to sink into an illusion. The other people in the surroundings all fell into it. The innocent crowd became the spectators, staring up at the punishment stage. As for the other subordinates of the Jialan Monarch, they were all chained there like criminals, preparing to accept the punishment.

All the Jialan Monarch’s subordinates had panic and fear in their eyes. Before this, they personally saw an immortal emperor dying of unknown causes. Most probably, their experiences now were what that immortal emperor had experienced before his death. The indication of this caused all of them to shiver in terror.

The reality was as they expected. When the sword of light slashed down, the thing they feared most, turned into reality. All the enemy experts turned into corpses that fell into the lake waters.

This time around, the Jialan Monarch’s operation did reap great harvests as he managed to draw the bandit leader out. However, to his subordinates, this was nothing but a calamity. Even quite a number of immortal emperors had died, including the descendants of the Jialan Monarch. From this perspective, can it really be considered that the Jialan Monarch was victorious?

In addition, everything hasn’t concluded yet. In the future, if everything could start over again, maybe the Jialan Monarch wouldn’t dare to plan this operation.

At this moment, another gust of gentle wind blew by as everyone else woke up from the illusion. When they saw the corpses of the experts floating on the lake, they suddenly felt that the wind was cold, so cold that it pierced deep into the bones.

They turned their gazes over to the lonely-looking small boat drifting into the distance. At this moment, the young man who was sitting on it, was no longer present. It was like he has never appeared before.


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