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Chapter 1549: Bandit Qin Wentian


Qin Wentian stared at that incomparably alluring figure, “Palace mistress, I’m willing to become a bandit. I just won’t use my true facial features.”

Ye Qianyu started. She smiled at Qin Wentian, “Such a good chance to do what you want to me but you actually chose to give up? Don’t regret this in the future, okay? As for being a bandit, I won’t force you into it. Do what you want to, don’t be tempted because of beauty.”

Qin Wentian speechlessly glanced at her, “The Jialan Monarch and I had some conflicts before, I might as well take this chance to take some revenge. This is my will. Palace mistress, farewell.”

Staring at Qin Wentian’s departing back, the beautiful eyes of Ye Qianyu flashed with a bright light. After that, she turned her gaze back to the city.

The light sound of footsteps soon echoed out. Ye Qianyu didn’t turn. In this place, other than Qin Wentian, only the Evil Emperor could enter or exit freely as he wished.

“Miss, why must you do this?” The Evil Emperor asked in a light voice.

Ye Qianyu turned and glanced at the little lion as she smiled, “Don’t you feel that he is very interesting? I really didn’t plan for him to become a bandit and wanted him to focus on his cultivation fully instead. Yet, he actually took the initiative to join us. Clearly, this isn’t an effect caused by my beauty, it’s just that he wanted to pay the debt for the kindness of me constructing the cultivation platform for him.”

“Miss, your body is priceless. In the future you would surely have a supreme dao companion. Why must you make things so difficult for yourself?” The Evil Emperor shook his head.

“Making things difficult?” Ye Qianyu smiled as she looked at the Evil Emperor. “Little lion, you might have underestimated him a little too much. If he was willing earlier, I might really have not rejected his advances.”

As she spoke, her smile turned brighter, tempting to the extreme.

The Evil Emperor stared at Ye QIanyu in astonishment.

“Oh ya, little lion, don’t you find that he is very handsome?” Ye Qianyu suddenly asked. The Evil Emperor was instantly stunned into a daze as black lines appeared on his face. His little miss was at the immortal emperor realm, yet she would still be infatuated?

“Little lion, there are many things you won’t be able to understand.” Ye Qianyu sighed softly. She treats Qin Wentian well and didn’t have any motives it. She didn’t request him to do anything, she only wanted him to remember her when he grew stronger in the future. For some people, it would be too late when you want to build up a good relationship with them after they grew stronger. Sending coal in the midst of a heavy snowstorm was far superior to adding petals on an already perfect bouquet.

“I really don’t understand. Miss, as long as you are happy.” The lion spoke gently.

“It was pretty boring in the past. Now that he is here, things should be more interesting and I can even tease him occasionally.” Ye Qianyu smiled.

However, very soon later, Ye Qianyu suddenly frowned. Her figure flashed as she stepped out of her palace.

Outside, in Qin Wentian’s residence, a figure appeared. This figure’s aura was extremely explosive. He was coldly glaring at Qin Wentian, exuding an extreme sharpness.

Other than the Barbarian Emperor, who else could there be?

“A`mun.” The Evil Emperor felt extremely unhappy. This Barbarian Emperor kept making trouble time after time and has overstepped his bounds. No matter how the little miss treated Qin Wentian, that was her private matter.

“Senior Evil Emperor. Today, I want to fight him.” The Barbarian Emperor angrily spoke. Qin Wentian actually stayed in Ye Qianyu’s personal palace for over two years. As to what happened within this period of time, he was completely ignorant. During these two years, he was always easily distracted and had no mood to focus on his cultivation. Now that Qin Wentian finally came out, he could no longer suppress the breath of resentment and directly came here.

“Senior, you are at the immortal emperor realm. Qin Wentian knows that I’m inferior to you.” Qin Wentian still refused to battle. Outside, there were three peak-stage immortal kings who were secretly monitoring the situation here. This time around, the Barbarian Emperor seemed to be truly enraged.

It wasn’t a secret that the Barbarian Emperor has always been in love with the palace mistress. But in reality, who wasn’t in love with the palace mistress?

In the entire Heavenly City, how many beauties and geniuses were there?

But what sort of character was the palace mistress? She was not only powerful, she is the owner of all the treasures in the Thousand Feathers Palace and is also the number one beauty in the entire Heavenly City. In this place, there wasn’t a single man that she liked.

The Barbarian Emperor was someone with an extremely good relationship with the palace mistress, but the palace mistress has never allowed him to stay in her personal palace before at all. That immortal king is just a servant, yet he somehow managed to gain the favor of palace mistress and was doted on excessively by her. In fact, they were suspecting that the palace mistress might be dazzled by Qin Wentian’s good looks.

No wonder the Barbarian Emperor was enraged. Seems like this fellow was going to be in for it.

“Such a coward who only knows how to dodge fights. What’s the use of keeping you around here? If you don’t want to fight, just get lost from Heavenly City.” The Barbarian Emperor roared.

“A`mun.” At this moment, Ye Qianyu’s expression was extremely cold. “An emperor forcing an immortal king to fight in such a self-righteous manner. You are getting more and more insolent.”

“Qianyu.” The Barbarian Emperor stared at Ye Qianyu.

“Qin Wentian. Did you not hear my orders?” Ye Qianyu spoke. Qin Wentian nodded to indicate that he heard it.

“Fine. Let’s go to the arena.” The Barbarian Emperor turned.

