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Chapter 1558: Trap


Qin Wentian had arrived in Jialan Emperor City. One of his astral souls was of the phantasm-type and was able to change his features, masking his aura with illusions.

The arrest warrant was real. The Barbarian Emperor didn’t lie to him about that. Qin Wentian attempted to contact Beiming Youhuang again but he still received no reply. It was unknown how many times he had tried to do so. This further confirmed his theory that Beiming Youhuang really ran into trouble. The Barbarian Emperor had betrayed her.

Qin Wentian wasn’t clear about the Lifire Palace’s situation and had no idea about Beiming Youhuang’s current status in the Lifire Palace. But he knew that everything he has seen so far has further ascertained his notion that Beiming Youhuang was in trouble. In fact, he even heard that tomorrow at noon, the Jialan Monarch and the punishment department of the city was going to execute Beiming Youhuang. Clearly, this was to draw him out. If not, the Jialan Monarch could easily have killed Beiming Youhuang after she was captured.

However, although he knew of the Jialan Monarch’s scheme, he still had to come here. Him being a bandit had nothing to do with Beiming Youhuang. Even until now, the bandit they caught wasn’t Beiming Youhuang.

During the second day, the punishment stage of Jialan Emperor City was extremely lively with many experts gathered. Under the harsh light of the sun, the people on the streets felt a little uncomfortable.

The punishment stage was in the southern area of the emperor city and had its back facing a mountain. It was extremely large and was blood-colored. Through history, many bandits, including those who broke the laws of the city, had been executed before on this stage. It can be said that its mere presence was able to cause fear in the hearts of the people here.

At this moment, a large black cage could be seen on the punishment stage. It was constructed with blackstones and was incomparably durable and tough. Immortal sense had no way to permeate it. Trapped within the cage, was naturally the person that was about to be executed.

Right now, many gathered below the stage. They heard that the prisoner was supposedly a supreme beauty and was a core figure in the bandit group who plundered the mines ten years ago.

Many people started to discuss, some of them silently sighed in their hearts at how unlucky the supreme beauty was and she would most probably die today.

Qin Wentian was within the crowd. His immortal sense permeated the surroundings and naturally discovered that the experts here were as numerous as clouds. On the stage, two immortal emperors guarding the cage could be seen. Also, there were quite a few more immortal emperors in the shadows. How could anyone attempt to cause trouble for such a powerful group?

The sun continued rising, its light growing brighter and brighter.

At this moment, a few figures flew through the air. The Jialan Monarch was also in this group, he personally arrived at the punishment stage.

Beside Jialan Monarch, there was also an extraordinary figure who had a very high cultivation base at the peak-stage of the immortal emperor realm. His name was Crow Immortal Emperor and was someone sent here by the Lifire Palace. He was here to cooperate with the Jialan Monarch’s operation.

“Jialan, are you sure he will show up?” Crow transmitted his voice to the Jialan Monarch.

“That fellow and Beiming Youhuang have an extraordinary relationship. Even if he doesn’t come to save her, he should still be here to take a look. In any case, even if our strategy fails, we will at most waste some time. At that time, I will compensate Mister Crow.” The Jialan Monarch transmitted his voice in reply.

“Since this is the case, I’ll wait and see then.” Crow didn’t say anything more. The Jialan Monarch then waved his hand as a powerful energy enveloped a certain radius, sealing everyone here. After that, a powerful regiment of troops appeared. Not only that, for all locations that could be reached by an immortal emperor’s immortal sense, there were also guards stationed there.

The immortal emperors acting as guards today directly took out their emperor-ranked weapons which glowed brilliantly with light. In an instant, boundless emperor might swept through the eight directions, causing the crowd to be completely stunned as they watched this scene in a daze. What was going on?

“Everyone.” At this moment, the Jialan Monarch spoke. His voice thundered through the vast area.

“Today, I, Jialan, am going to capture some bandits here. If I offended you guys with my actions, please forgive me. The bandits are running rampant and I cannot allow them to do so. Right now, I want everyone not to move from your original location or you will directly be deemed as a bandit and killed on the spot. If you are killed by mistake, don’t blame me.” The Jialan Monarch’s voice suddenly turned cold and solemn. He then continued, “Naturally, if the investigation shows that you guys are not bandits, I will naturally free all of you. I only want your cooperation, as long as you comply with me, there’s no need to worry about being killed by mistake. For this point, this Monarch can guarantee it.”

The hearts of everyone trembled. This Jialan Monarch set up such a trap just to lure some bandits to appear? He sealed the entire space and was planning to check the people here one by one.

Within the crowd, Qin Wentian’s heart trembled. His expression turned extremely unsightly.

This Jialan Monarch is truly ruthless enough. He arranged for such a trap. Was the Jialan Monarch gambling that he would show up?

If he didn’t show up, wouldn’t all his efforts in arranging this elaborate trap be for naught?

However, he still came. Despite knowing that the other party had schemes, he still came here because this matter has to do with the life and death of Beiming Youhuang. Maybe the Jialan Monarch would think that he was foolish but this was how he, Qin Wentian, has always been.

