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Chapter 1557: Attempt to Kill


A blinding light erupted forth from Qin Wentian, capable of destroying everything. Within that burst of light, numerous strands of golden vajra holy will circulated around him. But even so, the power of the four emperor’s attacks was capable of destroying everything. Numerous attacks slammed into Qin Wentian’s body.

However, how terrifying was Qin Wentian’s defense? He had an undying body and even had a life-attributed astral soul now. His damaged body instantly regenerated. At the same time, numerous phantoms of Qin Wentian appeared in an instant as countless spatial gates manifested, filling this entire space. The phantoms of Qin Wentian all rushed towards the spatial gates located in different directions.

When the emperors saw this, one of them radiated an incredibly intense light filled with the power of thunder and lightning which enveloped this space. A giant web of electricity covered the area and bolts of thunder struck down mercilessly, destroying many of Qin Wentian’s phantoms.

As for Qin Wentian’s true self, he turned his gaze towards one of the immortal emperors. With just a single glance, a dimension formed from his eye-technique sealed the emperor light cascading down from that immortal emperor’s constellation.

An icy killing intent erupted in Qin Wentian’s eyes. With a punch, a sword of light formed, tearing through space. The other party couldn’t even react in time at all. He howled as emperor laws revolved protectively around him, wanting to strengthen his defense. That sword of light could even twist and change directions in mid-flight. It flew over the emperor’s head, did a complete turn, and targeted his back.

This ability to shift directions in mid-attack, was an innate ability named ‘flexibility’ granted to him by one of his astral souls – A life-attributed ancient tree astral soul.

The sword of light gleamed resplendently and after targeting several spots, it finally pierced into the target’s body. That immortal emperor’s body erupted with a blinding light. After that, he screamed in pain as his body disintegrated within the radiance, dead.

“BOOM!” The space trembled, Qin Wentian felt his body shuddering from the aura unleashed by the mid-stage immortal emperor. That mid-stage immortal emperor had an extremely icy look on his face. Four powerful emperors acting against a peak-stage immortal king yet in the blink of an eye, Qin Wentian had killed one of them. Boundless astral light gathered onto him as his law energy was magnified several times. Taking another step out, Qin Wentian only felt an incomparably heavy pressure pressing down on him. His body felt that it was on the verge of crumbling from the pressure of that step.

Numerous spatial gates appeared again. Qin Wentian wanted to lengthen the distance between them yet the mid-stage immortal emperor took another step forward, shattering the spatial gates into pieces. Another wave of terrifying pressure pressed down heavily on Qin Wentian.

The light of buddha and devil flashed. Qin Wentian was like half a buddha and half a devil. He had the golden vajra body, yet also the undying aspects of devils.

Numerous bizarre-looking eyes appeared behind Qin Wentian, incomparably huge. With a glance, he severed space and formed a dimension to seal everything, severing the source of emperor light resonance. However, the mid-stage immortal king merely punched out, using brute force to overcome all techniques. Despite the uniquely powerful law domains of Qin Wentian, they couldn’t stand against the true strength of this mid-stage emperor.

The other two immortal emperors fled all the way at the back to observe the battle. They didn’t participate. Just now, after Qin Wentian killed an initial-stage emperor with a single strike, they already felt fear in their hearts. If Qin Wentian could seize an opportunity, he definitely could kill them within a very short period of time. Hence, they felt that it was best to act more cautiously. They would rather watch as the mid-stage immortal emperor dealt with Qin Wentian.

What an irony, four immortal emperors came here to deal with an immortal king yet at the end, one of them died and two of the initial-stage emperors hid at the back and didn’t dare to act.

All around Qin Wentian, an even brighter source of light radiated forth. His light-law energy was materializing countless swords which surrounded him protectively.

The eyes of the mid-stage immortal emperor gleamed with a terrifying light. With a single glance, it seemed that he could tear the world asunder. He punched out as light from the Great Dao flowed furiously like torrential flood waters, as well as with the speed of shooting stars, illuminating everything, wanting to bury everything within.

“Go!” Qin Wentian waved his hand as numerous swords of light whistled through the air. A region of swords and boundless light formed. The swords of light danced wildly about, shooting forward, aiming for his enemies. The sword might in the area was tyrannical to the extreme.

The Barbarian Emperor and the other initial-stage immortal emperor felt their hearts trembling when they saw Qin Wentian’s attack. The killing intent in the Barbarian Emperor’s eyes grew even more intense. As for the other immortal emperor, his heart pounded more rapidly. Was this the true reason why the palace mistress treated Qin Wentian so generously?

The attacks from the two of them collided together, causing devastating aftershocks. A bright light flashed in the mid-stage immortal emperor’s eyes. He suddenly stopped attacking and retreated backwards, silently observing Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian also stopped, staring at his opponent. The strength of a mid-stage immortal emperor was much stronger compared to initial-stage ones. Their levels were simply beyond comparison. After stopping initial-stage immortal emperors from resonating with their constellations, he was able to kill them. But it wasn’t going to be so easy if he wanted to kill a mid-stage immortal emperor.

“Do you really have to go there? If you return now, I can cease acting against you.” That mid-stage immortal emperor suddenly spoke, causing the Barbarian Emperor’s eyes to narrow as he asked, “What do you mean?”