“There’s no need to. Just fight here.” Ye Qianyu stepped out. A fearsome law energy gushed forth from her, forming a barrier with the two of them within it.

“A`mun use your strongest attack directly. Qin Wentian, there’s no need to save face for him.” Ye Qianyu seemed to have made up her mind to teach the Barbarian Emperor a lesson.

The Barbarian Emperor was even more enraged when he heard her words. Bright light flashed, he resonated with the astral light cascading down from his constellation in the heavenly layers. A supremely powerful energy radiated from him, capable of causing the sky to collapse. A brutal gigantic palm imprint blotted out the sky, covering everything.

The Barbarian Emperor was truly angered.

Qin Wentian sighed in his heart. To the people of the Thousand Feathers Palace, he was ultimately considered an outsider. He has always kept a low profile, although Ye Qianyu really did treat him extremely well. Now, since Ye Qianyu was the one who told him to fight, he could only comply.

A blinding radiance covered his body, his law attribute energy of light transformed into a fearsome storm that ravaged the surroundings.

“KILL!” The Barbarian Emperor howled in rage, causing the sky to change color. The five fingers of the giant palm contained a towering strength as they smashed towards Qin Wentian.

“Come on then.” Qin Wentian spoke. At this moment, the light radiating from him grew even brighter, causing people who looked at him to involuntarily close their eyes. Even Ye Qianyu had to shield her eyes. This light, was like a grand radiance that could cover everything, and destroy everything.

Everything that came in contact with the light was all completely destroyed. The Barbarian Emperor felt a blinding pain in his eyes. But, no matter what, he was still an emperor. The pulsing of his resonance with his constellation grew even more intense but regardless of what methods he used, his defenses were slowly disintegrating bit by bit.

“ARGH!” A voice filled with pain rang out. The radiance transformed into beams of light and entered his body. The beams of light were akin to great swords of destruction, ravaging the interior of his body. At this moment, Qin Wentian stepped out and directly arrived before the Barbarian Emperor. He then slammed out with a simple palm attack, the impact knocking the Barbarian Emperor backwards, slamming him into the barrier Ye Qianyu erected. After that, he crashed into the ground with a pale expression.

The Barbarian Emperor then stiffly stood up. His gaze was filled with trepidation as he stared at Qin Wentian.

His countenance alternated between shades of green and white as his body kept trembling. But this wasn’t because of his injury.

“Cough!” He spat out a mouthful of blood. Instantly, the entire being of the Barbarian Emperor seemed extremely dispirited, in the depths of depression. The three peak-stage immortal kings all had their eyes wide-open when they saw this. They mutually exchanged glances, only to see shock in their eyes.

The Barbarian Emperor, who was at the immortal emperor realm, was actually defeated.

Not only so, he was defeated extremely miserably, in a single strike. He was helpless and couldn’t even retaliate.

A powerful immortal emperor was actually defeated in such a domineering manner?

How ironic was this?

Before this, Qin Wentian kept refusing to fight and even said that he was inferior. But what was the truth? Wasn’t this a mockery?

“A`mun do you understand now?” Ye Qianyu retracted the barrier as she sighed softly.

The Barbarian Emperor lifted his head and glanced at Ye Qianyu. After that, a smile so bitter appeared on his face that it looked even uglier than him crying. “No wonder you don’t love me. So this is the reason why.”

“A`mun you followed me the longest and should understand me the most. You should know what my purpose is. I hope you can cultivate well and reach the realm my father did. This is my anticipation for you. I have no interest in matters of love for now.” Ye Qianyu’s voice was no longer as cold as before.

“I understand. I’ll cultivate well.” The Barbarian Emperor nodded.

“Go on then. Prepare for our next mission. This time around, Qin Wentian will participate as well.” Ye Qianyu spoke. The Barbarian Emperor nodded. He cast a deep glance at Qin Wentian before leaving this place.,

Several months later, Ye Qianyu, Qin Wentian and a group of people silently left the Thousand Feathers Palace. At a certain mountain, a giant lion hovered in the air. Clouds covered the peak of the mountain. The bandits now were all fully clad in armour and there were more and more people appearing here to join them gradually. They then leapt onto the back of the giant lion. No one attempted to converse, they were all in tacit agreement.

Before this, everything was already arranged via the messaging crystal. Everyone just needed to follow orders and do their part.

Finally, everyone had arrived.

Ye Qianyu swept a glance at everyone. A low-sounding voice rang out, “Earlier, we have plundered one of Jialan Monarch’s mines and he is sure to take precautions against us. This time, things won’t be so simple. The timing of the spatial exit are all staggered now for his mines and the number of guards have increased. In addition, even the Jialan Monarch himself may personally appear occasionally to patrol around.”

Ye Qianyu’s voice didn’t have the slightest hint of charm within. Although more than two years already passed, the plundering of a mine wasn’t a minor matter. The Jialan Monarch wouldn’t be careless and might actually be waiting for them to appear. Everyone was very clear regarding this point.

This was why it was so tough to be a bandit. Sometimes, after a successful heist, bandits would have no choice but to retire for good for fear of things being too dangerous the second time.

Qin Wentian’s expression was somewhat heavy. He didn’t expect that the first major thing he did when he came here to the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms would actually be an act of banditry. Truly, there was nothing that couldn’t happen in the vast world. Everything was possible!


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