“Start the check.” The Jialan Monarch commanded. The guards in the surroundings started to get the crowd to form lines and led them to immortal emperors for checking. The method of checking was very simple. From one’s astral energy fluctuation, law attributes, astral souls. Although the facial features of people might be disguised, they won’t be able to hide from such a detailed check.

Qin Wentian glanced at the cage on the punishment stage. Although he knew this was nothing but a sinister plot, he couldn’t help but wonder if Beiming Youhuang was really inside there. He stared at everything with concern but the Jialan Monarch didn’t seem to have any intentions of opening the cage.

The speed of the checking was very quick. Numerous people were already released. In this case, it would be Qin Wentian’s turn sooner or later.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in this sealed space. When the guards saw the person, all of them started but they didn’t block that person, and allowed that person to continue proceeding forward.

“Why are you here for?” The Jialan Monarch frowned as he stared at the figure before him. It was actually his daughter, Jialan Mingyue.

“Father.” Jialan Mingyue walked to the Jialan Monarch’s side but an instant later, she suddenly took out a divine weapon and launched a sneak attack at the Jialan Monarch’s eyes. This scene caused everyone to be stunned. Even the Jialan Monarch was stunned. A burst of violent emperor might erupt forth as Jialan Mingyue’s eyes gleamed with a green light, shooting straight into the Jialan Monarch’s mind.

“SCRAM!” The Jialan Monarch howled. Yet at this moment, Jialan Mingyue spoke in a voice unlike hers, “Jialan, you are so naive.”

After that, the weapon in Jialan Mingyue’s hand slashed towards her own throat. The Jialan Monarch’s expression drastically changed. He struck out with his palm, knocking the weapon out of his daughter’s hand but the soul attack on his mind increased in severity. A tiny lion could be seen in his mind’s eye, fighting with a giant beast that had both the characteristics of a snake and a dragon.

“Jialan, your emperor palace is under attack.” Another voice rang out in his mind. Jialan Monarch’s expression turned ashen. This was a message transmitted by one of his wives, using her immortal sense to contact his in the messaging crystal.

His figure flashed, he knocked Jialan Mingyue unconscious before taking her with him as he soared up the sky. He then waved his hand, “Everyone, return to the emperor palace!”

The Crow Emperor’s dark eyes flashed with uncertainty. After that, he smiled and spoke, “Things are getting interesting and this is an unexpected joy. Jialan, I will need a batch of guards to remain with me.”

The eyes of the Jialan Monarch flickered, he instantly understood Crow’s meaning. Maybe the bandits were trying to lure him away from here. They could have sinister plots, but so could the other party. However, since the bandits even controlled his daughter, things were clearly not so simple. It was an unexpected joy like what the Crow Emperor has said. Seems like they have not only lured Qin Wentian out, there must also be some other extremely important characters that were also lured out. Maybe, it was that leader of the bandit group herself.

But even so, he had no choice but to return as his emperor palace was under attack. After he gave the command for some of his guards to remain, he brought the others and sped back towards the emperor palace.

The eyes of the Crow Emperor coldly regard the surrounding. The Jialan Monarch’s emperor palace was attacked at such an opportune timing? Clearly, this was a scheme to disrupt the Jialan Monarch’s state of heart. However, the destruction of Jialan’s palace had nothing to do with him. Hence, he was still very clear-minded. Why did the other party control Jialan Mingyue to come here instead of killing her off directly? Everything was done to mess with the Jialan Monarch’s mind! There was only a single purpose for doing so. They wanted to cause chaos so the bandits who were lured out here today, would be able to seize a chance to escape! This means that there are definitely bandits among the crowd today.

Who would have thought that this plan by the Jialan Monarch would actually net someone more important than their original target? Things were truly getting interesting.

“Continue with the check. Do not miss out a single one.” The Crow Emperor coldly laughed.

Qin Wentian, who was among the crowd, had a shocked look on his face. There actually was someone attacking the emperor palace to help him out? Other than Ye Qianyu, who else could there be? In the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, he was only acquainted with Beiming Youhuang and Ye Qianyu.

Upon thinking of her, Qin Wentian couldn’t help but to sigh in his heart. He didn’t understand. Why had Ye Qianyu come here?

In the air, night descended completely, blocking out the light from the sun. Everyone inclined their heads only to see a stretch of darkness engulfing everything.

“Leave now!” A voice rang out in Qin Wentian’s mind. This was Ye Qianyu’s voice. His silhouette flashed, as numerous spatial gates appeared in his surroundings. The phantoms he created all stepped through different spatial gates, heading off in different directions.

The Crow Emperor lifted his head. Black wings appeared behind him and his speed was as fast as lightning as he soared up into the air. A moment later, a thunderous boom rang out. Qin Wentian glanced over and knew that the Crow Emperor had engaged Ye Qianyu in battle.

Emperor light flashed, destroying the majority of Qin Wentian’s phantoms. However, Qin Wentian himself continuously stepped through spatial gates with extreme speed. When all the phantoms had been destroyed, he had already come to the boundary of the sealed space. Before his eyes, an immortal emperor and a group of immortal kings were on guard here.


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