The mid-stage immortal emperor didn’t care about the Barbarian Emperor, he was staring at Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian stared at him with a look of bewilderment. After that, he understood the mid-stage emperor’s intention. He then spoke, “You can rest assured that I, Qin, am indebted to the palace mistress. Even if I was to land in Jialan Monarch’s hands, I will never betray her and the Thousand Feathers Palace.”

“After we plundered the two main mines under the Jialan Monarch’s control, the Lifire Palace sent down many extraordinary experts. These people have mysterious abilities and methods and even if you don’t want to betray us, it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be controlled. You should know that there are many methods to make someone talk.”

“Regardless if you believe in me or not, I have to go.” Qin Wentian didn’t say anything more as he stared at the mid-stage immortal emperor.

That emperor fell silent. He simply stared back at Qin Wentian and the tension mounted in the air.

Finally, that mid-stage immortal emperor took a step to the side.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” The Barbarian Emperor roared. Qin Wentian glanced at the Barbarian Emperor, instantly causing him to shut up.

Stepping out, Qin Wentian directly departed and soon vanished from the area. That mid-stage immortal emperor turned and coldly looked at the Barbarian Emperor. “If he dies, you will be responsible. Also, the consequences of this matter shall be borne by you alone.”

The expression of the Barbarian Emperor stiffened, his countenance turning ashen.

Because of this incident, an immortal emperor among them died. But can this be blamed on Qin Wentian? The four of them wanted to kill him and he merely retaliated.

The Barbarian Emperor hid the matter of Qin Wentian’s extraordinary talent from them. He only told them that their palace mistress was infatuated by Qin Wentian. After killing this peak-stage immortal king, the palace mistress will return to normal or they could stand at the side and watch the Thousand Feathers Palace crumbled apart. Hence, this was why the other three immortal emperors acted. But after they fought with Qin Wentian, it was clear that the Barbarian Emperor has lied.

The palace mistress heavily regards Qin Wentian, but this isn’t because she was merely infatuated by him.

Once Qin Wentian broke through to the immortal emperor realm, he definitely would become someone with the capabilities to rule over an entire region and there shouldn’t be any problems for him to kill a mid-stage emperor. To the Thousand Feathers Palace, such combat prowess was naturally a great aid. But because of the Barbarian Emperor’s words, Qin Wentian might really die now when he headed there.

“Also, temporarily stop all operations. Let’s hope that he will be fine.” That mid-stage immortal emperor sighed. They weren’t clear that Beiming Nongyue was actually not captured, and had no idea of the exact situation over at the Jialan Monarch’s side. Even if the Barbarian Emperor wanted to harm Qin Wentian, there was no way he would collaborate with the Jialan Monarch. If he did so, he would simply be sending himself to death. He told others to spread the news about Qin Wentian’s bandit identity and caused the Jialan Monarch to send out a warrant.

“Temporarily hide this matter from the palace mistress.” The other immortal emperor spoke. Everyone nodded. It would be best to not tell anything to Ye Qianyu for now or things might be terrible if she decided to head to Jialan Emperor City too.

“You guys really think I’m a fool?” A voice suddenly rang out, causing their gazes to stiffen. They inclined their heads and stared in a direction only to see a beautiful figure with a small-size lion appearing.

“Palace mistress.” That mid-stage immortal emperor froze.

“A`mun, I’m truly very disappointed with you.” Ye Qianyu glanced at the Barbarian Emperor as she spoke.

The Barbarian Emperor trembled. He shielded his contorting expression from Ye Qianyu as he felt cold in his heart.

“You once asked me why you cannot compare to him. A`mun, let me ask you this now. Do you have anything that can be compared to him at all?” Ye Qianyu bluntly spoke. The Barbarian Emperor clenched his fists, feeling shame coursing through him.

“If you were not the disciple of my father, I would have already killed you right here and now for this matter.” Ye Qianyu’s voice was cold to the extreme. The Barbarian Emperor’s actions had touched her bottom line. As a female, she controlled the bandit group in the dark and it was naturally an extremely dangerous thing. The Barbarian Emperor was part of the core group. If there were any individuals in the core group that had problems, that might affect the lives of everyone else.

In order to take revenge on Qin Wentian, the Barbarian Emperor attempted again and again to kill him. If Qin Wentian harbored hatred and leaked their whereabouts, wouldn’t the entire core group of the bandit group die without a burial place?

“Pay close attention to him. I will decide his punishment after this matter is over. If he is defiant and refuses to comply, kill him without mercy. Also, if something happens to me, immediately disband our Thousand Feathers Palace and everyone else is to go on their own separate path.” Ye Qianyu commanded.

“Palace mistress.” The expressions of the mid-stage immortal emperor drastically changed. “Palace mistress, why must you take the risk? Why don’t we directly capture Qin Wentian and stop him from heading there?”

“There are some things that are unstoppable. If not, if he hates me because of this, everything else would already have no meaning.” Ye Qianyu sighed.

“Even so, why must palace mistress personally headover to take the risk? Is it really worth it?” That mid-stage immortal emperor asked.

“My identity wasn’t exposed, and I will naturally act according to the circumstances. Also, with little lion here, if something really did happen, I would still be able to escape.” Ye Qianyu smiled. After that, she turned and chased after Qin Wentian.

That mid-stage immortal emperor glanced at the vanishing back of Ye Qianyu. After that, he turned to the Barbarian Emperor as killing intent gleamed in his eyes. “If something really happens to the palace mistress, I will make sure that you get buried as well.”


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